May be mixed with any Drunk Elephant cream or oil. Kiehls avo eye cream works the same/better for half the price. The cream did make my under eyes feel good but I didn’t pay £54 for my eyes to just feel good. I have dry eye skin-area with dark circles, so I’m always in search of a long-term brightening effect Eye cream. Drunk Elephant Eye Serum The last Drunk Elephant serum is designed specifically for the eye area. May be mixed with Shaba Complex Eye Serum. Limited Edition. I didn’t notice much difference and it’s empty after only having it for 2 months! Drunk Elephant has a unique philosophy in that it doesn’t believe in skin types, rather skin concerns. Best eye cream EVER. Exactly what I am looking for. By no means are my dark circles gone, but this does feel like it's helping reduce them. A treatment eye cream, with a nourishing, but not too much, that sink into the skin perfectly. I really enjoy using this product, no irritation and I can see a noticeable difference when I don’t use it. This stings my eyes quite a lot and I’m not sure I can continue to use it. I have sensitive eyes so have to be quite careful with eye creams – but this one’s perfect. Applies smooth and it’s not sticky. Awards: - Men‘s Health, 2020 15 Best Eye Cream for Men - Rave Reviews, 2019 Best Eye Creams Clean at Sephora Clean at Sephora is formulated without a list of over 50 ingredients, including sulfates (SLS and SLES), parabens, phthalates, and more. I have been using it for just 3 days but I can say that it helps intensely, especially if you never used an eye cream before. This honestly did nothing to my under eye area, it actually made my skin worse. We'll send you an email as soon as the product arrives. Drunk Elephant is a skin care brand founded by Tiffany Masterson in 2013. Dupes for "Drunk Elephant - C-Tango Multivitamin Eye Cream " Fragrance Free Leaping Bunny Approved No Harsh Sulphates No Parabens No Phthalates No Sulphates No Synthetic Fragrances A rich and restorative eye cream featuring a brightening combination of eight peptides, five forms of vitamin C, and cucumber extract for firmer, stronger-looking skin around the eye area. Amazing. I'm really gutted that I can't return it as it was so expensive so please get a sample if you can beforehand. I dont see a huge difference but it’s the best formula for eye creams ive ever tried. THE DRUNK ELEPHANT DIFFERENCE With a mission to deliver clinically-effective, clean skincare products formulated with both cutting-edge synthetic and natural ingredients, Drunk Elephant knows that every ingredient should directly benefit the health of your skin or the safety of the formulation. After trying so many different eye creams, this one has actually made a difference!!! Not worth £54 at all. The bottle is cleverly designed too, as one pump dispenses enough for both eyes. You have to be careful to not put a lot of product because the cream is very heavy. Inspired by the famous expression, “less is more,” so she set out to really learn about ingredients in popular skin care products. I really like it, it’s literally the only eye cream I’ve ever used that keeps the skin under my eyes hydrated! I have stubborn dark circles and bags and nothing helps, besides this one. Thank you Cult Beauty for super speedy international delivery! I find it works very well under my concealer. Lala Retro Whipped Cream. The only hesitation I have when buying this cream is the drunk elephant company policy... they really have awful customer service and unlike many other companies won't ever admit that their product could cause any irritation. Drunk Elephant. Dewy The Polypeptide Kit. I have used a variety of eye cream products. Best eye cream. The Littles 4.0. However, after one week I’m loving it! highly recommended. This has helped with puffiness as well though so that's good! I've tried a long list of products that swear they'll kick fine lines and wrinkles to the curb. Slightly drying effect over time. It didn’t do anything for my dark circles and my fine lines the packaging is very nice and smell wonderful just wish would work better with my skin. It is a simple basic cream, with no effect and no special moisturising properties. My only problem was that I use acids at night and this doesn’t work well with them so I limited my use to the day time. First, it irritates my under - eye area and second, my skin is not hydrated enough after application of this cream. Gentle yet powerful, this soothing concoction is enough to improve even stubborn signs of damage – and the peachy tangerine, airtight bottle looks great on your bathroom shelf (while also serving to keep the ingredients fresh as a daisy).

. Contact us I can honestly say I have NEVER used an eye cream which I feel made a lasting difference to the skin around my eyes, until I tried this one. It's plumping, doesn't cause any irritation and I find it's great both under makeup or before bed. It might be a bit pricey, but for me personally, it's worth it. View our privacy policy. So, you can buy it if you have perfect skin with no dark circles or if you don't use any concealer or foundation on eye zone. At the start, my eye area was not liking the cream and thought I would have to stop using it. I'm on my 5th package. NEW Drunk Elephant A Passioni Retinol Cream Full Size 30ml 1 Oz + B-Hydra Mini. However, the more I used this I noticed that it would leave a residue on my face. I have tried many eye creams from different brands, but this has to be my absolute favourite! After trying to make it work for a month I had to give it to a friend as it was drying my undereye, my wrinkles looked more accentuated and I had small red bumps around my eye. And it still works :). I use this ALL OVER. My under-eyes feel hydrated and brighten afterwards. Gentle yet powerful, this soothing concoction is enough to improve even stubborn signs of damage – and the peachy tangerine, airtight bottle looks great on your bathroom shelf (while also serving to keep the ingredients fresh as a daisy). The Shaba Complex Eye Serum is designed to boost hydration around the eye area while combating the signs of aging. I will be honest. My skin looks much better since I use it :). On the pricey side... but worth every penny. This is the Freddy Mercury of the eye creams. It moisturises my eye area very well, leaving it feeling very hydrated. This feels very smooth upon application and absorbs nicely into the skin. I would definitely see if you can get a trial size before buying the full size. I believe that I'm not going to be able to use all the amount of product that it has inside. This product is so potent it’s staying in my nighttime regimen for a long time. Mix and go. It’s the best from all I’ve tried but still something is missing. I love this eye cream. My under eyes area is moistened and wrincles are obviously reduced. This is definitely a must have. Shop Drunk Elephant at Sephora. I only use it at night as I find it's a bit heavy for the morning and leave it to soak for a minute before adding the rest of my skincare. On my second bottle now because I don’t wanna risk buying a less good alternative ! It contains a multitude of peptides and my extremely dry and crusty eyes are less crusty after using this. 9 Jelly Cleanser. It has a thicker consistency, so I prefer using it in the morning (thicker eye creams at night make me puffy in the a.m). Honestly, I don’t see anything spectacular after using this cream. I've been using this cream for about two months and I see an improvement in the dark areas I had under my eyes thanks to the vitamin C it contains. Absolutley love it, really brightens the skin round my eyes and feels really soothing. Waste of money :/. This eye cream is super hydrating and works great under make-up, doesn’t smudge my mascara at all. I bought this because Carol Hirons and No BS beauty raved on about it! Maybe a mix with both is the best. I bought this cream in Rescue Party Kit, and now I'm very happy that I didn't spent £54.00, because it totally overpriced. Air-tight, tamper-proof. or Best Offer. Can not fault the packaging. Framboos™ Glycolic Night Serum $159.00 - $236.00 This product manages to keep the surface of the skin clear of dead skin cell debris that can lead to congestion and block absorption of moisture, hydration and other actives in a routine. My darkness is definitely genetic, but it really helps brighten my eyes when I occasionally haven't gotten enough sleep or water or both. Founded by Tiffany Masterson who wanted to formulate products without any ‘fillers’, this all-star collection is powered by biocompatible actives – a mix of synthetic and plant-derived extracts – that skin recognises and knows what to do with. OK so let me start by telling you I have the darkest undereye circles ever!! I should have listened to the reviews. 5. I would prefer a soft tube rather than this. Mediocre product. I do like some of the products in the DE range but I won't be repurchasing this one. I like it so far. Until then... this is ok, It doesn't work under make up with an oily skin type, it creases too much, but as a nourishing night cream it works well. Drunk Elephant. I’m out of my 1st bottle and I will be 100% buying a 2nd one. Also I think the pump dispenses too much product, half of a pump is just enough. My under eye area feels very thin now and I have ‘deep’ wrinkles. Free shipping. If not, please contact us quoting the reference below: Everybody in the Cult’s getting tipsy! Whilst I don't find this has any significant impact on dark circles, it is fantastic at prepping and plumping the under the eye, so I find that my under eye concealers sit and look a lot better. Once you have created your new password, you may sign-in. I have always had problems with dark circles and to solve it I have tried many different products. This moisturiser has a great package but I am a little bit disappointed with it. What do you get when you combine eight peptides with five forms of vitamin C? I didn't notice any difference in brightening or hydration or any visible improvement in my dark circles. Your bag will be emptied, do you wish to continue? I don't just use this under the eye. LOVE IT. Anything Wayne Goss recommends, I'm totally in. I’ve used this entire bottle only to see no visible results whatsoever. Given the price, I was hoping for at least some improvement, but have gone back to other cheaper and more effective eye creams. Dark circles are still there. The last eye cream I used, had a visible positive effect on my skin, but this doesn't. I’m using the smallest amount as well. C-Tango™ Multivitamin Eye Cream. With a serum first, it is an ideal treatment! It mixes well with the rest of my current routine and I really enjoy using it. It was nice and light and hydrating and a good base for concealer, but personally I saw much better results with Ole Henriksen's Banana Bright eye cream which is really good. C-Tango is a dance of potent antioxidants, replenishing ceramides, plant oils and soothing actives, all designed to refresh and restore a radiant appearance. Also very cool packaging. The only thing I don't like is the package. Gave it a rest, trying to find out if it was something else causing this as I have never suffered from allergies of any type. Drunk Elephant T.L.C. This is THE ONLY eye cream that seems to work for me. I've repurchased this multiple times just because it's sooo amazing. Protini Polypeptide Cream. Hi, for the price paid I was expecting so much more from this product .I'm a little dissapointed. I don't look so tired and bad anymore. As with any eye cream, you can't have unrealistic expectations. Drunk Elephant. I didn't find this product to be worth the price tag. I absolutely fell in love with this product! This is definitely a rich cream but my skin absorbs it very well. After I ran out of my longtime favourite, my over 40 under-eye area asked for something richer. It also helps with my discolouration. I’m 28 and this is my first eye cream. I have sensitive skin but this cream is soft and leaves my undereye area hydrated and smooth. I'd definitely buy it again. Has a creamy texture, but still absorbs well. One of the best eye creams for moisture. The formula contains black tea ferment, copper peptides, and Co-Q10 to help minimize dark circles, puffiness and age spots as well. Framboos Glycolic Night Serum. I am going to persevere, as I have seen no adverse reactions and haven't had any stinging or issues as some reviews mention. It’s not bad and I have noticed a difference hence 4* but it’s not out of this world and it’s expensive so I don’t know if I’d repurchase and that’s what makes something 5* for me. Drunk Elephant C-Tango Multivitamin Eye Cream. I'm really liking this eye cream! I really like the formula of this, it absorbs really nicely and feels refreshing. I have really dark under-eye circles, and this has lightened them considerably, and doesn't settle into laugh lines. It doesn't sting or burn my eyes which I really appreciate. I've been searching for an eye cream I could get on board with for years now. I love it. It's nice and thick, and even gets me through the toughest winters without one dry spot on my sensitive little eyelids. I have tried several brands for eye cream and after seeing so many reviews here about it and how good people are talking about I thought to give it a try, it does hydrate but that’s about it. I’ve been using it for about two weeks now. It's definitely more on the pricey side but it's worth it. 3) Brightening effect VISIBLE (after daily use, give it 3/4 months) But using it for 2 weeks even my partner noticed I looked more awake. Still looking for something that makes a slight bit of difference, so maybe no such thing exists, but might I prefer Inkey List over this for a fifth of the price! Super hydrating and for me that's so important! The product is packed with such beneficial ingredients that really help to give you that kick most people are looking for from their eye cream! Helps to keep puffiness and dark circles away! Very creamy but not greasy. Drunk Elephant C-Tango Multivitamin Eye Cream. The texture around my under eye area has noticeably improved! Sure, I was a bit hesitant to purchase this due to the price tag, however, I am very happy with the refreshing effect it gives. Incredibly disappointed, I've been waiting ages for this product to be available in UK after glowing reviews from Caroline Hirons, and other beauty gurus. If you’re a Drunk Elephant newbie and looking to start your clean break, I would recommend starting with the Beste No.9 Jelly Cleanser, C-Firma Day Serum, and Protini Polypeptide Cream. My dark circles gone and my fine lines have puffed !!! Performance & Personal Opinion. Beautiful eye cream! Perfect for prepping under-eye for make up. I bought it to brighten and firm my skin, instead after only 4 uses it's given me dark circles around my eyes. Drunk Elephant just had its latest baby, and while it may slightly resemble a product that already exists, it has a totally unique purpose. Drunk Elephant C-Tango Multivitamin Eye Cream is an anti-aging eye cream. $58.00. Good design. I am amazed, it also really helps dark circles and brightens my eye area. I really like his packaging, which preserves the sterility of the cream. It’s super refreshing and hydrating, and instantly evens out your skin tone. Already a favourite at Cult Beauty HQ, this rich, restorative eye cream features a brightening combination of eight peptides, five forms of vitamin C and cucumber extract for firmer, stronger-looking skin around the eyes. I don’t think most eye creams can really remove the fine lines and this eye cream is one of those. I will be reordering this again. Recommend! Lasts not more than 2 months. Gently pat a pump of C-Tango around the eye area using your ring finger. I really enjoy most of the Drunk Elephant products I own. I love it! Umbra Tinte™ Physical Daily Defense SPF 30, Umbra Sheer™ Physical Daily Defense SPF 30. It's just overall a fantastic cream that I can't get enough of. For me it's the best eye cream, it works for me to wake up my under eyes and to brighten my skin there. I have chronic dry under eyes and am prone to getting eczema on the eyelids but find this keeps that dry skin at bay. This cream is very lightweight and gets quickly absorbed into the skin. I mean I don’t see this lighting the undereye area. Please note, order processing times may be up to 7 business days due to the holiday. I like this a lot, having recently started to notice my eye area was getting dryer and starting to create a little (hello 30) I picked this up and it is lovely to wear under makeup in the day! I’m not sure this would work well under make up/ concealer. I just love it. And, because of their ingredient-elimination philosophy, you won’t find any of the following ‘Suspicious 6’ – drying alcohols, silicones, SLS, chemical screens, essential oils or fragrances/dyes – so you can ‘reset’ your complexion and help both your skin and your tresses to flourish like never before. Cream absorbs very well and make up stays on great. I would get anything cheaper thta was the same consistency but I havent found anything. 2) Gives a slight glow when applied under eyes It is not bad but it is definitely not anything special. After constant use of this cream my face is smooth and fresh. This product has helped with my dark under eyes, and a little bit goes a long way. I really like this eye cream. This is an overpriced mini moisturiser, I prefer the Cerave eye cream which is around £12. Gentle enough for … I have always been prone to milia so preferred serum-like eye creams for sensitive eyes. Shaba Complex™ Eye Serum. Answer: This multi-tasking peeper protector that both firms and brightens the sensitive skin around your eyes. I was even considering doing a laser treatment or something but I am taking this off the table meanwhile because it seems I don't need to with the continuous use of this one! By continuing to use our site, you consent to our use of cookies. Give it a try. Very good hydration, no greasy residue at all, no irritation, no milia so far however I got some puffiness and blurred vision one or two mornings - I wouldn't recommend to apply this under the eyebrow. You can view our full Privacy Policy here. Didn't see much of a difference. 1) super cute packaging/ Fun user experience I love Vitamin C products. My eye area definitely feels more hydrated and seems brighter. It's good. After a week my dark circles are visibly diminished and my eyes are brighter and more hydrated. Drunk Elephant - C-Tango Multivitamin Eye Cream Drunk Elephant C-Tango Multivitamin Eye Cream Reviews. It’s a lot to pay for a cream that is, just ‘ok’. Also I have some wrinkles under eyes and they became more shallow, smallest is almost gone now. So not there yet as a holey grail product. Use it under my foundation and it's perfect. We appreciate your patience! Drunk Elephant. I can't even count how many times I have repurchased it. Will definitely purchasing again! Besides, it can't be used with concealer, because it is impossible to apply concealer on this cream, it turns into pellets and spots. $28.01. Unfortunately, I feel the same way I feel about eye creams in general with this one by Drunk Elephant. The cream might only be for extra moisture but it will not prevent or improve wrinkles, etc… At least this has been my experience so far. It definitely has a permanent place on my skin care shelf. I have been using this cream for one month (maybe more). I started using this cream every morning, and it gives me hydration while the vitamin-c works it’s magic (it doesn’t have pigments that will mask your dark circle in one day, but it will actually treat the issue with time and regular use). I'm using it for 1 month now and already see a difference. They also were posting not very nice messages lately on SM, which made me think twice before buying their products. It does add a shine under the eye area and moisturises like any other eye cream. The price tag is high. Before I even get into this can we just take a second to appreciate the packaging! Bought from a Caroline Hirons recommendation and you only need a half a pump for both eyes so cost per usage is pretty great. My only problem is that is very sticky. 5 forms of vitamin C! I have normal skin (54 years of age) with very little wrinkles (I don’t use fillers or injectables around my eyes, just sporadically on my forehead) and I do think this actually works! I wouldnt compare it to kiehls because that eye cream is thick and slides down your face creating milia. 5. I find I can use less concealer, because everything is just brighter. Gave it two stars as it was a lovely consistency and pleasant smell. C-TANGO MULTIVITAMIN EYE CREAM I will buy this again for sure. Everything Drunk Elephant - Clean Clinical Skincare where less is more and we only use what is good for your skin. Beste™ No. Drunk Elephant. Love the package. For enhanced results, add it to the Shaba Complex Eye Serum, or alternatively, leave it in the fridge for a more cooling experience. This is pretty amazing and hydrating but a bit expensive. I've been using it for a couple of weeks and I have started seeing my under eyes brighten, I'm really amazed by this product. Amazing! In combination with vitamin C cream it is fantastic! Although it felt nice on the eyes it was no nicer than a cream clinique which is priced at £27, You pay for the packaging which although good I found the product didn't last half as long as my usual eye creams. Drunk Elephant C-Tango Multivitamin Eye Cream can be patted around the delicate eye area using the tip of a ring finger. The packaging is great, and really chic. I would recommend it. T.L.C. My dark circles are gone and my under-eyes always look so fresh after applying this product. Feel hydrated and comfortable after I use this. A beautiful eye cream, expensive but better value than others. I don't have anything special to say about it, but I do love it. 4.5 stars!! Join to receive our marketing communications and get priority access, hear about new cult products and exclusive offers. Drunk Elephant C-Tango Multivitamin Eye Cream Buy on Amazon Buy on Sephora. I love this cute product very much. I have dark circles and quite a dry sensitive eye area. At first, I was completely 'meh' about the product. I wanted my eye bags to improve. Also my fine lines are less visible. I will be back to my Kat Burki eye serum (lighter yet much more moisturising!). I purchased this to get rid of my dark circles but now my concern is to get rid of the really bad wrinkles. This product is amazing, I’ve been using it for about 3 months now. The packaging is also excellent. I also feel it is too pricey for the benefits it provides and there are many other products on the market that are less inexpensive and work better. Also you cannot see how much product you have so that’s a guessing game. Love it and will buy it again when it’s empty :-))) it’s perfect for dry skin. I think this product it totally overrated and to be really honest, I did not find any difference at all. Save your items to your wishlist if you want to keep them for later! I like the texture of this eye cream as it’s isn’t too heavy, absorbs and sits well under makeup however not sure about the actual effects. $37.00. J'ai 47 ans, une peau très fine, et pas de rides. I honestly feel that it’s been able to make my eyes more youthful looking. My hollow under-eye area is not as hollow as it was. Love it every time. Not that bad of an irritation but in a way I can feel the product getting into my eyes kinda feel. The packaging is great, absolutely no mess or overspill what so ever and one pump is enough for both eyes. Drunk Elephant C-Tango Multivitamin Eye Cream has a lovely consistency that melts immediately into the skin, without leaving a greasy residue behind.. Straight after application, my skin feels softer and brighter.My eye area has a lovely glow an the lines around my eyes are plumped up, so they look smaller.. :D. Since the application of this skin care series my skin is wonderful. It is rich, spreads nice, doesn't get in my eyes, doesn't contain fragrance (what a relief! I'll keep buying it again and again. My favourite part about it is the bottle. It is pretty pricey but I'm finding it lasts a long time. We are committed to using only ingredients that benefit skin's health and avoiding the 6 ingredients that we believe are at the root of almost every skin issue. This is already the second cream I've bought. With respect to any eye anti-aging product, I think a serum is more effective than a cream. I use a half a push a day and I feel very satisfied about the results of this product. This eye cream is nice and hydrating however I have dark circles and fine lines and this hasn't had any effect. Excited to see the benefits after a prolonged usage. I have dry skin and dark circles, it doesn't even sit properly under my makeup. It keeps your under-eyes moisturised and happy and that's about it. There is no noticeable difference between my under-eyes. Less lines and great hydration, and absorbs well. Finished very quickly and moisturizes a little, I want more hydration in the winter, but on the whole it’s not bad, although next time I will buy another. I have been using this eye cream for a few weeks now, and can't see much of a difference in my eyes, especially for the price tag. Avec un sérum d'abord, c'est un soin idéal ! Texture is nice, I agree that it's both lightweight and rich. Zaki. All in all, it's amazing and I will continue to repurchase this eye cream. Despite that I will continue to use up the product. $48.00. I saw a lot more improvement with the iS Clinical youth eye complex, however... As someone who has dark circles I have used a lot of eye creams. Better eye creams for much cheaper! It has taken a few weeks but I am starting to see a difference in the skin around my eyes. It's gentle to my sensitive under eye area and also brightening. I usually stick to a routine of products from Sunday Riley, pixi and Alpha H but wanted to try this as the reviews are amazing and the quest for the perfect eye cream never ending. I love the way it feels it's very light and still not too light. By continuing to use this website, you consent to the use of cookies in accordance with our Cookies Policy. I saw results from this eye cream immediately. Drunk Elephant and carefully selected third parties use cookies on this site to improve performance, for analytics and to show you offers tailored to your interests on our site and third party sites. I already use the C-Firma which has brightened my skin like nothing else. It’s a nice cream. Shop in EUR € and get FREE SHIPPING on orders over €50. The 3 star review for 2 reasons: the packaging is cheap and unpractical and I can't open it at the end to scrape out the last bit of product. It's the best cream ever. ... Lala Retro™ Whipped Cream. In my early 40’s and iam very happy with this eye cream. Tried again for a few days and same result. When the Suspicious 6 are entirely removed from one’s routine, skin can reset and return to a healthy, balanced state. When I wash my face at the end of the day I literally still feel that it’s there! The DE’s eye cream has, in fact, a great formula with 5 forms of vitamins C plus soothing (cucumber, camellia) and other hydrating ingredients (avocado, ceramides)...all good ingredients, making it perfect also for sensitive skin. After constant use of this cream my face is smooth and fresh. No eye cream is gonna remove your dark circles or eye wrinkles. Drunk Elephant D-Bronzi Anti-Pollution Bronzing Drops. Wow! Texture is rich yet spreadable, with instant hydration. Also, be careful while applying, it contains vitamin C hence it can burn your eyes. I am 47 years old, very thin skin and no wrinkles. For reference, I am a south Asian 21 year old female. Really like the cream, only need a small amount, applies well, feels nice & light. So far I do like this product. I don’t normally leave reviews but this stuff is great! Usually, my eye creams last around the 4-6 month mark. This cream is pretty amazing, very thick but absorbs quickly, made my dark circles brighten up and keeps me moisturized. I think this could be my eye cream for life! Very disappointed, I wanted to like this! My under eye area is drier so this works well under makeup for me. It is lightweight, absorbs beautifully, brightens, and hydrates. I have really dark under-eye circles and some fine lines and this didn’t work well at all under make up, so I only used it in the evening and it literally did nothing! Drunk Elephant A-Passioni™ Retinol Cream Mini. C-Tango Multivitamin Eye Cream is good, just like any other average eye cream. This is probably the only Drunk Elephant product that I've bought that I wouldn't repurchase. So if your skin is showing signs of redness, dryness or breakouts, Drunk Elephant believes that it’s your skin’s way of telling you that it’s unhappy, confused or unable to process what you’re feeding it. Water/Aqua/Eau, Glycerin, Dicaprylyl Carbonate, Cetearyl Alcohol, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Hydroxyethyl Acrylate/Sodium Acryloyldimethyl Taurate Copolymer, Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate, Cetearyl Olivate, Sorbitan Olivate, Sclerocarya Birrea Seed Oil, Persea Gratissima (Avocado) Oil, Plukenetia Volubilis Seed Oil, Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate, Ceteareth-6 Olivate, Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate, Ascorbyl Glucoside, Ascorbyl Palmitate, Palmitoyl Tripeptide-1, Glycine Soja (Soybean) Sterols, Linoleic Acid, Phospholipids, Ceramide NP, Glycine Soja (Soybean) Protein, Ceramide AP, Phytosphingosine, Cholesterol, Ceramide EOP, Cucumis Sativus (Cucumber) Fruit Extract, Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract, Palmitoyl Dipeptide-5 Diaminobutyroyl Hydroxythreonine, Palmitoyl Dipeptide-5 Diaminohydroxybutyrate, Dipeptide Diaminobutyroyl Benzylamide Diacetate, Sodium Hyaluronate Crosspolymer, C12-15 Alkyl Benzoate, Panthenol, Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate, Hesperidin Methyl Chalcone, Dipeptide-2, Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7, Fragaria Ananassa (Strawberry) Seed Extract, Medicago Sativa (Alfalfa) Extract, Morus Alba Leaf Extract, Hydrolyzed Rice Protein, Spilanthes Acmella Flower Extract, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Ubiquinone, Superoxide Dismutase, Palmitoyl Tripeptide-38, Acetyl Hexapeptide-8, Pyrus Malus (Apple) Fruit Extract, Phytic Acid, Actinidia Chinensis (Kiwi) Fruit Extract, Vaccinium Myrtillus Leaf Extract, Tocopherol, Thioctic Acid, N-Hydroxysuccinimide, Chrysin, Mica, Ethylhexyl Palmitate, Phenoxyethanol, Pentylene Glycol, Sodium Lauroyl Lactylate, Titanium Dioxide, Hydroxypropyl Cyclodextrin, Sodium Benzoate, Xanthan Gum, Carbomer, Tocopheryl Acetate, Sodium Dextran Sulfate, Sorbitan Isostearate, Caprylyl Glycol, Steareth-20, Chlorhexidine Digluconate, Citric Acid, Chlorphenesin, Polysorbate 60, Potassium Sorbate, Ethylhexylglycerin, Need help?