But much to my surprise, some rather big deviations from the original recipe resulted in perfectly beautiful loaves. I have no problem going from fridge to the oven (and have made Forkish's Field Blend #2). It's my first try using a bread lame. Or have alternative suggestions? And not only can you taste this in every meal, it has actually been proven in tests too. I have also starting sprintzing my loaf before going into the oven and spritz the oven cavity when putting the bread in to start steam injection. My understanding is that hotter is better, and I use Maxibroil since it gets the steel to 475F (I have an infrared temperature gun). This is my baking process, Preheat Miele oven - Convectional Heat setting 240C, Place dough on tray lined with bake paper and sprinkled with polenta. It's reassuring knowing there's flexibility here - and that adjustments can be made to accommodate a range of situations. In general my Miele combi steam oven book suggests you should start with a high moisture level and low temperature then dry out with a low moisture level and high temperature. The latter prompting the 'when' in the baking process. Place the sandwiches on the rack and cook for 8-10 minutes, or until golden brown. Food is cooked particularly gently in steam. I have two loaves in the fridge right now. With the Bluestar, I frequently use a cast iron Dutch Oven to control moisture more precisely. I would love to hear how you are using your moisture plus and how you results have been. When the oven is ready, transfer the dough on to a baking tray, score with a serrated knife and bake for 35 minutes, adding the steam right at the beginning. A feed will be the same process that you’re used to, but now that the starter is alive and active, you want to remove three quarters and replace it with the same amount of flour and water. They both recommend using a cast iron dutch oven or combo cooker, and that's worked very well. The manual says under the Bake section that it is combi steam convection at 410F at 60% for 6min, then 410F at 0% for 6 min, then 310F at 0% for 60 min. You want full control over it. Pizza stone versions are crunchier on the crust. Not a failure in almost 4 years I also have a square baking stone but don’t know the brand. Join us. Hmm interesting. There are other posters on hear interested in how the burst of steam works. Thanks! If you are interested in serious bread baking with these ovens you're on your own as the manufacturer seems to not know much about how to bake bread. Great thread; thanks for everyone's input. Hello. M - what you say also aligns with the OPs message about cooking with steam at 350 for a longer time (10m). Spray the oven once the bread is loaded, and then again about 5 minutes into the bake. I suppose it might make the bottom crust thicker. Eating healthily keeps you fit: the Miele steam oven is an extremely gentle and healthy way to cook your food. Every member of the Miele Team is a passionate home economist and an expert in their field, striving to provide cooking inspiration and knowledgeable product advice. In a second bowl combine the sourdough, 250–280 ml cold water and the oil. Post some pics of your bread. I can't tell at this point if this minute without 100% steam hurts the baking. The steam oven guarantees that meals are prepared in a healthy way. I have one from years ago when Kenji Lopez-Alt from Serious Eats first discovered the company. And of course, I preheat -- 45m on convection bake @ 435F, then 10-15m on MaxiBroil #3. I'll need to look into this a bit more. Shape didn't work out great. Anyone played around with different levels of steam and have feedback on your experience / opinions? I pre-heated for 30 minutes. Thanks, Kim! I have a Miele Combi-steam. Original baking steel, https://www.bakingsteel.com, is a bit costly to ship to Australia. it's hotter than 435F (my baking steel reaches 495F), since there is no target temperature set, when I open the door to put in the bread, and close it back up again, more steam is added right away -- it doesn't wait to heat up first. But if you feel like you really need one just to slide the bread on, invert a sheet pan in the oven. It has been working well, and I like it better than a stone, more heat retention, better spring, etc. You will be amazed just what a Miele steam combi oven is capable of! I also love my Miele CSO for the much quicker preheat times and for the very precise temperature and humidity control. For the gratin, preheat a Miele Combination Steam Oven to Fan Plus at 180°C. Will try Kim's approach to cooking. I know the pizza stone is there but use a sheet pan or broiler pan underneath instead. I don’t have stone or cast iron either. The final stage was 435 degrees for 20 minutes at 0% humidity. Here's today's loaf. I have a Meile Combi Steam Oven... and I'm just starting to bake breads. Was it worthwhile? Then no steam for another 25 minutes. (I only tried it once.). Doug - here are my thoughts. "Bread @ 425F", "Bread @ 420"F, "Bread @ 415F", etc. Steam ovens; Steam combination ovens; Steam ovens with microwave; Steam ovens. I have become rather efficient at getting the stone in/out quickly.