This advanced piece of lightweight medical equipment is unchallenging to operate and does the work to determine fluid status, muscle content, fat composition, metabolic rate, fat-free mass, and other body parameters while in … seca gmbh & co. kg • Hammer Steindamm 9 – 25 • 22089 Hamburg • Germany • Phone +49 40 20 00 00 0 • Fax +49 40 20 00 00 50 • product sheet seca mBCA 515 Technical Data General The seca mBCA 525 is the mobile solution for Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA). The mBCA 514 Medical Body … Fast Shipping and Low Prices. Routine measurements are essential to respond to certain developments over the course of therapy. Please enable JavaScript in your browser. Up until now, a doctor‘s assessment of a patient‘s general health was a calculation with many unknowns. For the most accurate results, the patient should be barefoot during the testing. The mBCA results are medically precise, providing the general health and nutritional status of patients. seca mBCA 525 Click here for detailed product and software information. Measurements get presented in easy-to-understand graphics. Our engineers are continuously developing breakthrough technologies and next generation products to help doctors, nurses, and other frontline practitioners across the globe to provide the best patient care possible. All results from the examinations are saved in the PC software seca analytics 115, which is included with the purchase. For it is only with this comprehensive tool that you can follow the course of development of your patient's … This opinion was shared by the jury for the iF product design award. After all, in order to obtain a truly meaningful BIA measurement (bioelectrical impedance analysis), we need to … Click here for detailed product and software information. Therefore, an analyzer that delivers the exact results in seconds could save you and your patients a substantial amount of time which could be used to start the necessary treatment. Seca 514 mBCA Medical Body Composition Analyzer: Authorized Dealer: The combination of high accuracy and low price make the Easy Count counting scales an exceptional value. With a quick measurement time, precise measurement data, and a clear overview of the course of therapy you can create the appropriate therapy plan and reduce your patients recovery time. The mBCA514's platform is crafted from safety glass and fitted with electrodes to conduct bioelectrical impedance analysis and guide foot placement for reproducible results. Please view datasheets for … Whether using a USB stick, cable, or wireless data transmission, you can save and process all of the measurement data. For one thing, the device has to be quick and easy to use for both medical staff and patients. The Fat Mass (FM) is on the Y-axis and Fat-Free Mass (FFM) is on the X-axis. seca 525 mBCA: Expertly developed for lying down/bedridden patients, especially patients in ICU and dialysis. The Seca mBCA 515 takes Body Composition Analysers to a whole new level. Seca mBCA 515: A body composition analyzer that delivers medically precise results. Seca mBCA is a Medical Body Composition Analyzer is the first body composition scale designed specifically for medical use. The Seca Medical Body Composition Analyzer provides a comprehensive assessment of a patient's metabolic health and wellness. In order to obtain a truly meaningful BIA measurement, we need to look beyond the many technical requirements. The weighing platform is made of safety glass and the low-profile design makes it easy for the patient to step onto. The positioning of the hands and feet is dictated by the design of the device, thus the physician should check and confirm that the patient is grasping the electrodes properly. For more information on products and seca service, contact us today! Discover the advantages of the seca mBCA 514/515. The seca mBCA 515 is the best bioelectrical impedance body composition analyser I have ever used. The mBCA 555 is a new body composition analyzer measuring bioimpedance in standing position developed by seca. This allows the doctor to assess the patient's hydration status, nutritional status and fitness level. Medical precision of all measurement results validated on various ethnicities, reviewed in a clinical trial* using the respective gold standard method, and equipped with intelligent German measurement technology. Composition Analyzer seca 515/514. The medical Body Composition Analyzer (mBCA) by seca breaks down weight into body compartments relevant to the practice of medicine, namely, Fat Mass and Fat-Free Mass, Body Water (made up of extracellular water and intracellular water) and Skeletal Muscle Mass. Respond to developments over the course of therapy. Testimonials Find out how the seca mBCA benefits medical experts worldwide. Seca MBCA Medical Body Composition Analyzer 525 ON SALE by Seca 4320000009, 4750000009. The seca mBCA is easy to operate via the ample 8.4" touchscreen display. Large meals or an unusually large intake of beverages on the same day prior to assessment should also be avoided. seca mBCA 515 medical kehonkoostumusanalysaattori mahdollistaa lääketieteellisesti tarkkoja mittauksia, koska se on suunniteltu nimenomaan terveydenhuollon tarpeita silmällä pitäen. Products similar to the seca mBCA 515 Medical Body Composition Analyzer Class III include: seca 456 seca 360° wireless USB adapter for data reception on PC.