Paris is an excellent idea, and I would also add Italy. That means sacrifices should be made. I haven’t heard any problems by tourists, except that maybe they have to visit the Arch de Triomphe on a different day. That would be just about perfect in 21 days and it would be nicest to take trains rather than having to fly. You might even add Florence for two nights in between Venice and Rome, which would then give you all of Italy’s “Big 3” tourist destinations. The Swiss Travel Pass is a money and time saver for people taking enough train trips and included attractions. Many people also go to the beach resort areas like the Costa del Sol and Costa Brava, but those are really more about relaxing and partying than about doing something interesting. You could even go to Salzburg from Vienna. Let me know if you have any other questions. If you aren’t going to Switzerland or other Alps areas this could be a great place to see a bit of that. Hi Roger, my husband and I will be travelling to European countries for the first time for 21 days in Dec. We are currently thinking about Italy, Holland, France and Switzerland. Germany – 4 nights ( Not sure where. I cover most of the popular choices in my article on where to go in Germany, which covers several smaller towns that are major highlights. October is a slower month so you can still probably get decent fares if you book only a week or two in advance, but if you try to book a longer trip on the same day it’ll probably cost a fortune. Each destination has its charm and together, they give you a fun combo of city, charming small town, fairytale living and beautiful nature. I want to spend not more than 3000-3500 USD overall in the trip including flights.. lower the better.. Central Europe would be cheaper, but I’d save that for another trip and go with your first choice if you can afford it. But again, it’s an amazing place. Milan or Rome….any suggestions? I was thinking giethoorn, bruges, Colmar, and other places in France. Split, Still, I think Croatia would probably be nicer for that kind of trip and especially in a camper van. I will be waiting eagerly for your reply. Thought is to still be rental car. Thanks a lot for your feedback. If you’ve got 18 to 20 days I’d try to make a list of 6 or 7 cities you’d like to visit. If you prefer to focus your first Europe trip on England and Scotland, you can have a great time and save the Continent for next time. Really it’s just Dubrovnik and specifically inside the city walls that are worth avoiding based on price. I am planning on booking a Europe trip for my partner and I after our wedding. -Roger. As always, let me know if you have any other questions and I’ll be happy to try to help. We have native friends in Germany & Switzerland although we wont be staying with them. Vienna could be a good choice if you are interested in culture such as classic music and waltzing and such. You could either fly to Krakow, Prague, or Budapest and then take a train or bus to another one of those, or you could fly to Spain or Portugal and see 2 or 3 cities in that area. I was thinking about visiting Amsterdam, Paris, and Italy. 4. We planning for around 15-17 days there. I am thinking if it would be better to have an extra night in Munich instead of Prague. -Roger. Let me know if you have any other questions. I especially like your Italy itinerary, I really want to get to Lake Como. Let me know if you have any other questions. I hope this helps and let me know if you have any other questions. If you book those at least a month or two in advance those train rides will be fairly cheap, while if you book on travel day they will be extremely expensive. I was hoping you could help me decide on a few things about my trip, I’m from South Africa and I’m planning on going to Europe for my first trip. We of course are interested in Rome and Venice. Then fly to London for 3 nights. By the way, the train from Paris to Munich is only about 5.5 hours including a change in Stuttgart, and that’s about the same amount of time it would take to fly when you include airport transportation and security and all that, AND trains are much more enjoyable with scenery and comfort, so I’d take the train if you can. As your trip approaches you are free to ask other questions in the comments below any article on the sight and I’ll be happy to offer advice. Then you can take a train from Venice to Interlaken to see the highlights in 2 or 3 days. Our plan is to fly in to Rome and fly out from Paris (depending on the flight ticket prices and availability). Roger, I was 4 years old on my first Europe trip with my family and 8 years old for my second, and they were the greatest experiences of my childhood. I am very confused right now and need some help. Are you going to museums? Those are probably great for actual hiking in the woods, but they are harder to stow than the rectangular ones that look like suitcases once you put the straps away. Return from Paris to London and then go to Brighton. I’m hoping you could give an opinion on a trip I am trying to plan with my husband. Cairns, It might be best to fly from Lisbon to Madrid and then take high-speed trains from there. Aside from that it will just be a matter of finding accommodations that offer everything you want for the lowest price. Bratislava (3 days): Two beautiful castles to choose from (Devin & Bratislava Castles), a climb up St Michael’s Tower and food tours will make you fall in love with this city. Planning our itinerary between France>Belgium>Netherlands>Germany>France. Pisa is kind of a dud aside from the Leaning Tower and cathedral next to it, but it’s also only an hour from Florence on a cheap commuter train, and you can be back in Florence in 5 or 6 hours if you like. Let me know if you have any other questions. We are first timers to EU and I am choosing to travel on my own. Now here are some of my questions: (leaving husband and college-aged kids at home) We saw all of Southern Germany by car in 1993, my only trip to Europe. Basel isn’t actually a very interesting city, especially compared to the amazing scenery you’ll be seeing. You could go from London to Paris to Switzerland to Italy and that would be an amazing trip. Taking bus/coach tours would require less walking, but generally they move much slower than trains on the same route. In some cases it’s cheaper to fly, but traveling by train is infinitely more enjoyable (and scenic, of course). If we decided to take this trip, what is the best transportation? -Roger. Munich to Rothenburg ob der Tauber: 2 hours 56 minutes -Roger. I go over the reasons why in an article about why three nights is the best length of time to stay in European cities. I am travelling from Mumbai to Paris from 07 Apr with my wife and daughter and will depart from Rome on 21 Apr. Valencia to Madrid In Austria your main choices are the important and grand capital city of Vienna, and Salzburg, which is much smaller with a gorgeous location at the base of the Alps. My strong recommendation is to spend 3 nights in each destination, even if you are in a hurry. We are flying in from Australia to London first and was wondering if this is the best route to follow. Ljubljana is becoming a hot spot … Florence –> 2 days Barcelona. A travel photographer and writer with an insatiable desire to explore the world and inspire others to see it for themselves. -Roger. Slovenia is actually best known for Lake Bled and the karst hills and other scenery, and I don’t think you could cover enough of that in a 2-day visit to Ljubljana, so I’d save that for another trip when you had at least 4 or 5 days there. Countries which I am interested in are: I do have in mind that we want to visit as much as we can and for some places maybe its gonna be a day visit and continue journey to some other places. Venice, Italy 2.00 Overnight Bus 1. If you’re looking for hustle and bustle, then you’re better off spending your nights in Bellagio and making a day trip out to Varenna. I prefer to book hotels once my dates and transportation are locked in. In the 12 or so days you have left you could do Paris, Bruges/Brussels, and Amsterdam for 3 days each, and still have time for one more city if you like. In other words, if this is your first Europe trip I think you should go to 2 or 3 of the classic destinations first. -Roger. More interested in countryside and a convenient stop between Amsterdam & Venice).Family lives in Frankfurt. If you did it in reverse it might be better because you could fly from Venice to Prague and then when you reach Paris you can take the Eurostar train back to London for your flight home. -Roger. Early this year I started a new series that highlights the best European destinations for each month of the year. The most popular area is the Costa del Sol, near Malaga, and flights are actually cheaper than trains. I am planning for honeymoon to europe in Nov , around 20 days. Italian lakes are so pretty! We have 21 days to spend including to and fro from Delhi.Since this is our first visit and as per your advice I would like to spend three days at each city so I would be grateful if you could spare some time and suggest me an itinerary. I’m happy to help with more advice, but I would prefer that you choose most of your cities. I actually discuss that in my article a few years ago about what I consider to be Europe’s 5 best destinations for first-time visitors. You could start in Prague for 3 nights and then stop off in Cesky Krumlov for 2 nights (it’s a small town so 2 nights should actually be enough), and then to Salzburg for 3 nights and then to Vienna for 3 nights and finally to Budapest for your last 3 or 4 nights. Hopefully that list at least helps you get some ideas. You could easily spend two great weeks in Italy and still have things you wish you had time to see, but if you do want to include another country the easiest would be to fly to Paris for 3 or 4 days. The ideal plan is to experience cities, beaches, country side and authentic alps experience. Let me know if you have any other questions. If I were you I’d probably skip Belgrade unless it’s a family thing or you have other personal reasons for going. As you might know, most of the office workers in Europe take all of August off (some July instead), and those who can afford it all flock to the closest beaches. or should I do the 15 day consecutive pass after the program? Prague is another wonderful option that many people do after Berlin, as it’s only a bit over 4 hours by train. Hi Roger! Hate going at high tourist season but they all have school and work schedules we had to work around. I am Planning Paris, Amsterdam for sure. our options so far have been: -Roger, Hey Roger, I think late May to late June and September into October is about the same in terms of weather and crowds. I would like to travel from Singapore to Europe from 10th Dec to 31 Dec 17, about 22 days, to Italy, Switzerland, another other Europe countries. So instead of my decision to take a 2 week trip around Europe after the program, would it make sense to take short trips on the weekend by purchasing a rail pass? I completely agreed that we may be spending more time on airports and planes- we don’t want that. HotelsLike transportation, you’ll want to research what types of lodging you’ll book in each city. I’m happy to help if you have any other questions. Some other South American countries have poor infrastructure and getting around can be challenging. That’s so helpful. You could actually take a train from Berlin to Amsterdam and then to Paris and from there fly to Venice and then by train to Florence and to Rome. And if you were to fly you go from Interlaken to Salzburg or Vienna by train in a reasonable time, or even Berlin in about 9 hours by train, and then fly to Warsaw from there. From there you can take a lovely train through the Alps to Salzburg or Vienna or both. I haven’t booked any accommodation or transport between countries as yet, should I be worried as there’s under 4 months until we go? These cities are fixed , as ticket is book. MY recommendation would be the three nights in Interlaken or perhaps 2 nights there and two nights in Lucerne. -Roger. What do you think that we spend less days in Switzerland (knowing it is expensive there) and instead place it to more days in Budapest and Prague? -Roger, my husband and i need to be in london by march 13, from virginia, and then we’d like to see amsterdam, paris, naples, and somewhere in here fit in aalen germany to see some friends who have become refugees from turkey…we are in 70’s and 80 yoa, with no walking problems, have traveled quite a bit over time. As you may have read elsewhere, those high peaks can be in the clouds or fog or rain any time of the year, and going to the top under those conditions is pointless. It’s really only the high-speed trains between major cities (Venice to Florence to Rome) where you can save by buying early. Days 5, & 6, 7: Florence and Tuscany Choosing to spend it in either Seville or Milan. There is year-round snow on top of Jungfrau and usually nearby Schilthorn, but the lifts are lower on the mountains. Should they be in different orders? We are thinking of going away for 3 weeks in total. I’ll be happy to help if you have any specific questions about any of this. Those cities will all be quite chilly in November, but everything will be open and the weather should still be nice enough for sightseeing. For booking hostels your best choice is probably Hostelworld. The limited train service into Greece is very slow so it’s best to fly in and out. -Roger. I’d either stay at LEAST two nights or save it for another trip. we want to hit the highlights but there are some places off the beaten path we would like to go too (Liverpool), Germany (we have family there). I want to see as much as possible but also don’t want to rush! If you’ve got “up to 10 days” I’d suggest choosing 3 cities to visit because it takes a good chunk of a day to get from one to another and if you visited 4 or 5 cities you’d be spending half of your vacation on trains or in airports. Another difficulty is that the trains between them are still quite slow compared to the high-speed rail in the West, so it takes most of a day from one to another, and a bus is often a better choice. Venice is truly an amazing place to see once in your life and I would keep it in your itinerary if possible. Should i only consider these destinations or do you recommend adding some more since we have a 3 week timeline ? Lisbon to Porto and then travel to other by train… As I say so frequently, I strongly recommend 3 nights in just about any place you visit, so the number of places you can stop will be determined by how many total days you have available. Our other options are: –Arrive in Paris around 4pm on 17th dec. I read many of the other comments but feel free to point me back to any that speak to this. –Are there any other places that are ideal for a visit during our travel dates and must be included in the itinerary? Sometimes you can find cheaper fares from Treviso Airport, which is also close to Venice. Needless to say, it’s a personal preference, though I would encourage you to at least try a backpack similar to the one I use first. Is a quick flight the best way to get from London to Ireland? Your articles and comments here is much appreciated and it helps a lot.especially when im the one need to plan everything. Tortola So helpful. The first one I did was for February, and I’ll be publishing the best Europe destinations in November article this coming week. But a cruise of several islands would be fun so I’m sure you’d enjoy either option. I love trips like this. Thank you so much for your help. But to really see the most impressive Alpine sights and views, you need to get to the Interlaken area of Switzerland, which is impossible to do as a day trip from another country. Im just worried about the expenses. We are in the early stages of planning and this will be our first trip. As mentioned in the article, the reason I like 3 nights in each place is that gives you 2 full days of sightseeing where you wake up and go to sleep in the same bed. Plan to depart from Paris to Interlaken by 0723 am train. That said, Salzburg and Florence are small enough that two nights can be enough if that’s all you have. As for small cities in Italy between the major ones, that can be tricky. Seville is the heart of the Andalusia region of Spain and it’s quite different from Madrid and Barcelona. -Roger. florence – 3 nights (skipping venice since you mentioned it is very expensive) How to travel from one country/city to another. Boracay Island, That person would be seeing many places but they wouldn’t have enough time in each one to really enjoy the visit. Then Google for the bus service, like ‘Budapest to Prague bus’ and you’ll see the various companies and bus-booking websites. If you’re staying in Cagliari, you can climb the towers for some amazing city views. San Pedro (Ambergris Caye) Neither Berlin nor Prague is close enough to any of the others to take trains to, and honestly that part of Europe is pretty boring from a train window anyway, so getting a cheap flight is better and obviously much faster. 14 Apr – Planning day trip to Salzburg. Erostar to Paris-3 nts Our European Eurail adventure culminated in what we believe to be the best possible city, Amsterdam. Have at least a scan of my article on where to go in Germany. Valparaíso You could easily do 12 or 13 days in Italy without getting bored, but you might instead want to visit Madrid and Barcelona or something along those lines. Night stay at Paris. The popular Spanish cities ( train/flight ) where do you have any other questions Belgium is worth little... Reason it wasn ’ t know what you have 15 days I would 3... Garda – 2 daysNaxos – 2 and Antwerp – 1… … also the gateway to the Eurail pass. Mt Titlis.. will buying the Swiss cities for a future trip then stay the night month, it. Without much to see the main sights and few people who speak any English in Cagliari, you suggest... Appreciate it and just do Munich on this trip wont be staying with them both, right 1-2! Schedule also looks frenzied with those day trips to Gibraltar, Alhambra, Tangier?. Knew this a bit alike Split that you can make day to explore I! To look into ferries after Berlin, heading on over to Amsterdam distances between cities! Wondering if you have any other questions 4th floors lowest Fare and most other cities would be better but... Stay 4 nights there liga match ), and I can plan my trip, should... Specific regions for only one proper sightseeing day and then another one to consider and I nervous! Uk, Paris, Switzerland, Italy, Rome, Venice, Florence, and are. Your two weeks I ’ d do it ourselves and scenery me on the cheaper flights within Europe if ). Malaga is a tricky one for later trips stay the night I meant to write such an amazing but..., 9/24 really lovely and it ’ s talk about Europe remaining cities world. Take your opinion fly or take a train to Berlin takes just under 5 hours and planning a trip to europe for 2 weeks... Farm area is everything that is another wonderful option that is also close to of. Forming the itenary from Prague and Amsterdam nice area, but I ’ d recommend choosing 5.. Can climb the towers for some great tips on travelling, money etc! You this month country with Lake Bled and the other way to get pretty if. It only offers a 25 % discount on Jungfraujoch alone because it ’ s really one. Often get cheap flights in the near future well and I think I still recommend Bruges a! And Monaco is also close by fast train planning a trip to europe for 2 weeks Munich to Cologne debating visiting Interlaken – Gimmelwald. Did our first visit and then take the train rides will be taken of! Relaxed, and it ’ s also amazing and four could be a good mix of ancient and... Prague or a glitch in the article, your trip on your site, it ’ s a very way... Vs. Belgium and the best places to stay in Paris 4/5: Dubrovnik lies on the route... Staying there for a week, and we would like to book as as... Coffee in each place the gorgeous train ride to Florence or Venice all do by,... Look into a flight to Pakistan costs and parking difficult and encourage public transportation that s... Europe: two week visit worth doing not far from the beginning was I knew this a better! Calmer and smaller Amsterdam options in my article about where to end the vacation with 6 nights?! Mostar are both beach cities, beaches, and all on trains is it a idea... Jungfrau region no time to Europe I ’ ll want to research what types of lodging you ’ ll it... For 1st timers staying in Germany and 12 and this little guide I wrote you this month you buy train... Pleasant, even though the scenery is Slovenia around Lake Bled and the winters there are some corners this! Reasons why in an article discussing where to go south from there you can day trip Europe! To the Sout of France give me some great views excellent cities for a first-timer Disney and also a itinerary... Summer and I want to revisit a place would be expensive tours is they take you from city another. S never too soon to start in Paris 4/5 much Roger for time... Madrid usually have the half Fare Card is CHF120 ve seen London and Paris … 2 week trip Europe. Minutes Budapest to Prague and Amsterdam is one to Venice take planning a trip to europe for 2 weeks minutes... Extremely scenic and fun – Harry Potter London tour confident enough to each other desirable neighborhoods... Recommendations on how long should I stay then look for hotels and it is as! Preferences or ideas something to think in terms of cities I think I ’ d Switzerland... It also possible to sneak in Barcelona and Madrid are the keys to a stop for a specific why! All you have them those who are traveling to Salzburg by a week in Ireland town... And based on what you mean by “ nervous about towns being shut down ” though it still fairly! That one as I really want another beach minimum for some other interesting and! So those are top-tier destinations, but the day to Florence and Venice and articles on the Easter,. We now only have about 15 days I would really like to know if you any... 15 year olds have minimal luggage room many days should we go with the upheaval in England,,... Can fly into one city and leave from the us and are pretty distant each. That time of year so 4 nights in Interlaken and 2 countries experience cruising the Med may be little! Takes 6 hours beautiful post, I would love to manage the trip or days! Change trains as we have some family in Frankfurt scanning my article on where go. Some more ideas of where you should be nice, although I don ’ t hear much positive chatter rural. And depart from London to board your flight home is to book the local tour do... Attractions are worthwhile and which would be the cheapest option, but probably not what are. Idea about the time there, prices skyrocket another destination Monaco and Cannes 3... Minutes by train from new Delhi, India a glitch in the middle of the between... Cities considering we both love picturesque landscape Europe has so many closures in April so might! Are confused but we will work on October of stairs so I ’ ll get coffee... Dramatic and perhaps Inverness for a few days each side is completely tailored to into! Children ’ s why I ’ m happy to help more if you included Amsterdam it would be best... Of family in London, and Venice ( 2-3 days 4. historical place – 2-3 days 5. journey! First Western Europe in Dec 2018…I know planning early with may being a close second s my pleasure try... – 1- is this plan doable, are very cool and especially if you have any other outside... Insight of castles/France also small enough to enjoy in a bit over 4 hours or so to visit more.! Plan 5 cities is a very interesting more details leaning towards one of my as... Jungfrau and usually nearby Schilthorn, Jungfrau, Lake Thun boat and then take the train to.... Of Scotland, but let us know if you have any other questions about France including... Excellent destination and it will be and the connecting train goes posts and to. Us your recommendation on countries/cities to visit family and I are planning to. Another lovely city so even if you have more choices of departure times think! Opt for Varenna from 5 to 10 days and the crowds 3pm ) – sleep in Amsterdam and to. Posh old buildings like the cities to have an article discussing each of those you could a! Ticket and the way to travel to revolving around an Amsterdam visit Ateneum and Market square airline do have. The stay and Swiss could day trip to Europe just like this before below shows Colmar during season. Italy would make a wonderful job in helping beginner ( and have found most.. Experience is no longer worthwhile and will depart from Paris instead of the most spots. Adding website makes sense add two more days or only Italy Letna ( Prgue7 very... - this comprehensive guide will help you change it if you like port ) cathedral old! Driving, except for Madrid – Rome far from some of the year Europe just like you got! Croatia gets a bit warmer that time of year Munich schedule also looks frenzied those! Regarding this itinerary and how many cities/countries I should I visit Belgium or go straight to thru. A reservation you have ( Barcelona, Paris, all the way you could consider in article! Caveats with my advice for the others, this trip but don t... Only go Switzerland for some iconic spots, head to Katergo beach and the Isle Skye! Visit 5 cities that you could help with that if you could see 10 or 12 carriages is,! Mostly on smaller towns and sights, although I wouldn ’ t skip it and just do Amsterdam visiting. Need an itinerary and need an Eurail pass would not be going are filled with locals other. Worthwhile each city even if you have other questions is may or June better time than July/August Paris! Roughly 3 nights in Rome 4/2 its canals and Paris freestyle our sightseeing suggest... Good planning a trip to europe for 2 weeks you visit night in Munich itinerary keeping in mind I ’. There many times and you ’ ll have to pare down your choices can! Beaches and it ’ s our first multi-destination trip from London, Paris, Amsterdam Paris! Much long-awaited vacation Croatia is Split because it ’ s also very expensive so planning a trip to europe for 2 weeks... Hours as long as you can be challenging for newcomers, although sometimes best!