Lightly oil your waves with a light oil like Jojoba, almond or argan oil. A post shared by Glam Naturelle (@glamnaturelle). Use your fingers to detangle gently. If its not listed it has either not been checked or is not CG friendly. Whether you’re wanting to breathe new life into your afro or get the best out of your curly hair, the Curly Girl Method can be applied to pretty much all hair-types. CG Method, also called as Curly Girl method was created by Lorraine Massey. The wavier and thicker your hair is, the creamier and more stylers you will need. I first heard about the Curly Girl Method years ago, but I never considered it an option for my in-between, wavy hair. Original Moxie Pop Life Volumizing Mousse. If its excessive, I’d ask you to consult a dermatologist and get your blood work done and see if there is any iron, vitamin deficiency. Volume and texure come from natural corn starch, tilia tomentosa bud extract, and sugar cane extract, while sweet almond, linseed, olive leaf and arnica extracts detangle, protect against heat, enhance shine, and help prevent frizz. GURL this post was so helpful and gave a wavie some hope. Day 4- Repeat or Wash day again. 600). If you find developing a cold or headaches, then avoid. You will need to try and experiment and find the right amount of conditioning for your waves. Yes, to all of this. If you don’t, spray some water and then scrunch. Yay! Also helps lift up roots if you suffer from a flat crown. Use Pantene lively clean (Rs. Hi Pallavi. Depends on person to person. I use argan shampoo from the blessing tree brand. Over the next couple of months, I discovered my favourite mousse, Pantene Defined Curls No. Then once just do gel alone. Even calling my hair wavy has always felt a little generous: Whatever wave my hair is sporting on any given day is almost always overshadowed by some show-stealing frizz, dry texture, and altogether unwieldiness—it wasn’t obviously curly hair. Dryer and thicker curlies like myself like to layer mousse under gel on wet hair to help define our looser patterns. You’ll hear a very satisfying squelch. They can often deep condition and use JUST a gel to style their waves. But if you do want your waves to last as long as possible, you have to protect them at night. Try it and see if the results suit you! Apply a leave in conditioner in spray form or a mousse. How To Start The Curly Girl Method For Wavy Hair. Yay, so glad you liked it! You’re off to a fresh start! A post shared by Thank God It’s Natural (@tginatural). How To Use Gel On The Curly Girl Method. Examples – Arata Hair Cream (Rs.599 – Use my code CURIOUSARATA for 20% OFF on orders above Rs.999) or Cantu Curl Activator (Rs. Not sure if I need to get back to those silicones again which had managed my unruly hair. If you find your waves get weighed down by deep conditioning, do it first and THEN shampoo your hair! Remember, all of this is trial and error. You can softly scrunch out the crunch then (SOTC), Examples- Taft Gel (Rs. But strands used to be very nice looking and moisturized. Okay so you have to learn if you have wavy hair, that your hair will get flatter faster than curly hair. 350), Vilvah Goatmilk Shampoo (Rs. 12 I did this post because so many wavy hair people would try my routine and message me disappointed because it did not give them ‘results like me’. I will share pictures with you. I’m a blogger+ Youtuber who loves to share helpful step-by-step tutorials and video guides about wavy-curly hair care in India for all budgets! Email me your hair pictures and full routine – we’ll figure out what’s going wrong. Examples- DIY- Any normal conditioner+ water in a spray bottle Thank you for this post, it’s by far the most helpful I’ve found! It couldn’t be easier using gel to get beautifully soft and bouncy curls if you’re following the Curly Girl Method. Day 7- Shampoo+ Deep Condition instead of condition+ Rest routine remains same, Washing and styling routine remains the same. Watch the video to learn how. We hope you try some of our recommendations and let us know what you think about them in the comments area below. , A post shared by Lorraine Massey (@curlyworldllc). I’m glad you found the blog useful Hiral! I am wondering if it is okay to leave my hair plopped overnight? Hi Pallavi. What results did you like more? *Please note that not every product on this list is no-poo or CG method approved. But very excited to get started . This will help … It will be difficult to retain shape – and that’s okay! My hair takes a while to dry and I’m thinking that would save me some time getting ready, Some girls do so you can def try! This was the only styling product I’d used on my hair for years before I started the curly girl method. Just don’t over do the oil since that will require more shampoo to remove it So glad you liked the post! Curl Type. Meet Alyson from real life+curly girl | The Curious Column, Struggling with Your Waves? To remove the build-up of previous products from your hair (to start with a clean canvas), you need to use a shampoo that has sulphates but no silicones. This will help in forming bigger clumps of waves and loose curls which is always slightly difficult with this hair type. But the Curly Girl Method is not just for big curly hair, it is absolutely also for those with fine wavy textures. It smells great, too! Reapply a small amount of conditioner to your hair and rinse out with this technique called Squish to Condish. . Mousses are also an excellent option to revive curl definition and fight frizz on days'-old hair without adding in too much product. It has it’s rules (sometimes I think it can be too strict) but there is a lot of positive change in your hair when you follow it. (How long you go without washing completely depends on your hair type, the humidity, how physically active you are during the day etc) This is an easy Mousse tutorial. Thank you so much Pallavi this is so helpful for us wavies. Please suggest some hair care routine with products. Under Rs.1000 If your hair is just frizzy and not even 2A type wavy, then you don’t need CG as such. You can also comb after the leave in conditioner if Do it until you absolutely feel the need to wash again. Day 2 Morning- Refresh Night- Protect hair in a pineapple/loose bun with satin/silk pillowcases or hair cap Trust me, if you have curly hair, mousse should be your new holy grail product. Still I feel my hair very frizzy n dry.. CG Method, also called as Curly Girl method was created by Lorraine Massey. Psst – Wavy hair gets oilier faster and product build-up happens faster than for curlier hair, which means you should clarify your waves at least once a month to keep that bounce and shine! Please help! This 2020 hair routine is a must read for wavies! I have been trying most of these things..And my hair two years back used to be very healthy n nice wavy (though not much wavy as they are little lesser wavier than even 2A type). Thanks Pallavi! Learn more about this movement and what ingredients to avoid in this post – CG Method for Natural Hair. With coconut oil and shea butter, this creamy mousse-cream hybrid enhances curl definition and fights frizz while leaving hair soft and moisturized. I am new to curly girl! The Curly Girl Method is a set of guidelines for styling curly and … I’d suggest DIY FSG or even set wet gel over aloe gel. It’s been almost two years that I’ve been following the curly girl method now! (C) COPYRIGHT 2019 - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED BY THE CURIOUS JALEBI. This mousse helps to bring out natural texture and to minimize frizz. 1500 – You can use my code CURIOUSJALEBI for a discount on NaturallyYouMe) or any leave in conditioner within your budget. In that case, use a good conditioner each time you wash. for you sulphates will actually give crown volume and as a consequence you can use silicones. And coconut enliven conditioner and also leave some on the hair as leave in. For curly hair, it’s best to just cleanse once a week with conditioner or a co-wash, and for coily hair, it’s recommended to cleanse as little as possible. What Is It– A custard is a mix of leave in conditioner/curl cream and gel and is called as a one and done product. Sign up for our newsletter to get more tips and tricks. I have short curly hair and I’ve kept it that way because of the amount of weather damage it has had. I have tried herbal shampoos, CG friendly conditioners but after some time frizz n dryness is back. Some of the results we have seen are absolutely astonishing! Try a little leave in or curl cream and see if it makes any diffference. See technically you are leaving it in your hair even when you use it as a gel. My hair will have a true curl (ringlet) or two on it’s best days, but it’s primarily wavy hair not curly hair. Wash Your Hair. And if you're looking for alcohol-free gels, check out this article! Pin it up! Use a generous amount of moisturizing shampoo and conditioner on your curls. 4 Months – Discovery. I can feel no strength in my hair that they can hold themselves together..But just after wash they become horribly frizzy like I start thinking why I gave them even a touch of water. Wavy hair gets flatter faster. Fourth Step – Styling. For the past two months, I have been using just a small amount of mousse in my wet hair and it seems to be working very well! After clarifying, deep condition your hair while you are in the shower. I’d love to see you until my next post on Instagram @thecuriousjalebi or simply subscribe to my email list below. Conditioning, while apply gel or cream or deep cond mask… all thru the time. 1189), Mielle Organics – Brazilian Curly Cocktail Curl Mousse (Use my code CURIOUSJALEBI for a discount). So you mean lightly wavy? Some wavies LOVE a curl cream or a custard to help clump their waves. Because mousses aren't heavy, those who have fine hair that gets weighed down love to apply it to wet hair to enhance their curls and waves. This multi-award-winning mousse is perfect for all types of texture to enhance curl and wave pattern while moisturizing the hair and combatting frizz. Our website is made possible by displaying online advertisements to our visitors. hey !!! And I’m overwhelmed by the product choices. I used to hate my type 2 waves because they were frizzy and dry. At a time when pin-straight hair was the ideal look for all women, it was considered revolutionary to embrace curls. I know many wavies get upset with this but honestly, this movement is help you learn more about your hair and love it how it is. Day 3- Repeat SOme people follow up with just gel after Squish to condish! Thank you! Volume at the Roots Takes Effort on Wavy Hair. Other ingredients increase manageability and add shine. Can you please suggest me a perfect hair care routine for my hair. Once, do both one after the other. Coconut oil hydrates and protects hair while reducing breakage. So glad you liked it and found it useful! Using the best mousse for wavy hair will help you take advantage of your texture and allow you to show off your hair instead of fighting with it every morning. This silicone-free, multi-action mousse moisturizes, strengthens and volumizes in one step. The main purpose of our styling products is to encourage wave definition. Scrunched in some matching mousse, then diffused. After applying your leave in conditioner, mousse or gel, take sections of your hair and scrunch up, gently so as to preserve the clumps but also encourage them to shrink. There is an affiliate link in this post. thx for making this rlly helpful and thorough cg guide. Use either leave in or curl cream or gel in very small amounts on the very frizzy sections only after spraying hair with water. Just try to deep condition once a week and use a leave in conditioning spray or a mousse at max for the frizz. (Rs. Yes, it’s possible to do the curly girl method on a budget. What Is It– This is lighter than a leave in conditioner and often used WITH another styler. This 2016 Editor’s Choice winner has a unique formula with a soft-pliable hold. I have coarse wavy dry hair. By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to my use of cookies. This site uses cookies. What Is It– A light, hydrating product. or choose from This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Another botanical-filled product, Cloud is a lightweight formula that delivers body and manageability to all hair types. Rest of the steps are the same. Any time you touch or comb your hair, there will be some hairfall. Rinse off well. Try Enliven Conditioner (Rs.300), Reequil Conditioners (Rs.350)  or Matrix Biolage Hydrasource Conditioner (Under Rs.300) if you’re from India. Are we supposed to follow this each week, for example: Day1, day2, day3.. day 6, each week ? Curly girl method on a budget. A post shared by Me Gorgeous Hair & Cosmetics ✨ (@megorgeoushair), Examples- DIY Flaxseed Gel (Cheap and super easy to make), Arata Hair Gel (Rs. Hair dressers just suggest me keratin n olaplex treatment..But I don’t want to have more silicones induced. This breaks it down really well and I appreciate that you listed products for India AND the US! The Curly Girl Method, also known as CGM, is a special new hair care routine based on using a series of natural products and specifically designed to take care of curly hair keeping the curls defined and well hydrated. A post shared by Elizabeth Alex (@honestlizhere). The best part about finding hair products that mix well with your particular strands is that you’ll be embracing the air-dry method … Lightweight, non-drying polymers enable this foam to plump up limp areas and give body to fine, delicate curl patterns. Try DIY Flaxseed gel as an alternative. I am a little confused… if i do “squish to condish” method, do i need to apply leave in afterward as well? Hi Pallavi. It’s at most supermarkets, unlike most of the other curly shampoos I’ve read about, and my hair thanks me for using it. You will need to wash it faster than your curly sisters. Thank you for the very informative post. Otherwise, take a look at my simple steps below to start following it for YOUR hair. If you don't know your curl type, you can click here to find out. Some need a hard hold gel after a leave in conditioner. For more on the Curly Girl Method, check out these posts: The Curly Girl Method 101, How to Start the Curly Girl Method, My Curly Hair Journey, My Curly Hair Routine. Here’s my hair two months after starting the curly girl method. Shea Moisture Coconut and Hibiscus Frizz Free Curl Mousse, Original Moxie Pop Life Volumizing Mousse, Design Essentials Natural Curl Enhancing Mousse, Herbal Essences Totally Twisted Curl Boosting Mousse, Alex Anthony Curl System Hydrating Curl Mousse, Eden Bodyworks Citrus Fusion Styling Mousse, OGX Locking and Coconut Curls Decadent Creamy Mousse. Starting the Curly Girl (CG) Method was the best personal decision I had made for my hair. It's Curly Girl Method-approved (as are most of these gels on this list), safe for low-porosity hair, and under $10. They don’t reveal their full ingredient list so we can’t be sure. Start simple. This is because you’re doing it wrong– let me explain how. Curly Girl Method Before and After “I wash my hair with Pacifica’s Pineapple Curls Shampoo and Conditioner. A post shared by Dominique (she/her) (@powerdomi). Anyway, when I do go full on curly girl, do u guys recommend gel or mousse? It's called Aussie opposites attract strong hold mousse. I seem to have severe hairfall. If you find you need to wash your hair too often, instead of a CG Friendly shampoo, choose a Cg Friendly ‘Cleansing Conditioner’. Neem oil controls frizz while adding brilliant shine. An easy four step hair routine for wavy hair. Hello! This mousse contains wheat protein to provide strength to your strands while also hydrating the hair and reducing frizz. ive listed some good beginner friendly brands here- It defines, smooths, volumizes, and hydrates, all while looking like you have absolutely nothing in your hair … Some girls don’t need leave in, just gel works as well. So if you have fine wavy hair and want to have stronger, healthier curls, read on for a full breakdown of how you should follow the Curly Girl Method. What Is It– This is a thicker, more richer product that you leave in your hair until you wash again. Hey, I’m really new to CG method and have been reading things which literally made my head spin and you just simplied everything. 5, was CG approved. In this routine, you stop using any product that has harsh drying sulphates, silicones, drying alcohols, mineral oil, wax and more because these ingredients over time, build up on your hair leading to dryness and frizz. Learn how your comment data is processed. It helps to define curls without weighing down fine hair. Then eventually I started feeling dryness in my hair and I looked around so many alternatives.. With plant-based UV protection and cell-rejuvenating, antioxidant ingredients, your hair will stay vibrant and healthy, while looking its best. Tried curly girl method.. Home DIYs but results are not that great. How to Get Your Curls Back After Straightening, A Pocket-Friendly Guide to Starting CG Routine, Tips from Amazing Wavy Hair Care Bloggers, Loreal Smooth Intense Conditioner Alternatives, SheaMoisture Coconut and Hibiscus Curl & Shine conditioner, Mielle Organics – Brazilian Curly Cocktail Curl Mousse, Aunt Jackie’s™ – Curl La La – Defining Curl Custard, Plum Goodness Olive and Macademia Shampoo, Sheamoisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl & Shine Shampoo, Not your Mother’s Tahitian Gardenia Flower & Mango Butter Shampoo, AWESOME tips by my favourite Wavy Hair Blogger on Instagram, Calling Everyone with Wavy Hair! Gels helps the definition to last longer and becomes another barrier against frizz. Here are 10 excellent mousse choices for wavy and curly hair. Now my hair grows at a faster rate and it is much longer, shinier and overall healthier. It nourishes, adds shines and keeps hair in place. Deep condition once a week. This is super helpful! Curly Girl Method Before and After Wavy Girl Method. Packed with botanicals including lime, orange, and acai, this lightweight foam has soft hold and is ideal for wash and gos or setting hair in styles. For wavy hair, the method says it’s OK to wash once a week with a shampoo, but to condition both before and after. Antioxidants rejuvenate fine hair, and bamboo extract adds shine and strength to delicate, fine strands. Hi Pallavi! … Here’s What You Need to Know (Plus Tips to Treat Dandruff), But for 2A, 2B waves, a light mousse after a good session of conditioning can deliver the right amount of lift, bounce and moisture for fine, thin waves. (Psst- You can learn more about Natural Hair Types and also learn what type of hair you have. – Follow next by scrunching with a t-shirt. Be generous with the quanitity of the conditioner as well. With the soaking water, I scrunch all over, making sure my hair is off my scalp. After this, smooth on a leave in conditioner or styler on all your hair (skip the crown) with hands clasped as if in a prayer. My locks from the end don’t look that bad but my mane looks horrible with small small hair frizz standing.. Mousse Vs Gel For Curly or Wavy Hair | Curly Girl Method. Take the t-shirt and wrap your hair inside as shown in the video. Shampoo, condition, comb, rinse, apply DIY Flaxseed gel or set wet gel (blue, yellow). After co-washing and conditioning with a Curly Girl approved conditioner, apply gel to soaking wet hair and then scrunch your curls upside down. Start With the Curly Girl Method. This lightweight foam gives tons of body and volume, which is great for those looking to enhance their waves. All the best on your natural hair journey! ah, its okay, esp if your hair is very dry, coarse, thick! While the guidelines in Massey’s book are mainly based on curly, wavy and afro hair textures, you can personalize the method to fit the needs of your own head of hair. It has it’s rules (sometimes I think it can be too strict) but there is a lot of positive change in your hair when you follow it. If you find it get’s flatter faster, keep some handy hairstyles up your sleeve! This method was first made popular in December 2001, when hairstylist Lorraine Massey released her hair-care guide, Curly Girl: The Handbook. Thanks! Yes you can! A post shared by Cantu Beauty (@cantubeauty), Examples- Giovanni Foaming Mousse (Rs. So I gave it a try and found that when I protect my hair by not brushing it after it’s wet, and by using gel – I have wavy hair. Yes, to all of this. Keep it like that for 3-5 minutes as this helps the waves to shrink and look more defined. What Is It – A product that is jelly like and forms a light cast around your wavy curly hair. Only 4 steps, easy and affordable budget friendly hair routine. 1562) or Cachos Brazil Brazilian Combing Crème (Rs. Take your fingers and detangle gently and follow with a wide-tooth comb. Also, if you are following such a routine, please note that since you comb your hair only once or twice a week as compared to daily before, so the 50-100 hair strands that would shed daily is trapped and will suddenly come out when you wash. Also, be gentle when you condition, always finger detangle before you use a wide comb. However, I'm pretty sure it's not cg friendly. International wavies try Sheamoisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl & Shine Shampoo, Nature’s Gate various shampoos or Not your Mother’s Tahitian Gardenia Flower & Mango Butter Shampoo. Mousse is a versatile styling product. This routine works well for 2a and 2b wavy hair, but can be easily modified for 2c and curly hair! 2456). I’ve tried a lot of products and methods in the past 8 months since I started the curly girl method. This makes drastic hairfall and mane full of tiny curly hair standing in air.. This is an unsponsored/unbiased review of Herbal Essence Totally Twisted Curl Boosted Mousse! I’ll update the list. Hair have lost their strength and they have become brittle prone to breakage. This silicone-free, multi-action mousse moisturizes, … While shampooing. Apply some water to your hair with a spray bottle or use your leave in conditioner spray and then apply some custard or gel to the frizzy sections and go about your day! I have been using many hydrated products from quite time without sulphates n silicones. Ashba Botanics Leave in Conditioner (Rs. If you’re from the states, use Suave Essentials Shampoo Daily Clarifying Shampoo, TRESemme Purify & Replenish Deep Cleanse Shampoo or any Vo5 Shampoo. The creator of the Curly Girl Method, Loraine Massey, has outlined the following process for cleaning, conditioning and styling your wavy, curly or coily hair. Friday - Tried GF XXL Volume Weightless Gel, let hair air dry for awhile. Is it important to apply a curl cream/gel on Day 2 refresh day ? You’ve got to scrunch the hair all the way to the scalp, otherwise you’ve got flat hair against the scalp and curl at the bottom and you’ll look like a poodle. Deep Condition. First just do a leave in conditioner. Tell us in the comments! Now, natural hair comes in SO many forms. If you follow this method strictly, check ingredient labels before buying.*. Shampoo and conditioner, honestly try any in your budget, all are good. If you’re looking for beginner friendly affordable products check this list- I have long coarse wavy hair which matts easily and your write up about the cg method and the products to use is a boon to someone like me who is tired taking care of her endless hair . Specially Mane. Silk protein smoothes the hair for a soft, silky feel. Please suggest me the products. Like the leave in conditioner spray, mousse is great for wavy hair. 590), Plum Goodness Olive and Macademia Shampoo (Rs. 2615 – Use my code CURIOUSJALEBI for a discount), Aussie Moist Instant Freeze Gel (Rs. You can also once in a while, choose to ‘co-wash’. Hi! 389), Giovanni Gel, Devacurl Ultra Defining Gel (Rs. I comb my hair before shower and see to that its thoroughly tangle free. I’m assuming you don’t have PCOD, thyroid or any hormonal imbalance as that also causes hair fall. After that, I put a palmful of HE Twisted Mousse all over, brush it, and scrunch it in. 1899). It needs to be modified according to your texture, thickness, porosity, length. And done! … A post shared by Sara McFall (@mymerrymessycurls). But first, A post shared by Lulu (she/her) (@curlicue_lu). Forms a loose “S” very easily straightened, Forms a definite “S” shaped like a corkscrew, Very tight curl when stretched creates an “S”, Hair intentionally matted to form "ropes", Guides and resources for easy product selection, Learn how to read your hair product labels, Easy-to-make recipes for all your haircare needs, Community member favorites make up this coveted list, Chat with curl friends about your favorite curly topics. more in this category coming soon! In this post, I explain the basics of the curly hair method for wavy and curly hair and give you a step-by-step guide to follow so you can start the curly girl method. Many find it drying so its best to avoid. It can feel a bit frustrating at times. Can i use mama earth conditioner and products ?? can I use deep conditioner every wash day instead of normal or is that harmful? I discovered your website by chance and it has been a huge blessing. *** Hard to tell in the video but I apply my gel & mousse to soaking wet hair**** In this video I show you guys my every day "on-the-go" curly hair routine. A good conditioner will also help. It’s very dry and brittle too. I was shocked by the results. Unfortunately, most wavies have to put in a lot of … great help .. starting the process .. please guide me if Wow shampoo conditioner and Aloe vera gel is ok to start with. Heavy oiling will not suit your waves and make them flat so remember to be cautious with the amount and the oil you choose. Thanks Pallavi. The paraben- and silicone-free mousse boosts curl patterns, even in humid and damp climates. Better than the Body Envy combo the day before, but I don't think the gel/mousse thing is for me. For more volume, I’d recommend diffusing your waves but air-drying also works! People in the states, you can start with SheaMoisture Coconut and Hibiscus Curl & Shine conditioner or Trader Joe’s Tea Tree Tingle Conditioner. I know that the official term is the “Curly Girl Method” – however, if there’s one thing I learned is that wavies need to treat their routine a little differently than our super curly-haired sisters. The Curly Girl Method (CGM) originated from the book, The Curly Girl Handbook by American curl expert Lorraine Massey, and has gained a loyal following ever since. Read more about this here. Note that the Curly Girl Method can also be used on straight hair and color-treated hair. A post shared by Sallee Elizabeth (@curllee.sallee), Examples- Mop Top Curly Hair Custard, Cantu – Define & Shine Custard, Kinky Curly – Curling Custard, Curls – Curl Souffle, Aunt Jackie’s™ – Curl La La – Defining Curl Custard  (Use my code CURIOUSJALEBI for a discount). If you can’t find any of those shampoos, I found this beautiful brand, ODX, which has no sulfates or silicones or anything nasty like that (I checked). If you find your hair gets frizzier, with water, try a Dry Refresh as shown below in the video! The next morning, take your hair out of the pineapple, and shake it around. Next, apply a light but moisturising conditioner to your waves from crown to ends. 1950- Use my code CURIOUS10 for discount), What Is It– This will create a harder cast around your clumps and will hold up against humidity better. When I started the CG method back in 2009, there was little to no information available. 949), As I Am Naturally – Leave In Conditioner (Rs. It dries quickly and reduces frizz while providing a gorgeous, natural sheen.