Today’s organizations run on influence. 20 To improve exercise adherence, it is important to consider the time required to begin adopting new behaviours (typically around 21 days), and that lapses are to be expected. Look forward to reading your additional posts. How to Do A Successful COVID-19 Strategic Pivot, The 7 Damaging Power Gaps Women Face and How Leaders Can Help, Resilience: What It Really Is and 5 Tips to Find It, Women Make Better Leaders, Especially in a Crisis, 25 Powerful Coaching Questions to Get Where You Want to Go, Let’s Stop Confusing Cooperation and Teamwork with Collaboration, The Difference Between Mission Vision Purpose Strategy and Goals, Four Decision-Making Styles and When to Use Them, What Team Members Can (and should) Do to Help Their Team Become High Performing. Love that MLK quote. However, this is a two way street. But it’s not impossible when you have built credibility and strong relationships. However, I also do know that those who are stuck at the bottom of the hierarchy, with no hope of rising, would not extol its virtues. – Making it easy for them to do what you are suggesting (offer assistance, remove obstacles, provide support) Influencing Skills exercises – 3 Exercises to immediately increase influence Do you know the top qualities of influential people and how to be influential? The focus was how to succeed when you don’t have authority and control over execution. Group Size:This module is suitable for use with groups of up to about 20 participants. The one thing that is missing is Emotional Intelligence. The traits that you list here are what authentic leadership looks like, as opposed to simply using positional authority. And your point is well-taken that even in the short-term, it does not have the same effect on people. One of my colleagues beautifully called it “Lose Control to Gain Control”. Strong character is the starting point of influence and it often stems from a leader’s awareness about self. For example: 2. In terms of an exercise to develop these skills. Larger groups will mean longer running times. Your email address will not be published. Influence Without Authority explor. I believe that what you’re suggesting unnecessarily increases the complexity and energy required to get work done efficiently and effectively. Great post once again. Indeed, Micah. The kind of leadership necessary to create organizational change and put women in leadership roles includes “the capacity to reflect on and learn from our own life and experience, soliciting and integrating feedback from others, remaining continually open to reevaluating beliefs in … . 3. It would be great if companies developed cultures that encourage and support the behaviors you’ve outlined. It is exactly what I need. OK, I’m lobbying for vision to be added. Being able to change an individual’s thoughts, feelings, attitudes or behaviours is a great skill to possess and our activities will allow participants to consider the importance of credibility, empathy and effective listening and communication skills when influencing others. I’ve “moved up” from a management position to being a board member of various nonprofits. These training materials will help develop the … Build strong relationships. It's Free! I’ve been feeling that my work with the kids was not making a difference, and I want to find ways to share my convictions with the teacher with whom I work. Most people either cut their feelings off or act out reactively. The Problem . Influencing Without Authority begins by placing the concept of influence within the larger context of environmental, organisational, network, relational and interpersonal factors. It’s especially difficult to make this kind of transition when it is paired with the trauma of a severe downsizing. Priority #1 is character. A hierarchical structure can work quite well for certain types of organizations, especially when leaders are intentional in maintaining a “servant leader” attitude. Great post, Jesse. Influencing Without Authority Collaborative environments largely rely on influence, not authority. Influence enables you to build the relationships you need to get results inside or outside the formal power structure. 8 Ways To Influence Without Authority. Aims:• To welcome the participants.• To introduce the facilitator(s) and participants to each other.• To introduce the facilities.• To agree the course objectives and timetable. Expertise influence I find myself on the other side of the fence in what you have described. It points to the fact that the consistent leaders have identified where they can be influential in a given situation and take the time and energy to utilize it. Shireen. She has provided strategic development and communications services to local and … As the training progresses, you are likely to discover that, having identified the skills they should be using, participants may fail to actually apply these in practical ‘role-play’ or simulation type exercises, and instead slip into bad habits. Hi Mark, To be successful in busy cross-functional organizations, you need to be skillful and flexible in the way you influence others. If you are looking for longer and more involved training activities on this topic, please take a look at our, Course Introduction - A Basic Introduction to Training Events, Feeling Persuasive? Most of us believe we need to be a “VP,” a “Manager,” an “Assistant Manager,” etc., in order to influence others. I believe it is harder to lead (influence) without authority, but when done effectively, this may be leadership in its purest form. Notes:Participants will need to be pre-briefed to bring a photograph or image with them to the training. You can influence by appealing to shared values and your emotional connection. Hi Sophie, One way round this I’ve found is to use the same format but to change some of the questions on the bingo card to suit the type of group. , Jesse- The actions have been developed to allow scope for an array of requirements. But what’s also true today more than ever before in that without influence you have no real authority over anyone or anything. It grounds it in reality. Our thoughts are aligned – your character is your greatest source of influence. I have conducted many workshops on this very topic Jesse, and you have nailed it! Your Six Sources of Influence . Thanks for your thought, Gary. In fact, it’s not realistic to expect to be strong in all of these. The exercise is part of Carole Robin’s presentation on “Influence Without Authority” at the recent Nonprofit Management Institute at Stanford University, where Robin lectures in organizational behavior. How to show leadership without formal authority. Thanks for sharing it, and for taking the time to deepen the conversation. For me, “Sense of purpose” is really important in giving authority, ie persuading me to follow someone. Whether you’re dealing with bosses, colleagues, staff members or senior management, the ability to win respect, influence people and cultivate cooperation is absolutely essential to career success. Thanks! Influence Without Authority explores this topic by examining styles, behaviors and techniques that will help you grow your influence and deepen your relationships. I love your comment, Lyn “I believe it is the connections one makes with others that allow leadership to occur and to continue over time.” You raise the issue of sustainability. Influencing without Authority; Influencing without Authority . Download the Influence without Authority Brochure "Wanted to appreciate and acknowledge your and your team's efforts in conducting the 11 NHMP batches in the last fiscal. You'll Need:• Printed copies of the images provided on sheets of A4 paper. We have been teaching leadership skills based on the idea of formal reporting relationships. Aims:• To help participants recognise and identify other members of the group.• To help participants identify connections with other members of the group. A key characteristic of an effective leader is the ability to influence others. It had all the necessary ingredients to “Influence without Authority”. Icebreaker Purpose: Use different methods of persuasion. She garners over 30 years of experience in marketing and communications as an entrepreneur, GM, CMO, and writer. At a time when leadership requires less emphasis on giving orders and more of a focus on building consensus, personal persuasiveness and the ability to negotiate effectively have become critical skills for success. Key details … This helps the person garner “Trust”, something that is key in this space. 1. Leadership Defined ... Business leadership is often portrayed as a decision making exercise. I am more convinced than ever that it’s imperative to influence based on your leadership as well as backing it with sustainable data. 3 Influencing is built on 4 Influencers. Once there is a first follower (an important leader in and of itself, that role), more followers are attracted. In this Influencing Skills training course, you learn how to apply influence strategies to gain commitment from others and foster collaboration. A hat tip to your warrior team for taking on such an important endeavor. Overview. I agree, Dorothy. The list I provided is a list of sources of personal power and credibility – ways to get others to pay attention to your ideas, vision, solutions, etc. Authority without Influence? When you develop more of these portals, you have more options; and you have the opportunity to step back and consider which is the best portal for a particular situation. Principles for influencing are based on social learning. In total, allowing for discussion, we recommend allowing 15 minutes for completion. The VDI workshop “Leadership: Mastering Influence” will provide you with the skills you need to leverage practical techniques and tools to further your agenda and gain influence with colleagues and teams. Influencing Without Authority. Would love to hear more about what you’ve been thinking. There are communication skills (where you can learn to be tactful instead of forceful) to get people to do what you want. When we shift from authority-based to influence-based leadership, we have to accept that we are not always in control. So true! You are absolutely right. Exercise helps to reduce risk factors including lowering blood pressure, lowering cholesterol, reducing stress, achieving and maintaining a healthy body weight, helping to quit smoking and improving your blood sugar levels. You can’t assume it’s in the “contract” of the relationship that you can direct them. Please let me know how it goes. Positional influence. The 'expectations of each other' allowed discussion of acceptable and desirable behaviour to be clearly stated in a department where several staff members are overbearing and dominatiing in such meetings usually. Of course all this is dependent on the strength and clarity of your mission. Great point, Terry. Despite the many versions of influencing and models of types of power in the literature, once again you add deep thought and an original take that adds to our understanding and can guide our actions. Stay tuned for future blog posts around this. True or False? Thanks for the insightful article that I will share with colleagues. We refer to this as “Laying the Groundwork.” You should be setting yourself up for success every day by forming trusting relationships with colleagues, building your credibility within the organization, and by developing and nurturing your network. Unleash your personal power to negotiate, influence and persuade. Duration: 6 Hours Overview Perhaps no topic has garnered more curiosity in recent years than how to build influence in an organization. As a follow up , is it possible for you to share some instances of how you possibly helped some people practically increase influence without authority? I think your 8 ways of influencing without authority build trust. Of course, I also strongly suggest they start by practicing being authoritative with their staff!! But I agree with you and am glad you said it, Beth. - The Benefits of Positive Thinking, Little Known Facts - Matching the Facts to the Participant, My Picture Says… - Identifying Personal Values. And when people share their own thoughts, it further stimulates my own thinking on the topic. Very helpful. What you will always find is that certain managers will nearly always rank in the top 10 or 20 while certain managers will consistently rank in the bottom 10 or 20 – at least until they are let go. So I am going to use this to draw a path to my own actions for change! Time:This exercise will take about 15 minutes to run. Training course contents: These influencing skills training course materials have been developed to arm participants with the skills necessary to influence others. In … Aims:• To understand the importance of recognising the needs of others when trying to influence their behaviour. Great post!! Learn how to influence people by building your power base using the Personal Power Model…understand exchange and reciprocity (the first steps in the influence process) …adapt communication style to build credibility…persuade with a framework of … A manager could be good at eg the inter-personal skills but won’t have followers over the long term if they don’t see a purpose in what he/she is doing. Influencing Without Authority Jaimon Jacob 2. Great point, Betsy. Title: Influencing without Authority 1 Influencing without Authority. Too often we rely on one source of influence, and when it doesn’t work, there is no fall-back. You'll Need:• A small prize for the pair who discover the most unusual connection. If only modern managers and leaders understand how to create a positive influence without being authoritative, a lot of work place issues can be prevented. 57:03 . I had actually considered using the word “imperative” in my post but thought it might sound too strong. I’ve been behind the past few weeks on keeping up with your blog so I’m glad I took the opportunity to catch up tonight on a few posts. Wonder if you might pen something about the tactics of using influence as power without overpowering? Aims:• To encourage participants to think about the behaviours exhibited by assertive people.• To encourage participants to think about the characteristics of submissive and aggressive behaviours. Of course, it’s possible, as with this blog, and other published material and creative statements that carry vision, to influence without ever knowing the extent of that influence. It supports developing adult relationships based on mutual objectives and creates work environments grounded in respect for human dignity. Thank you, Andrew. MBTI) and appreciative inquiry. When we can see many sides of an argument, we are in a better position to make the choices that will work best in a given situation. Authority is, without a doubt, the most direct way to be able to influence others. In total, allowing for discussion, we recommend allowing about 20 minutes for completion. Aims:• To identify things participants have in common with each other.• To explore the impact on relationships of finding common ground. The status quo may not exist tomorrow and you’re so right, we all need to build muscle before we have a need to use it. You'll Need: Network. I’ts absolutely true that we can lead without authority. Jesse, “Lose Control to Gain Control” is perfect! Sample Set for illustration purposes only. Written by Heather Lomax on 18 January 2018 in Features. Love your article! Exercise Files View Offline ... Dr. Ullmen is a frequent keynote speaker on how to influence for results without resorting to authority or relying on rewards and penalties. I think that’s why they sound great in theory and are so difficult to navigate in practice. I think it’s also applicable to our personal lives as well. Group Size: This module can be used with groups of almost any size. I believe it is the connections one makes with others that allow leadership to occur and to continue over time. It is difficult in an environment that doesn’t support it, but not impossible as you point out. The exercise is part of Carole Robin’s presentation on “Influence Without Authority” at the recent Nonprofit Management Institute at Stanford University, where Robin lectures in organizational behavior. Managers can use this way a lot to get things done by people who work as a team because they love it, and enjoy the pleasure of collaboration! Thanks for sharing your post, Micah. Aims:• To provide an opportunity for participants to learn something about each other.• To help participants learn more about each other’s values and motivators.• To understand the importance of an awareness of the personal values of those they seek to influence. Not because I’ve been told too. Here’s eight ways you can – and why it’s better than mere compliance. I find people in the United States reporting to someone who lives in Germany, and that person reports to someone who lives in India. It’s a tough trail but I guess natural leaders don’t think so much before taking the first step. With respect, I could not disagree more. And yes, it can be used with your employees, but it can also be used with you peers and with your boss. This is a very good post. Now I think we need to broaden our focus and help develop “influencing skills.” I too see this as a major issue in flatter organizations and ones that are spread out geographically. Time:This exercise will take about 15 minutes to complete. Your article has many good points – however , I believe nobody can work on improving all of them simultaneously. Do you engender loyalty? Training & Development Industry Researcher | Krista researches, analyzes, and writes about the … Outline how beliefs and values are formed. 2) I- for calling out the importance of empathy. When we move away from a control-base approach to leadership, not all efforts to influence will be successful. Positional influence is perhaps the most overrated of all forms of influence, as people spend a lot of their careers waiting for it when they could be influencing in other, more immediate ways. Exerting Influence Without Authority. Five tips for exerting influence without an authority position. Today’s leadership most certainly is not our daddy’s leadership. Some people see them as similar, especially when their orientation is sales. In the short term, people will comply with authority-based leadership. 5. It can also work really well when your course involves an element of problem solving, as nothing about the exercise says that your participants need to stay in the training room. Many people … When you manage resources directly, you can set their direction and priorities. Hi Christopher, I agree that emotional intelligence is important. If each of us behaves as you describe, culture can be changed and re-developed from the ground up. Great list. Time:This exercise will take about 10 minutes to run. We all live in a 360-degree organizational world. New kinds of partnerships and alliances have emerged, as well, and they require change agents to exercise influence over peers from other companies. Remote/Virtual Delivery: There is a Remote Delivery version of this module available in Trainers’ Library. Five tips for exerting influence without an authority position. In order for Managers to be able to adopt this style, employees need to meet them halfway by completing their tasks, assuming responsibility, thinking outside the box and buying into the success of the company. I’ve used this icebreaker in sales, telesales, management and customer service courses and the feedback from my group is always a positive one. This is a great question, Cheryl. I have observed that the most successful people are not necessarily the most intelligent ones, but the ones who know how to work well with others. According to Ely, being able to influence without authority can have positive effects on women’s leadership abilities. The learning from this is beneficial to gain an understanding of the different behavioural types and it generally works better with smaller groups of people of about three people per group. I think about it also. "In fact, type those three words into … You'll Need:• Nothing other than the materials provided. In either case what we once knew no longer exist and being able to influence without authority is now the order of the day. I’m thinking of examples where technology and social media have provided tools for influencing as never before.

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