With a full nitro cellulose finish the wood is able to breathe freely, delivering a naturally resonant and organic sound. Keine Duesenberg Eastman Fano Fender Fender-Customshop Fender-Used FGN G&L Guitars Gibson Godin Gretsch Heritage Ibanez Macmull Musicman Nik Huber PRS Relish Rickenbacker Schecter Sonstige Suhr Supro. Ob und wann dieser Artikel wieder vorrätig sein wird, ist unbekannt. Eastman T486 vs. D'Angelico EX-DC. Post Oct 02, 2014 #1 2014-10-02T04:05. I've had my T486 for some time and it's an exceptional guitar, zero plans to sell it. The Eastman I own has several "oops" dings but I don't care, it's harder to get a great sounding and playing git than it is to get one with an ironclad finish that plays like crap in like new condition :-) I only own one Eastman now but I can see at least one more like a T486 or T186MX in the future for me. And 335 players appreciate the great versatility that is has. I picked up this used 2019 Eastman T486 from Reverb to be the guitar that makes me forget I don't own an ES-335. For jazz at loud volumes, it's hard to imagine a better sounding instrument for the price. https://www.eastmanguitarfans.com; T484 vs T486. Eastman t186 vs. t386 vs. t486. Eastman T184MX • PRICE £1,999 (inc hard case) • DESCRIPTION Hollowbody double-cutaway electric guitar. Möchten Sie Ihr Elektro- und Elektronik-Gerät kostenlos recyceln? 1399.00 € EASTMAN. Last Name. The T386 may tip the scales at close to a grand, but it’s the most affordable electric Eastman produces. EASTMAN. 1 of 2 Go to page. But is has a slightly smaller body. Big mistake. If like other Eastmans, build quality should be very nice and I like the 1-3/4" nut width. Eastman has been making thinline ES-335 inpsired guitars for a long time. 07-23-2019, 02:57 AM. 07-26-2020, 10:35 AM. Ape Factory Member. Our Artists. Next Last. … Other forum members have expressed mixed feelings with the Kent Armstrong. New Reply #1. Neck Material:Maple Fingerboard:Ebony Fingerboard Radius:12" Neck Profile:Traditional Even "C" Nut:Bone 1 3/4" 1st Fret String Height:.022" 12th Fret String Height:Bass .078" & Treble .062" Fretwire:22 Medium Jumbo Jescar 47104 Scale Length:24.75" T484 Thinline Laminate - classic . It has got the many of the specs from it's largetr brother the T486. Go. You could check for the T486 that also has SD pickups . Big-E, 1 hour ago Latest: 1 hour ago. Has anyone ever played these models back to back? Messages 2,505. Spec-wise, it's the same as the exceptional and best selling T486 model. Friendly general discussion - open topics. This allows for an incredibly versatile range of tones that seduces the imagination from all genres. The binding is a bit sloppy on the neck on this instrument but it sounds amazing. I think I would like to compare Eastman's T184MX and the new T484 sometime. From jazz to blues to rock. LeftFrank EGF Member 1 - 1. I would say this Eastman T486 absolutely belongs in that group. 1 2. I have never played an Ibanez that I like, so keep that in perspective. I'm thinking about buying a t486 or t386 but I've wondered about the solid wood t186 and whether it was a significant enough upgrade to pay the premium. I'll try to take some photos today and compare them to different necks that have some good girth. It is the reason I bought an Eastman acoustic and wish I had bought the T486 instead of my Epi Sheraton II. It’s the ultimate working guitarist’s instrument—a comfortable, lightweight, road-friendly ax capable of everything from bebop to hard rock. The Eastman T486 is a classic. Age: 56 Posts: 8,270. dmccrider. Derzeit nicht verfügbar. T486 Thinline Laminate - classic . Joined: Jul 24, 2009 Location: Ada, MI. Please provide your information below and we’ll be in touch shortly. General Chatter (1 user browsing) Topic: 225 Posts: 1,914. The fit and finish is actually better in most regards. The 335 accomadates many playing styles. Join the family and stay in touch Artists. Preis Sortieren nach Neueste Produkte zuerst Günstigste zuerst Teuerste zuerst Alphabetisch (A-Z) Filter anwenden Nur vorrätig. Have a question or want to know more about the T486? Loaded with a pair of Seymour Duncan humbuckers, the T484 is versatile and responsive, with plenty of tone and attitude. And that's comparing them to Duncans, as well as Boutique PAF's. Jun 30, 2014 #1 Sold my ES333. I've owned Gibson Semi's as well and the Eastman is every bit as good. 1399.00 € GUILD. gnappi likes this post Email PM Find Reply Quote #4. But nog all players are attracted to the somewhat bulky feel of the guitar. Change Avatar. Eastman still seems to have some problems fitting bindings and in doing finishing . The Eastman T484 Classic was launched at NAMM 2019 and will be with us End of May 2019. My tl;dr review after two hours playing: I have two Gibby’s — a LP standard 60s and ES-330. New Reply #1. 01-27-2015, 05:21 PM … Here are some links for more information on each guitar and the Porter Pickups: Gibson ES-335 . 1499.00 € EASTMAN. The T484 combines the charms of the T184’s 14-inch body with the adaptable graces of the T486’s laminate construction, center block and electronics. Latest: T484 vs T486 Rad, 11-27-2020, 08:20 PM Latest: 11-27-2020, 08:20 PM: 209 Topic 1,827 Posts: Around the campfire. Making instruments for a large variety of artists in a wide range of genres is a labor of love. dmccrider. This is a friendly online community of Eastman Guitar players and owners; Registration is free - come and join the discussion! 01-27-2015, 02:28 PM #4. jads57. EASTMAN T486 RED + KOFFER E-Gitarren Hollow und Semi-Hollow von eastman. Eastman T386 vs Ibanez AS93 or some other model. Specifications: Neck Material: Maple View Profile View Forum Posts Private Message User Info Menu. 1399.00 € EASTMAN. Dying for another semi hollow and I can get a pretty decent deal on either guitar (Eastman or D'Angelico). Latest: Hobbies of members? T486 Thinline Laminate - sunburst . First Name. Drawing inspiration from the classic hollowbody design of the '50s, the Eastman T486 features a laminate Maple top, back and sides for a lightweight but sonically rich tone. It has got the many of the specs from it's largetr brother the T486. I've only played the t386 and remember that it was light, easy to play, had … Member. Thread starter Ape Factory; Start date Jun 30, 2014; 1; 2; Next. The Eastman was upgraded with Porter Smooth/Classic Humbucker pickups, otherwise it’s stock. Change Avatar. Dec 11, 2018 #5. drf64 Poster Extraordinaire. Romeo-SC is the first Eastman guitar to include a lipstick style pickup, via Seymour Duncan's Vintage Stack in the neck - in addition to a Seymour Duncan ’59 pickup in the bridge. adamdaviddavis EGF Member 1 - 2. 08-08-2014, 10:41 AM #1. cantstoplt021. Style Jaguar Jazzmaster Les Paul Stratocaster Telecaster. I don't think the T484 has shipped yet. Eastman Guitar Fans Eastman Guitars Eastman Electric and Archtop Guitars T484 vs T486. The KA p/ups actually sound very good in the T-386. Eastman Guitar Fans Eastman Guitars Eastman Electric and Archtop Guitars T386 vs. T486. This is a friendly online community of Eastman Guitar players and owners; Registration is free - come and join the discussion! The Eastman T484 Thinline semi-acoustic guitar has a smaller 14" body for those who find the T486 a tad too big. Edit: I can compare my Eastman T486 (no bigsby) to an ES-333 neck which is a Gibson 60's style neck. Made in China • BUILD Carved maple top, carved mahogany back, mahogany neck with ‘Traditional Even C’ profile, 12” radius ebony fretboard with pearl dot inlays and 22 Jescar 47104 medium jumbo frets. Email. And that looks really really good. Latest: T484 vs T486 Rad, 11-27-2020, 08:20 PM Latest: 11-27-2020, 08:20 PM. So enter the T484. Zip Code. 335 Shootout: Eastman T386 vs Gibson ES-335 – review and demo. Welcome to Eastman Guitar Fans! 11. https://www.eastmanguitarfans.com; T386 vs. T486. I already have a 16” body 335 clone (Ibanez Artcore AS73L) so I was looking for possibly a smaller guitar to accompany it. A-150 Savoy Special +Case - Snowcrest White . Eastman T484. Welcome to Eastman Guitar Fans! That’s down to its meticulous approach to guitar building, so set aside your preconceptions about Chinese guitar builds and listen up. I have had an Eastman mandolin for about a dozen years and it is wonderful. So enter the T484. Eastman puts a clasic looking nitro finish on a figured maple laminate top. Hope this helps. In this shootout, we put an Eastman T386 to the test against a Gibson ES-335. Thread Tools. Hello all, I am considering a purchase of a left-handed Eastman T484 or T486. The Gibson neck had a pretty flat back whereas the Eastman was more round. I totally forgot to take a measurements when I changed strings last night so that'll have to wait a bit. 11. Pots are CTS brass shaft, pickups are SD's. Be the first to get one and order yours now. (Erfahren Sie mehr.) Frets are nicely dressed, controls felt great, hardware is Gotoh Japan stuff and doesn't need to be replaced. 05-15-2019, 08:37 PM. T486B BIGSBY - classic .