Serviced apartments are generally much larger than hotel rooms—and unlike hotel rooms, these special residences are much more than a bed and a bath, truly offering the benefits of full-sized furnished apartments. Lodgings were fundamentally the best thing that struck travelers searching for food, comfort, luxury and lavishness. One factor that contributes to this is that VAT is only levied at 20% for the first 28 days. Essentially, there will be additional services on offer, hence ‘serviced apartment’. There are chamber staff in hotels to change linen and tidy rooms; in serviced apartments the same amenities are provided though on a more structured weekly basis. Regardless of which type of serviced apartment you opt-for, you’ll always benefit from more privacy than a hotel. A lot could happen between now and 2020 that could alter these projections or completely disprove them, particularly with Airbnb. The difference in ownership between condos and apartment buildings is the most significant distinction. So, we’ve gone through a list of benefits as long as your arm, but how much more do you have to pay than a hotel? In a condo, you’ll probably be a part of the condo community’s homeowners association (HOA). Copyright@2019 Lemon Tree Hotels Ltd. All rights reserved. Dubai Tourism Dubai Hotels Dubai Bed and Breakfast ... you'll get the apartment cleaned but no room service food or drinks. And just as you’d predict from their name, serviced apartments also offer guests a wide range of services. But, just because there are no on-site staff doesn’t mean you miss out on having a maid service (hence serviced apartment). Serviced ap artments can be … While the apartments themselves are well kitted out, there are also a number of properties which offer gym facilities, bars, restaurants and even on-site shops! Hotels are less prone to fashions and trends and are therefore a safer investment." What’s the Difference Between Serviced Apartments and Hotels? The basic difference between the two pertains to the flexibility of space. If you’d like to have the option of room service, but still have kitchen facilities, then choosing an aparthotel may be for you. So, it is easy to choose an apartment which will suit your convenience needs. A residential hotel is more like an apartment. To know more. But, as great as hotels are, serviced apartments are a far better short-term option. View Asked by Wiki User. What’s not to love about serviced apartments? We’ve already discussed the kitchen facilities available in serviced apartments but there are plenty more amenities which help to elevate a stay in a serviced apartment. One possibility for saving money could be to use some inflatable camping beds to sleep four people in … Room for flexibility. As you can see, a one bedroom apartment is usually about the same price as an equivalent standard hotel room. If you want to save money by staying in larger accommodation where you can cook your own food from the privacy of your apartment, then why not choose a serviced apartment over the four walls of a hotel room. Enquire. The second difference pertains to logistical hassles pertaining to the ease of booking. For more info on how the cost of serviced apartments compare to hotels head over to our cost comparison page. The difference between serviced apartments and hotels 1. Difference in tax rates. Well, in a serviced apartment, you can have the best of both worlds. Re: Difference between a hotel and a hotel apartment . Living in a hotel apartment has the greater scope for leading a flexible lifestyle. What is the difference between a serviced apartment and a hotel? Thanks in advance. One of the major differences between hotels and serviced apartments is price. For years, serviced apartments have been the ‘go-to’ temporary accommodation for business travellers, and with good reason. There are many differences between a serviced apartment and a hotel that you should be aware of when booking a place to stay. Guest houses are available from low budget to luxury rooms, which serve it as a perfect alternative of small hotel in bigger cities. Speakers at the first serviced-apartments summit in the U.S. considered the many similarities—as well as differences—of serviced apartments and traditional hotels. More space, greater privacy and kitchen facilities all for the same, if not cheaper, rate. To know more. Whereas Service Apartment which is also known as temporary homes basically is a fully furnished rented house providing amenities like hotel that are available for both i.e. Hotels, on the other hand may have categories like deluxe rooms, premium rooms & suites. All these articles probably have great information, but they leave you with one burning unanswered question. Please enable JavaScript in your browser for a better user Check out Furnished Housing Ambassador, a serviced apartment locator: To help make your decision a little easier, here we’ve broken down the key differences between hotels and serviced apartments. What is the difference between a Guest house, Hotel and a Serviced Apartment? If you’re staying for a week, a month or six months, then eating out every night is neither cost effective nor great for the waistline. You may use these HTML tags and attributes:
, Copyright@2019 Lemon Tree Hotels Ltd. All rights reserved.Powered by Internet Moguls, Asset No. It should be first class all the way. A kitchen for quick and easy home cooking, along with … As far as luxury goes, there is only one criterion. There is a significant difference in principle between inviting a business associate to the lounge area of an apartment and inviting them to a hotel room… Apartments often tend to be more expensive than hotel rooms, they need more space for the kitchen and don’t drive revenue from a mini-bar or a hotel restaurant. A serviced apartment is a rental facility like a hotel and it is a type of furnished apartment where you can stay for short-term or long-term. This had led to the blossoming of serviced apartments in Noida, Gurugram, Mumbai, Chennai & so forth. Well, nothing. A lot of the time, a one bedroom apartment is the same rate or less than the cost of a hotel room. 0 1 2. Your apartment will be cleaned and towels/linen replaced at least once a week but the frequency can be increased if required. On average, a serviced apartment has 30% more space than a hotel room. That means that as well as more space, you actually have separate rooms to sleep, eat and live. Alas, this could be what I was looking for, but wanted to see if it made sense before I got too excited. If your stay is 30 days or more, you will get more "bang for your buck" out of a serviced apartment/corporate apartment. short term and long term stays. Hotel rooms, especially in cramped cities like New York, can be quite small. On average serviced apartments are more than 30% cheaper than a hotel stay and that's with the added benefit of all the comforts that are associated with a home-away-from-home plus guests services. The most obvious advantage of deciding against staying within the confines of a hotel room is the greater space afforded in a serviced apartment. It's something you'll notice in a rental listing. 3 MIN READ The Difference Between An Apartment And A Service Apartment 24/10/2018 18/07/2019 0 1694 In today’s urban lifestyle, living in an apartment in high-rise buildings is the norm. Answer. A few years ago, it would have been completely unimaginable to rent out apartments  instead of putting up in a hotel. However, what’s different is that serviced apartments are dynamically priced dependent on the length of stay. Many people are not sure as to what is meant by a Serviced Apartment and how is it different from guest house or hotel. If an apartment doesn’t have laundry facilities, there’ll be on-site communal facilities or a laundry service. What Services Can You Expect from a Serviced Apartment? However, with the various progressions in worldwide travel and the varying inclinations of travelers, serviced apartments end up being the best accommodation decision owing to an array of reasons. In addition to amenitiessuch as a fully equipped kitchen, housewares and electronics, serviced apartments include housekeeping, guest service, utilities and WiFi. The difference is that you’ll have other amenities available, much as you would in a hotel. Dubai. experience. Serviced Apartment, on the other hand is a fully furnished rented apartment which provides all the amenities of hotel and that too in an affordable rate. They allow travellers to soak up more of the local culture than they would by staying in a hotel. Business travellers are looking for somewhere to hold meetings and conferences, as well as work and relax throughout their visit to the area. Stay in a hotel for one day or one month and the rate per night is the same. Residence Inn London – London Bridge. your guide to the main differences between serviced apartments and B&Bs. Serviced apartments can be less expensive than equivalent hotel rooms. 3. Kitchen availability in serviced apartments vs. hotels. It isn’t common for a hotel … These Destinations are a Must Visit in 2020, places to stay near Jim Corbett National Park, Places to Visit in Coimbatore with Family, Things that you must pack for your kerala trip. Typically less cost than a hotel, and more space, privacy, etc. There’s even enough room to hold meetings or invite guests over for dinner. What Serviced Apartments offer as opposed to hotels (summary): More space (square meters, full size kitchen, multiple rooms); More privacy; All-inclusive rates (relatively low compared to hotel rates because off the lack off daily cleaning, a restaurant and room service); Aside from the prominent advantages in living quarters and enhancements, booking them online is especially simple as you can choose them as per the quantity of rooms that you need and make this your temporary second home. Many apartments have a dishwasher meaning you don’t have to wash up after yourself while having a washing machine/tumble drier in your apartment is great for long stays. In comparison to five star hotels which entail numerous out of pocket expenses, hotel apartments in Noida are cheaper alternatives to stay in. Americas (USA) : +1 303 498 7111, EMEA (UK) : +44 (0)20 8090 8090, APAC (Singapore) : +65 6460 4000. Living … This article highlights the benefits of choosing a serviced apartment over a hotel … Serviced apartments are also generally 30% bigger than hotel rooms, so you’re getting a lot more space for your money. Powered by Internet Moguls. Take a look at the graphic above. The second element by which a service apartment … A serviced apartment is a type of furnished apartment availa ble for short-term or long-ter m stays, which provides amenit ies for daily use. There are even serviced apartments that have no on-site staff if you’d rather have complete privacy. The Vibe at a Hotel Compared to a Luxury Apartment Rental Another awesome thing in regards to the serviced apartments in Noida is that they come in different categories. So, pay less, enjoy the comforts of staying in a hotel and bid goodbye to costly room benefits. Unlike a hotel room, an apartment is equipped with a kitchen or kitchenette and a living area. In one example, a hotel in The City was found to be more than £200 cheaper than equivalent furnished studios, and offer greater amenities along with savings on Wi-Fi and council tax. "Branded residences are still a … Top Answer. The guest is provided with a self-contained apartment-style environment to stay in where serviced-apartment facilities replace restaurant, bar and laundry services and the guest has the space to live in a comfortable personal space. The hotels are ranked into ‘star’ categories i.e. 2. The most obvious advantage of deciding against staying within the confines of a hotel room is the greater space afforded in a serviced apartment. The basic difference between the two pertains to the flexibility of space. Answer 1 of 3: Can someone tell me what are the differences between a hotel and a hotel apartment ? A Guest house is generally a large establishment with many rooms and has common guest areas such as lounge and dining room. A hotel provides fully furnished rooms with maid service, primarily for visitors staying for a short time. A serviced apartment (also known as a service apartment or an extended stay apartment) is a fully furnished apartment available for short-term or long-term stay, providing hotel-like amenities such as room service, and professional house keeping services.. Companies frequently use serviced apartments to host workers. Space in serviced apartments vs. hotels. The differences are greater than you might imagine, from the price to the benefits, going through to the very concept of the trip. Apartments are generally not serviced and self contained. 6, Aerocity Hospitality District, IGI Airport, Difference between service apartments and hotels, How Service Apartments Are Different from Hotels, What is the difference between a serviced apartment and a hotel, 6 Reasons To Book A Serviced Apartment On Your Next Business Meeting, A Day At Sandal Suites Operated By Lemon Tree Hotels, Why Jaipur is known as the Paris of India, Best Places to Visit in India During Summer (2020), Top 10 Temples to Visit in Tiruchirappalli (Trichy) – 2020, Top 4 Places To Visit In Jammu – Travel Guide & Tourist Places, Planning Your Honeymoon? Stay in a serviced apartment for any extended period of time and the rate will generally decrease. They provide a place for employees to rest and often a city-centre base from which to … 1- star to 7 stars, on the basis of the facilities and services they provide. While we’re certainly partial to a bit of room service, after a week you can easily exhaust all options on the menu and long for some proper home cooked food. The majority of serviced apartments also have free Wi-Fi and some even offer rental of office equipment such as printers and scanners. While we admit that for stays of just one or two nights some may prefer to book a hotel, the benefits of serviced apartments are simply too good to ignore for longer stays. We get it, there are a million and one blogs out there telling you about the benefits of a serviced apartment or what you can expect from a standard B&B. Your email address will not be published. Pots, pans, utensils, cutlery and crockery all come included meaning you’re well equipped to make your favourite meals from the comfort of your apartment. And there you have it.