Before grouting, mask off joint edges with masking tape or see the alternative method using water. How To Hang A Wood Mantel on a Stone Fireplace using Rebar {before & after} Drill a hole in the stone fireplace using a mason drill bit. Before the fireplace remodel: Very nice. (when you view the project from the front, the only thing you should But, if you consider looking to remodel your house, you don’t get rid of your old fireplace. My question (and it may be a stupid one) is how do you know where to drill? Use these instructions to easily give a fireplace a new mantel as well as a new stone veneer facing. (36) 1 1/2” wood screws. This is much, much easier than scribing a mantel to the stone work and it also looks much nicer. Before you consider self-installation, evaluate the amount of time you have and your budget for the project. We are trying to get an idea of how it might look (so we take a picture or two) and how high above the fireplace we wanted it.