9. The one, by crushing you down, has raised you up; the other has your neck beneath her humbling foot. The tempest rises to stay you. Helen to Paris Her aid to Theseus in his slaying of the Minotaur her brother, and his escape from the Labyrinth. 5. I marvel not – ah, no! Lay down those gods and sacred things; your touch profanes them! Agrius drove out Oeneus his brother after Meleager’s death. Nor comes she after the manner of captive women, with hair unkempt, and with becoming countenance that tells to all her lot; she strides along, sightly from afar in plenteous gold, apparelled in such wise as you yourself in Phrygia. I land on shores unknown; escaped from my brother and the sea, I purchase the strand that I gave, perfidious man, to you. 4 Nec quia te nostra sperem prece posse moveri, 5 alloquor: adverso movimus ista deo! 7. 2. Straight will come rushing to your mind the perjury of your false tongue, and Dido driven to death by Phrygian faithlessness; before your eyes will appear the features of your deceived wife, heavy with sorrow, with hair streaming, and stained with blood. EPISTLES 11 - 15. I speak you well for your safety – so far as you give me chance; yet of this very thing I should have been informed by message of your own. Laodamia to Protesilaus I am left helpless, a prey to the maws of ravening beasts; and if men dwell in the place and keep it, I put no trust in them – my hurts have taught me fear of stranger-men. [65] You are the last of your band to board the sacred Argo.4 It flies upon its way; the wind bellies out the sail; the dark-blue wave glides from under the keel as it drives along; your gaze is on the land, and mine is on the sea. For you, enough to have the credit for my death. Half waking only, languid from sleep, I turned upon my side and put forth hands to clasp my Theseus – he was not there! A woman has borne the darts blackened with the venom of Lerna, a woman scarce strong enough to carry the spindle heavy with wool; a woman has taken in her hand the club that overcame wild beasts, and in the mirror gazed upon the armour of her lord! No one could now call the Heroides a neglected part of Ovid’s oeuvre. 2. Nessus, stricken with the arrow in his lustful heart, “This blood,” he said, “has power over love.” The robe of Nessus, saturated with poisonous gore, I sent to you. Over my cheeks the tears roll, and fall upon the drawn steel – which soon shall be stained with blood instead of tears. – in the sweeping of the storm; what will be your thoughts? Did there come to your mind no image of savage Diomede, fiercely feeding his mares on human meat? Publication date 1914 Publisher London : W. Heinemann; New York, Macmillan Collection cdl; americana Verg. 6. Both bonds press you on to your duty. And yet you yourself would have met with safety and protection at my hands – not that you deserved, but that I was merciful. [111] Ah, cruel slumbers, why did you hold me thus inert? Lemnos will be my marriage portion, land kindly-natured to the husbandman; and me, too, you will possess among the subjects my dowry brings. 1. EPISTLES 1 - 5. 21. [87] And my mind doubts not that you, too, are under condemnation of your gods. Had Busiris seen you in that garb, he whom you vanquished would surely have reddened for such a victor as you. The song preceding death. Yet would I had been content with these kindnesses, and that the story of our union were buried! [103] I delay no longer, I come; I come thy bride, thine own by right; I am late, but ‘tis for shame of my fault confessed. Whither are you flying? Over sea and over land you are now for the seventh winter being tossed.

ovid heroides 7

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