My kids have major sweet tooths. These tasty shortbread cookie bars are loaded with mini semi sweet chocolate chips. How to Make Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars. As a mom, I love recipes that don’t require a lot of effort on my part. To make chocolate chip cookies with cake mix, all you really need is a yellow cake mix box, vegetable oil, chocolate chips, and a few eggs. Follow these instructions and no one will know they aren’t freshly baked the day you serve them: Bake and cool the cookie bars. INSTRUCTIONS : To begin, preheat your oven to 350° and grease a 9×13 pan. Sign up for FREE keto recipes and support delivered straight to your inbox . Recipe by newspapergal. Slice the bars into squares. Keto chocolate chip cookie bars are grain-free, sugar-free, and are lower in carbohydrate than your standard chocolate chip cookie bar. And the results speak for themselves, gooey, chewy, doughy yet fully cooked chocolate chip cookie bars that are 100% irresistible. …and that’s it! – 1 bag of semi-sweet chocolate chips. – 1 yellow cake mix. The Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars ever are soft, chewy, easy and loaded with chocolate. Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars are soft, chewy and easy to make when you don’t have time to scoop individual cookies! Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars are often requested at church dinners Barbara Witte helps organize in Irving, Texas. Set aside. Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars. Gather up your ingredients. I am so excited to post this easy dessert recipe! Add the eggs and vanilla extract. Chocolate Chip Cookie Bar Ingredients: 1 stick of butter 2 eggs 1 yellow cake mix 1 bag of semi-sweet chocolate chips. These Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars are made like traditional chocolate chip cookie dough by creaming the butter and sugars for at least 4 minutes. 221 People talking Join In Now Join the conversation! This smaller batch version of my popular cookie bar recipe is perfect for families! The chocolate chip cookie that started it all! Fat in baked goods adds flavor and helps bind everything together. Stir in cake mix 4. If you’re a fan of Cookie Dough Bars then these Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars are definitely for you. This recipe was in my paper recently and I made them for my co-workers. (1 c.) semi-sweet chocolate chips. Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars are made quite often at my house because theyView Recipe Add the wet to the dry and mix until just combined. INGREDIENTS : – 1 stick of butter. These chocolate chip cookie bars are shaped like a granola bar but of course since they are actually chocolate chip cookies, they are way more fun! Skip the scooping and make your chocolate chip cookies in a pan instead! You just bake the whole thing in one pan and cut into squares afterward. No chilling or scooping required! Apparently I consider decadent, chewy, chocolate chip cookie bars to be firmly in the “important” category, because I can’t stop talking about these perfect little blondies. It is easy to make, taking only 5 minutes to whip up and 20 minutes to bake! Ingredients for Keto Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars: Butter: Butter gives these low-carb blondies that iconic cookie flavor we all love so deeply. The first time I made Momofuku Milk Bar’s Cornflake Chocolate Chip Marshmallow Cookies I became a huge fan. I’ve been making these chocolate chip cookie bars forever, and they’re still a favourite. salt 6 oz. Why the Chocolate Chip Cookie Bar Recipe Works. If you’re craving chocolate chip cookies, but are short on time, or just love a good bar cookie, then put this Chocolate Chip Cookie Bar recipe on your baking list, stat! Thick and chewy cookie bars with a gooey center, you are left with mouthfuls of chocolate chips in every bite. They have all of the chewy, buttery flavors of a brownie mixed with the nostalgic classic taste of Chocolate Chip Cookies. These awesome bars are not only the title, but a very fresh and delightful chocolate chip cookie. Start with melting chocolate in a double boiler or in the microwave until just melted. Maybe I selfishly just wanted to keep it to myself. This delicious cookie bar recipe is filled with oats and chocolate chips and comes together in just a few minutes. This shortbread recipes takes about forty minutes from start to finish and produces one 10 x 15 inch pan of cookie bars. Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars are an easy quick way to make soft, chewy, buttery cookies for a crowd, no waiting for baking sheets to cool!. Chocolate Chip Shortbread Cookie Bars are an easy shortbread recipe that does not require any chilling or rolling out of dough. In large bowl combine sugar and melted butter; blend well. Beat butter, brown sugar and granulated sugar until creamy. These chocolate chip cake mix cookie bars are chewy and delicious! And if you’ve made them, I think you’ll probably agree with me. Bake the bars for 30 to 32 minutes, until they've risen, and their top is shiny and golden. SERVES: 48. By PJ Hamel. HERE. Unlike chocolate chip cookies, these cookie bars have chewy, soft edges that are heavenly. And they turn out perfectly…every time! Super soft, crazy delicious, and easier to whip up than a batch of cookies, this is a low carb dessert that everyone will love. Except these are much healthier AND tastier. Turn chocolate chip cookies into chewy bars. CHOCOLATE CHIP BAR COOKIES : 2 c. firmly packed brown sugar 1/2 c. butter, melted 2 eggs 1 tsp. 1 teaspoon salt. Morsels and Baking Ingredients. If you love cookie bars as much as we do, be sure to try a few of our favorite cookie bar recipes like these Rolo Cookie Bars, Cheesecake Cookie Bars and Sugar Cookie Bars. Whisk together until well combined. ), but tastes just as good – maybe even better! ), and they continue to be a staple treat recipe for us. Key Ingredients. Made with just a few simple ingredients, this recipe is an fast and easy way to enjoy delicious cookie bars. Community Pick. You can cut them thick or thin but I find cutting them evenly into granola-sized bars, they come out perfect…especially for dunking in some milk, hot cocoa, or coffee! – 2 eggs. Chocolate chip cookie bars are one of my favourite quick and easy treats to whip up. Then there are treats that are so comforting they end up being family favorites that are replicated month after month, and year after year. Chocolate chip cookie bars are just a simpler, thicker and chewier version of a chocolate chip cookie. In this house we love all kinds of chocolate chip cookies. Grease 9"x13" pan. 1 teaspoon baking soda. Directions: 1. Stir in the chips or other additions of your choice. HERE . Serve them with coffee or a glass of milk. This chocolate chip cookie bar recipe is seriously the best. Mix to combine and then mix in the dry ingredients and fold in the chocolate chips. I’ve shared a variation of this recipe before (my Chocolate Chip Pretzel Cookie Bars), but not quite sure why I haven’t posted this OG version. These chewy bars filled with chocolate chips get rave reviews from everyone who tries them. These chocolate chip cookie bars turn out fantastic every time and I can always have the ingredients on hand.! DIVINE! Recipes / Bar Cookie. INGREDIENTS Nutrition. Chocolate chip cookie bars are different from traditional keto chocolate chip cookies. Serve the warm with a scoop of ice cream and you have achieved dessert nirvana! Join the Facebook Recipe and Support Group. This recipe has lived on my site for a long time (since 2010! NET WT 12 oz (340 g) Ingredients. "They're tasty and easy to serve," Barbara remarks. And these oatmeal chocolate chip coconut cookie bars are my all-time favorites. vanilla 2 c. all-purpose or unbleached flour 2 tsp. NESTLÉ® TOLL HOUSE® Semi-Sweet Chocolate Morsels 12 oz . Add egg and vanilla extract and mix to combine well followed by the melted chocolate. You simply throw all your ingredients together and bake in just one pan- it could not be any easier! 5. How to make Double Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars. The bars will also have a beautiful golden brown color. This recipe will definitely be able to cure any chocolate chip cookie cravings without having to spend too much time in the kitchen! Homemade chocolate chip cookie bars freeze beautifully so they’re a great make-ahead dessert option. Press into greased pan 6. NESTLÉ® TOLL HOUSE® original chocolate chip cookies are a true classic and the go-to cookie for all occasions! Scoop the batter into the prepared pan, spreading it to the edges with a wet spatula (or your wet fingers). Nestle Toll House Chocolate Chip Pan Cookie. I bake these Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars in a pan instead of making them into cookies and scooping out the dough. These soft and chewy chocolate chip cookie bars are an easy-to-make treat loaded with melty semisweet chocolate chips inside a buttery soft cookie bar! These Keto chocolate chip cookie bars take everything you love about a blondie recipe, then add chocolate chips! These Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars remind me of the store-bought cookie bars I used to find in my school lunches. This easy keto cookie bars recipe is also low carb, gluten-free, grain-free, sugar-free, and Trim Healthy Mama friendly. Smooth the top as best you can. One of the best things about this chocolate chip cookie bar recipe is that it’s easier to make than plain old cookies (no individual shaping! Bake the Soft & Chewy Easy Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars at 350 degrees for 20-25 minutes. 6. 2 1/4 cups all-purpose flour. If scooping cookie after cookie isn’t your thing, you can just press this dough right into an 8×8 pan!It’s the same pan you use for brownies so you’ll enjoy a chocolate chip cookie with the hard edge you get with the brownies. Melt butter in bowl 2. These soft and chewy chocolate chip cookie bars are beyond easy to make and full of chocolatey goodness with nice notes of brown sugar, vanilla, and salt. Heat oven to 350 degrees. 2. Because you have to love a soft and chewy chocolate chip cookie that mixes up in minutes, and doesn’t need to be chilled or scooped into individual cookies. Easy desserts are always a win for me! Cornflake Chocolate Chip Candy Cane Cookies are packed with lots of peppermint flavor and make the perfect addition to your Christmas cookie platter. You don’t want to over bake them but you will know they are done when the edges begin to pull away from the pan. It’s simpler in the fact that you don’t have to drop the batter for individual cookies onto a baking sheet. Whisk together with eggs 3. Recipe includes a brief instructional video on how to make chocolate chip cookie bars! Whisk the flour, corn starch, salt, and baking soda in a bowl and set aside. Set oven to 350F and line your pan with parchment paper. This recipe calls for a good amount of sugar which gives it that ooey gooey texture that melts in your mouth. That’s not to say I’d turn my back on any of the other cookie bar recipes I’ve waxed poetic about, I’m just saying that these cookie bars are special.. And they make me really happy. You only need one bowl and 30 minutes for this easy recipe! I looked & looked and was surprised I couldn't find it already on Zaar. Cookie bars are where it’s at. They are packed with protein and you will never know. Bake at 350– 9×13 for 20 min, smaller pans 25-28 min. It’s such a crowd-pleaser – and also easy to double (just one bowl needed!) READY IN: 40mins. These chocolate chip cake mix cookie bars are such crowd pleasers and only require 4 ingredients to make. I’m calling all lazy cookie bakers with a cookie craving today! I use mini chocolate chips in these bars because I love the smaller bits of chocolate. Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars - Thick and soft chocolate chip cookie bars baked in a 8x8 pan. Use them for the ultimate ice cream sandwich. The Secret to the Softest & Chewiest Cookie Bars. Add the melted butter and sugars into a large bowl then whisk together. Mix in chocolate chips 5. 3. 4. Salted Caramel Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars are the latter treat variety. But the truth is that this has been one of my favorite recipes for quite a while. Add eggs, 1 at a time beating well after each addition. There are treats you make on rare special occasions. Toll House. 1. Both my kiddos and husband loved them and asked for more! baking powder 1/2 tsp. UNITS: US. Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars are my go to time-saver dessert recipe.