The blower helps circulate hot or cold air throughout your home until the temperature on the thermostat is reached. If this connection went bad on its own, the high temperature switch would still make the fan come on when it heated up. Mechanic's Assistant: Have you checked the coolant level? We currently have the system shut off at the breaker to prevent it from running. Setting your fan to AUTO instead of ON better dehumidifies your home. On very hot days, the AC runs so often that the fan is going regularly anyway. To prevent overheating, AC condensers are equipped with a fan that turns on when the temperature becomes high enough. Asked by day2 in Elkton, MD on . Continuously Running Your AC Fan. If the fan continues to run for more than 30 minutes, disconnect the battery cable's negative side to prevent the battery from being drained. Why? Using the "auto" option for the fan is a better choice. When the thermostat reaches your temperature setting, the system, including the blower fan, shuts off. Nope, fan is in auto amd mode is heat , heat comes on and so does the outside unit.not a heat pump , also i am getting 22 v at C and Y …at C and W i am getting 24.7v … it should be a bad tstat..but when i jump off at board with tstat in off mode.Y to C , heat also comes on with out side unit. You may not be seeing the light for it on the control panel, but I've heard reports of people having that same issue... in fact I talked to a few this summer on this forum. For the AC, this means keeping the thermostat closer to the temperature outside. Troubleshooting Tips. It is what sends the signal for the fan. In between cooling cycles, the fan shuts off. Ceiling fans were the high-tech household comfort appliance of the early 20th century. “Should I set my HVAC fan to auto or on” is a question we commonly receive from Homesense customers — along with “does running the fan on my air conditioner use a lot of electricity?” It’s a debated topic throughout the industry, so we’re going to give you the pros, the cons, and our recommendation. Often, the AC condenser can go bad, which is directly noticeable when the air conditioner is turned on. Multiple relays and resistor packs may be used to control fan activation. Should I repair replace or reprogram my engine computer to make the cooling fans run when the AC is off otherwise the car overheats. System has freon in it. Other problem is when heat is turned on the ac comes on also. 262,535 Report; G A answered 2 months ago Guru947V5N. The fan setting controls your AC’s blower; A fan inside your system that helps distribute air throughout your home. Most air conditioner units have buttons labeled "fan" or "auto." Lv 7. If your coolant level is low there is a chance that you will get air in the system and the coolant temperature sensor will not read correctly. The motor could be going bad or its run capacitor. The primary fan comes on at about 225 to … Test fan relay; swap the bad fan relay with a good relay with the same pin design. One of them is, and one of them is not. Jansen Heating and Cooling will be happy to send out trained technicians to look at your broken cooling system, diagnose what’s wrong, and recommend a prompt fix at a fair price. Fewer stops and starts should reduce wear and tear on the system. When AC is off, the air hitting the rad is outside air temp, when the AC is on, the air hitting the rad has been warmed by the condenser and is now much hotter than the outside air. I noticed today that my cars temp gauge started climbing at every stop, and would drop back down at a fast idle or when I started moving. The reasoning given is that ceiling fans push the hot air down thus increasing the load on the air conditioners. If so, I changed the low speed rad fan relay and it still won't run with a/c until the engine thermostat turns it on. July 04, 2015. Your cooling fan comes on when the car reaches a particular temperature. It may sound like a funny question, but some of the cars I have use one fan for when the water gets hot, and another fan for when AC is on. pushrod on . The fan setting on your thermostat controls your HVAC’s system blower. If my cars AC is off , so the fan of AC should be on or off?? Fan + AC: A Cool and Breezy Dream Team. As for whether it’s helpful or harmful to your HVAC system to run the fan continuously, there’s no clear answer. In most cases, you should only turn ceiling fans on when people are using the room. Since your AC is responsible for doing two jobs, cooling and dehumidifying, moisture from the air condenses on the cold evaporator coil when it runs. The good news is, as long as I shut off the AC and didn’t sit in one place too long, the engine stayed cool without the fan, and I was able to get home. If you can’t feel the breeze, turn off the fan and flip the switch that changes the direction of the blades. Unfortunately, I quickly hit a dead-end. The outside fan should run in ac and in heat. Don’t worry about clockwise or counterclockwise. 2005 Chrysler PT Cruiser. also they should come on when the AC is switched on. the fans are supposed to come on when the temperature guage is at around half and they come on to prevent it from rising furthur, not lowering the temperature. You should be able to feel a breeze when standing directly under it. Our 2011 Subaru Outback 3.6R, which we bought brand new back in Feb ’11 and only has 4k miles, seems to be having issues with the cooling fan. Popular Answer . The cooling fan will come on when the engine is cold and it will stay on the entire time the engine is running. AUTO means the fan turns on “automatically” ONLY when your system is heating or cooling your air. It’s a common belief that ceiling fans should not be used along with Air Conditioners. It was working find but now nothin7. It used to completely shut off. It may seem counterproductive to run your fan and your air conditioning at the same time, since both use energy to operate. Which to a certain extent is not wrong but what people forget is that the ceiling fans can create a breeze that makes people in the room feel cooler and more comfortable. For more info including a troubleshooting guide, check out the heat pump page at my source. The trick is to use them wisely, and on lower settings. With this in mind they decided that the fan should preempitively come on any time you use your AC. ON—This setting runs your fan constantly, even when your AC isn’t actively producing cool air. When ac is on the fan doesn't turn off when it reaches the set temp. 9 years ago. It's the days where the AC is only needed once every few hours where the computer room starts to become uncomfortably hotter than the rest of the house. Mark helpful. Insufficient Coolant. It's easy to understand what an air conditioner is supposed to do, but sometimes knowing what each function does can get complicated. “Ceiling fans use no more electricity than light bulbs,” she said. Thi I have replaced the radiator, thermostat, and temp switch. One thing that I don't like is that the fan schedule ignores away/eco. If it’s 80 degrees outside, that means setting the AC to run at 78 or 75 instead of 70. An oversized AC will shut off after a short run time and leave a lot of water sitting on the coil. Setting Your HVAC Fan to “ON” When you set your fan to “ON,” you’re telling it to keep running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, regardless of the heating or cooling setting. Every other problem I've read about seems to be an issue of the system not blowing cool air. AC compressor clutch engage then it will disengage. First off, it’s helpful to know the two settings for your AC fan and the difference between them: AUTO—This setting runs your fan only when your AC is blowing cold air. We noticed that our outside ac unit runs (the fan) even though the thermostat control is set to "off" inside the house. Coolant fans not running when ac is turned on. 2 Answers . It sounds like the ac could be on. Could this be the thermostat? Onto my point. Automotive Mechanic. July 04, 2015. This is the most energy efficient option. The fan mode and switches are one such example. Here are the pros and cons of the ON vs Auto setting on your thermostat. Should You Run an Air Conditioner & Ceiling Fan Together?. Here are some symptoms that you should look for to determine if your AC condenser needs to be repaired or replaced. Window-box units can cool or fan the air. Pros and Cons. You should make it your daily habit to check the coolant levels in your radiator. What should I do if the engine fan never turns off? IF A/C is cooling ok and engine isn't overheating... No problem!! 1 reply Report. There are two settings on your thermostat to control the fan … The second time the fan comes on is with your AC. 1995 Chevrolet Corvette Coupe RWD-Maintenance & Repair. Other potential issues that could shut down the outside unit may include the coils freezing up, a malfunction of the fan in the condenser, an electrical issue, or a problem with the refrigerant line. Running the fan without the AC can also increase the humidity in your home, since the AC won’t be drying out the fresh air being drawn inside. The trigger is the thermostat in the radiator of your vehicle. By running the fan after the coil warms up, a lot of that water will evaporate and be put right back into your home. As you suspect the fans should NOT be doing that. The fan needs to turn in the right direction to actually cool you off. Should both fans come on when AC is turned on, cause only one comes on know. The fan should be pushing air down. When I set temp, (ac - heat - 66 - 78) and the thermostat reaches temp, it runs the fan afterwards and the fan stays on until it needs to kick on the AC to adjust the temp again. Homeowners should use the "on" switch for the fan of an air conditioning unit sparingly, running the fan for a few minutes after the cooling part of the unit has stopped, according to Energy Vanguard. We often hear the debate around whether or not to run your AC Fan continuously. Answer. Should I Set my HVAC System’s Fan Setting to Auto or On? Naturally I looked to see if the fans were working. This is not usually a problem, if you have good air flow. Both work ok but they come on at the same time. AC Recharge: $224.56 - $241.84: Get a Quote: AC is not working Inspection: $96.46 - $106.46: Get a Quote: Robert Kulp. Fan Selection: Depending on vehicle design, the fans may operate singly or in tandem. Should the radiator cooling fan always run when the a/c is on? The internet knowledge of the 3.6L pentastar fan setup is woefully inadequate. Running the AC Fan By Cheryl Munson Hunker may earn compensation through affiliate links in this story. Two things, the air flow may be blocked and/or the engine fan may not be turning. My car has an automatic transmission. Your air conditioning creates extra work, and heat, for yur engine. Has there been any leaking from the hoses? On some vehicles, for example, only the condenser fan operates with the air conditioner, while only the radiator fan operates based on engine temperature. Is this a problem with the unit, or the thermostat inside the house? My car has 234565 miles. 0 0. helpful bob. 4. Replace the relay and your fan should start working perfectly again. Recommended Services. I have a 95 corvette, does the secondary fan only come on with the A/C running?