Savage River State Forest: vt S. 55,021 acres. Located west of Lake Macquarie, Olney is bordered by Wyong State Forest, Watagan State Forest and Watagan National Park. Not knowing it at the time, but this topic. Hiking Find it Fast. When hunting in state forests, you must carry a GPS enabled device with the current hunting and exclusion zone maps for the area in which you're hunting. Sorry, your clarification at the end contradicts the entire posts tone and should have gone at the beginning. Expect to see pockets of moist eucalypt forests and rainforest and a lovely rock pool. Is there a place that we should know about? Share it with us so your neighbors can learn about it too! Crack out the thermos and the picnic lunch and revel in the serenity - then back to the wineries! Postby Son of a Beach » Sat 23 Jun, 2012 4:07 pm. Find out more about authorised hunting in State forests, including licensing and applying for permits. Olney HQ is a great spot to have a quick rest and bite to eat, or set-up camp for the night. The State Forests of the Watagan Mountains (Awaba, Heaton, Olney, Ourimbah, Watagan and Wyong State forests) won the Gold Award for Adventure Tourism in the Hunter Central Coast Tourism Awards in 2012, 2013 and 2014, earning their place in the Tourism Hall of Fame. State forests There are over 2-million hectares of State forest in NSW, with many declared and open to licensed hunting. Nuts, you've hit the nail on the head with your comment : "For feral management, they may be the type needed- Shoot everything in sight rather than selected trophy (or larder) targets". Open grassy camp sites with easy access and a flowing creek nearby are the attractions of the Basin Camping Area. 301-895-5759. After the rut, weekdays are generally not booked but weekends tend to bookout for the entire deer season. Set amongst forest oaks and a variety of eucalypts, the Casuarina Camping Area can comfortably accommodate caravans and trailers as well as individual campers. I just haven’t encountered them within the areas open to hunting. NEXT. I will bite. Sections. There is also access to three walking trails via a short walk to The Pines Picnic Area. There are picnic tables and wood barbecues scattered throughout this gorgeous area, while a covered shelter is also available and can be hired for exclusive use (contact: RE/MAX Centre Realty is licensed in the state of Pennsylvania and is not licensed in any other states. The prospecting activity occurs only in certain waters in Adams, Benton, … Located away and further inland of The Pines, Turpentine & Casuarina camping areas, the Basin is suitable for large groups. © Bushwalk Australia and contributors 2007-2014. The SA goat culling program has been one of the most sucessful I've heard of in the country for a NP. The comparative ineffectiveness of recreational hunting. Any advances on clown or idiot, I guess the moderators agree lol.. Don't pick on tony because he wants facts and figures. The trees are remnants of trial plantings of different pine species established in the 1920s and 1930s. Hunting is prohibited for predators, upland game birds, or any animal other than the one associated with the specific hunt indicated on your permission letter. He is merely stating that all the evidence suggests that recreational hunting is ineffective as a means of feral population control it large wild areas (note that intensive hunting is known to be effective on smaller maintained properties, but that is very different). Set alongside Watagan Forest Road, Olney Headquarters (Olney HQ) is named for it's previous use as the site of a forestry building. Hidden Springs State Forest. Last edited by Papascarface; 13th April 2018 at 05:16 PM. It is an ideal spot for smaller groups or families. The Red Hills campground features more than 100 campsites, with online reservations available at The walk starts in a deep rainforest gully and passes by numerous rock overhangs as it climbs into dry eucalypt forest, then follows a short section of the Great North Walk back to the start. The most important part of your trip is arriving home safely. Starting from the Pines Picnic Area, the Abbotts Falls Walking Track starts in dry eucalypt forest and winds its way downhill through moist gullies of bluegum and rainforest, to Abbotts Falls Lookout before climbing out again into the drier forests around the Pines Picnic Area. The Pines Walking Track leads to a small swimming hole along a bubbling creek, popular in the warmer months. During the start of the deer season, Glenbog books out. 301-334-9180. Some tips for hunting Glenbog State Forest. Strasburg, IL. Download our free app for more maps and information to help you explore NSW State forests. State forests are working forests that must accommodate a range of recreational activities, primary production such as grazing and apiary, and timber harvesting alongside hunting. Submit a Place. There is no such thing as bad weather.....only bad clothing. Hunting, fishing, and hiking are enjoyed year-round. Iv spent 4 days in the last month in 2 of the open areas and for no luck. This is Maryland's last frontier. hell, how much land do hunters need access to. Update June 22, 2020: Prospectors do not require a National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit from the Department of Ecology if: 1. Try and book early. For trapping permit call 301-334-4255. There is loads of it. Perhaps I read it wrong, but I don't thing Tony's post mentioned that any other program's currently running are doing better at managing feral animal populations. Along with adjacent Heaton State Forest, Olney State Forest is the main area for visitors to State Forests on the Central Coast. Some State forests are declared for authorised hunting. Olney State Forest Map; Orara East State Forest Map; Strickland State Forest Map; Tumut State Forest Map; Vittoria State Forest Map; Wingello State Forest; Other maps. 1375 Martin Street, State College, PA 16803 814-231-8200 Each office is independently owned and operated. Information for bushwalkers from bushwalkers, by Son of a Beach » Sat 23 Jun, 2012 5:07 pm, by FatCanyoner » Sun 24 Jun, 2012 4:17 pm, Users browsing this forum: No registered users and 3 guests. So a different perspective on feral goats by some anyway but obviously high numbers of anything...native or feral will impact on the environment to some certainly do high numbers of humans ! Wolf Den Run State Park: 1986 acres. Hunting permitted Monday–Saturday. Deer hunting only. That is exactly what this debate needs. Camping, barbecues, picnic tables and toilets are available here, including a disabled access toilet. Find out more about authorised hunting in State forests, including licensing and applying for permits. Hunting is only authorized on the portions of the Dunn Forest as shown on the Hunt Map. Nevertheless, (my) case in point. Returns via German Point Road. Recreational hunting in the NSW State Forests is it a success or not? a report. And the use of the word 'report' is wanting. The Hunter Mountain Bike Association manages a mountain bike track in Olney State Forest under a Forest Permit. An excellent campsite just beneath the summit of Mt Warrawalong, Olney State Forest (with Big Agnes Copper Spur UL3 and MSR Hubba Hubba Nx, right) Not that this was a major issue: the rough bushtrack that follows Wollombi brook felt incredibly wild as it rose and fell, its muddy surface slippery underfoot. Visit sustainably Find out how to minimise the impact of your visit. Make sure you read our information on forest tips and staying safe. Fossicking maps; Hunting exclusion maps; Visit NSW State Forests app. For trapping permit call 301-334-4255. Along with adjacent Heaton State Forest, Olney State Forest is the main area for visitors to State Forests on the Central Coast. You can chuck away the conservation argument right now. I'm a *&%$#! Turpentine Camping Area provides many sheltered sites amongst beautiful turpentine trees. A great place to stop when travelling through the lower Hunter, away from the crowds of the tourist spots. Red Hills State Park offers hiking trails, equestrian and bike trails, seasonal hunting programs, and shaded picnic areas. All information provided is deemed reliable but is … I recall reading that but I think it was the otherway around. Neither have much to do with plans for recreational hunting in parks. Choppa then foot hunters, that makes perfect sense. Toilet facilities are located in the nearby Pines Camping or Casuarina Camping Areas. Jasonville, IN. Public and Private Land Ownership Maps. Apparently this is a view shared by plenty of property owners in goat country....keep the numbers managed for sure...but they see them as being of some value in weed reduction in the absence of other more expensive and time-consuming methods that they'd need to employ. Today's forest management practices protect biodiversity, soil and water quality and cultural heritage sites while also allowing for sustainable timber production. Due to recent budget cuts, these maps have not been updated since September 2016. Hunters must not interfere with any 1080 baits or equipment whilst hunting in the State forest. Hunting on the Dunn Forest is walk-in only. They also received a bronze award in the tourist attraction category in 2011 and won the silver award for adventure tourism at the NSW Tourism Awards in 2013. There are a number of beautiful spots in the Olney State Forest to stop and wander along meandering tracks, or have a family picnic. I very much doubt it, politics though.. you never can tell. Glenbog is on the Brown Mountain and it gets very cold. , ' as if that makes them qualified to assess conservation issues. BACK. Two forum members wander into the so called wilderness for a few days. In the Game Council 2010/2011 annual report it is reported as an ‘exceptional year’ as 14,161 animals where harvested by recreational hunting from NSW State Forests, in that period, with, Rabbits-6621, Foxes-1325, Goats-2648, Pigs-2296, Deer-512, Hares-520, Cats-167 and Dogs-72 removed, it was also reported that and a total of 55,440 feral and Game animals removed in the last … The most popular site in the State Forests of the Watagans, The Pines Picnic Area is located in remnant and towering slash pine trees planted in the 1920s and 1930s. Shakamak State Park. But you are not happy with that ?? hunter too. read our information on forest tips and staying safe. The Great North Walk passes by this camping and picnic area. The Public Hunting Lands Map Booklet is provided to each person who purchases either a $48 Annual Public Hunting (APH) Permit or a $12 Limited Public Use (LPU) Permit.The Map Booklet specifies the rules and regulations, season dates, and bag limits which govern the use of these lands. Open larger, interactive map | Google map disclaimer, Olney State Forest is a popular visitor area and part of the beautiful State Forests of the Watagan Mountains. The Pines Camping Area is positioned under large slash pine trees, providing excellent shade. This area is designated as ‘high public usage’ under Forestry Corporation of NSW’s Pesticide Use Notification Plan [PDF 3.83 MB]. Find out more about sustainable forest management. The forests you see today are regrowth forests, having been harvested many times over and grown back. Schedule of hunting and park closures for fall 2020 – winter 2021 ... State and local laws are met and/or exceeded throughout each of the Managed Deer Hunting Programs. Please note that this site is for day use only, with no camping allowed. I have been there in -10 so make sure you layer up. Recreational hunting has no impact. Pesticide Use Notification Plan [PDF 3.83 MB]. Bushwalking topics that are not location specific. Starting from The Pines Picnic Area, the Pines Walking Track follows Dora Creek. How is recreational hunting a good thing for all users. 301-334-2038. *&%$#! Livestock on public land: Domestic stock (including ear−tagged goats and pigs) may be present in declared hunting areas. Download or view state forest GPS hunting and exclusion zone maps Introduction. In regards to large area invasive species management. The State Forests of the Watagan Mountains (Awaba, Heaton, Olney, Ourimbah, Watagan and Wyong State forests) won the Gold Award for Adventure Tourism in the Hunter … Archery, Muzzleloader and Firearms Seasons. 23. Forests in this area have been harvested for timber for many decades, more than 100 years. Live life moving around so when you're dead people can tell the difference. Some interesting comments Curwalker.....we seem to have varying degrees of ferals down here and often it depends who's doing the looking as to how they see the animal and the so-called problem. Yes, didn't leave a good impression on me either. Located west of Lake Macquarie, Olney is bordered by Wyong State Forest, Watagan State Forest and Watagan National Park. Starting from the Basin Camping area, the Rock Lily Walking Track is a delightful walk featuring rock lilies, geebungs and ferns. … State Forest: avt S. 18,535 acres. Johnno. Prospector uses motorized mineral prospecting equipment without discharging process water back to waters of the state (equipment is self contained); and, 2. If you use these maps and rely on them being updated annually, please contact current ownership information, please visit the Montana Cadastral Application.For additional hunting access information, please visit the Montana FWP Hunt Planner Map. Nearby creeks can be used for swimming in the warmer months. Set alongside Watagan Forest Road, the Old Mill Picnic Area is a great place for family sport, with a wide and flat grassed area surrounded by forest. One of the NSW New England properties that I hunt deer on borders a NP which is full of feral goats and the owner of the property is quite OK with having some of these goats spill-out onto his place as they stay high up in the rough country and eat mostly pest weed species and don't compete with the cattle for the good feed down on the flats. Bound a raft through some of the finest whitewater in the east. Check for current closures and notices before setting out. I love how these clowns always say ' oh I'm from the country, oh I'm from a farm, have you you lived in the bush, have you lived next to a park ? ' Authorised hunting Staying Safe For more information on the track and to learn about membership of the Club, go to With more than 120,000 acres devoted to wildlife management. Just a five minute walk from the Pines Forest Park and walking tracks. Hunting with dogs is permitted in the State forest at the hunters’ own risk. Certainly high goat numbers will impact on the vegitation and probably cause some degree of erosion issues with their game trails but most of these areas also contain plenty of 'roos and wallabies that eat much the same things and use the game trails as well. Recreational hunting in the NSW State Forests a report, Assessing invasive animals in Australia 2008, West, P. (2008), Re: Recreational hunting in the NSW State Forests a report, Halls Island - information, links, photo gallery, media coverage,,,, ... c_2003.pdf, ... eir-impact,, ... ingatNight. Ok, I know I am from the other side of the globe but since many of the mentioned species come from Europe, perhaps I can offer some useful information. Access to 79 out of 799 national parks, that is only about 10%. The Pines Picnic Area is also the start of three walking tracks, The Wildflower, The Pines  and Abbotts Falls Walking Tracks. Pesticide use National parks are for conservation first and recreation second. Relax in a canoe gliding on a golden pond.

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