They will often provide affordable care to community members that are ill or suffering from another health-related matter. They provide care in patients’ homes, at organized events and at agencies and institutions that serve people with specific health needs. They can provide access to specialist nursing equipment and teams, such as: 1. continence team; … In an RN to BSN program, nurses examine the concepts and principles of community health nursing. Generally speaking, they will develop educational programs to teach the community about how to improve their overall health. District nurses work very closely with GPs. However, community health nurses also focus on preventing health issues from sweeping through a community. Community health workers (CHWs) are lay members of the community who work either for pay or as volunteers in association with the local health care system in both urban and rural environments. Community health nurses can also help provide necessary care in communities that lack easily accessible healthcare. There are numerous voluntary organizations that focus on delivering health solutions for people in significantly disenfranchised communities. Providing treatment for community members is often one of the primary duties of a community health nurse. Learn about the huge range of work nurses carry out with patients in the community every day. In addition, their role will also be to educate the communities on how to prevent further outbreaks of diseases in case a similar disaster occurs again. If they understand how to maintain their own health and prevent illnesses, it is likely that they will live longer and healthier lives. Sometimes, this is specifically focused, such as obesity or family planning. Research is another common community health nurse duty. If these community health problems are ignored, they could grow out of control and cause problems for all members of the community. As a community health nurse within the educational system, you can work at the board level to develop programs and services for a school district or within a school. Their role is to make sure that the overall health of the community that they are focusing on is improved. Once you’ve made the decision to become a community health nurse, you should then earn your master’s degree in community health or public health. CHNAC is a voluntary national association of community health nurses structured as a federation of provincial/territorial community health nursing interest groups and is a recognized interest group of CNA. They practise in health centres, homes, schools and other community-based settings. If you plan a career in community health nursing, the educational path you choose can have an impact. Settings include community health clinics, community nursing centers, schools, churches, housing developments, local and state health departments, neighborhood centers, homeless shelters and work sites. Where Will You Work: Most parish nurses work in churches, but may work in other venues such as hospitals or social service agencies Employment Projections: Nursing is expected to be the fastest-growing professions, with … Parish Nurse Overview. This can happen in small communities, large towns, urban areas, regional areas, or even entire countries. Hence, PHNs often work in schools, where they deal with a variety of issues. This research can then be used to help pinpoint risk factor and reach out to at-risk individuals. Their tasks include such things as putting programs in place for STDs, obesity and immunizations. They will also try to educate the community on and work toward preventing common health problems. Do you have a point of view to share? Because of this, they can work in a variety of different settings, although they are most often found in public health departments, state or county departments of health, occupational health facilities, correctional facilities, schools, businesses and voluntary organizations. … Salaries vary depending on the geographical location of the state, as there are great differences between them. Their role here will be strongly focused on policy development, creating methods to improve the overall health of entire populations. This often involves traveling to different communities or different sections of a community in order to circulate among the members. Others are employed b… They identify common health problems in the community while treating patients, and work to create intervention plans to correct or prevent the health and safety issues they discover. Although the role of the PHN will be to address these concerns, send out for tests and perhaps even prescribe medication, they will also take on a leadership role in terms of health education. © EveryNurse, LLC. In my current community, the nurses hold well baby clinics, give immunizations (including adults/ travel requirements), work with TB patient compliance, hold asthma clinics/ home visits for teaching and assessment, work with "outbreaks" of various kinds, including summer West Nile Virus. The typical jobs a community nurse might do. In some cases, a community health nurse may even distribute health-related items or medications to help prevent certain health problems. Add your voice to the #EveryNurse community. Our rankings highlight the top programs. Like other nurses, community health nurses can often find employment in healthcare facilities like local hospitals, trauma centers, and clinics. Mental Health Nurses work in a vast array of inpatient and community settings, medical centres, schools, prisons, undertaking research or universities. Non-job-related activities included health-related community volunteering, volunteering related to a specific population or disease, family-related volunteering, church activities, health fairs, raising or donating money, and travelling abroad for volunteer work. The average salary for a Public Health Nurse is around $55,000. Furthermore, they participate in the preparation of disaster relief. As a community health nurse, you may work in a hospital or large medical facility where you perform traditional nursing functions in addition to doing community outreach. In these cases, PHNs will have a strong focus on providing disaster relief. These nurses are often required to perform in-depth research on certain communities in an effort to identify the root of a common health problem. County and state departments of health. Community health nurses are important to regions where healthcare is not easily accessible, so they can travel to remote places and isolated areas of a city.