Before you decide upon the best option, it’s important to weigh up the pros and cons of each. Everyone goes camping for different reasons but it got us wondering about the pros and cons of using a campervan, caravan or tent. Find out how to choose the right rig set-up for your road trip around Australia. You can live on your own land Living in a caravan doesn’t necessarily mean pitching up at a campsite, if you’ve got your eye on a plot of land – maybe somewhere scenic by the s ea, or an idyllic rural setting – you could by that land and pitch your caravan there. #TravelAustralia #RoadTripAroundAustralia Before purchasing either, it’s important to know what those pros and cons are and how important they are to you. Ray and Annie Barrow with their retro 1960s caravan, in the Kiama caravan park. The one you should buy depends on the factors that are most important to you. Thetford, Dometic, Stoves, Fiamma and others are parts/accessories used by many motorhome and caravan manufacturers. So, in summary, neither the motorhome nor the touring caravan is the outright winner. Jan 15, 2016 - When it comes to camping or mobile living, there are many options that are available to us. Both single and twin axle caravans have their own pros and cons. Anyone can travel this way: young couples, families with children or elderly people. There are good reasons for each… and, unfortunately, drawbacks, too. There are pros and cons to both and I have had both . The main pro to choosing a touring caravan over a motorhome is flexibility. Whether it's a motorhome, caravan, camper trailer or tent, we go through the pros and cons of each set up and help you decide which it the best option for your and your family, and the way that you'd like to travel. Be free as a bird. Having had lots of experience with both of these types of RVs, I want to shed some light on the subject. Caravan and car combined can easily be twice the size of a seven metre motorhome, making it challenging to get into that perfect spot, if you’re allowed to park there at all. Before buying a motorhome for your next trips, you want to know if this is the best solution ? We prefer a low-profile motorhome when touring Europe in a motorhome as anything over 3.1m high is classed as a truck, with the corresponding (much higher) toll fees! The bigger the caravan, the more likely it is that you will need to upgrade your existing vehicle so that it can safely tow the caravan. Let’s take a look at the pros, cons and considerations behind these main types of RV. The motorhome, it is always happiness! 06/04/2020 blog / advice / new caravans / holiday / family. The humble caravan is the most popular type of RV in Australia, though it’s not so humble any more. From RV vans to motor homes and from caravans to other such options, the list is endless. Are they similar? You're also higher up from the road surface. With a motorhome driving is a pleasure, the raised cab is suited to the size of vehicle – whereas with a caravan you have a standard car view, yet more than double the normal length. Cons: Bulky in size; More expensive; Convenience at the cost of space (e.g. CaraMaps helps you to weigh the pros and cons !. We spent over $30,000 on renovating it, and it could have easily taken another $30,000 – plus a lot of hard work…sweat, tears, fights, and more to get the renovations finished! Motorhomes are a great alternative to caravans for those who are less confident at towing. Russell: Many components are common to a motorhome or caravan – so for example the Thetford model cooker in my motorhome may also be found in your caravan. You just need to think about all the places you cant go in a caravan, that you can in a trailer, and decide what it is you want to experience. It gives you 8 pros and cons of a motorhome and a campervan holiday. Like any RV, both have their places in the world of RVs. Similarly, there are some big advantages to having a motorhome instead of a caravan. unlikely to have full-sized kitchen etc.) This post will help you decide whether you should try traveling in a caravan or a motorhome as well. Upfront, a motorhome is going to be more expensive. No tow, just go – The pros and cons of a motorhome. Obvious pros and cons for both. A motorhome is a complete package in the sense that it has the space and comfort of a caravan but does without the need for a tow vehicle and being one unit, they remove the often daunting task of actually towing but at a cost, a substantial cost. First off you need to write down a list of all the types of places you would like to visit. If you wish to find out what the best option is out of the lot, you must compare each and find … Both have their pros and both have their cons. Using a tent is a great way of really feeling truly outside but being able to keep well sheltered. The Pros and Cons of Living in A Motorhome. For more information, check out Living in a Motorhome – Pros & Cons 4. Both have their pros and cons, and your final decision should base on your travelling style, needs and budget. Tent. We look at the pros and cons of each of these RV types. Traveling in a campervan, a motorhome or a caravan is popular all around the world nowadays. This makes the trip far … A motorhome towing a small car gives you the small vehicle to run around in while on site and a smaller vehicle to commute to work during the week with saving money on fuel . Pros of a motorhome. CARAVANS. Pop-tops have a lifting roof section, designed to reduce wind resistance on the road. If it hasn’t, then it soon will. That may be camping in a motorhome, caravan, campervan or tent and it could be in a caravan park, national park or a free camp. If you value flexibility, then choose a touring caravan. Home / Caravan or Motorhome: the Pros and Cons of Vehicular Accommodation Posted: September 5, 2020 The first commercial campsite opened over 100 years ago in 1894, on the Isle of Man, and since then, camping has grown into one of the most popular British pastimes. What are the pros and cons? Talk to a Green RV expert If you’re in the market for a new camper trailer, caravan, motorhome, or any kind of RV, have a chat to the team at Green RV. Learn about buying and living in a recreational vehicle (RV) like a motorhome or caravan as a newbie reports his learning experiences in regard to nomadic living in Australia. We have a forward fold trailer, we love it. 1 /3. I love that we don’t have our big old Queenslander anymore – it took up so much time trying to keep it clean, and it always needed so much work added to it! As published in GoRV, September Edition 2020 After 11 months full time on the road in our 23ft caravan, and a recent opportunity to spend 3 weeks in an Apollo motorhome rental, we wanted to share our thoughts on the pros and cons in this Motorhome VS Caravan face off. Sure, you could fly to Port Douglas, Qld, or to Broome, WA. Caravans. For anyone who doesnt want to consider a caravan as their leisure vehicle, then both campervans and motorhomes should be on the table. The pros and cons of RV travel quickly became apparent on this test drive. Choosing a motorhome or caravan for your camping trip to the Northern Territory is not a matter of determining which vehicle is superior. Both have their pros and cons. Compared to hitching a caravan to the back of a car in the middle of a torrential downpour, taking a motorhome on holiday is a much more convenient option although owning a camper can have one or two downsides depending on how you look at things. Dave Let’s talk about it! Day trips which you could not do in a caravan . My wife immediately noticed a big advantage RV travelers enjoy: the view. Posted on 10th January 2020 6th August 2020 by pod_admin. This vehicle is less sturdy than a motorhome and this too is a major disadvantage related to it. #1: Price. CaraMaps prepared you a list of pros and cons of traveling by motorhome to help you. International travellers, I answer all your questions in here too. Cons of travelling with a caravan. Very quick to set up, and where you can get it - amazing! One of the biggest cons of travelling with a caravan is that it costs much more to buy than a camper trailer and you have to tow a much larger vehicle. There are many benefits to travelling and living in a motorhome, one of the main benefits being your ability to go wherever you want while still having all the conveniences of home. (ABC Illawarra: Sean O'Brien) Ray and Annie Barrow have been proud owners of a 1960s Millard caravan for nearly 50 years. If … Simple to drive If you’re serious about exploring New Zealand and you have enough time and money to make it worthwhile, a motorhome is the clear choice. Caravan v motorhome: pros and cons. MOTORHOME VS CARAVAN | The Pros & Cons, Likes & Dislikes | Caravanning Family Travel Australia EP 50 Want to drive around Australia and will camp each night. Motorhomes. So we thought we’d explore the three options and ask for a few opinions from friends of Inspired Camping. Read about the pros and cons of a motorhome over 3.5 tonnes. Caravans can be put into main categories, pop-tops and full. Then for each of those locations/activities do a pros and cons list for a campervan and motorhome. The pros of the camper van. Both have wonderful things that they are useful for. And with a motorhome, driving aids are built with that vehicle in mind – … The Pros and Cons of Buying a Motorhome. If you needed to move on quickly (always a consideration when wilding), it is much harder with two separate units. Whether you are looking to buy your first caravan, upgrade or downsize, chances are that this question has cropped up at some point in your caravanning life. At Winchester Caravans and Motorhomes we now sell both caravans and motorhomes, offering you the option to choose between driving or towing, whichever you prefer! So what’s it going to be, caravan, motorhome, or camper trailer? Travel 1. These pros are: Can use Aires and approved overnight spots across Europe (many places ban caravans) Can tow with a motorhome – can't tow anything if you have a caravan (this was a dealbreaker for us as we wanted to tow our motorbikes Easy, practical and comfortable, the motorhome … 5 Do’s and Don’ts Whilst Towing with your Motorhome or Camper in Australia and New Zealand . In answer to the above question, neither is necessarily better. If you want to take your accommodation with you wherever you go, choose a motorhome. Caravan, motorhome or camper trailer? The windshield is large, allowing scenic surroundings to be much more visible as you drive. Here are the pros and cons for each: Tackling Caravans. I remember some years ago now watching a rather harassed man trying to hitch up his caravan in the rain. Are coming from outside Australia. Many travelers are now opting for a camper van, which becomes increasingly popular for the motorhome drivers.So, we are going to try to understand why some take the step while others remain reluctant. It’s easy to detach a caravan from your car and doing so gives you two vehicles. Self-drive travel is without a doubt the best way to see Australia. But they say the journey is the destination. Caravan Cons. One of the main negatives of a caravan is that they cannot carry as much weight as a motorhome can because of its lightweight construction.