© Frontline Technologies Group LLC. School Reopening Survey for Families Understand family needs, preferences, and reflections on distance learning. 4. Is the parent able and willing to check the child’s temperature every morning before school and complete a self-declaration of health form on behalf of the child? The … 14, 2020; Answered Questions/Aug. The school district also shared survey results from parents, employees and other community members. Elmbrook serves about 7,500 students and is the 15th largest school district in Wisconsin. Question Title * 3. Another advantage of digital survey forms is the ability to send and receive them online, in a completely contactless way, with all the response data consolidated and accessible in one place. Does the student live with people who are at high medical risk? Your school will survey students directly to determine the need for the study hall option and to ensure cohorts are maintained. Among the findings: * The vast majority of the districts settled on offering a mix of in-person and remote learning this fall. SBHS School Reopening - Stakeholders Survey June 2020. I explained very briefly what the timeline looked like and asked them to answer the same question by clicking a link. What are your child’s parents’ or guardians’ names? Some key questions to consider: How can you effectively mitigate risk for staff and students with underlying health conditions such as immunocompromised, lung or heart conditions, diabetes, mild or severe asthma, and/or obesity? Temporarily pausing volunteer programs and more tightly controlling your visitor management system appears to be a necessary strategy. Survey Results – Return to School Virtual conferencing remains a critical component of distance or remote learning. Free-text responses are important, as there may be personal circumstances for a particular student that are important to know or aspects of hybrid learning that school staff hadn’t thought of. How concerned are you about sending your child to school? As a follow up to this announcement, I asked the people of the 22nd District to complete a brief one-question survey in order to gauge their thoughts about school reopening. My best wishes to the thousands of leaders that are charged with making sense out of something we didn’t pick. Survey results by the Howard County Public School System show that students, parents and teachers all favor a hybrid in-person and online model for reopening this fall … Facebook. When we reopen after June 1st it is likely that this will mean a staggering of times, only opening to some classes on certain days and potentially part days of the week and considerable changes to the school curriculum, routines and provision. View Map. Families, students and faculty are encouraged to particpate in a school reopening survey on the Elko County School District's website this week. Sample email and call script to reach out to state legislators about afterschool: The Network has provided a sample email and phone script to help afterschool providers, advocates, and supporters communicate the urgent need for state guidelines with legislators. I’ve heard back from teachers and I have about 50% returning when we reopen Sunday School. Career-based learning should remain a priority for some of your middle and high school students. Survey: Majority of Minnesota parents are OK with school reopening, disliked distance learning In state survey, a majority expressed dissatisfaction with distance learning. With younger learners, parents were asked to navigate multiple platforms. Does the student need/want counseling or guidance? How our district is responding: As districts get closer to the start of a new school year, you may want to establish a reciprocal mandatory reporting relationship with your local health official. By. School reopening and more: 15 questions for the Hillsborough superintendent Addison Davis weighs in on staggered schedules, school buses, graduations, virtual school and all … What will happen when some platforms return to regular fee schedules? Should you declare a preferred platform? Even with deep uncertainty surrounding reopening schools, it’s clear that doing it safely will take an all-hands-on-deck approach with strong buy-in from a wide range of stakeholders. Mitigating the health risks associated with COVID-19 while also understanding the social, emotional, and academic impact our decisions have may define us in the short term. It is increasingly clear that reopening schools this fall in some form or fashion is likely for many parts of our nation. Are you looking to deepen your staff's understanding of mental health, including anxiety, depression, self-harm and suicidal ideation? Free-text questions provide an opportunity for parents to openly express concerns or issues that survey questions may not have addressed. Reopening School Survey is used by school administrators to evaluate remote learning during the pandemic, collect parents' considerations and concerns for the reopening school. I would return now if you were open. * 3. Someone once said that tough times never last but tough people do. Frequently Asked Questions ; Mental Wellness-Emotional Health Report 11-17-20; BOE Voice of the Public October 27, 2020 ; BOE Voice of the Public/Oct. Does the child have access to a laptop or other computer? Here are some other wonderings I’ve faced in recent weeks: What modifications need to be made to our visitor and volunteer management system? Does the student live with people who are at high medical risk? The Orange County school district will survey parents this evening on their views on schools reopening. Does the parent believe the child is capable of maintaining social distance while on campus? Given the lack of significant funds from the CARES Act and other sources, the reopening process raises some real questions for districts and schools. Testing can currently play only a small role … Our survey showed that 47% of companies are currently taking actions to reduce stigma during this pandemic, and 21% are planning to take such actions; still, almost a … Skip to content NOWCAST WPBF 25 News at 6 p.m. Sunday Here are the best ideas by category for school reopening survey questions to get the feedback you need. When would you like your child to return to our center? Transparently sharing important pandemic information while respecting patient privacy will be critical if we want to stay safe to stay open. How comfortable are you with returning to school on August 3 in light of the corona virus pandemic? Gadsden City Schools: School Reopening Plan . However, it’s much more beneficial if you can find out exactly what they’re concerned about — lack of social distancing on the school bus, for example — or which aspect of hybrid learning they are struggling with — such as a child with ADD who can’t keep up. The school survey questions for parents is an extensive survey that is used by schools to collect feedback from parents about their perception about the school. Reopening Q & A (Last updated 7-29-2020) SURVEY COMPLETED Thanks to all who replied to our parent/student survey. How will you help students, staff, and families access broadband internet? 33 Questions Every School Should Answer as You Prepare to Reopen School Health By Mark Hansen , on 6/23/2020 The most common question right now in the education sector is: what will school look like next year? Site Map; Stay Connected. Solving the school problem is crucial for parents and kids. Key Survey Results . Sign up to receive leading education stories delivered to your inbox twice a month. The most common question right now in the education sector is: what will school look like next year? How can the district support you with returning to in-person learning or a form of distance learning … All rights reserved. Dear Parent or Guardian, We hope that you’re staying well this summer! Someone once said that tough times never last but tough people do. Which data or metrics are you using to inform decision-making for next year? Name. Schools will want to consider the level of flexibility for conferencing, device compatibility, and future costs as they navigate next steps. The survey asks other questions, such as whether parents have reliable child care, have good internet access and devices to use that access, and what difficulties families encountered as … Selection in Infinite Campus for Second Semester Learning Options 2020-21 Rockdale County Public Schools (RCPS) has opened the required selection for parents and guardians to choose either a Hybrid or Virtual Learning Option for the second semester of 2020-2021. PARENT SURVEY ON SCHOOLS REOPENING Question Title * 1. If you don’t get the email, please check your spam folder. The Superintendent and staff engaged the School Board in a reopening discussion at the September 22, 2020, School Board Workshop. reopening of our schools for on-campus instruction next month. Question: I have additional questions about plans for reopening schools, who do I contact? Chicago Public Schools did not respond to a question Monday about what percentage of teachers said in district surveys that they could not return to classrooms due to a medical condition, either for themselves or a dependent in their household. Jennifer Basham MESD Coordinator, Outdoor School and Companion Programs 971-303-9115 jbasham@mesd.k12.or.us . So far, we have 52% of the kids coming back although it is wise to multiply that number by 1.7 to get a better idea since this question went to families. 2020/21 School Reopening Survey 2020/21 Reopening Campuses for eLearning Phase 2 Survey Dear BCPS Parents and Guardians, Local environmental trends and the District’s analysis of gating criteria both point to the reopening of our schools for on-campus instruction next month. As we develop and refine our plans for reopening schools in the fall, your feedback is essential. Second Survey Regarding Reopening Schools June 29, 2020 From June 15th-23rd, PFT members were surveyed for a second time regarding their insight into a variety of reopening models. This is how we connected … Parents, teachers to answer questions on when to return to school; The survey can be found here "Ultimately the goal is to reopen our school campuses. If school is going to be in and out of emergency remote learning, a uniformed approach to your LMS may make sense. Afterschool and School Reopening Documents NEW. With reopening schools being a strongly debated topic and in-person learning essential for letting parents go to work in the fall, a nationally representative School Reopening Survey , found 55 percent of parents want their children to … In 2006 he was named State of Wisconsin High School Principal of the Year and was one of three finalists for National High School Principal of the Year. As schools switch to hybrid learning, there are many practical and logistical aspects that schools need to address, such as ensuring students’ access to educational technology (EdTech), creating schedules that combine virtual and in-person classes, providing school lunches and transport, and managing the health and safety concerns and regulations related to COVID-19. How our district is responding: It is clear that there will be some modification of visitor and volunteer systems as schools try to mitigate the spread of COVID-19. The Minister of Education has asked all school boards to prepare for three possible reopening scenarios in September: 1. For administrators and principals, this is a big obstacle — but not an insurmountable one. To go to school or not to go to school that is the question. The request comes in the most recent update on the school’s efforts to prepare for September. #schoolsreopening #K12chat. The school survey questions for parents is an extensive survey that is used by schools to collect feedback from parents about their perception about the school. School Reopening: How Educational Institutions Can Reopen Safely, 4 tips for pivoting after-school programs during COVID-19. You should get the password reset instructions via email soon. 13, 2020; Answered Questions/Sept. by beth on July 14, 2020. One survey, for families of students, asks for feedback on potential “Hybrid Models” for reopening school in the fall. How our district is responding: Many districts had to quickly roll out hotspots and other strategies to increase internet access for all kids. [Webinar]Reopening Schools Safely: What Will It Take? With the help of focused, thoughtful survey questions, schools can find out what they need to do to make reopening a success. Important Links. Is there a space in the home where the child can safely and quietly attend virtual classes and participate in hybrid learning? What role can testing play in making workplaces safer? Ahead of schools reopening in the fall, Jasper County School District wants to know what community members are thinking about the coronavirus pandemic. School news: Reopening survey and update; quarantine protocol for student travelers; 8th grade DC trip cancelled. ... My school's outreach in response to the COVID-19 school closure, select one for each item below The newsletter explains that Schools may reopen as usual (and hope to). Stressful. Have you established a relationship with your local health department or official? What safety measures provided by the school would make you feel comfortable enough to return to school on August 3 in light of the corona virus pandemic? Today, we’re happy to share our most current answers to your most pressing questions in this document. How our district is responding: We are in the process of creating options for staff and students that may not be able to re-enter traditional face-to-face education that leverages technology, synchronous and asynchronous broadcasting, and potentially matching up staff and students that are unable to be physically present in school. There are several advantages to using a digital school reopening survey template. Among the issues teachers are weighing: If you need more help, please contact our support team. Today, we’re happy to share our most current answers to your most pressing questions in this document. 1. An adapted delivery model that enables students to return to class with blended virtual learning, that includes … When school returns for a phased return on 29th June, will you be sending your child/children into school on their given days? Get our top articles delivered straight to your inbox each week. If stay-at-home orders are lifted, we’ll return at a later date (e.g. Does the family require assistance in obtaining or maintaining equipment in order for their child to learn at home? With the help of school reopening surveys, administrators can accurately gauge the situation on the ground and plan according to the needs of their school. Involve families in the decision-making process for reopening schools and for supporting students in the upcoming academic year. Technology/home setup. How our district is responding: Many schools quickly jumped into Google Classroom, Seesaw, Canvas, and other LMS systems, leaving some learners having to navigate multiple LMS systems. Reopening your workplace during the COVID-19 pandemic will present numerous challenges. It will ask if they want kids back on campus or "distance learning" to continue in some form. To reopen or not to reopen: That is the fraught question for U.S. schools Back to video Parents, teachers and others poured out their thoughts in … Teacher, sister, mother and ass-kicker. 25, 2020; Answered Questions/Sept. Learning preferences. Second, you can easily create separate surveys for different groups, such as teachers, parents, and students. How We Connected with Families and Staff We reached out to families and staff to receive feedback on our Draft 1 Reopening Plan. Many school districts are currently wrapping up (or have recently wrapped up) nearly three months of emergency remote learning. It is time to stand up and lead, even when it is tough going. Is the student at high medical risk? He is an adjunct professor in the Carroll University Educational Leadership Program, helping develop the next generation of educational leaders. Twitter. Relation to the school. Breadcrumb Trail Links. Does the parent have a preference for a specific combination of virtual and in-class learning (i.e., three days at home, two days on campus)? A total of 186 individuals completed the survey, and here is an overview of the information collected. The data collected can help the school understand parent concerns, innovate, and improve school facilities. How our district is responding: Our County has been aggressive in transparently providing data and we have aligned to the key metrics outlined in the Waukesha County COVID-19 Dashboard. Does the parent have a preference for a specific combination of virtual and in-class learning (i.e. Create your own online survey now with SurveyMonkey's expert certified FREE templates. I sent the same thing to families using Survey Monkey. These can stimulate out-of-the-box thinking and solutions. COVID-19 Reopening Parent Survey Template. Reopening a school during a pandemic is a complex business. School Reopening Survey for Familieswww.panoramaed.com 5 Students at Louise Elementary School gather in the playground for a ceremony to reopen the swings, during the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) … How our district is responding: Google Meet, Skype, Zoom, and others quickly rolled out free software or dramatically reduced costs for schools to get virtual access. Does the child have access to a fast internet connection? If the school enforces strict social distancing protocols, would the parent consider sending the child to school full time? Phone: (804) 780-7710. It is time to stand up and lead, even when it is tough going. Having parents and students on board is crucial to making it a success. According to COVID-19 regulations, the school must shut off drinking fountains. Richmond, VA 23219. It can help the management of the school build and maintain relationships with parents. This survey was meticulously reviewed by the educational leaders of the school and informed our planning process for reopening. N.J. education department sends survey to parents asking about reopening schools Updated Jun 05, 2020; Posted Jun 04, 2020 A closed classroom in the Bartle School in Highland Park. What do we do about internships, cooperative programming, and other work-based learning we place students in as part of our school-to-work efforts? MDE survey, screenshot. Is the parent willing to communicate with teachers and school staff online, and is the parent capable of maintaining online communication? How many times a week does the child need school bus transportation (morning and afternoon)? This survey is now being circulated by more than a dozen school … Local News; CBE surveys parents, students and staff about reopening scenarios. A good way to ensure this is by dividing the survey into sections covering the most important and relevant areas, such as home setup, parent availability, transport, school lunches, health situation, and more. The brief surveys were designed to gauge stakeholder preferences and considerations to inform future decisions regarding potential design options for the reopening of school during the continuing COVID pandemic. Does the parent agree to contact the teacher via digital request form if any issues arise with their child (learning, emotional, or other)? Question Title * 3. Collect information, payments, and signatures with custom online forms. Do you need to declare a preferred LMS for the next school year? Does the child need school bus transportation? As you consider what the 2020-2021 school year may look like for your community ― and what changes may need to be made to reopen safely and efficiently ― here are 33 questions you may want to ponder: This may be the most important filter to apply to decision-making. (Board Minutes) Student Life" Health Fair Warm-Up; PARCC TEST; PARCC System Check; Student Powerschool; Student Google Suite Access; Moby … Top 50 Parent survey questions for questionnaires. If COVID-19 safety measures are in place, does the parent give permission for their child to eat a provided lunch in the cafeteria? 301 North Ninth Street. 6/30: The first survey results are posted below! Does the parent or guardian require any extra assistance in order to support their child in virtual learning? Dividers may need to be installed, similar to how retailers have responded to point-of-sale structures. How satisfied were you with the quality of virtual classes during the spring shutdown. Should you differentiate where developmentally appropriate? While logistics and safety are probably top of mind, it's also critical to recognize the variety of opinions your employees will have based on their individual circumstances. Knowing how parents are feeling about school reopening is helpful. View more; Evidence-led training courses … Does the student come into regular contact with someone who is at high risk of exposure to the coronavirus? I will return immediately after the stay-at-home or similar orders are lifted. Reopening Survey As we develop and refine our plans for reopening schools in the fall, your feedback is essential. The debate over reopening America’s K-12 schools, explained. Visit Us. Lawnside School District School Closure Plan; School Reopening Survey; Request For Proposal; Lawnside Restart Plan and Highlight; Board of Ed." Families, students and faculty are encouraged to particpate in a school reopening survey on the Elko County School District's website this week. Home; Mission; Board Members; Board of Education Information; Board Meeting Schedule ; Stay Connected! CBE surveys parents, students and staff about reopening scenarios. This approach makes it easier for respondents to provide clear, thoughtful answers. 111 Pine St. Suite 1815, San Francisco, CA 94111, By clicking "Create My Account" you agree our. Educational insights and industry trends delivered straight to your inbox twice a month! It also makes it easier to compile and assess the results when the survey is complete. Fill out the MDE survey now to let the state know if online learning was successful for your children, and if it should be used in the future. How many children do you have attending Sanders Unified Schools? Get in Touch. A return to conventional, regular classroom instruction, with health and safety requirements (full-time at school); 2. 54 percent of individuals said “Yes. How our district is responding: Pivoting many of these experiences into a virtual setting may be necessary until the resolution of the pandemic. Does the student have any emotional/social difficulties during this period that may make school attendance difficult? Here’s what experts say would help. As you contemplate your health room protocols, give some consideration to isolation space for symptomatic students who will need to be isolated until the student can be picked up by a family member. The New York City school system did not respond to the survey. ; NEW. An example of a free-text prompt is “Please provide any other information that could help us deliver the best educational experience for your child.”. Experienced teacher with a digital twist. Update message from Superintendent Reddick . 16-23) Reopening Washington Schools: Worksite Employee Health and Safety Requirements (pp 24-26) Process we followed for Return to Learning: Determine Fife Public School physical classroom space, per school. First, you can adapt and edit surveys to include the most appropriate questions with just a few clicks. To be effective, school reopening surveys must ask the right questions. Web survey powered by SurveyMonkey.com. Your School District’s Reopening Survey. That’s why getting feedback from the student body about what they need and expect for the return to school will make the process much more efficient and accurate. How our district is responding: Think about school offices, your cubicle-based work force, and your health rooms. Included was discussion to garner input from parents and guardians through a survey similar to the one that was administered in the summer. Students, teachers, and staff have their own worries. School districts seek input on possible reopening districts seek input on possible reopening. But they also may stay closed, reopen under a specific plan dictated by the state, or need to to pursue a “hybrid” reopening. What is your child(ren)’s name? 6, 2020; Planning for Reopening Vestal Schools. Is the child willing and able to wear PPE, such as a mask and gloves, if required by government regulations or school guidelines? Meanwhile, you may have to consider adding extensions to increase the height of cubicle dividers. Please complete this survey within the next 30 minutes, as we plan to include as many diverse opinions as possible before formulating our reopening strategy, which was due for submission last week. That’s because schools are conducting school reopening surveys to find out how the community feels as the new year begins. Does the parent or guardian work outside the home and require child care during virtual learning times? As you may have seen, schools will have the ability to resume after July for in-person instruction to some extent, but there are a number of parameters and guidelines that must be met to safely do so. Your input matters to us as we seek to plan for the start of the 2020-2021 school year. This survey was meticulously reviewed by the educational leaders of the school and informed our planning process for reopening. Does the parent prefer to send a packed lunch from home? Reopening Washington Schools: Questions & Answers for School Districts Reopening Washington Schools: Health and Safety Requirement (pp. Outside the classroom? Pupil mental health: deepening understanding. You can use this area for legal statements, copyright information, a mission statement, etc. This is the disclaimer text. [Video series] Clarifying the Top 5 FERPA & HIPAA Misconceptions for Schools. 5,914 PFT members participated. Is the parent comfortable sending the child to school on a bus? Above: School parents are being asked to complete a survey on how they would respond to reopening in the fall. The survey can include questions with a rated response. Kyle Hooten - June 24, 2020. What the responses revealed to us was a community fairly split with 60% of our families indicating they would prefer a hybrid approach for reopening school in the fall, while 40% preferring a fully-virtual approach. Best ideas for school reopening survey questions, 66 percent of parents are concerned about their kids returning to school. That reopening will present financial challenges for many districts. Learn to live & work smarter, not harder! Safeguarding Training Centre has the resources you need. In my nearly thirty years in the education field, this is the most complex work I have been engaged in, ever. On Monday, July 13, Gov. But it’s not just about the mood. How quickly, and in how much detail, Chicago addresses those questions could help determine how smoothly reopening goes. What’s one word that describes school reopening during COVID-19? In recent days that has started to shift as the added uncertainty was creating anxiety, frustration, and even animosity at times. Shifting career speakers, internships, and executive coaching into the virtual experience needs deep consideration. Parent Survey Regarding the Reopening of School Thank you for taking time to complete our survey. Feedback for Draft 1. What office design modifications need to be made for your staff to return to work? School reopening: home-school agreement; School reopening: staff worried about coming in; More from The Key. In my own district, I have answered that for six weeks with a simple response: I don’t know. He and his wife, Scarlet, live in Brookfield, WI with their two sons, Zach and Max. The data represents a snapshot in time and this survey represents just one data source. Here are some key questions to consider about continuity of learning moving forward: Over the past several months, students and staff navigated various learning management systems and platforms. * 2. She lives on the dojo. Is there a parent or guardian at home during school hours to support the student and ensure they are participating in virtual learning? What to ask on school reopening surveys Health. Rockdale County Public Schools » Reopening » Survey on Second Semester Learning Options 2020-21. Safety is educators’ top concern, but hesitation stems, too, from what they say is a lengthy list of unanswered questions particular to educating 3-year-olds and 4-year-olds.

school reopening survey questions

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