This is a little before Asha's adoption, which will come later on in another story. This brown-cream color is also present on her muzzle, her underbelly and her paws. Many herbivores took great gusto into devouring the grass that grew so plentifully there. Kiara grinned almost stupidly. Kion said. Zira remarked with a sneer. Kion and the lion guard stay. transferred this from my fanfiction acount so stuff doesn't match canon; kion is being possessed by ghost scar au; ... and Kion have been up to ever since Kion became part of the Lion Guard while Kiara and Kopa will become the next Lion King and Queen of the Pridelands. "Agreed. Lion King Series The Lion King 1994 Lion King Pictures Wolf Spirit Animal King Simba Le Roi Lion Funny Cartoons Big Cats Disney Characters. Nala nodded. Finally, she had completed her first hunt, and an antelope hanging from her maw to prove it. The Outsiders all smile upon hearing this before they, along with the rest of the Pride Landers turn and start heading in the direction of Pride Rock. Here's what I thought of each episode. It is night. The Cave of Secrets - Two words about the revelation: ABSOLUTELY. Zira inquired, still trying hard not to show any fear or sign of weakness. A rush of emotions soon followed after the massive surprise they all felt. Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed this. Kovu let's out a sad sigh as he watches this happen while Kiara leans against him to comfort him. That was a few years ago, and now the Lion Guard and Kiara are all grown up. Usiku (male), meaning Night in Swahili, and Chiyu (female), meaning Healed in Korean are the children of Kion … "Let's go home." The egret was next as he flew up and quickly started to fly around the lioness in circles over and over again, till she was soon spinning in mid-air and descending fast. Sequel to Lions of the Outlands redone; Kovu is now known as Kopa, leader of Lion Guard, and is the blood adopted son of Simba and Nala, brother to Kiara and Kion. she cried. Arriving 2 months after the conclusion of 'Nightlife In The Pridelands', the 'Cuddles With Kion (One Shots)' contain cute, romantic pairings between Kion and other Lion Guard characters. Rani & Kion A Lion Guard Fanfic Fanfiction. I'd appreciate it if you left a review about what you thought about it. You belong here.". "Sure can." Both Kovu and Kiara smile gratefully as Kiara leaned against Kovu which the Lion Guard, as well as everyone else smile as well. Kion looked and spotted a certain, blue eyed lioness with a small tuff on her head and markings on her ears and under her eyes. Kion said. Kion stated, glaring back at her. The sunlight breaking through the clouds above, shined on the new arrival; a full grown male lion with a large red mane flowing over his shoulders and down his chest. What happened to that annoying little cub I used to fight with?" I was wrong. Zira questioned with an evil smirk. The image itself is one of the cutest things I've seen related to the Lion Guard or Lion King in general. Kiara nearly flinched when she felt a small thump against her paw pads. she commented, amazed. Kiara smiled and let the name roll off her tongue. Kion shook his head with regret in his voice. I couldn't resist drawing something for it~ he started to say before someone leaps over and lands on the other side of the large group, facing Zira. While he knew that leaving meant the Pride Lands meant leaving it unprotected, Thurston of the Zebra's assured him that he and the zebra's would protect the Pride Lands in the Lion Guard's absence. Everyone of them was out on the promontory rock, waiting patiently, or for a few impatiently, outside while Rafiki assisted in the process. "Focus Bunga, we got a job to do." Many lions would consider the dawn to be a calm, serene time as the night turned gradually to day, as the heaven of diamonds above slowly faded to make way for the golden light of the sun. Sorry for spelling arers. "I told you not to delude yourself, this is over." Makini took the pant and mad a v shape on his forehead. Kiara was surprised by the words from her true love and his sister and continued to watch as her brother confronted Zira with the rest of the Guard. "Glad to hear it," she nodded before turning to Kion. Kiara's response was only a glare that lasted about two seconds before it melted into what clearly looked like distress. Sorry it took us so long to come back. Simba said. I honestly prefer them like this, she's almost an adult, ready to become queen while he's the baby of the family that she vows to take care of. Zira looked down below her once more before suddenly looking toward everyone with an extremely disturbing smile that spooked almost everyone. he asked. Kion and Rani's Cub is an infant lion. Sorry for spelling arers. Right now, though, many thought it was way to early to be awake, even for Nala's labor in progress. "Zuka Zama!" Kion declared. "Well this is going to be my first time being an older sister and I'm just worried, okay," she replied. "Father, Mother, it's been a while," he said while also turning to Kiara as well. More footsteps sounded as a few more lionesses, including Kiara's future sister-in-law, Vitani, came in carrying slabs of meat for the pregnant ladies of the pride. All of you.". She had been doing it for a couple minutes now, so long that she was beginning to get dizzy and her fellow lions and lionesses were beginning to count her turns. He was the cutest and brightest thing he had ever seen. "Helga! It means 'guide', right," she asked. "So, the prodigal son returns." None of them though they'd ever see him again, thus none of them expected him to appear so suddenly. Nice job." Nala asked in a hopeful and emotional tone. The elite group of lionesses were responsible for feeding the entire pride. So if you have an idea you would like me to do, I am NOT doing it. Lion Guard, Grown Up. They were practically sparkling with unbridled joy. You think you've won!? Kion might be growing up. #keara #kion #nala #rani #simda #thelionguard "Thanks…" she told Kion gratefully before nuzzling him. However, Zira was too consumed with hate to listen and upon threatening her daughter, Vitani, who was the first to be swayed, the rest of the Outsiders followed, further infuriating the lioness. She was pacing around a few feet from the mouth of the cave. Kion couldn't help but laugh a little. Finally, one had enough. Zira snarled again as she turned to the five Pride Land protectors. Oh how she wished she could be down with the pride, congratulating and praising her daughter as she came in with the freshly caught prey, watching and cheering as she was accepted fully into the pride. Kovu always seemed like a good guy, ever since me and the Guard met him back when we were kids." Zira responded in shock and anger. "Can it be…?" Kiara watches Zira down into the gorge in shock and a little bit of horror. She tiptoed slowly and carefully over to her, trying not to tire her out more and to scare her and her new sibling. "Yeah… can't believe she chose dying over letting her little grudge go." Basically all of the Patrick Stars of the show came together. Rani is a slender lioness, with chestnut brown fur and a dark brown stripe running down her back. "Yeah, take a look." Until the Pride Land ends, the Lion Guard defends! They were all up ahead, anticipating for her return. In that brief moment, Kiara saw his little mouth open in a yawn and he rubbed his head closer to his mother. Kiara looked away sadly, she knew both her brother and father were right but deep down she wished things were different. #keara #kion #nala #rani #simda #thelionguard "Zira!" "Kion… you're really here…". Fuli stated, bluntly. Perhaps the only really anxious one was Kiara. Kiara didn't need to be told twice. she snapped. "What!?" Simba, now fully believing what his daughter was trying to tell him, turned to Zira. "Kiongozi. She stared at her newborn brother for a few more moments before looking back up at her mother. As in your old friend Zuri?" She instantly sped past him, going slower as her paws made contact with the cold, stone floor of the den. The stones picked up their pace, circling around the two cubs faster and faster. She also turned to Simba. A yellow aura surrounded Kion, and a purple one surrounded Kutunza . " Beshte remarked. Kovu shot her a mean look before turning his head to ignore him. "Believe me, I've lived almost my whole life as an older sister to him, and there isn't one day I wish I wasn't," she jokingly replied. Zira growled as she looked up at Bunga, but as she slowly stood up before she can do anything, the honey badger quickly hopped off of her. It was only a short matter of time till they were born into the world and she would be there every step of the way as they grew up. Kiara nodded, smiling as their Father came closer as well. Another Lion King fic by yours truly, this time I'm doing a post Lion King 2/Lion Guard fic. By Naragirl007 Watch. The two other soon-to-be mothers beside her slept, since it was one of the few things they could do while confined to the cave. "Till the Pride Lands end…" he began while more light shined down and revealed the figures surrounding Zira; it was Fuli, Bunga, Ono and Beshte, all fully grown just like Kion was. Kiara inquired, still with a … Her lower legs and paws are a very dark shade of purple, and her underbelly is a dull pinkish-orange. Ack! "said Ono " Kion! The water flows down the gorge rapidly until it finally settles. Kion sighed as well. Your review has been posted. "Please Zira… let us help you," she pleaded. Nala smiled and turned slowly till her head and chest were up but her stomach and legs stuck out to the side. Don't worry, the Lion Guard will deal with Zira.". "I take it you managed to rid yourself of Ushari's poison and heal Ono's sight?" Many were so absorbed in devouring the plant fibers that they were not aware of the predators stalking up to them. "It's a boy," Nala whispered. They encountered a float of crocodiles and were nearly eaten by them after Bunga unitentionaly challenged one of the members named Makuu. Now all the original and new characters are shown. Fuli said. Hey!" Four more figures quickly rush over and surround the lioness from all sides. Zira turns toward the incoming waters of the massive river coming toward her and let's out a scream as they collide with her rock tower and knock her away from it. When they arrived, Kion saw Helga advancing on Chura. Houp You enjoy. Kiara turned and saw the smiling faces of Kovu, Vitani and the rest of the former Outsiders before smiling herself. Nala smiled and nodded at her eldest and lifted up her paw that was covering her new child. "Wow… she's grown up too." Kiara told him as she glanced ahead. "It's kinda sad, really." The two other mothers who had not given birth yet were chatting among the other lionesses. As he did so, a spirit of a lion appeared beside him and flew towards Zira. She came to a halt once she spotted a warm, light-brown figure of her mother laying on her side in the back part of the cave. Kion agreed before turning to his family again. Both flinched and looked over his cub for any signs of sickness appearing over, but the cub just brushed his nose with his paw and snuggled deeper into the warm fur cushioning his small and frail body. Nala's birth was quick and the cub is healthy." She is a nice girl though," he admitted. Kiara would have a young sibling and she or he would have an older sister and a bunch of playmates to have too. He had a lighter gold coloring than their parents, lighter colored paws, a burnt orange nose and black ear rims like their father. Kovu told her. Kion "we had some great edvenchers." "No. Something absolutely wonderful. "I understand." I finally did it, I completed my first hunt," she replied quietly, but her eyes betrayed her true feelings. The now adult Kion narrowed his eyes at Zira as they stared each other down. But hey, if you really miss Scar so badly…" Bunga said as he cracked his knuckles. Houp You enjoy. Kiara was annoyed at her lack of moral support and was about to respond when suddenly, another scream blasted everyone's ears, growing louder and louder by the minute. I don't own the cover image either. He led the way to Lake Matope. Kiara was positively in love with her new brother. Everyone watched this happen in awe. The grass sprouted up tall and lush across the savanna and the sun shone brightly across the sapphire sky. After saying their goodbyes to their families, the Guard headed out beyond the borders of their home and toward the Tree of Life. From now on, until he could handle being by himself, she would be his guard. You don't have your army anymore and you can't fight all five of us at the same time.". "I'm fine dear. A light gold cub, nestled deep in the warmth and comfort of their mother, slept peacefully. "Defend!" "Thank you Kion and I'm sure Zuri's happy to see you too." "You think this is over!? Something kindled inside his heart. "I may not know the full details, but I can tell that you managed to convince both sides to stand down and join together." Zira looked down toward her and saw how far the bottom was before turning to the guard and then back to the bottom again. Kion turned his attention back towards Zira and started to walk closer while everyone else watched on. It appears that they've been wanting to come out quicker," she replied. "How dare you… How dare you talk to me that way! When Kion gets separated from the rest of the Lion Guard, he finds himself lost in the Outlands.As he desperately seeks Flat Ridge Rock, he is confronted by Jasiri, who teases him for not having noticed her sneak up on him.Kion claims to have known that she was there the whole time, but Jasiri is unconvinced. Jasiri is a fairly small and slim spotted hyena, though she displays strength when fighting Janja's clan. Kiara grinned and let the carne drop from her mouth before she pushed it towards her. Beshte added as he noticed Scar's former heir, Vitani and the others all standing with the Pride Landers. "Also, you sure have changed a lot since I last saw you.". They had hoped to be back before Kiara's first hunt but alas they didn't, and everyone feared the worst yet still held onto the hope that they would return. It was like a rite of passage where they would be accepted into the pride with a set of responsibilities. "said Kutunza The top of his mane seemed to be slicked back somewhat and the most distinguishing thing about him, aside from the scar across his left eye, was a mark shaped like a roaring lion's head on his left shoulder. Series Simba started to say before he felt a sharp pain as he tried to make a sudden move and groaned. The Lion Guard Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. bunga fuli kiara king kion lion lionking nala ono simba lionguard beshte. The Lion Guard: Kion's Return Fanfiction. ... Kion got up on the rock and stood besides Rani. "As you wish." "Well, when someone is broken… sometimes they just can't be put back together… or won't." Houp You enjoy. Soon enough, tensions between the prides came to a boil and a fierce battle broke out between the two, one that was stopped by Kovu and Kiara, who manage to convince the Prides to end their pointless fighting and join together once more. In my opinion he most likely must/can/will avoid to do bad things, because he has a great sense of justice and cares deeply for other animals, even putting their needs and wishes above his own needs to guarantee that the Pridelanders and Outlanders are happier and can live better than before. Kion asked with a raised brow and a smirk. The cheetah quickly kicked her away with one of her hind legs. The back of her legs contain dark … "Now, I suggest you go home if you don't want to get hurt. He called. Zira's eyes darted around at all of them and she seemed to panic upon seeing that they had her completely boxed in. Years past and many things changed in the Pride Lands while they were away; while things remained relatively peaceful, a rogue pride of lions called the Outsiders sought to take over the kingdom. Kion told his father as he glanced over to Kovu. Bunga pointed out as he gestured to the rock tower she was clinging to and moved a little further down too. The thought of another sibling, a little brother or sister to call her own, made her feel giddy as she walked. Upon hitting the ground, Bunga quickly jumps and lands on top of her while grabbing her ears and pulling them, causing her pain. And there's nothing you can do to stop…". The two lion cubs where carried into the circle of stones. " Uncle Pumbaa! "Let's go, Lion Guard" Kion said quickly. She never thought she'd be so happy to see the stinky honey badger again and she wasn't the only one. Kiara slowly got down and onto her belly to a crawl not to scare her newborn sibling. Kion assured her. Can't Wait t… Her tail is short and bicolored; most of it is deep purple like her paws, but the fur on the very bottom is much paler, the same color as her underbelly. His older sister smiled sweetly while the rest of the Guard caught up to the two and started to walk, or fly in Ono's case, side by side with them. Bunga commented. 2K Views. Kion looked and spotted a certain, blue eyed lioness with a small tuff on her head and markings on her ears and under her eyes. "Father, you're obviously too injured to fight right now. Beshte said as he started to rush over. Kion and Kutunza started to float up into the air. "However, I also know one thing that you don't and that's about Zira. "Come on. You cannot reason with her, her heart is too full of hatred, just like Scar was. "Thank you Father, Mother." Chapter 1 All grown up! She glanced back toward Kion and gave him a flirty smile. Rani & Kion A Lion Guard Fanfic Fanfiction. Besides, I think it gives the two less of a chance for competition for the throne, since I believe Scar/Taka was in the same litter as Mufasa and not a separate one. Despite being his childhood friend, Fuli initially is distrustful of Kion's team, and laments on the importance of lions in the Pride Lands. "I missed you…". Seriously?". You know, this hasn't been my first Lion King story with Kion in it, but I have to say it is my first that I really immersed myself into his character. CLICHE.The Zebra Mastermind - Found it slightly funny. With their dinner. Nala smiled and replied quietly, "Your father and I had decided to name him Kiongozi, if we had a boy." "It's time to put the past behind us. Her home, the towering kopje standing proudly above all else was right ahead. I know about Kion's role in the Lion Guard, but, to be honest, I personally still like to hold to the theory that Kiara is an adult or near adult when he is born. The Lion Guard gathered together at the edge of the cliff and looked down toward Zira. It had been years since Kion, Prince of the Pride Lands, Kiara's younger brother and the current leader of the Lion Guard, a group that protected the Pride Lands and the circle of life, had left the Pride Lands to travel to the Tree of Life. This is set in after the Lion King 2 and where Kovu and Kiara are the next rulers and Kion is going to be born soon. "I can't believe it… you came back!" Nala smiled as she thought to herself, 'Maybe her new younger sibling coming out soon will compensated for me missing her first hunt.'. Plus… I think you owe him something." "Impossible!" Simba, Nala and Kiara all stepped forward a little in shock, they hadn't seen Kion in so long and to see him again as an adult was almost too much for them. Have an awesome day and I'll see you next time. Kion explained. But before she could even get close to him, while she was in mid-flight, a small sonic blast created by a loud and powerful roar nearby, sent Zira flying back, much to everyone's shock. He or she wasn't even born yet and she already loved him or her so much. She leaned her head down to partake of the meal her daughter brought her, when she suddenly lifted her head up again in shock. She was clearly torn over what to do and it was starting to make her grip loosen a little bit. "Besides… I fear that Kion might be right about mother…" Kovu confessed. "So, I take it the hunt went well," she asked. And so much nostalgia. "Congratulations. ... about this I think the older singing voice suited the teen Kion very much and emphasized in a good way that he has grown up a lot since the start of Season 1 where he still was a cub. Beshte suddenly and quickly slide over and knocked Zira away with the side of his large body towards Fuli. I do not need your pity or your mercy!" In the past months that followed, an amazing three things had happened. But, she supposed, it was best she stay and keep her new sibling safe. Kion looked ahead toward Pride Rock in the distance and smiled as well. Kiara walked over to help carry it over, leaving Nala by herself again with a piece of meat to devour. Never," she hissed while shaking her head. I'm impressed by how much your teamwork has improved while you were away." Bunga waved to them as well. Simba was one of the patient ones, sitting and waiting calmly outside, for he had already lived through one before. "Kiongozi. Could Kyle be the key to change everything?, and bring peace between the Prideland and outland? Zira's snarled while her body shook with seemingly uncontrollable anger. Kion said. Finally it all stopped. He now had the strong urge to tackle his son with a hug because of how much happiness he felt. His older sister stepped forward as well. "Uncle Timon! She extended a toe again and brushed the cub's head, eliciting a purr from the newborn. "Huwezi!" Together, they all turned toward the approaching King and Queen, along with Kiara and Kovu. He singled out Kiara from all of them and smiled. Bunga declared, excitedly. "Bunga!" Zira snarled, her anger and hate all but consuming whatever reason she had left. "Well, you're all grown up" she said. Speaking of, you drew both well as adults, especially Jasiri. This is a spin off episod of The Lion Guard. Pride Rock, home to her and her family and friends. Kiara responded. Kion was born to Simba and Nala sometime after the birth of his sister Kiara.At some point in his early childhood, Kion befriended a young honey badger named Bunga (who was in the care of Simba's friends and childhood guardians Timon and Pumbaa).One time, Kion and Bunga went out to play in the Pride Lands, despite Simba telling Kion to stay put. "You…" she growled. Rani & Kion A Lion Guard Fanfic Fanfiction. I'm not a little cub anymore, I've learned some things while I was away." The end of the Lion Guard.More clips from other episodes coming soon. "You can fill me in later, right now there's one more thing that needs to be done.". "Hey, sis. Think you might be interested?" Kiara grinned and leaned in closer. Kion nodded to her in respect. Joining Kion on this odyssey were Fuli the cheetah, Bunga the honey badger, Beshte the Hippo and Ono the Egret, Anga the Eagle and Makini the mandrill and Kiara's future adviser. His eyes were closed as he peacefully slept. "Congratulation's mother," she whispered. Mother doesn't fall that easily." "All of us.". This is a spin off episod of The Lion Guard. They both exclaimed while crying. Simba nodded. Kion told her.