LTL Shanghai Address Children learn Cantonese as they play and learn as they speak. Email Address * Cantonese, is the language/dialect spoken in Hong Kong and southern parts of China which include Guangdong province. 29, Lane 78, Section 1, Anhe Rd, Da’an, Taipei You can work from your home and avoid the exhausting commute. Cactus offers 10-week Interactive Online Cantonese Courses at all levels, delivered by our highly qualified tutors in a virtual classroom setting. Start learning Cantonese for free with the Live Lingua. Ranging from romanisation converters to Cantonese text read aloud, worksheet creator with stroke order for Cantonese… Learn Cantonese Online with fully qualified, native Cantonese speakers at LTL. Here are a comprehensive list of free online learning resources for Cantonese, mainly for beginners and intermediate learners. Olivia will take you step-by-step through must-know phrases like … As such, the pronunciation given is not Mandarin 'pinyin' or 'Putonghua', it is Cantonese 'LSHK' or 'jyutping'. Tel: +86 (0) 21 3368 0866 Email: [email protected], Thank you very much! Email: [email protected], No. Shanghainese is one of many local languages spoken in China, and you can study Shanghainese online here at LTL Mandarin School, from anywhere in the world. Learn Cantonese with Why learn Cantonese online with Berlitz. There are so many free online resources that it is sometimes difficult to know which ones to use, and to identify which ones are good. You can indeed, we also offer Shanghainese Online Courses, and in future we’ll be starting up a number of others too! Learn beginners Cantonese Cantonese classes.. Our online Cantonese course in Sydney will teach you the basics of the culturally rich Cantonese language. The specialized and tailored HSK preparation classes will not only quickly improve your Chinese level, but also get you ready and prepped for the exam. Learn Cantonese in Three Minutes: In Hong Kong and Guangzhou, manners are important, and in this 25-lesson series, you'll learn some of the basics you need to be polite while speaking Cantonese. This site contains thousands of print-friendly Chinese reference sheets, tests, revision aids and a unique Chinese dictionary called CantoDict. Improve your fluency and build confidence. 建国路88号现代城SOHO B座 504 Absolutely, teaching Mandarin is how we made our name! Immersion can be achieved in many ways and we are here to help you achieve your Mandarin goals whether you come to China, or learn from the comfort of your own home. At Live Lingua we believe that everybody should be able to learn another language. Join our team of Cantonese language experts on a trip to Hong Kong for the easiest, fastest and most fun way to learn Cantonese. Phone: +86 (0) 10 65129057 Cantonese is the national language of Hong Kong, you will hear little Mandarin spoken there. We’ve got the world’s best teachers and that is no exaggeration. Opt for an online Cantonese tutor and on you’ll get the perfect teacher for you. visit Memrise. 1. Message, Email: [email protected] We are currently based in 8 cities throughout Asia, that includes Singapore and Taipei, so drop us an email and we can get something booked up quickly for you. We recommend to classes to last between 1.5 to 2 hours per class. No, and the reason for this is to make genuine progress, and for us to make a proper study plan, is that you need a set amount of time that allows you to improve. Absolutely! The world's most popular way to learn Chinese online. You can work whenever and wherever you want. This is why we have made available these Free Foreign Service Institute Cantonese resources for you to use. Best for upper-beginner to intermediate learners. There are approximately 4000 tutors listed on our website so you are certain of a wide range of online teachers to choose from depending on your finance, language proficiency and schedule for classes. WeChat ID: perjb54 Chinese is not one language, but a series of many dialects (Mandarin and Cantonese being two of the most popular). It was usually more like 15 minutes. Learn Cantonese Online. We gathered the most important topics such as vocabulary phrases grammar and flashcards so that you only learn what you will actually need to learn … 88, Xiandai SOHO, Building B, 504 I want to inform everyone that Easy Cantonese is a good foundation for beginners like me who want to learn Cantonese. Don’t expect or try to learn every aspect of the language from Memrise. Learn Cantonese Chinese through conversations Travel to Hong Kong and be whisked away by the sweeping skyscrapers, the deep waters of the Victoria Harbour, and the rich history of one of the world’s most influential cities. Learn Cantonese: 4 Free Online Cantonese Courses . A #910 We’ve been teaching students online for over 10 years now and have become the leading name in learning Chinese – whether it be Mandarin, Shanghainese or Cantonese. Email: [email protected], Xiangyang South Rd. I would get extra exposure to Cantonese by listening to podcasts, music, or other audio whilst driving. It is aimed to help you speak, read and write Hong Kong Chinese. You will receive a confirmation receipt showing payment has gone through. Whatsapp / Wechat / Mobile Our lessons are taught by genuine native Cantonese speakers who know how to get foreigners ahead fast.