It's the roll of the dice and no crime, you gotta die sometime. William Finn Lyrics - by Popularity. What could I say? Give me the balls to orchestrate a gracful Leave thats my reprieve to go out without care my head high In the air it's the last little mountain i'll climb, I'll climb you gotta die sometime, You gotta die sometime you gotta die sometime you gotta die sometime,Sometime, sometime, sometime. Block, Brandon Uranowitz, Anthony Rosenthal, Betsy Wolfe, and Tracie Thoms.Lincoln Center Theater describes Falsettos as a musical that "revolves around the life of a … And they hate lame ducks His attack. artist: "Falsettos", Top Right: Anthony Rosenthal as Jason and Stephanie J . He puts his arms around my neck and walks me to the bed But it does no damn good He has a caring wife, Trina and a young son, Jason. That's the ball game But I hope in the end Life sucks He holds me in his arms and whispers something funny When it does, screw the nerves. * Something Bad Is Happening * Holding to the Ground * Unlikely Lovers * You Gotta Die Sometime * What Would I Do. You gotta die sometime “You Gotta Die Sometime” WHIZZER “Jason’s Bar Mitzvah” THE COMPANY “What Would I Do?” MARVIN, WHIZZER Act Two song list, continued Top Left: Christian Borle as Marvin and Andrew Rannells as Whizzer in Lincoln Center Theater’s production of Falsettos. Then the scene goes to black. }; You gotta die sometime Download and print in PDF or MIDI free sheet music for you gotta die sometime by William Finn arranged by Billford for Piano, Drum Group, Clarinet (In B Flat), Cello & … 3. Life sucks people always hate a loser I thought it was going to be so tough to do, and it is. I'll climb. div_id: "cf_async_" + Math.floor((Math.random() * 999999999)) He takes me in his arms and lets me hold his face I'll be eating hors d'oeuvres There is a quiet power as Whizzer faces his diagnosis of AIDS and worsening condition with the desire to exit with dignity. (function() { And that is life. When it does, screw the nerves There are plenty of jazzy show tunes dotted throughout, only for you to have your heart ripped in two moments later with some thought-provoking lyrics … // ]]> [CDATA[ You gotta die sometime Death is not a friend, but I hope in the end He takes me in his arms, and lets me hold his face He holds me in his arms, and whispers something funny He lifts me in his arms, and tells me to embrace his attack Then the scene turns to black Life sucks People always hate a loser, and they hate lame ducks Screw me, and shucks © 2020 The Musical Lyrics All Rights Reserved, FALSETTOS - You Gotta Die Sometime Lyrics. I said, "Doctor, in plain english tell me why was I chosen why me of al men, docter here's the good part at least death means I'll never be scared about dying again. NA: I was surprised by "You've Gotta Die Sometime." Death is not a friend but I hope in the end he takes me in his arms And lets me hold his face, He takes me in his arms and whispers something funny, He lifts me in his arms and tells me to embrace his attack. document.write('
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