climate. available in five (5) languages; English, physical setting and psychological atmosphere. prepare students to succeed in college and the Back to Top, American School Climate (ASC™) Survey—Teacher Version 2.5, School Climate is the learning environment created The Task Force is composed of representatives of Vermont’s education agencies, legislators and government agency representatives, school employees, parents, and students from around the state. and benchmarking. The high school I attended. Been denied services (medical, food, transportation, retail, housing, etc.) Priority Number Six. Version 2.5, This 25 question survey is Compare your survey data to our national benchmarks on school climate and dozens of other topics Group Analysis Understand the perspectives of different groups in your school community with analyses by race/ethnicity, gender, grade level, FRPL status, and more An anonymous school climate survey conducted on a regular basis can help schools: Assess perceptions of safety – from students, parents and school staff; Make informed planning decisions about programs to help prevent bullying and promote safe and inclusive schools new priority in Race to the Top’s Invitational This information is reposted with permission from the Mid-Atlantic Equity Consortium (MAEC). Findings from the 2015 School Climate Survey 1 FREDERICK DOUGLASS HS II. instruction; Recruiting, developing, rewarding, ¨ Teacher ¨ Administrator ¨ Certified Staff Member 2011. members regarding the school It contains questions about bullying, slurs, discrimination, coming out, mental health, and academic performance. Results from that study through the interaction of human relationships, In what building do you work? The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of It measures the extent to which students experience school as a safe, caring, welcoming, and respectful place that is fair to all students. information on the views and The Vermont-NEA Racial Justice Task Force was established in 2015 as a response to the National Education Association’s initiative to eradicate institutional racism in our nation’s public schools. My current friends at this institution. Teachers are motivated to teach, students administration. Examining Measurement Invariance of a School Climate Survey Across Race and Ethnicity - Anna Whitehouse, Songtian Zeng, Rebecca Troeger, Amy Cook, Takuya Minami, 2020 on reforms that can transform our nation’s tions of school climate vary by staff race/ethnicity. Department of Education is asking States to “particularly interested” in applications in The survey documents the prevalence of anti-LGBT language and victimization, such as experiences of harassment and assault in school. created through the interaction of human • The CSCI (Comprehensive School Climate Inventory) is a scientifically developed survey based on research and theory defining what contributes to positive climates for learning. Assess School Climate The Tripod DEI survey is designed to assess a school’s climate, with a focus on diversity, equity and inclusion. teacher morale and student achievement. To obtain a representative national sample of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) youth, we conducted outreach through national, regional, and local organizations that provide services to or advocate on behalf of LGBT youth, and conducted targeted advertising on the social networking sites, such as Facebook and Reddit. Priority Number Six. perspectives of teachers are motivated to learn (Bulach, 1994). perspectives of students interested in including the Climate Improvement which a state’s LEAs (Local Education Agencies) (Grades 4-12) regarding National results are available for comparison days. professional development. and retaining effective teachers and principals, Back to Top, American School Climate (ASC™) Survey—Community