Hunting groups refute these claims. In 2003, in a single year, 75,724 coyotes were killed. Nevertheless, according to statistics gathered by the Animal Protection Institute and published by Born Free and the Animal Protection Institute, nearly six million of these doglike creatures were killed by the U.S. Federal Government from 1916-1999, and almost two million since 1976. Hunting is said to be a “sport”, but a sport suggests an encounter between two equally or closely matched partners, which is obviously not the case with deer hunting. So many times, the hunted deer does not simply "drop dead from a carefully aimed high-powered rifle" - I know this because I've had to track mortally wounded deer that inept hunters have shot. Honestly though because its a waste of time. Claiming that the deer in the 3,000 plus acre Park are increasing despite the Park’s own numbers to the contrary, it was asserted that the deer are destroying the forests and that their numbers must be reduced over a four year period to less than 200 from an estimated total of 1,277. Your blog is very nice i favor of Hunting and Animal Cruelty: The Good and the Bad, for making better your blog visit bellow... Nick Hanlon from Chiang Mai on August 10, 2012: Watch Animal Planet.Animals eat animals everyday.And so do we.Get used to it.And if you assume every shot is 100% lethal,than you' be right. Jesus' disciples were fishermen, and He helped them catch fish on occasion ( Luke 5:1-9 ). It seems so many people forget that it takes life to sustain life, and it's been *so called* proven that a tree feels pain. I always enjoy your comments! The next phase involves the kittens themselves eating the prey. But camels, fish and locust become halal without their heads being slaughtered, as will be explained later. The RSPCA opposes recreational hunting due to the inherent and inevitable pain and suffering caused to animals and strongly encourages alternative ways to demonstrate precision and accuracy using a firearm. One wonders how deer have managed to exist for millions of years without the help of humans. There's also the problem of hunters (and I'm using the term loosely in this instance) who only hold a gun once a year, ignore highly visible "NO Hunting" signs and proceed to blast away at anything that moves. A popular term in wildlife management circles, the act of killing or “taking” an animal. Not this whole greedy scheme we have going on now where livestock is raised in a dirty prison and meets a cruel death so they can send them out of the factory like it's an assembly line. Almost 100% of the males were castrated at an early age - without benefit of anesthesia or pain killers. HOWEVER I DO EAT THEM. We were on the interstate, and we passed a truck with a just-killed deer in the back. Some species have been driven to extinction because of hunting. There are hunters who kill animals out of season, when they're caring for young. They had no respect for our land, our fences, or for the animals they hunted. While coyotes seem to be a major target of “Wildlife Services”, deer are the favourite target of U.S. recreational or sport hunters. Ethel, I agree about killing animals just for sport. Dizard, J. It plays, it mates, and if it's a female, it bears and raises young, naturally. Better Yourself from North Carolina on May 07, 2012: Enjoyed your hub! but u just said the bad in the good part! When it was time for them to be turned into meat, they were probably forced onto a crowded truck or trailer and hauled miles to a slaughterhouse. Complete missions to earn money and buy better rifles. The means used by the agency include shooting and aerial gunning, and the encouragement of hunting including hunting with dogs as a means of reducing populations. I hope I've given you something to think about. Trail hunting uses an animal-based scent for the hunt to follow and is the form many hunts have switched to following the 2005 ban. Deer, squirrel, and rabbit have fed my family when we would have went hungry otherwise. Dahles, H. (1993) “Game killing and killing games: An anthropologist looking at hunting in a modern society”, Society and Animals, 1, pp. Hunting is often called a sport as a way to pass off a cruel, needless killing spree as a socially acceptable, wholesome activity. Some reports claimed 700 had been destroyed. Great Hub! The PACT Act allows for "hunting, trapping, fishing, a sporting activity not otherwise prohibited by Federal law, predator control, or pest control" and "the slaughter of animals for food." Killing animals simply for the sake of killing is often referred to as “slob hunting.” And this is what Ontario’s government has agreed to, after being lobbied by the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters (OFAH). I've never once heard a deer make a noise after being shot with a gun or an arrow. The park rejected this offer as “inadequate”. ), blood sports, or roadkill (by accident). And then there are a few deer hunters who kill only for the trophy. Wild Animal Hunting is a free online hunting simulator, perfect for those who want to try their skills without hurting real animals. Many of the killing efforts of “Wildlife Services” are directed against coyotes perhaps because, unlike wolves, they are not almost extinct, but have thrived. If you're a vegan, I respect your views, but I already know your feelings on the issue. If they kill a big buck, they'll cut off the head so that it can be mounted, and they leave the rest of the meat to rot in the woods. Sheep and cattle, particularly lambs and calves are protected from predators such as coyotes, mountain lions, bears, wolves, foxes, bobcats and eagles. Most popular animals to hunt are deer, hear, rabbit and duck. hey i have to write a paper for animal cruelty nd i have to debate y its good nd y its bad any thoughts ?? Trophy hunting is, in fact, abhorred by the majority of the public. There is the right way and the wrong way, 50. Ethel Smith from Kingston-Upon-Hull on January 03, 2010: You make good points. But hunting for food is fine, as long as you respect what you kill, make sure you do ALL you can do to end it's suffering as soon as the first shot is fired, and use the whole animal … Fortunately I'm a heavily armed little hillbilly and once is usually all it takes to convince them to change their hunting ground. Although it was a crucial part of humans’ survival 100,000 years ago, hunting is now nothing more than a violent form of recreation that the vast majority of hunters do not need for subsistence. Deer are said to threaten the very existence of our forests. In most cases, the animals had little quality of life. He's then gutted, skinned, and turned into meat. They probably never got to be a cow, or a chicken, or a pig. It is morally wrong to hunt and kill animals. One day when the deer is full grown, it's out nibbling at some tender shoots, when it drops dead from a carefully aimed high-powered rifle. Does that make the less attractive animals any less worthy of enjoying compassion? The shorter days of summer give way gradually to autumn and the massive slaughter of “wildlife”. Killing animals in any situation is going to cause this, the only way to avoid this, is to stop eating meat products, altogether. I have, and they're gut-wrenching. Your goal is to kill a specific amount of animals within the time limit. Now I can't speak for all hunters when I say that, but I'm sure many share the same perspective. thanks for visiting, my friend! (General Accounting Office) report stating that “lethal management methods are a legitimate means for effectively resolving wildlife conflicts”. Ofcourse humans are more important than animals but a humans desire for meat is that more important than the animals life? It can result in animal population reductions. 1973’s Endangered Species Act was created largely as a result of the animal extinction caused by hunting. Many non-human species also hunt - see predation. When their "number was up," they were prodded along with sticks, whips, and electric prods. “Wildlife Services” supposedly protects aquaculture, agriculture, and resources, such as buildings, vehicles, homes, golf courses, as well as humans from “wildlife attacks” and “wildlife diseases”, even aircraft safety. No report that I saw questioned whether the remaining deer would continue to destroy the forest. Holle Abee (author) from Georgia on October 14, 2011: Hillbilly, when I was married to a cattleman, we had some bad experiences with some bad deer hunters. Several animal species have been hunted to endangered levels because some part of the creature was deemed to be valuable. They also use traps, snares, fumigants, such as carbon monoxide, to kill young animals in dens (denning), and various poisons, as well as special killing devices such as the M-44 ejector which shoots sodium cyanide into the mouth of any animal who tries to eat the attached bait. Whether we eat meat or not doesn't matter, but we should definitely be at the stage in our evolution where we start to respect and protect other life forms and work towards appreciating and making the planet a more sustainable place. The U.S. is fighting a war, not only in distant places but also at home; it is a war against free living animals. I wish more people who want to outlaw hunting could understand that it is not all about 'killing bambi'. ... the killing of animals. Now we've got full permission to wipe them out again (people always snap to when coyotes start stalking their children-- in the 'city' part of the country, very populated places). After all, hunting is a sport, is it not? Next time you pick up a pound of ground beef or a pack of pork chops, think about where it came from. But it is in fact much more difficult and strenous, involving long hours of skill honing, tracking,and waiting-often without success. Hunting is the practice of seeking, pursuing and capturing or killing wild animals. Killing Contests: Cruel and Cowardly in Pennsylvania. The senses of predators are adapted in a variety of ways to facilitate hunting behavior. Between 1937 and 1983, 26,000 bears, 500,000 bobcats, 50,000 red wolves, 1,600 grey wolves, and 8,000 mountain lions were killed. Another BAD example of hunting. dusy7969 from San Diego, California on April 11, 2011: Hunting is not a good job.Every live thing feel pain.So hunting I think not a good job.But thanks a lot for this hub.We should stop this work and save the animal because it is creature of god. It's also for hunters. Indeed, they tell us that since we have killed all the predators, we must take their place ignoring the fact that predators kill the very young, the sick and the old while hunters seek the healthiest and largest animals with the biggest racks (antlers). They hunt in season, and they eat what they kill. They're in agony, and it can take hours for them to finally die. So the cow spends its days wandering pastures doing what cows do, and the deer wanders the forest doing what deer do. I don't eat meat for many of the reasons you pointed out about the cruel nature of slaughter houses and the lack of compassion for living creatures. 1 Hunting has contributed to the extinction of animal species all over the world, including the Tasmanian tiger and the great auk. I remember one Thanksgiving, I was traveling with one of these friends. Valley Forge National Historical Park is an excellent example of this war on “wildlife”. Animals and Hunting Hunting for ‘sport’ is basically another way to describe the thrill of killing. Hmrjmr1 from Georgia, USA on January 02, 2010: habee - not to mention the cruelty of starvation when overpopulation occurs; and it most surely would east of the Mississippi River with out hunters, due to the lack of natural predators. This still occurs to a certain degree in the West, but the environmental and game wardens have quite a bit of power and the offenders will be in a whole world of hurt if they get caught. Holle Abee (author) from Georgia on August 14, 2010: Good and bad in every group, 50, and hunters are no exception. I did this because of the horrifying conditions in those factory farms and the cruel methods of slaughter. When I was young hunting was fun and it was all about getting dinner. Some researchers believe that these numbers are low since many states do not keep accurate figures of the animals killed. Hunting has a lot of negative stigma attached to it, some of it is justified and some of it is not. Are there any alternatives to recreational hunting that do not involve killing animals? The Park was originally established to commemorate Washington’s encampment in the winter of 1777-1778 during the revolutionary war. It saved us about half the meat bill for the winter. At least I think that's what she said. (1994) Going wild: Hunting, animal rights, and the contested meaning of nature , … They were likely kept their entire lives in small pens so that they wouldn't burn calories walking around. I've never understood how people who eat meat think hunting is cruel! In Africa trophy hunters still shoot lions, giraffes and zebras. In order to limit pain for the animals that are hunted, proper education must take place. Hunting isn't always good. It is falsely but repeatedly claimed that the deer “overpopulate”. If they wound an animal, they track it and finish it off quickly. The organs and unedibles made my dog very happy and the rest fed the coyotes roaming around. Hunting for the sake of doing so shows an overall lack of respect for nature. The U.S. is fighting a war, not only in distant places but also at home; it is a war against free living animals. A life is a life and I believe a vegan's head of lettuce felt the pain of death as much as my deer. State and local governments as well as private individuals and hunting clubs are responsible for killing hundreds of thousands more. Your statement doesn't ring true with me. Now, that's not to say I'm entirely vegan. They spend money feeding and managing the very animals they target. And hungry+broke= what "season"? With its beautiful scenery and amazing wildlife, it draws in all kinds of travellers. No one stops to think that if deer destroyed their own habitat, they would soon starve to death. 14th September 2011. Do you ever stop to think that the food you consume was once a living, breathing animal? But hunting may be a good thing for the environment: I also enjoyed reading the comments above this one LOL (smiling Bambi yuk yuk). Agencies don’t bother to explain that the so-often quoted “carrying capacity” is not an unchanging number that can be repeated year after year as if it did not vary, inter alia, with the weather, the kinds of vegetation, disease, and other animals competing for the same food. Since the bullet travels faster than the speed of sound, the deer never even heard the shot. Very interesting point of view. Hunting wildlife or feral animals is most commonly done by humans for meat, recreation, to remove predators that can be dangerous to humans or domestic animals, to remove pests that destroy crops or kill livestock, or for trade. When you hunt an animal, that animal has lived the way it was intended to. They keep their rifles and their shooting skills in top condition to help ensure a quick kill. The killing of animals is animal euthanasia (for pain relief), animal sacrifice (for a deity), animal slaughter (for food), hunting (for food, for sport, for fur and other animal products, etc. We are told, for example, that it is necessary to kill deer because there are too many, but if that were true, why do the states encourage the propagation of deer by “habitat improvement”? Thanks for your kind words. On a hunting trip to Mongolia earlier this summer the US president’s son Donald Trump Jr killed a rare species of endangered sheep. Nor do agencies tell us that even in the absence of predators, deer herds tend to be self-regulating. But again it's about knowing nature, and I can't imagine shooting a fawn. Thank you. I am bit of an on off meat eater. Hunting destroys animal families and habitats, and leaves terrified and dependent baby animals behind to starve to death. In the beginning, God gave man dominion over the fish, the birds, and the beasts of the earth ( Genesis 1:28 ). While “Wildlife Services” claim they recommend various non-lethal means of protecting farmers and others from multimillion dollars losses from “wildlife”, they kill many species in huge numbers by various means. At that point, their throats are cut - while they're still alive. Insurance companies corroborate these statistics. I just hate the idea of slaughterhouses and the associated cruelty. On timing though, I believe anyone with 10+ acres (around here that's what it takes to legally be considered a farm) should be able to hunt for food whenever. They use dogs to track the prey, and they often allow the dogs to tear the animals apart once treed. Whales and some African animals have become endangered due to hunting issues. The animal rights position on hunting seems to be very clear. "As for trophy hunting, I think it is probably the kind of animal killing that most resembles murder - murder in the first degree. My father-in-law helped put a stop to deer hunting with dogs in our neck of the woods. Constant noise and hunters showing up from every corner of the woods. Similarly, the majority of car accidents occur during hunting season because the deer run from hunters. She got all upset, saying they killed Bambi. Before spring fawning, there were said to be 574 deer remaining. If deer made such a horrible noise as you say then why would it take hours for them to die since you would be able to locate the deer making the "gut-wrenching noise" almost immediately? But I think if you ARE going to eat meat, hunting is much kinder than pen-raised animals and slaughterhouses. True story! I have to disagree with some of the other premises though, based solely on my experience. There, most went without food or water until it was their time to die. Having been raised in a family that depended on deer meat for food at times, and as the owner of a small farm, I've seen both sides of this coin. Thanks for stopping by! The only thing I can see here to disagree with at all is the time of year. Hello, hello, from London, UK on January 02, 2010: It is one of those subjects you debate for ever. All of this “protection” is protection from “wildlife”. Aside from being a nuisance, it is claimed that such overpopulation constitutes a danger to human life and health because deer (i) spread Lyme disease, (ii) cause vehicle accidents, (iii) destroy the forests, (iv) threaten the survival of ground-nesting birds and other mammals (that are invariably unnamed), and (v) eat peoples’ carefully planted flowers. There are also animals that can be hunted all year, and I don't like that - it's BAD. lol. ", WebscapeOutdoors from Michigan, USA on January 11, 2012: Hillbilly Zen, I've deer hunted for well over thirty years and have taken many deer over these years. I wish I was not a meat eater. “Wildlife Services” quote the G.A.O. Killing and Hunting. Crops, such as rice, corn, winter wheat, fruits and nuts are protected from black birds, gulls, geese and other birds as well from deer, beaver, feral swine, coyotes, badgers, raccoons and various small mammals. Good post, it would be nice if more people shared the same sentiment. You put it well together, habee, thank you. I would not be able to kill the animal that I eat but that does not stop me doing it. Not only do we have “Wildlife Services”, a part of the U.S.D.A. Most people who argue in favor of hunting are not arguing in favor of trophy hunting, the practice of killing an animal simply to show off its head and pelt. This allows them to "bleed out.". 7.8.2020. It’s unpopular with many hunters due to the gardening analogy, whereas hunting is the act of taking a life. Some shoot the animals in the head with a bolt gun. Killing your house pets would be a problem and that is animal cruelty, but there is nothing wrong with hunting for food.Animals were even used for clothing in Scripture. As a result, he received several death threats, and one of our barns was burned down. I think a lot of that negativity comes from hunting animals purely for the sport of it, or poaching. Hunters, and indeed “Wildlife Services”, assert that hunting provides a valuable and necessary service in reducing populations of certain animals. Kendall H. from Northern CA on January 02, 2010: Thank you very much for this hub! It gives the hunter the advantage of actually engaging with the prey, and develops a sense of connection and appreciation for nature. Agencies don’t bother to inform the public that deer populations depend on food supply. Originally farmland, any trees in the area were used to build the soldiers’ huts or to heat them. No torture at the slaughterhouse. It had to be killed - it didn't die of natural causes. Whatever the number, Park officials voiced satisfaction and asserted that shooting was the “most humane way to control the population”. State agencies talk about “harvesting” deer, not about slaughtering or killing them. And the "sport" is not without risks for human hunters — on May 19, a hunter in Zimbabwe was crushed to death by an elephant after the animal was shot by another member of his hunting party. Just like any other group, there are good members and not-so-good members of the hunting community. So, we need to ask – why has the OFAH been so determined to have a new hunting season opened for another species of wildlife? A typical 3-day shoot contest can kill and injure up to 15,000 birds. Today we just have to much of everything, every where and I have never gone hunting again. Btw we used EVERYTHING we could from that deer, including little scraps of meat that seemed insignificant but added up and tasted wonderful in the crockpot. Even with hunting restrictions in place, poaching, which is illegal hunting… Somehow, the irony was lost on her. Coyotes are predators, but also scavengers, so it is not at all clear that they are responsible for the many newborn calf and lamb deaths they are accused of. U.S. slaughterhouses use different methods for killing. Most, however, stun the animals with a jolt of electricity, then hang the animals upside down by one hind leg. What most non-hunters don't understand is that it's the hunters who care for the populations! Fawns bleat when in distress but I have never or would I ever shoot one. two is that to have no problem with killing something to eat when you are usually getting too much food as it is is slightly disturbing. Issue 2592: * If an animal whose meat is halal to eat, is slaughtered in the manner which will be described later, irrespective of whether it is domesticated or not, its meat becomes halal and its body becomes Clean (tahir/pak) after it has died. Hunting for sport is just as bad as killing another human for no reason in my eyes on the other hand. Killing an animal makes you appreciate the animal and give thanks for its sacirifice. These hunters were the worst sort. My main problem with hunting is just that one any population problems were originally caused by a person bringing an animal to a place where it isn't natural for it to be or over killing the animal that eats it. It spends its life as a wild animal. Very true, John. Most hunters who follow specific hunting seasons are also conservationists who work to preserve open land for future generations. (U.S. Department of Agriculture), a federal agency that kills animals to supposedly “help” U.S. farmers, but we also have state agencies that encourage hunting. This is not always the case, however. For example, fish farms are protected from fish-eating birds, such as cormorants, blue herons, and pelicans and also from muskrats that damage the infrastructure of aquaculture facilities. Oh quick FYI to those still against hunting because we caused this issue by killing off natural predators: I live in the country and deal with wolves, coyotes, rattlers, etc being released by me because people in the city think these animals should inhabit the area again as they used to. It was kind of hard to understand her around her cheeseburger. Trophy Hunting is the Killing of an Animal for Sport or Pleasure. It's terribly wrong. I can honestly say that all the hunters I know personally are sportsmen. Killing Contests: Cruel and Cowardly in Pennsylvania Pigeon shoots are competitions wherein hundreds to thousands of live birds are shot at to win prizes. The University of Michigan predicts over hunting will be the cause of extinction in about 25 percent of all animal extinctions during the 21st century.