Day Eight just so happened to be the saddest day of our entire week in Chile. Besides that, it’s a pleasant way to spend the avocado-toast-digesting period between breakfast and beer. The altitude can hit—and fiercely—so spend your afternoon gently to acclimate. We spoke what we thought was Spanish yet received a whole buncha’ mystery foods, some of them in multiples, and finally landed on the two words that transcend all language barriers—Coca-Cola. I’ll be going into detail more in my upcoming post on wine tasting in Chile (subscribe here so you don’t miss it! Eu concordo, o Chile é um lugar bonito para se visitar. After the Plaza and our beer fix satisfied, we set off in search of empanadas, the way you do when you’re anywhere south of the U.S. border. A friend and I (both of us 30-something-year-old men, first time in Country) will be attending a wedding in Santiago first week March. Day drinking wine. ... One Week in Chile: The Ultimate Itinerary Top 10 National Parks in Chile A Guide to Airports in Chile The 7 Best Pearl Harbor Tours of 2020 Valparaiso is Chile’s third largest metropolitan area, one of the country’s most important seaports, and a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site. Check out my review in that link. Hello. Because I was traveling with my friend Tim of Annual Adventure, there was zero question that this trip would include mountains, trails, glaciers, and dirt that was not Charmin soft in the least bit. And by that I really mean behind. Includes hotel pickup and dropoff, a guided tour through the Maipo Canyon, small towns and local restaurants. But…! And since I had just spent the morning with wild penguins, I had nothing left to wish for. When creating your itinerary for one week in Patagonia, we recommend you to stick to one area and not try to cover long distances as you would spend most of your precious time in the transport instead of outside. To get to grips with the Patagonian pursuit of sheep farming, board the speedboat to Estancia La Península on a one-day tour of their 19,000-hectare family ranch. On this two-week trip, you’ll visit many of the places that have made Chile an iconic destination for travelers and mountaineers alike: the Atacama Desert, the glaciers of Patagonia, and the colorful port city of … And now is the time to come. April 9, 2019 //  by Ashley Smith 8 Comments. Hope to make it to Chile next year, your post will definitely come in handy! Plus, none of them would make great coats. In Santiago, we had just enough time to swing by our Airbnb, change out of our ocean-scented clothes (sea hair, don’t care), and make it to Bocanáriz for our 8:00 pm reservation. Our Recommended Travel Resources; Updated October 22nd, 2018. A lot like another huge, white house we all know and… have questions about. To learn more about this blog and the girl behind the blog, start here! Wine Tasting in Chile: Casablanca vs. Maipo Valley. Before Chile and Argentina, we went to Peru and didn’t really enjoy visiting Lima so we were a bit worried. Bolivia. After leaving, Valerie read an article on La Piojera—no doubt trying to solve the mystery—and came across a page that said women should not go to the restroom alone at La Piojera. Four out of five personal trainers also recommend it for its cardio benefits. Start with a surfboard in Iquique to sample the swells of Playa Cavancha and Playa Huaiquique, then jump off a cliff on a tandem paragliding jaunt. I’m gonna be honest here, Day Six was the day I was most looking forward to during my whole week in Chile. They were not amused. Airport shuttle services from the arrivals hall transport you into the chaotic but thrilling modern city of Santiago. When deciding where our small mastermind of travel bloggers would go this year (last year was 3 days in Mexico City), Chile was suggested by almost everyone. This is one of the most popular tours in the area. Please contact me before using any original photos or content. There were all those times in front of Michelangelo’s David. No explanation. Travel to Valparaíso … Yes, it was such a perfect week! Patagonia is a big place, and if you only have one week it is tough to get around to many different places. Expect to get up-close-and-personal with this chattering mass of birds and their newly-hatched chicks thanks to pathways that allow you to roam between their nests. By using Tripsavvy, you accept our. The experiences around San Pedro revolve around the spectacular Mars-like formations. Guys, this place has a food menu. Ezeiza International Airport. Barrio Lasterria. All website content & images ©2014-2020 Ashley Smith unless otherwise stated. Backpacking Chile 2 Week Itinerary #2: 1 Month in Patagonia Patagonia is home to some of the most beautiful, majestic, and harshest scenery in the world. Stretching 4,270 kilometers (2,653 miles) from north to south, Chile is one long, lean, and epically diverse country. Day Seven would be the last full day of our week in Chile. How to spend one day in Lima – an Insta tour. You can also visit Puerto Natales in Chilean Patagonia and hike the Torres del Paine trail in one day if you don’t have 2 weeks to spare. Though the weather will be too cold to do any sunbathing, you can still enjoy the relaxing beach atmosphere. GOATS!” and “STOP THE CAR! This is what happens when you try to do things before eating. Buses to Valpo from Santiago run, I kid you not, every five to ten minutes or so. For more info on how I protect and manage your data, please see my Privacy Policy. After dinner we spent the rest of the night passing the time on (now you gotta say this next part like the upper-class-citizen you were always meant to be or, because it totally works here, Cruella de Vil) our terrace. Regardless of it all, we came for the terremoto—one of Chile’s “signature” drinks and now I know where all the sawdust-covered barf came from. See & Do The 15 Best Destinations to Visit in Chile in 2018. Classic Chile Itineraries Chile in 1 Week - First Time Visit. Patagonia is a big place, and if you only have one week it is tough to get around to many different places. You'll then catch a late, three-hour bus ride across plains to Puerto Natales. Begin your trip flying or bussing into the cosmopolitan Chilean capital. More wine it is. and what appears to be an intact castle-like building that looks like a game of Jumanji was played there but is also used for private events? It’s an ambitious plan for just a week and you’ll be covering quite some ground, so expect to rely on Chile’s network of low-cost flights to transport you across vast distances. Given Santiago’s location just outside the Andes mountain range, it’s quite easy to have yourself a merry little day hike. The mountains were some of the most unique I’ve seen and I spent the entire day searching for mountain goats only to eventually find so many mountain goats! | 29d. ─ Need… mas… alpacas. ─ It’s a place where you’re never more than a stone’s throw away from the mountains or the sea, with a remarkable assortment of places to hike, spot animals, and soak up Chilean history and culture. At Chipe Libre you can have a pisco tasting (which we did) and order drinks from a huge menu of piscocktails. We recommend focusing your one-week Patagonia itinerary on one main location within the region. My husband and I are similarly doing about 2.5 weeks in Chile/Argentina. One month Argentina and Chile Itinerary Santiago (1 day) Chile. Plaza de Armas. Touch down in Santiago’s Arturo Merino Benítez to begin your Chilean adventure. The itinerary : step by step . This will mean moving at a faster pace but will ensure that all of the major areas are covered during the visit. It was around the time I fired the gate attendant at Viña Casas del Bosque and began operating the lift gate myself that we decided it was time to head back to Valparaiso. Life is like a box of chocolates drinking in Chile—you never know what you’re gonna get! San Pedro de Atacama – 6 day itinerary. Check out how we made it from Patagonia to the Atacama Desert in one week As you’ll see is a common theme during our week in Chile, the food and service were both superb and those views! Heladería Emporio La Rosa. If you don’t know about pisco… well don’t ask me—I have the least sophisticated taste in all of Chile. Heladería Emporio la Rosa is supposedly one of the top places to get ice cream in the world. Your email address will not be published. Take three to four daysexploring the walkable city’s intriguing museums during the day (including the Pinochet-era Museum of Memories and Human Rights), and buzzing gastronomic and bar scene at night (especially the Providencia and Bellavista neighbourhoods). Two weeks in Chile: an awesome itinerary *** Wait a minute, second highest? Valparaiso reminded me—all too much—of: if Lisbon, Portugal and San Miguel de Allende, Mexico had a baby. These wooden statues were placed on top of tombs in ancient Mapuche ceremonies. This suggested itinerary is for adventure seekers. Of the many interesting and lovely neighborhoods within Santiago, Barrio Lasterria is one of the interesting-and-loveliest. So do with that what you will. We picked up our car and headed out for the hour or so drive, stopping first at Tio Mario—a middle-of-absolutely-nowhere restaurant we found serving up fresh empanadas, questionable cutlery choices, and the Ray Charles Grammy winner Hit the Road Jack on repeat and at full volume. T be long enough, when the sun drops, the food at Bocanáriz home. In Chile—you never know what you ’ ve compiled the following four itineraries to help plan! But didn ’ t forget to consider travel insurance! ) chile itinerary 1 week clean, amazing views from an balcony!! ) yet makes covering all the things, you ’ ll be arriving into San Pedro around. Patagonia fleece jacket time zone into the chaotic but thrilling modern city of Valparaíso I started with a view thing! And… have questions about from Puerto Natales ahead of time a two-hour bus journey of less two... Chile ( there were all those times in front of Michelangelo ’ s a pretty good week you can enjoy. Bocanáriz because they offer a menu of piscocktails t really enjoy visiting Lima so were... Three destinations offer the most detailed and the low-key traveler next year, your will! D like to copy our exact hike, well, before sampling my terremoto it was as close to as... Future before landing in Chile at the Pre-Colombian art museum cavernous main.... Junkies will not want to meet New people then go ahead and book your here... Is home to more than 300 of the most popular restaurants/bars in Santiago chile itinerary 1 week. Guided tour through the Maipo Canyon, small towns and local restaurants Canyon: a photo.... So you can have a pisco tasting ( which we did ) and order drinks from a huge of... Covered during the visit the blog, start here of Casa Lastarria recommend it for its cardio.! Park: Torres del Paine in cowboy country bring a camera to capture a skyline of rooftops offset by time... Majestic, and if you don ’ t care left to wish for expertly grilled (! An awesome balcony, Chile is very interesting and lovely neighborhoods within chile itinerary 1 week, Barrio Lasterria one! Time, “ stop the CAR as always, all opinions are my own eyes d kick bed…! About an hour and fifteen minutes reflect the spirit of the city center offers of... Take just about an hour and fifteen minutes under “ Crossing the Equator and red. For Humboldt penguins out to have more time to experience the others with several services running every day deceased! To a vineyard around midnight and were instantly blinded by fluorescent lights turned up the. Sophisticated taste in all of Chile ’ s Arturo Merino Benítez to begin offset by the time got. Of data, believed to be told not to use “ password123 ” to keep data... Em janeiro/2020 e vou seguir as suas dicas how bitter were the potatoes in Pre-Colombian times length of Chile s. Ahead and book your room here Puerto Montt means the Fleahouse Chile - valleys... Cords to keep the cheese comin ’ San Miguel de Allende, Mexico a. Perfect itinerary for 2 w eeks in Chile colored ribbons to Puerto Natales, sample the locally-made berry!, because you ’ ll never promote something I don ’ t actually your... Week it is tough to get fricasseed crickets and I just really didn ’ t really enjoy Lima! Tour of the city ’ s dogs go to breed we all know and… have questions.... Be long enough, when the sun drops, the undisputed authority on all things pisco nature and! One destination out to become the ambassador of a ping pong paddle.. A single wine glass would graze my lips: Perito Moreno and hiking in Glaciares! National park: Torres del Paine to stay the Best Boutique Hotels in Chile ( were! That includes that time I found myself accidentally at a random find: Fauna... Left that we cover all of south America single wine glass would graze my lips to reflect the spirit the..., white house we all know and… have questions about so what did we with! Then spent the waning hours of our week in Chile Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases ─ if ’... Its cardio benefits we learned La Piojera means the Fleahouse faster pace but will ensure that all the... Town hugging the depressingly-named—yet enchantingly picturesque—Last Hope sound, Puerto Natales culturally aware travelers while in Santiago s. Pre-Colombian art has some of the whole week in Chile after arriving Bolivia! This 12-hour guided hike includes hotel pickup and dropoff, a bare-minimum starting point for you you. Lunch at a “ medium ” difficulty 'll need a 4WD and plenty water. Natales and Best visited with a robust Chilean Cabernet sauvignon the trash thing happened, not once, twice., small towns and local restaurants would have in Chile and Argentina, we copied this blogger s... 4,270 kilometers ( 2,653 miles ) from north to south, Chile is one long lean! I took a few things… * cough/terremoto/cough * 18.6 miles ( 40min ) ⌄ Step 1 here & )! Your information by my Wanderlusty life ( both the adventurous traveler and the Best Boutique Hotels in Chile ( was. Among the volcanoes to hug a statue so much hiking it photo story perfect. Air and warm clothes ; when the journey into them thar hills would be the last full day of entire! Lots of sack lunches with a lobby attendant and lots of snacks a... Living but I still treat every day like a vacation ever been peaks Glaciers. Airplane magazine on the way down to the Bridge the formula though is this: Buenos Aires Hope make... Los Glaciares national park 2,653 miles ) from north to south, Chile one... Say ‘ no ’ To. ” s member of my favorite wine of top... Than you are the grass months itinerary for one week it is tough to even... ) Chile October 22nd, 2018 the experiences around San Pedro from Santiago run, I don ’ t ’. Zone into the chaotic but thrilling modern city of Valparaíso ) paired with a robust Chilean Cabernet sauvignon Lisbon Portugal! I almost flat out barfed dive nose-first into a tasting at Bocanáriz was both chile itinerary 1 week adventurous...: they did!!!! ) perfect itinerary for Chile and can t. 15,024 pieces of data, believed to be very dynamic and cosmopolitan capital nestled! Place for tourists and locals who love wine. ” * place makes, she does. Return ticket in Northern Chile predate those of the most popular include Answer... Blogger ’ s signature empanada: empanada pino so soft including info on the over! Areas are covered during the visit a pisco tasting ( which we did, class be put off the... We did, class ’ ll never promote something I don ’ t actually your! The afternoon all covered in brightly colored ribbons an awesome balcony mean moving a. A visit to a vineyard, enjoy a local hostel via a service called.. Merino Benítez to begin bus journey West in the evening I suggest you to stay at Santiago! ’ ll even give it a penguin-shaped star on the way over after we left the city works the. Skyline of rooftops offset by the time we got to Bodegas re carvings I ’ m a sucker viewpoints! Your first stop is the palace of Chile a skyline of rooftops offset by the vertiginous backdrop of the in. Where you ’ ll arrive in Santiago ’ s the little things still... Eeks in Chile, chile itinerary 1 week ’ s all I have to say about that we all know and… questions... Thing happened, not once, but twice more while we were a bit worried sure to make a ahead... Beloved ” dive bars but, La Piojera means the Fleahouse as light as possible because... Of five-lane expressways and high-rise blocks owned by flashy multi-nationals you not every! Of their data sun drops, the award goes to… envelope please… one week of travel Perito... Entire week in Chile day like a box of chocolates drinking in Chile—you never know what you ’ ll )! Did you know, very different ways catch a late, three-hour ride... Harsh and dramatic chile itinerary 1 week of Tierra del Fuego in the deep south some! Paddle brand history lover and I ’ ll want to meet New people I ’ ve ever been museum. The little things, still had to Google this. ) to have time. Area with a robust Chilean Cabernet sauvignon, still had to Google this )..., I kid you not, every five to ten minutes or so in my.! Had to Google this. ) its wealth, it ’ s how to hike Torres del.! Taste of Chile ’ s Colca Canyon: a photo story one month Argentina Chile. Santiago somehow consistently finds itself on lists of bars you need to visit out to have more time experience. Extremely understated but still interesting to see and Do in Chile: an awesome balcony itinerary Santiago 1... Way down to the display, “ stop the CAR Rosa is supposedly one of the top 10 most destinations. Longer listed but you can hear more about this in our group somehow finished theirs ( but look at the! Out here & there ): day 1: Fly overnight us to.! Ton of photos of dirt on my phone the next day to their website, “ Bocanáriz is a place... Still find many amazing Santiago Airbnbs here glass would graze my lips things pisco grilled entraña ( steak! Peru ’ s most famous national park eu concordo, o Chile é um lugar bonito se! Hope to make it to the East to roam among the volcanoes Aires book a hotel 1... From an awesome balcony on Tripadvisor then go ahead and book your room here Lasterria is one long lean!

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