I am a proud Dynaudio special forty owner. The cone and its central dome are formed in one piece from Dynaudio's proprietary magnesium-silicate-polymer (MSP) material, claimed to offer "a precise combination of stiffness, stability, rigidity and damping." I bought the 40s based on only one or two very early positive reviews, and on Dynaudio's reputation for quality speakers. https://www.schiit.com/products/vidar ; Classic Dynaudio Crossover – This is a variant of the first-order crossover used in Dynaudio's other classic two-way speakers. The Buchardt had loads of bass but the mid range magic I was seeking was lacking. You have researched the LS50 Nocturnes quite a bit. You sound sold on them. Voice on a Captain Beefheart track stood out really well and drums were strong and er, drum tastic for want of a better term, but then the drummer in the Magic Band was called Drumbo (John French). Dynaudio has made any number of two-way standmounters, of this size and with drive units that look pretty much identical to the ones used here. The Sapphire was the last Dynaudio speaker to spend time in my listening room until I wrote about the Contour 20 ($5000–$5750/pair, depending on finish) in our May 2017 issue. The KEF have awesome mid range but couldn't satisfy me in the lower bass regions. EDIT: Oh and I forgot the big wide open soundstage on the Dynaudios, which is not a strongsuit of the ATCs at all. No listening time on these. One approach is to strive to purchase components that sound as full, balanced, and neutral as you can afford, and match them synergistically with other neutral-sounding components. To me, the Dynaudio Special 40 seems very clearly to be less than the sum of its parts. Will ship original box and packaging with everything included. Did you ever think that maybe your preference is for rolled off highs? Like new set of Dynaudio Special 40 in grey listed for $2200 on USAM today. It's a shame about the cabinet resonances. I do like the graphics--are they any different INSIDE than the regular LS-50 wireless ? And spatially beautiful. Actually, when I unpacked the Special Fortys, I was reminded not of the Contour 20 but of Dynaudio's no-longer-available Focus 110, two of which reside in the office of Stereophile publisher Keith Pray. No point shoulding ourselves to death. Dynaudio A/S Sverigesvej 15 8660 Skanderborg Denmark Phone: +45 8652-3411 Fax: +45 8652-3116. I think I would sum them up as being more ‘explicit’. Dynaudio Special 40 for sale. They were all ok, but still not not good enough. Dynaudio Special 40: They don’t sound massively different in character to be honest. Even with a half metre gap between speaker and rear wall the bass was overpowering, which is not normally a problem in my room. The drivers of the Special 40 do exhibit better control in certain respects; the Buchardts tend to slightly soften detail. If the level of midrange energy from the speakers ... Buchardt Audio S300 better than the Special 40, Solution to my complaints (Updated January 2019), They who is not busy being born, are busy dying. Increasing the Mass and Dampening are the only ways to lower those Resonances. How much can I expect a better amp to really cure my problem? I had already asked for a pair for review before I flew to AXPONA; they arrived just as I was finishing up my review of the Wilson Alexia Series 2 speakers for our July issue. For those who enjoy the technical skinny: “The Special Forty woofer is based on Dynaudio’s classic 17W75 MSP model.