Close to the Begich Boggs Visitor Center – stop in for public restrooms, educational exhibits, and trip information. When the Begich-Boggs Visitors Center was originally built, it was right at the … The first half is well-maintained, with a wide path. They have stylish Alaska themed clothing that’ll keep you cool on a … The Portage Lake area is a wonderful spot to explore with your whole family, and the Byron Glacier Trail is a wonderful way to experience a stunning glacier up close and personal. Suba sa yelo ang Byron Glacier sa Tinipong Bansa. 48 miles south of Anchorage. Portage Glacier. The Adventures of Nicole is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program. You can visit the face of Portage by tour boat from the dock at the lake. Portage Glacier (1,025) 2.3 mi. Snowfields below Byron Glacier are perfect for snowball fights. The creek is shallow and while cold, can be fun to play in. Be careful not to go to high up on the avalanche chutes since the snow underneath collapses and some point during the summer. Megan McDonald is a writer, photographer, and owner of an Alaska-based media company. Portage Glacier (1,025) 2.3 mi. Turn right on Byron Glacier Road then park at the lot.6 miles form the turnoff. Summer in Alaska is unlike anything else on Earth. A short drive from Anchorage will bring you to the trailhead to this fabulous hike. This grassy ridge overlooks the entirety of Byron Glacier, along with Portage Glacier and 3 other glaciers across Portage Lake. Travel in the valley is not recommended. Byron Glacier Trail While the Byron Glacier hike is an easy walk along a well-maintained trail in the summer, during the spring, a lot of snow in the upper elevations that haven’t avalanched yet. Byron Glacier is right up there on my list of “short, easy hikes that blow your mind.” But I have to admit that I also get very sad when I see how small the glacier is when compared to my first sight of it, which must have been some 20 years ago. With so much to see and do, your to-do list may be packed! To reach the Byron Glacier Trailhead, turn off of the Seward Highway Portage Glacier Road (this is the same road that gives access to Portage Lake and Glacier, and the Whittier Tunnel). Personally I’ve seen them right at the bottom of the glacier and other times I’ve seen them way up high, requiring a good 700 or so foot ascent to reach them. During our short stop at the visitor's center, we educated ourselves a bit on the flora and fauna of … Byron Creek has lots of small and large stones along its bank that inspires children to rock skip and build forts. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash. This magnificent trail is available to hike summer, spring, and fall. Geologic Formations. You can also subscribe without commenting. Click here for large versions of the collage pix: Photo of Byron Glacier this summer (upper left) showing Here … Nature & Wildlife Areas. Have you ever had the chance to hike the Byron Glacier Trail? 1.4 miles total – easy walk for all ages. I appreciate you taking the time to watch my vlog! 1 Restaurant within 5 miles. If you’re looking for another fun hike to a glacier in Alaska, you should Hike This Short And Sweet Trail To The Most Stunning Glacier In Alaska. From here, it is possible to access the ridge and head to Byron Peak, however this is not recommended without climbing experience and safety gear. Still, the area remains stunningly beautiful and we had a lovely hike on a perfect day in Alaska. Required fields are marked *. How Much Does It Cost To Travel In Alaska? Read up more on my Disclaimer page. I made another video from our hike last August when my sister-in-law came to visit us! Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center (3,494) 3.6 mi. Portage Valley has been known to trap clouds and weather among the tall peaks that surround Byron Glacier and so it is highly recommended to bring rain gear and an extra layer as wind can pick up even on a nice sunny day. Learn how your comment data is processed. But please practice glacier safety, and don’t climb on the glacier or explore underneath it, as the ice caves can fall in. A viewpoint for the glacier is accessible from the Byron Glacier Trailhead, by a short 0.8 mile walk along a maintained trail. When the trail left the forest, the Byron Glacier was in view clinging to the steep N face of Byron Peak. There is still snow that threatens the summer trail. Byron Glacier trailhead with two avalanche warning signs. Byron Glacier is considered highly accessible for all ages. You will need to go up a boulder hill and back down and you may need to wade through or jump over parts of the creek on the other side. On a single day last July, two people were killed at separate glaciers in south-central Alaska: A 32-year-old woman was crushed by a collapsing ice ceiling on Byron Glacier, and a … You can continue onwards beyond the viewpoint to hike up onto the glacier, though this is at your own risk for obvious reasons. The best time to take a hike to Byron Glacier is during the warm period of the year, which is from mid-June to late September when the trail is still walkable. It's a one-mile scenic walk to the glacier face along Byron Creek. Byron Glacier Trail is a 3.2 mile heavily trafficked out and back trail located near Girdwood, Alaska that features a river and is good for all skill levels. Head south from Anchorage on the Seward Highway, to the end of the 5-mile Portage Spur Road. Or, hike the easy three-mile (round trip) Portage Pass Trail from Whittier. We signed the traveler’s visitor log and followed the winding trail through the trees. Byron Glacier … With plenty of amenities in the area, this is a great half-day jaunt to get out and explore the beauty in Alaska. byron glacier in alaska, labrador retriever's first hike, summer 2020 | clare. Your email address will not be published. Website. Byron Glacier trailhead is near Portage Lake. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, nature trips, and bird watching and is best used from April until October. Hike Along The Scenic Byron Glacier Trail On This Easy, Family Friendly Adventure. The 1.4-mile trail is a flat, easy walk. You'll receive your first newsletter soon! Plan your stay in Anchorage with the Anchorage Travel Guide. Byron Glacier is one of the easiest to access glaciers in the Anchorage vicinity, about an hour and 10 minutes drive south of Anchorage, not far beyond the beautiful town of Girdwood. Hike This Short And Sweet Trail To The Most Stunning Glacier In Alaska. With all this said, going inside of ice caves is a dangerous activity and not one to be taken lightly. Byron Glacier Trail. Let us know in the comments below! Need to Know You can park at the visitor center and hike up the road to the trailhead, or you can try to find a parking spot at the beginning of the trail. Love Alaska? A viewpoint for the glacier is accessible from the Byron Glacier Trailhead, by a short 0.8 mile walk along a … Distance. If you are trying to view the Byron Glacier Ice Caves you’re best bet to locating them will be to ask other hikers coming down off the glacier if they’re there and how to reach them. It’s an easy 3.2 miles, out and back. 1-4 hours If you’re looking for something to add on that’s short and has a great view, you need to hike the Byron Glacier Trail. 5 Other Attractions within 5 miles. To access from the spacious parking trailhead (which includes several RV spaces for larger vehicles), hike for 1.25 miles along a nearly flat, well maintained gravel trail. If you have kids, make sure you check out the fish viewing platform. Follow the trail till it turns into a a scree slope with boulders. 1 hour. Short day hike outside of Girdwood in Portage Valley. Best nearby. The Byron Glacier Ice caves killed a woman in July of 2018 the roof of these blue ice caves partially collapsed on camera in Spring 2019. Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center (3,495) 3.6 mi. at Byron Glacier is the most dramatic evidence of warming that I've seen. Located right next to Portage Lake, this awesome trail gives you great views and is easy to do! Explore. At times there are ice caves on Byron Glacier. You’ll meander along a well maintained trail. Do be careful as the boulders out here can be quite slippery (I’ve fallen a time or two out here). Ice worms are common, if you get down on your knees when on the snowfield. 2018 a woman died after the Byron Glacier Ice Cave collapsed, Anchorage To Fairbanks Road Trip: One Week In Alaska, The Best Way To Explore Kenai Fjords National Park: Major Marine Tours, What to Pack for Alaska, Written by a Local, Denali National Park Travel Guide + 14 Things To Do In Denali, The Rabbit Lakes Hike In Anchorage, Alaska, The Reed Lakes Hike In Hatcher Pass, Alaska. Geologic Formations. At the Byron Glacier Viewpoint, there are benches to rest at before you head back or continue onwards toward the glacier. Login Logout Entries Feed Privacy Policy & Disclaimer. The first portion of the trail will take you through cottonwood and alder brush before it opens up and continues along Byron Creek. Start shopping plans over at battleface, my go-to travel insurance choice, or over at World Nomads. Enter your e-mail address for things to do, restaurants to try and much more! Byron Glacier is one of the easiest to access glaciers in the Anchorage vicinity, about an hour and 10 minutes drive south of Anchorage, not far beyond the beautiful town of Girdwood. Timing is everything if we are fortunate you will see both! This hike is one of the easiest glacier hikes in Alaska. Byron is one of Alaska's most visibly shrinking glaciers, retreating almost halfway up the mountain in the last decade alone. Make sure to grab a good look at the beautiful Portage Lake when you finish your hike! Photo looks SW. Summer in Alaska is unlike anything else on Earth. Located in Chugach National Forest, Byron Glacier is prone to avalanche slides, and Swanson notes it "is probably pretty dangerous (to climb) until later in the summer." Beginner bike trail in the Moose Flats Recreation Area in the Portage Valley. From the trailhead to the viewing point is about 0.8 miles in distance on a maintained gravel trail. We got close but it was so warm that there was still considerable avalanche and rock slide activity. When the trail left the forest, the Byron Glacier, which has retreated up onto the steep N slopes of Byron Peak (4,700 ft.), was in view ahead. Get more stories delivered right to your email. The Byron Glacier Trail provides an easy, 1-mile rolling gravel trail that leads out to sweeping views of the Byron Glacier. Byron Glacier Road, Girdwood, Anchorage, AK. The good news is you can still enjoy Chugach National Forest and the Byron Glacier blue ice trail without risking it all. Beluga Point: Popular photo stop with panoramic views of Turnagain Arm, with possible opportunities to see Dall sheep and Beluga whales. The Byron Glacier Trailhead parking lot will be on your right side. Next grab a snack or meal to enjoy on your ride back to Anchorage at … 25 Total Climbs Our chosen hike ended up being a super family-friendly, 1.4-mile hike on a well-maintained, flat trail with an incredible view of Byron Glacier. Unless you have avalanche rescue gear, advanced training and knowledge to evaluate an avalanche hazard we recommend avoiding Byron trail until summer. Make sure and visit nearby Girdwood on your way to Byron Glacier. The most challenging part of the trail is crossing the boulder field, if you want to get to the face of the glacier. This are probably the most easily accessible glacier caves in Alaska. Portage Valley: You will see Explorer Glacier, Middle Glacier, Byron Glacier and Take a Walk through a Rainforest. Visit Byron on your Kenai Peninsula road trip, start planning it here. Your email address will not be published. It's a one-mile scenic walk to the glacier face along Byron Creek. Website. A short hike beyond the viewpoint will bring you right to the glacier. Bike Friendly Trail 10 Miles Round Trip add another 4 miles if going to Bryon Glacier. Byron Glacier is located not far off the Seward Highway that connects Anchorage with the Kenai Peninsula. If you’re looking for something to add on that’s short and has a great view, you need to hike the Byron Glacier Trail. Byron Glacier Road, Girdwood, Anchorage, AK. North facing slopes with plenty of snow still hanging above the valley and debris piles from the recent avalanche cycle. The Byron Glacier trailhead is outside a small parking area off the road. With water bottles and bear sprays in hand, we were off! You’ll love hiking this easy trail this summer! 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Avalanche activity may occur in the Byron Valley well into the spring due to sun, above freezing temperatures, and any rain. 5 Other Attractions within 5 miles. Every now and then we walked next to the river and … Byron Glacier Trail has had several near misses with hikers running away from avalanches in the spring and one fatality due to a … The Byron Glacier has retreated from the valley, and is now a hanging glacier. The walk along the trail is relatively flat with only a couple of small hills. That is why we recommend grabbing some gear from While we continue to feature destinations that make our state wonderful, please take proper precautions or add them to your bucket list to see at a later date. About 5 miles down Portage Glacier Road you’ll take a slight right onto Portage Lake Loop and a right off there onto Byron Glacier Road. Hike up the slope to the walls that are near the south east corner of the glacier. Another hazard to be aware of is avalanches, especially in the spring and early half of the summer. The Byron Glacier Trail in Portage, Alaska is an uncomplicated trail with fabulous views that the whole family can easily hike. Avalanche debris from the south facing slopes. Then you reach the so-called Byron Glacier Viewpoint. I have been in the ice caves numerous times, but they frequently collapse and reform, sometimes appearing in different locations than previous. Bring a light jacket, as winds tend to pick up around the face of the glacier itself. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. From the trailhead at the parking lot its a 1.3km hike on an excellent maintained gravel trail. There are bridges to cross wet areas, and the gravel is wide and even. Best nearby. What did you think? Updated April 2020, Visiting Byron Glacier, Alaska was originally written in February 2020. Begich Boggs Visitor Center Hello! She spends her free time traveling with her husband and daughter, and loves to see and experience new things! Portage Glacier Lodge (34) 1.8 mi $$ - $$$ American. 10 reviews of Byron Glacier Trailhead "Glacier, Glacial or Glaciation...noun, adjective or verb...they are cool! Updated April 2020, Visiting Byron Glacier, Alaska was originally written in February 2020. Nature & Wildlife Areas. Portage Glacier Lodge (34) 1.8 mi $$ - $$$ American. The parking area for Byron Glacier will be one mile down the road. Budget yourself about 1 hr (20 minutes to walk in, 20 minutes to look and play, 20 minutes to walk out) Offers views of Byron Glacier. Some posts on the Adventures of Nicole contain affiliate links to various products & services, meaning I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you, if you click or book via some of these links. Would you recommend it? The Byron Glacier Trail near Girdwood, Alaska is a beautiful hike for trekkers of all ages. There’s plenty of things to do for the whole family, including skipping rocks into the turquoise waters. Byron Valley is very narrow with steep cliff-like walls and gets pretty heavy snowfall, so avalanches are quite common. In 2018 a woman died after the Byron Glacier Ice Cave collapsed, crushing her and injuring two others. The 1.4-mile trail is a flat, easy walk. Make Your Winter Magical By Staying In Downtown Talkeetna In This Historic Alaskan Roadhouse, Walk Through A Snowy Alaskan Wonderland To Get To A Frozen Waterfall On The Thunderbird Falls Trail, Peek Out At The Northern Lights From The Most Wished For Airbnb In Alaska, These 9 Jaw Dropping Places In Alaska Are Some Of The Most Beautiful On Earth, Hike Through The Alaskan Old Growth Forest Right Outside Downtown Juneau, Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth At Sweet Darlings, An Old Time Alaska Candy Store, Sneak Away To This Bright And Modern Tiny Home In Alaska With Stunning Views Of The Chugach Mountains, These 8 Places In Alaska Have The Most Unbelievable Christmas Decorations. The Byron Glacier Blue Ice Trail is a gorgeous Alaskan hike with mountain and glacier views and you don’t have to enter the ice cave. With so much to see and do, your to-do list may be packed! 10 Mile drive south of Girdwood. It's a beautiful spot to have lunch and glacier-gaze. Byron Glacier trailhead is near Portage Lake. Bring a light jacket, as winds tend to pick up around the face of the glacier itself. The trail is flat and you’ll only climb 777 feet throughout the entire hike. Ang Byron Glacier nahimutang sa kondado sa Anchorage Municipality ug estado sa Alaska, sa amihanan-kasadpang bahin sa nasod, 5,400 km sa kasadpan sa ulohang dakbayan Washington, D.C. 613 metros ibabaw sa dagat kahaboga ang nahimutangan sa Byron Glacier.. Ang yuta palibot sa Byron Glacier kay kasagaran kabukiran, … You can continue to hike up onto Byron Glacier but do be careful as glaciers, especially Byron Glacier is quite unstable. We’re aware that these uncertain times are limiting many aspects of life. The trail is 3-miles roundtrip and relatively flat. Thank you! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Begich Boggs Visitor Center It’s well worth it to get a closer look at this stunning glacier. If you know of a local business that could use some extra support during these times, please nominate them here: This wonderful trail is located in Portage Valley, a quick 45-minute drive from Anchorage. Byron Glacier Trail, Girdwood: See 255 reviews, articles, and 210 photos of Byron Glacier Trail, ranked No.5 on Tripadvisor among 18 attractions in Girdwood. And as a result those with the most incidents. Three good ways to now see Portage Glacier: During summer, take a boat trip from the dock on the western side of the lake, just past the Byron Glacier trailhead. Drive Time. Loved this glacier...its easily accessible and if you are daring and its the right conditions you can concievably hike right up to the glacial morain. Start planning your Alaska vacation: The Ultimate Alaska Travel Guide.