Both dealers and reputable indy shops charge between $180-$250 for a coolant flush. The service guy said they suspect a "silica bag" had burst in the expansion bottle (I've never heard of this!) Edit - Checked the coolant level and it's fine but water viscosity is very "sticky" (more so than regular antifreeze) - car has full VW service history. There isn't a petcock like most vehicles. Just serviced at 8400 miles. How is it different from its predecessors G11, G12, G12+ and G12++? Includes flushing with cleaning agent. What you need to know about G13 antifreeze and coolant. 1. it has used over 1 litre of oil every 4000 miles ( now at 8K ) .Also whilst checking the oil levels, the coolant overflow reservoir was below the minimum. Car 7 months out of 3-year warranty. Joined Jul 30, 2011 Location NorCal TDI MKVII GSW, MKVI Golf Nov 13, 2020 I asked them to take a look at the coolant whilst it was in. VW's use VW TL 744-C, VW TL 744-F, VW TL 744-G, or VW TL 744-J coolant antifreeze. Settled In. These and mor Start the car and air bleed the cooling system as outlined in the factory Bentley manual. Reconnect all the hoses and follow the procedure state earlier. Check 48 months/ 60000 km: Radicool Si-OAT In 2013, VW introduced the G13 specification for antifreeze and coolant. Fill the Vw cooling system with distilled water. I've just got back from having the car serviced at VW (3rd/minor). Can you mix coolants? and they recommend to flush the system and fit install new expansion bottle. VW say's to flush your cooling system with a 50/50 mix of new coolant, running it up to temp then idle for 2 minutes, then drain again and refill with 50/50 mix for the final fill. Read on to discover the differences once and for all. Reinstall the coolant tank hose(s). Now then fellas, Just had this happen on my '16 2.0tdi Octavia Scout - Coolant level suddenly dropped and the reservoir looked v murky. Technical Expertise Water will come out of elbow joint so direct water away from feet ... 1983 VW Golf 1.8 GTi 2008 VW Golf GT TDI 170 Post Posted 26 September 2010, 9:27 PM #1070159. eddie32. The drain the coolant there are a few hoses to remove. VW MKVII-Mk7 Golf family including Golf Wagon (~ 2 Coolant flush/change. My local Dealer ,VW Chester, states there was an airlock in the system and oil usage is normal for this engine. Once you've got the top hose off flush radiator until clear water runs. Repeat steps 1 through 5 until the water comes out clean. My new Golf Mk7 GTD 184 bhp TDI DSG has had some teething problems . Wondering if you can use a generic or non-approved Volkswagen coolant? You can also run the hose and water through the coolant reservoir until clear water runs out of the lower hose. Turn on the hose and flush the radiator until the water runs clear out the bottom. Wondering what type of coolant your VW uses? Run the car until the cooling fan comes on. Driver's side fans 8degrees cooler than the left. Garage presented a quote for a 'discounted' £1030 (discount due to TPI) for flush … They don't mention using any flushing agent's, just new 50/50 mix. VW coolant types include G11, G12+, G12++, and G13 coolant specs. Reinstall the Vw coolant drain plug. A. AGOODHI Veteran Member. Golf 5K1 (2008-2014) Engine: Capacity: Change Interval: Antifreeze type: Golf VI 1.2 TSI (63 kW) Min-Max Marks.