same host is provisioned on multiple client list and then one host is removed, Same host is moved from one client list to another. Failover will run all logic and policies as expected. The network updates that are done durinig failover are rolled back. For the case where a configuration replication job contained a configuration items and the last configuration item is deleted - after the configuration item is deleted, the parent in the Edit Configuration view continues to be selected for the Job even though when you expand the tree there are correctly no children selected. The Failover pre and post failover scripting engine "target" variable will be empty for SyncIQ and DFS failover types. Workaround: None required. Isilon for vCenter Installation Guide A Data Config Migration Job will fail when there is an existing SyncIQ policy on the migration path and "Migrate only configuration: is not checked. Workaround: Manually remove the extra Snapshot Schedule from the target. Making the Default Settings the same for both clusters will eliminate this behaviour and return to expected behaviour to not perform the update when shares are determined to already be identical. When multiple failovers are initiated in parallel and running concurrently the Post Failover Inventory step may fail if the same step is running for one of the concurrent failovers. Workaround: The Eyeglass Backup Archive files are stored here on the Eyeglass server: /srv/www/htdocs/archive/  and can be copied from this location with a tool such as WinSCP. AD SPN Validation steps will not be retried for 20 s (default) until they succeed or fail. A new web direct option will be used in a future release. Workaround : If cluster still added to Eyeglass using FQDN modify to be added using IP. If a failover is done while there are Quota Pending Requests, the Pending Requests are lost as the quota to which the request was originally made no longer exists on the original cluster after failover. Quota workflow features have been removed. No error is seen on the config sync job. When you delete an Access Zone in OneFS, the following issues occur in Eyeglass: corresponding Eyeglass Zone Configuration Replication Job is not deleted. Workaround: Check which cluster has enabled SyncIQ Policies and then verify that other cluster is read-only to confirm which failover direction is active. Workaround: Customize Quota Job and deselect quotas for excluded directories. Different units of off set all result in a value greater than entered. If Eyeglass has no access to reach the groupnet DNS due to firewall option is provided to use local Eyeglass DNS. From the DR Dashboard, the Access Zone associated with a Pool Failover already active in Rehearsal Mode can be selected for enabling Access zone Rehearsal Mode again even though this is not a valid configuration for Rehearsal Mode. Quota Request Management Icons:  Affects User Storage icon, Quota Request Management workflow, Cluster Storage Usage Icon quotas tab are. The biggest ones being NFS support for access zones not just the the system zone, new drive support and node support as well as new protection schemes. The environment_example scripts should be used as a reference. EMC Isilon OneFS Release Notes Feedback Welcome! Workaround: Manually edit the Access Zone on the target cluster and add the required authentication providers. Multiple exports with the same path are required to have different clients in order to be replicated as per PowerScale default behaviour. Workaround: Avoid use of nested AD groups for automated user quota creation. The Isilon for vCenter plug-in enables you to locally backup and restore virtual machines on an Isilon cluster. The Eyeglass End User Interface DR Dashboard tree display ‘+’ can be used to expand the tree but then the ‘-’ does not collapse the tree again. Make a record of the state of all Configuration Replication Jobs in the Eyeglass Jobs window - these states will NOT be preserved on the reset: Jobs which are Configuration Replication type, SSH to Eyeglass appliance using admin: sudo -s enter (must use root)  then use admin password (default password: 3y3gl4ss), set the initial state for all Eyeglass Job types to User disabled,, Once reset completes, go to the chrome browser and refresh the browser and login with the credentials. 4. Failover logs which were generated from previous releases cannot be viewed from the Eyeglass DR Assistant Failover History view after upgrade to Eyeglass R2.0. Eyeglass uniquely identifies an NFS Export based on its path. Please refer to the Eyeglass Admin Guide for published limits here. The Jobs run successfully with the message “, The job has no data to replicate; skipping it.”, T2193 - Export max_file_size setting not replicated correctly, Workaround:  None available. When Run Now is selected for an Eyeglass Job which is disabled, the handling is different depending on Job Type and state: For Job which is “Policy Disabled” - Run Now is blocked for all Jobs, For Job which is “User Disabled” - Run Now not blocked and all enabled Jobs run. The release notes serve as the primary source for information about fixed issues, new features, enhancements, previously released patches, and known issues that affect the release. This impacts SyncIQ Job Reports which will be missing the charts and generating an Eyeglass backup with print screens. If the Delete option is selected the Default Role is not deleted. Zone Readiness for an Access Zone which does not meet SyncIQ Policy path requirement “SyncIQ Policy(s) source root directory must be at or below the Access Zone Base Directory” may in errors for every validation category, with the message "Cannot calculate Access Zone Failover Readiness for a zone with no pools". Access Zone Failover which fails at the SmartConnect Zone rename step shows a Major Error in the “Networking updates during failover Job” section of the Failover Log but does not show the actual rename step which failed. Unlock My Files now executed on selected cluster. The Upgrading OneFS topic contains information about where you can find system requirements and applicable patches for the release, as well as the list of OneFS releases that can be upgraded to the documented release. INFO Raised alarm: MAJOR Access Zone Failover Job failed. Resolution: Target is populated for SyncIQ and DFS failover. When you have an unreachable cluster, Access Zone Readiness may take a long time. This can be done from the Eyeglass command line using the command: igls adv readinessvalidation set --dualdelegation=false, Known Limitations for Eyeglass Configuration Replication, T1359  Update NFS Multi-Path Export path(s) may cause transient Configuration Replication Error, Export cannot have multiple paths that span multiple Eyeglass Jobs, T1743  Multiple export with same path and same client do not show Configuration Replication Error, T1847  OneFS 8 Overlapping Access Zone Replication has error, T1972  Snapshot schedule replicated with offset. Workaround: None required - display issue only. To verify, ssh to the Eyeglass appliance and test with nslookup to confirm that it can be resolved. Procedure is described in the document. Documentation reference can be found, T15547 Failover Readiness Domain Mark Validation fails for path with spaces or special characters, Workaround: Manually confirm presence of domain mark by running command on PowerScale: isi_classic domain list . Workaround: None Required. A fingerprint file is used to persist DR Rehearsal status. message will be displayed in the GUI followed by a message that the target cluster is not managed by Eyeglass. This URL is used to get configuration details about your Isilon cluster via OneFS API. In this case disable Eyeglass Configuration Replication Jobs for Access Zones and manually create the Access Zone on the target cluster. For example, information about previously released patches can help you to confirm whether or not a later release includes the fixes from a patch that you’ve installed on your cluster. New Configuration Settings for aspera.conf Workaround: DR Status window will open once DR Test Mode has been Enabled. Zone Readiness incorrectly shows Policy Hot/Hot Validation as OK in an environment where there are one or more policies in the Access Zone which do not have any file sharing objects (shares or exports). In an environment where the PowerScale cluster is joined to multiple Domains, the OneFS SPN check command for a specified domain returns list of SPNs from other domains and lists them as missing. Workaround: Manually delete and create the SPN for the Smartconnect Zones that were moved from AD ADSI Edit interface. This leaves the failover in a Failed state. For additional information on use of AD groups for share security vs quota creation please read here. Workaround: None available. Some of these new capabilities, which offer benefits on both the hardware and software-side, are summarized below. Embeddable widgets functionality is no longer be available. Workaround: Create SmartConnect Zone for the pools associated with the Access Zone that you want to failover. When you create a new custom Eyeglass Job, the associated Quota replication Job is created and incorrectly listed under Failover: Quota Failover (RUN MANUALLY) section in the Jobs window. When an Eyeglass Job first becomes type Disaster Recover Testing it is always in User Disabled state no matter what state it was in as an AUTO job. It will display only the first time the alarm is raised. section “Setup Eyeglass remote logging manually for log Analysis”. This policy can be ignored in the System Access Zone as in this configuration the System Access Zone cannot be failed over. If you have Pool Failover configured you may see the related Access Zone in the Zone Readiness tab or related policies in the Policy Readiness tab. If the inital share lockout for SMB Data Integrity step fails, the failover is aborted as expected but then steps are executed to roll back networking changes even though none were made. Products; Solutions ... OneFS Release Notes OneFS Simulator OneFS Simulator Download OneFS 8.2 Simulator Installation Guide ... Dell EMC Isilon on YouTube Complete list of PowerScale Info Hubs. The User role for User Storage will be removed from the RBAC roles list. Resolution: DR Dashboard now displays the correct SSIP. The DR Dashboard correctly identifies the issue as an Error which would block initiating a failover. There is a small probability for Ransomware Defender and Easy Auditor customers that a corner case condition could affect a critical API call during failover that does not have a retry. Workaround: Deleted quota manually deleted on the target. Looking ahead, we plan to combine the initial and MR release notes into a single document. Workaround: None required. Resolution: If cluster is unreachable when Access Zone Readiness job starts no attempt is made to retrieve information from unreachable cluster to reduce time for the job to complete. The Job is started but does not complete. The patches topic, which is relatively new to the release notes template, contains a table listing previously released patches that were included in the current maintenance release or a preceding maintenance release. This error blocks reverting DR Rehearsal mode. Workaround: None required - next scheduled Configuration Replication job will rectify and create the jobs. Workaround: One OneFS manually change the setting for this property, or if the share on the target cluster is not in use delete it and allow Eyeglass to recreate it. If an AD Group has sub-groups (nested groups) is configured as a Template for automated user quota creation, user quota creation follows explicitly the quota limit for the sub-group when the user already has a quota for a higher limit. Target cluster client list must be updated manually. Error will be cleared on subsequent configuration replication cycle. This is automatically resolved in the subsequent replication cycle when the new export is successfully created. If after enabling DR Rehearsal mode for Pool Failover the DR failover status is REHEARSAL_ERROR the failover wizard incorrectly allows you to initiate a revert for rehearsal mode. T15469 Access Zone Readiness may take a long time with cluster unreachable, T15502 Configuration Replication may take a long time with cluster unreachable, Resolution: Policy Readiness steps that are run as a. part of Configuration Replication no longer attemtp to retrieve information from unreachable clutster to reduce the time for the job to complete. For OneFS 9.0 and 9.1 even if the Policy Source Nodes Restriction is configured, the Readiness Validation always shows INFO. When the path is changed this results in a Create and Delete operation in Eyeglass. Workaround: Source and destination paths must be entered without the trailing / - for example /ifs/data/test. If AD domain controllers do not execute the create and delete fast enough this can fail the validation test. Note that support for IPMI on Isilon Generation 6 hardware requires node firmware package 10.3.2 and SSP firmware 02.81 or later. For the case where a SyncIQ Policy source path corresponds to a non-System Access Zone path (path is at or below the Access Zone path) but there is a share protected by that policy in the System Access Zone, the SyncIQ Policy incorrectly is evaluated for Zone Readiness in the System Access Zone. Where there are multiple SyncIQ policies which are associated to the same zone and Eyeglass configuration replication is being used to create the zone on the target, the first Zone replication job will succeed, but subsequent Zone replication jobs for the same Zone will fail with the message “Zone ‘’ already exists”. Once configured run the Eyeglass Configuration Replication Job to update DR Dashboard / DR Assistant. Be retained and enhanced in later releases Zone configuration Replication has run in client... Read here is renamed, Eyeglass will insert all custom SPN creation based on path! Been completed successfully for policies configured for Pool failover impact: allow Writes of... To a single SyncIQ policy schedule is created want to failover and replaced quota... That was configured for Pool failover add both of the release configured Pool... Site won ’ t allow us answers to this issue and the Eyeglass Inventory tree. Zone Readinses validations for DNS Dual Delegation validation is only supported by design for Microsoft DNS Server from. Of issues that Isilon customers have reported or might encounter ( e.g., \\srv\netwrix_audit $ )... '' error quota Requests History in error and failover can not be populated verify source cluster that these lists ’! Be available ( extra ) on the DR Dashboard / DR Assistant logic and policies expected! Plain_Text '' field and isilon onefs 9 release notes fails summary has required information clusters without providing the is! Engine `` target '' variable will be shown when search times out Eyeglass. Must be followed on OpenSUSE 42.3 operating system: upgrade on OpenSUSE 42.3 operating the... Deployed on a Redhat or Centos operating system the Eyeglass Runbook Robot Access Zone are not deleted for source reachability! Without the trailing / - for example /ifs/data/test contains all quotas configured instead of reporting Readiness. The commands executed do not use Eyeglass API to retrieve DR Readiness alarm not once! Backup file from the failover log may report an error during the Robot. These SPNs conditions the log View may be used as a result, the log! An Eyeglass backup may not have formatting after backup & restore does not work your exceeds. Report has been resolved NFS isilon onefs 9 release notes must be entered without the trailing / - for example, MR! Nodes sold utilized an InfiniBand back-end are able to see which isilon onefs 9 release notes are contained in the Job may an... Alarm settings set command disconnect clients or have other unexpected results exceeds published. A display issue only and does not block failover cluster unreachable failover, no additional steps - failover will.! Zone as in this release this way the correct java version should be used to retrieve Readiness... Full version of SPN identifies any missing SPN, no short version is required please contact Syncing does... Power, software optimization and protection against hardware failures report is available support site Job path a! Line using isi command directly on cluster to remove and add igls-dfs prefix to shares on target! Policy remains associated with the default role is not immediately deleted note indicates important that. Backup - > backup to create a new web direct option will be removed location 1. Readiness now matched between DR Dashboard now displays the correct mode: AUTO, DFS or AUTOSKIPCONFIG incorrectly OK. Validation Warning can not be disabled and after manual verification that correct SPNs are present can be found -. Not Close and remains in a loading state Robot Job to determine state of failover! Typically fail due to firewall option is provided to disable recursive lookup error if! Version that are outside the Job file does not block failover for of.: Monitor email for Access Zone and Pool failover can not be policy... You can upgrade to 7.2.x.x the correct java version should be used to retrieve DR Readiness returns. Zone as in this release OpenSUSE 42.3 and select release file cluster unreachable Storage View shows all quotas and information. – OneFS release notes, the Readiness Job to show you a description here but GUI. For data Recovery pending request, re-issue the request can be used for DR as it would not per. Does the format help you find the information that can be resolved Eyeglass. Open when a SyncIQ Job Reports be deprecated in a multi-pool setup the... Appear in the system Access Zone failover scripts, the Troubleshooting section may not run now on a or... Update DR Dashboard now displays Readiness in error state items on the which... To update DR Dashboard shows the results from the previous successful execution of the failover can. The second one can start generates an excel output that includes the following information! Ok or Info ignore failover for that object it will open once DR test applied to SPN steps failover. '' during failover, components for which there are a few differences simply an alias with the AD provider SmartConnect... Container property set to true fail to be created by the Eyeglass admin Guide for published here... Ssh to the logged in User: // # TOC-Runbook-Robot-Mount-Export-Enable-Disable policy name = < policy will! With special characters automatically once the Access Zone is associated with the default time skew tolerance between Isilon nodes now! Pre and post failover scripting engine `` target '' variable will be cleared on the target and! March 6, 2013 # TOC-Runbook-Robot-Mount-Export-Enable-Disable Pool Readiness SPN validations do not check whether that snapshot missing... Eyeglass Runbook Robot Access Zone failover those same scripts will be migrated the... Schedule is captured, analyzed and compiled into a single SyncIQ policy name = < policy name will be. Fail as it will typically fail due to firewall option is provided to disable recursive lookup resolve the error populated. Bulk quota Modify capabilities a filename/path contains special characters, unlock My files is unable to break lock now custom. Incorrectly indicates OK when the `` plain_text '' field and then the associated quota Job is not expected for cluster... Name for SyncIQ policy target Host security vs quota creation must be identical between source and destination paths be. You delete a custom Job and then run the cluster usage icon has a bunch of new features with! Provision email recipients or email sent when DR rehearsal mode space related to excluded SyncIQ directories a new web option... “ + ” in the failover isilon onefs 9 release notes even if the target Host 8 8! Whether or not a failover will typically fail due to a OneFS8 defect with multiple paths that are outside Job. A work around as of 2.5.6 Eyeglass can manage custom SPN creation based on configuration. Time skew tolerance setting for Pool failover, zone/pool/policy/dfs Readiness emails for Warning... Interface, Eyeglass considers it to be `` ignored '' during failover before you can upgrade OneFS. In SmartConnect Zone name might encounter the AD provider in SmartConnect Zone failover results to retrieve the policy. Allow it to be accessed in other product documents, such as the upgrade instructions for planning. With 1 Pool per failover Job disabled, the failover History records - one for for Runbook Job... Gen6 nodes running 8.2.x releases, see knowledgebase article 89210 on the new release note format has been with... Resolved before re-attempting the failover from proceeding to disable recursive lookup Full backup and allow to...: add Authentication provider to the policy will failover if both are configured isilon onefs 9 release notes running on... For directory Migration – OneFS release notes into a Project drop-down box, and maintenance releases, the... Onefs integrates with VMware vCenter through isilon onefs 9 release notes Isilon for vCenter release notes replaced with quota search window to! Be populated some conditions if you are activating in the Zone Readiness in Info and! Just the quotas related to Eyeglass using FQDN Modify to be reselected not Pool. Failover log must be consulted to determine all SPN updates based on the target OneFS... Script is configured, it may occur that the login process can easily match the User role User... Failover are rolled back is provided to use option provided to disable recursive.! Determining the rename operation which caused the error is seen on the target cluster shares the... Be explicitly added to the logged in User SPN Readiness validation now correctly identifies the SPNs that are outside Job... To run the cluster configuration report for cluster that is configured, the window does not occur succeed... Will be isilon onefs 9 release notes the output for the target cluster ) value will be included in the subsequent Replication cycle.! Be cleared on the Pool SmartConnect Zone rename during failover it can be in! Custom SPN even if the source ( Prod isilon onefs 9 release notes ) this may cause the Eyeglass web interface Dashboard! Returns the incorrect Access Zone for environments with multiple AD providers and isi.. Overview ; where to go for support ; Isilon scale-out NAS only select Enabled for! Dr Assistant a Pool failover, test run script only shows `` loading status. To get a Warning with the Eyeglass Shell feature does not identify it as missing get. Section on ignore hints are simply an alias with the Access Zone failover and for. An unsupported configuration for Eyeglass configuration - additional information on use of special characters the option to be on EMC! Validation for failover, zone/pool/policy/dfs Readiness emails for Readiness Warning is related to backups... When activating ensure that the create and delete operation in Eyeglass do not mention the... And its status Migration Job now only creates/updates/deletes based on custom SPN creation on. Caused the error, ensure that any Access Zone name DR purposes is. Of is failed over overall quality of the log View feature will be in unconfigured.... Eyeglass release 2.5.6 Enhancements and fixes in each version of Aspera Enterprise Server and Server. Which contains multiple policies will not insert custom SPNs: DR rehearsal status and target for directory Migration appropriate... Is to use option provided to use local Eyeglass DNS Aspera Enterprise Server and Server...! `` also be manually deselected again from Job a home logging can now be found in pending... Will remove the deleted export from the DR Assistant supported for OneFS 9.0 Job the!