Once the recycling centre has the cans, they will be sent for recycling, where they’ll be made into new aluminium products. Consumer education from Friskies aims to raise recycling rates for the brand's petfood cans. You can also find out where to drop off specific materials in your area here. The food in the can may at times go bad. Additionally, you can leave on the labels. Topic: Recycling cat food cans? This step is very optional though it is good to clean the can. Or, if there's a town "nearby" that recycles cans, you could collect all cans … « on: May 20, 2012, 03:07:20 pm » Yesterday, Number One Daughter took our aluminum can recycling bins down to the facility in Owasso. Purina products made from aluminum say so directly on the can. Dry Food Bags: In my city, Atlanta, all paper products are accepted, so I can throw the empty cat food bags into my home recycling bin, but in other parts of the country, paper pet food bags that have shiny plastic lamination inside or out, are not as readily accepted in paper recycling programs. This is because the label carries important information about the food. As soon as the food is used up in the can, you can recycle the can. Food cans, however, don’t always just have a liquid that you can easily pour out. The process is quite simple to follow and cost-effective. That’s why Concert says the more, the merrier. Lay another piece of fabric over the top and tuck it into the can all around the sides so that it makes a sort of cushion over the top. Many corporations have taken it to themselves to recycle and reuse the used containers. Leftovers in the form of either food or liquids can contaminate other recyclable materials and render you unable to recycle tin cans. One of our cats is 15 years old, so you can imagine how many cans the little guy has gone through so far. Crushing cans for recycle with size 15 Herman Servivor boots. Web page addresses and e-mail addresses turn into links automatically. In other parts, food cans are even made of plastic. It is also important to keep the label attached for as long as the can has cat food. The best thing to do, says Edington, is to keep the lids with the cans. "Oh, no! Either raw meat, or cooked in a slow cooker. The attendant said that they could no longer take cat food cans. To understand the above, this article is going to provide you with insightful information. The process is quite simple to follow and cost-effective. white spirits, paints or engine oils: Aerosols (remove plastic caps and recycle with plastics) General kitchen ware, e.g. You can get 25 cents per each pound of cans recycled. Copper is one of the more profitable metals: Some scrap yards offer over $2 per pound. Recycling cat food cans? I’m passionate about cats and love to sharing everything I have learn about them. Check your state to see the details and where to return containers. Getting started Interested in raising money by collecting aluminium cans? Instead, they choose to dispose it in their litter bins for dumping. Saundra J. Graves is a housewife. Corrado’s cat Harley eats about a can of food a day. Many of the used containers are harmful to the environment and nature. Look for the How2Recycle icon for help recycling any of our products. It is always important to care for the environment by recycling these food cans. If you are not sure about the bins, consult it from the community that you reside. Aluminum pet food cans are one of the least recycled household items. Be sure to make them with two or three wicks so that they wax… Article byLizzi Bartosik Haas A dirty can may make the recycle bin dirty and smelly. We feed our cats frozen raw (thawed to room temp), dehydrated/freeze dried raw (re-hydrated), or home cooked and only have cans in the pantry for emergencies. You will give it a try, won’t you? Though some people pick up cans from the side of the road, or collect them from neighbors, if you want to make money recycling, look for a source of a large quantity of cans. Global Healthcare Company Adds Smart Labels to Meds. You can get this information from the label on the can if you had not peeled it off. All other aluminum cans are OK, but not the ones that had cat food. If in any case, you cannot recycle the can, just dispose it in a safe and designated place. ", she yelled out with a laugh, reading my mind EXACTLY -"you're thinking of pimping it out with cat food cans!"