If you have functional dyspepsia, the inside of your gut looks normal. Others are more functional, used as makeshift seating in family rooms and bedrooms. There are many designs that will also add beauty to your room as a functional decoration. 3312729 We can't function like this. 100 examples: The visualoculomotor striatum of the cat:functional relationship to the… The sub-imago of the Ephemeroptera suggests that a moult, after the wings had become functional, was at one time general among the Hexapoda, and that the resting nymph of the Thysanoptera or the pupa of the Endopterygota represents a formerly active stage in the life-history. Ab A"'^1Bz 1=, (F, Mn Ax I Ax 2 Axe Ax1) J The First Transvectant Differs But By A Numerical Factor From The Jacobian Or Functional Determinant, Of The Two Forms. Functional Classification of the English Sentences. It is indicated in paralyses (chiefly functional), and is most valuable in the treatment of post-diphtheritic paralysis. By these, and other instruments of precision, such as the thermometer, of which we have already spok en, the eminently scientific discipline of the measurement of functional movements, so difficult in the complex science of biology, has been cultivated. Instead of wide aluminum tracks and fixtures with covers that look like tin cans or spotlights, trimmer, multifunctional functional track lighting has become a task lighting solution worthy of another look. It may look like a great design but if there is a chance someone is going to fall off, it isn't functional. I am a student. Of course, not all gadgets are particularly functional, and are designed more to be a fun addition to your home (and to their revenue). 2. To save money on heating bills and create a more functional heating system in your home, convert old radiators to new radiant floor heating. For (M N)(F,4)), =Nf.4Y Mfy.4), And F,4, F 5.4)= (Axby A Y B X) A X B X 1= (Xy)(F,4))1; (F,Ct)1=F5.D' 7,(Xy)(F4)1. The four basic sentence functions in the world's languages include the declarative, interrogative, exclamative, and the imperative. Homacodon was an animal of the size of a rabbit, with five toes (of which only five were functional to each foot) and 44 teeth, of which the molars are tuberculated (bunodont), with six columns on those of the upper jaw; the premolars being of a cutting type. We also exploit a wide range of assays and functional studies to determine the precise role that the protein plays in trypanosome biology. Whether it is quirky and fun, sweet and sentimental, or just plain functional, with a little thought, you're sure to give the perfect unique wedding gift. Dividers can be functional or they can simply be an added touch to your room, but no matter what your reason for wanting a room divider, they are surprisingly easy to build. A popular trend in home decorating today, bonus room design, is the concept of using extra space in your home to create a fun, functional room for entertaining, hobbies, exercise or anything else that you happen to be passionate about. They 're functional and so deliberately unfussy and anonymous that even tho they 're intended go unnoticed, they end up drawing attention. Examples of functional in a sentence: 1. In this course you will learn about: This company produce professionally designed highly functional websites from only £ 250. These symptoms must be present for at least one month and interfere in your life enough to cause you some functional impairment and distress. The furniture is not fancy, just functional. You can narrow down your choice considerably by deciding if you want sexy swimwear or something more modest or functional. Or is the room more functional - someplace to do the cooking while the gathering and enjoying your meals happens elsewhere in the home? being suited to serve a purpose well or perform a task well. Morphemes that do not carry the content of a message, but rather help the grammar of the sentence function. There are two functional group isomers of which you need to be aware: alcohols and ethers aldehydes and ketones What is here? functional programming just got a whole lot less wordy. Adult treatment for severe malocclusion with functional or psychological problems. The exhibition includes lighting from the strictly functional to the wildly ostentatious. In favourable cases the prothallus is found preserved, within the functional megaspore or embryo-sac, and the whole appearance, especially as seen in a section tangential to the strobilus, is then remarkably seed-like (see diagram, fig. Let the artists mentioned here inspire you and you can create a stunning, functional home. A bathroom has ambiance just as any other room in your home, so don't neglect it just because it's a highly functional room. The lesions mentioned are in many instances necessarily accompanied by functional disturbances or clinical symptoms, symptoms. The arched porchways along the exterior walls serve as an asthetic and functional purpose by providing shade in the warmer months. Our longer term aim to achieve functional characterization of these components. We Can Find An Expression For The First Transvectant Of (F, �) 1 Over Another Form Cp. Supernanny features British nanny Jo Frost, as she travels around the country helping families deal with their children's behavior in positive and functional ways. For another, why not simply say that the functional role itself constitutes pain's affective phenomenology? The reason for this extreme degeneration is probably to be found in the sandy nature of the soil in which the creature burrows, a substance which would evidently irritate and inflame any functional remnant of an eye. An alphabet theme is functional and educational. Examples: Close the door. His approach to architecture is minimalist. Now he's at least functional but the sad part is he lost nearly all of his memory. Find more ways to say functional, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at Thesaurus.com, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. He was one of the early founders of the theory of determinants; in particular, he invented the functional determinant formed of the n 2 differential coefficients of n given functions of n independent variables, which now bears his name (Jacobian), and which has played an important part in many analytical investigations (see Algebraic Forms). Functional materials, e.g. Zippers are often used to detail the jacket, and may not always be functional. In certain species of Streptocarpus no functional SAM is present and the plants form only one enlarged cotyledon. On the other hand, there are those who believe that the functional dentition (other than the replacing premolar and the molars) correspond to the milk-dentition of placentals, and that the rudimentary tooth-germs represent a "prelacteal" dentition. Under the general heading "Analysis" occur the subheadings "Foundations of Analysis," with the topics theory of functions of real variables, series and other infinite processes, principles and elements of the differential and of the integral calculus, definite integrals, and calculus of variations; "Theory of Functions of Complex Variables," with the topics functions of one variable and of several variables; "Algebraic Functions and their Integrals," with the topics algebraic functions of one and of several variables, elliptic functions and single theta functions, Abelian integrals; "Other Special Functions," with the topics Euler's, Legendre's, Bessel's and automorphic functions; "Differential Equations," with the topics existence theorems, methods of solution, general theory; "Differential Forms and Differential Invariants," with the topics differential forms, including Pfaffians, transformation of differential forms, including tangential (or contact) transformations, differential invariants; "Analytical Methods connected with Physical Subjects," with the topics harmonic analysis, Fourier's series, the differential equations of applied mathematics, Dirichlet's problem; "Difference Equations and Functional Equations," with the topics recurring series, solution of equations of finite differences and functional equations. [T]he LFG [lexical-functional grammar] view differs: in example (41), the phrase her bears the OBJ [object] function, while in example (42), the phrase a book is the OBJ. From the differential coefficients of the y's with regard to the x's we form the functional. 2. Bathrooms need to be functional, yet welcoming, and of course you want to put your own personal stamp the room. Focused on esthetics, Arc is a functional room for the garden which will appeal to design conscious consumers. Not only do they come put together as a whole gift in an attractive package, but they also usually feature multiple types of items, ranging from cute and cuddly to extremely functional. They should be functional and help set the mood for your beach soiree. They also serve a very functional purpose, keeping your head warm in cold weather. The degree of fertility varies greatly according to external conditions, the structural and functional arrangements just alluded to, and other causes which may roughly be called constitutional. He shows that the Ummo language is different from any other language we know in that it is a "functional" language. Following subtotal distal gastrectomy functional long-term results might be generally better in comparison to total gastrectomy. ), in which an imperfect allantoic placenta is sometimes developed, it is broadly distinguished therefrom by the invariable presence of a functional placenta by the aid of which the foetus is nourished throughout the greater portion of intra-uterine life. The supply of reserve teeth is indefinite; frequently one or two are lying ready and of equal size to the functional fangs. A novel method for the prediction of functional biological activity of polyethylene wear debris. These observers maintain that the cells from some cause lose, or may never have had developed, their functional activity, and thus FIG. Create rooms that reflect your personality and are functional for the way you live. Pockets vary in size and location, depending upon the manufacturer, but many will have some sort of functional spot to stash stuff. Bills may originate in either house, but in about half of the states money bills must originate in the House of Representativesa survival of British custom which has here, where both houses equally represent the people, no functional value. They do not represent the opinions of YourDictionary.com. While a jacket may seem simply like a functional piece of clothing, it really is the case that beautiful spring jackets for little girls are on the market. Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary: Given the absence of available tools for visualization of tumor gene expression patterns on a broad scale, we devised a classification system called " Functional Taxonomy" that categorizes genes according to various functional attributes of the proteins they encode. Carnivorous, desmognathous, nidicolous, without functional caeca. On the functional side are products that cover, conceal, illuminate and much more. Choose bookmarker wedding favors for a fun and functional memento of your wedding day for guests to take home. You will need to relinquish control in functional areas where you're not a seasoned expert. Their theorem prover is written in the functional programming language lisp which is also the language in which theorems are represented. In all the more typical members of the family the three middle metatarsals of the long hind-legs are fused into a cannon-bone; and in the true jerboas of the genus Jaculus the two lateral toes, with their supporting metatarsals, are lost, although they are present in the alactagas (Alactaga), in which, however, as in certain allied genera, only the three middle toes are functional. All of your guests are sure to appreciate these decorative yet functional gifts. Functional; 1. Like much Soviet construction it looked unfinished and barely functional. Although the very first cell phone was an innovative product, it’s bulkiness effected its functionality. Whether examined by functional or by structural features, the conducting paths of the nervous system, traced from beginning to end, never terminate in the centres of that system, but pass through them. 7. Does it need to "make a statement" according to décor, or is it purely functional? If not suppose we have two systems which are functional isomorphic at level n but are not functionally isomorphic at level n-1. Kitchen utensils should be attractive as well as, 11. use "functional" in a sentence The company is famous for producing furniture which is both functional and esthetically pleasing. Today, designers are experimenting with a variety of colors, patterns, textures and trims to make girls' winter coats fashionable and functional. One reason parents like it so much is because it looks fashionable with a cute fabric pattern, making it both stylish and functional for feeding baby. Functional determinants were first investigated by Jacobi in a work De Determinantibus Functionalibus. Silver matchbook covers, measuring tapes and ring keepers are also elegant and functional. Most of the time, these carts are "as is," which means that someone onsite probably looked at them and made sure each individual unit was functional and didn't pose any safety issues. I know the answer. There is much talk in the health food industry about functional foods. can now be tucked into the ribbon, creating a decorative wall hanging that is functional as well. The used laptops are still functional, but may not be complete. Your baby doesn't need to be the latest fashions, but you do want him to look cute and have clothes that are functional. Ceramic tableware - Lisa Marklew Salt & Pepper pots - Shona Carnegie Many items will provoke the question, Is it functional or ornamental? Recombination of a functional red clover necrotic mosaic virus by recombination rescue of the cell-to-cell movement gene expressed in a transgenic plant. That's not the way a functional relationship works, she said, anger building. Whether a listener is present or not is sometimes irrelevant. Definition of Functionality. But here, I will focus on the functional classification of sentences. It's been my experience that watching people get killed in front of you tends to leave you more traumatized than functional, and I need you functional. Unlike functional rooms, like kitchens and bathrooms, your bedroom is your retreat from the hustle and bustle of the everyday world. Ideas for decorating functional kitchens, spa-like bathrooms, romantic bedrooms, and family-friendly living rooms are the types of stories regularly featured. They are designed to be functional and stylish and would look great not matter what the activity. These are solid white with stripes of red, dark blue and black and feature Handy Manny on the functional fly area and pictures of some of the tool characters on the hips and bottom. In such cases the flowers, so far as their functional capabilities are concerned, are usually abortive. The robot is a functional isomorph but is not conscious. Wheater's functional histology - A Text & Color Atlas 4th edition Churchill Livingstone 1999. holomorphic functional calculi, Journal of the London Math. Except in some of the Stegocephalia, there are only four functional digits in the manus, but the Ecaudata have a more or less distinct rudiment of pollex; in the Caudata it seems to be the outer digit which has been suppresssed, as atavistic reappearance of a fifth digit takes place on the outer side of the manus, as it does on the pes in those forms in which the toes are reduced to four. Functional Grammar Part — 1 ... A sentence that expresses a command , advice , a request, an entreaty or a wish is called an imperative sentence. For example, pianos are a functional part of countless beautiful living spaces. An operating system to make your computer functional. Measured functional management, 12. They're available in a variety of designs, offer plenty of functional designs and run the gamut from fairly inexpensive to extravagantly high-priced. Sentences Containing 'functional' Geometric and Functional Analysis (journal) Organic molecules with more than one functional group can be a source of confusion.