[8] A sophisticated lighting system was added in late 2006 to allow night visits. It is here where two black granite statues of Horus stand. The Temple of Horus is situated in the ancient city of Edfu on the west bank of the River Nile, roughly halfway between the two major ports of Luxor and Aswan. It was built between 237 BC and 57 BC, and dedicated to Horus. As the tallest of the surviving Egyptian temples, the pylons also contain four large grooves that would have been used to anchor flags. It was built during the Greco-Roman Period, but the builders painstakingly preserved the … The other statue stands ten feet tall and is a popular photo opportunity for tourists. It is said to be the most completely reserved temple in the whole of Egypt. 812 Reviews #1 of 6 things to do in Edfu. The sanctuary is surrounded by many chapels and chambers. It is also known as the Temple of Horus (the falcon-headed God) and it is the most beautiful and well-preserved of all the Egyptian temples. The ancient Egyptians believed that the temple was built on top of the location where the infamous battle of Horus and Seth took place. The Temple of Horus at Edfu is widely considered to be the most impressive of all of the Nile-side temples along the journey between Luxor and Aswan. West bank of the Nile Edfu temple . Plan your visit. Dedicated to the deity Horus and located on a hill overlooking the Nile, the spectacular Temple of Edfu is considered to be the best preserved of the Ancient Egyptian shrines. It is also known as the Temple of Horus (the falcon-headed God) and it is the most beautiful and well-preserved of all the Egyptian temples. [7] The Temple of Edfu’s archaeological significance and high state of preservation has made it a centre for tourism in Egypt and a frequent stop for the many riverboats that cruise the Nile. 812 Reviews #1 of 6 things to do in Edfu. Located between the Egyptian cities Luxor and Aswan, a French archaeologist by Auguste Mariette i The inscriptions on its walls provide important information on language, myth and religion during the Hellenistic period in Egypt. Edfu is the site of the Ptolemaic Temple of Horus and an ancient settlement, Tell Edfu. This partly because it was built later than most: in the Ptolemaic era from 237 to 57 BC. Ptolemy III – Eurergetes I began the construction of the temple in 237 BC and it wasn’t completed until about 57 BC. In 2005, access to the temple was revamped with the addition of a visitor center and paved carpark. This great temple lies at the center of the cult of a triad of Gods: Horus of Behdet, Hathor and their son, Hor-Sama-Tawy. The Temple of Horus in Edfu (also known as the Temple of Edfu) is considered the best-preserved cult temple in Egypt. The Temple of Edfu is an Egyptian temple located on the west bank of the Nile in Edfu, Upper Egypt. Le temple d'Edfou est un temple égyptien situé sur la rive ouest du Nil à Edfou, en Haute Egypte.La ville était connue à l' époque hellénistique en grec Koinē: Ἀπόλλωνος πόλις et en latin sous le nom d' Apollonopolis Magna, d'après le dieu en chef Horus, identifié comme Apollon sous l' interprétatio graeca.C'est l'un des sanctuaires les mieux conservés d'Égypte. Temple of Edfu. The temple is an excellent example of traditional Egyptian elements with Greek influences mixed in. Sitemap - Privacy policy, The Chapel of the Spread Wings (dedicated to Mehit). The Temple of Edfu , dedicated to the god Horus, is the second largest temple in Egypt. the illustrations you will receive will be rendered in a much higher quality than you will see in the preview image. [1] It is one of the best preserved shrines in Egypt. a=' The divine marriage was celebrated twice a year, once at the Temple of Edfu, and once at the Dendera Temple. Its size reflects the relative prosperity of the time. Souvenir Kiosks 50% reduction for bearers of