I made a short video, showing the error. The BMI, body %fat, and weight data do show up in my apple health app on my phone. I own both the Tanita BC-1000 and Garmin Index. As it turns out, the time stamp being provided for each reading is supplied at millisecond precision. On paper, Index Scale is a very good product, offering direct connection to garmin, providing some simple efficient metrics. If it’s an unrecognized user, the measurements basically just vanish. I may have missed this somewhere in the review, but are you saying the scale won’t sync directly to your phone via BT on the CIQ app? Free shipping over $25. get a real scale. I also got both Tanita 1000 plus and garmin index, my muscle mass almost fell in half and bone mass doubled between Tanita and garmin (garmin halfed my muscle and doubled bone mass), same for my wife. I have been a long time Garmin supporter, nearly 20 years, and with the issue I have had (and continue to have) with the Edge 1000 and now this – I’m done supporting them! switching off the phone etc had no effect. 3) Add notes , for example “had a pizzaparty yesterday” to explain fluctuations isn’t possible in connect? My wife will probably be interested in checking her bf% every now and then, but doesn’t have a Garmin Connect account and isn’t interested in one. I’ve checked Apple’s developer documentation on HealthKit and spoken to senior Apple support staff and they confirm that the only way data gets in Health is by Garmin sending it. Of course, it works both ways. If we unwrap the scale, here’s the prettiness that we get: Ok, with that in mind, let’s get this thing setup. They will not refund my money and take the scale back because I did not buy it directly from them so I will have to go through Amazon for the return. As I said, in 2016 that’s really not OK when it’s a business decision. Sure, it has ANT+ & Bluetooth Smart – but only for setting it up. Done. It is a server side problem, acknowledged by Garmin on their support forum. There’s honestly very little that’s changed in the scale since release. They already have the platform (Garmin Connect Auto Sync) setup to do exactly this. Comparisons and ConclusionsThe Garmin Index Smart Scale is on the high end of the price range for scales that wirelessly and automatically sync your weigh-ins to an app. I don’t have an easy way of changing comment ordering on a single post though. Agree with Mark above. You will also need the Garmin app on your phone. When my body weight goes down, i.e. Bone Mass 7.3 lbs, Index: Although my son gets mad at the scale when it shows he has went below 100 lbs again. Lot’s of people with the same problem. It looks a heck of a lot like just about every other smart scale on the market, except the QardioBase, which is round. MyFitnessPal is owned by Under Armour, who now produces a line of competing devices including a scale. Additionally, my Omron scale puts me at roughly double what the garmin says. My bone mass increased overnight by 10%, % water shot up from 65 to 70%. However I am currently a bit chubby with just a few hours of exercise in the last few months… plus it’s a good 5% below my Tanita scales… so don’t believe it. The scale even flashed my initials on the screen. If I’m the only registered user, will the occasional rando’s data be sent to my account? I called Garmin and ask a fairly simple question – I thought. It shows your goal weight if you've set one, and a list of other days with recorded weights, should you want to dig into your past. If there is a transfer problem to TP it’s probably on their end, not Garmin. After two months of use my Index scale data suddenly jumped from fluctuating between 11 and 13% fat down to a 7.0% constant reading (no matter how much I ate or drank). Still, despite my lack of automated means – I did step on and off the scale numerous times, and would get the same values. Thanks Ray, I assume they gave no timeline? You’ll notice it asks for a weight; that’s to allow it to figure out who you are automatically as a guesstimate. Rather, it’s a complaint about the platform. A nice scale but caveat emptor. Are we supposed to accept this? It does not appear to sync my existing weight when I connect via Garmin Express (desktop), nor via WiFi. Then they stopped syncing via Wi-Fi. Since 3 days ago it shows me constantly 7% (also, sudden gain of 0,4 kg in bone mass, I got a new extra bone, I suppose….). At the Moment I CAN NOT Recommend this Scale to anyone. But there is a trick you need to do, if you have had the app installed for a while. I would say zero. I have now tried several times with different users, but it does not work. Technically anyone can step on the scale and then it gives the little question mark icon (the one seen in the picture at the beginning of the ‘Summary’ section. You need not kick it first to zero it (though sometimes I do). Once invited, they’ll show up in your list of users: Then, over on the account that you invited, you’ll go ahead and accept the invitation and specify your height/gender/etc (likely already there from your Garmin Connect settings). While there are additional features like muscle mass and body fat on some – the accuracy of such metrics is questionable at best. Got a question about the Garmin Index S2 Smart Scale Black? But sometimes it helps people who are new to fitness tracking learn what range is considered healthy for their height, age, and sex. And then re-pairing it back when I got home.). I’m thinking long term here, getting an initial measurement now and then weekly tracking to see where I’m at in a month, 6 months, a year, 2 years, etc. You get what you pay for with these scales. However I’m getting quite variable total weight and fat % (as well as absolute fat). He added me as an invitee, I accepted and then we both weighed and were able to see the data on Connect. Then check out the massive list of everything, from $150 off the Garmin Fenix 6, plus big deals on Apple, GoPro, Suunto, Polar, Samsung, Withings, and many more! Not sure from when, exactly. After reading the comments posted since your review in 2016, I am assuming that the Garmin scale can now sync with Training Peaks. Do you know if they have a plan for INDEX 2? My body Fat % is roughly the same as yours Ray. I asked garmin support for an explanation as to why, if discontinued, the product was still for sale on the garmin website. Any idea which scale works best (or at all) with the TomTom app? It wasn’t really a comment on the article, you clearly did mention it. Not recording more than one weight for a day is really annoying me. :-/. Weird. Bought one today 4APR19 in the USA. am eagerly awaiting the DCRainmaker twitter update: New garmin scale countiung corona kilos… (time to convert to metric Ray.. ).