A simple, refreshing, bright, tropical cocktail. Two strawberries . Yields: 2 servings. 4 cl vodka . Not a vodka fan? A basil muddled Gin Mojito. Strain into a tall cocktail glass, add some more ice on top, and drink up! Whiskey Finished In Rum Casks. 3-4 segments of mandarin ; 3-4 basil leaves; Method. Strawberry Basil Smash. 2 cl lemon juice . Directions. Muddle the lime and basil, then build ingredients over cubed ice in a highball glass. 60ml Gin; 30ml lemon juice; 15ml simple syrup (Make your own with a 1:1 ratio of hot water and sugar! A simple, refreshing, bright, tropical cocktail. And the smash comes together in fewer than five minutes. Combine Belvedere Mango Passion, Simple Syrup, lime Wedges, Basil & Club Soda. Sonic Archeology. Find your way at Nobis Hotel. Pour 1.4oz of FAIR. Fill a spacious glass of two strawberries and three basil leaves. Preparation. Add blueberry vodka – As much as you can tolerate – Then top with ice and seltzer. Blend together the cucumber, basil leaves, and lemon juice. How to make a Rhubarb Basil Smash Cocktail. Enjoy! I have one plant that is more like a bush. Simple Syrup 3 1-inch Watermelon Cubes 2 Large Basil Leaves . Enter the Basil Lemon Smash cocktail, made with vodka, it’s refreshing and quick to whip up for that upcoming cocktail hour! I vigorously muddled twelve whole basil leaves with green grapes and freshly squeezed lime juice for a very refreshing, herbal sip that’s anything but a boring mocktail. Think of it as the mojitos arch-nemesis, packed with fresh fruits, herbs, a natural sweetener, and citrus. Think spa. It is taller than my kid. If you ask us, nothing is more refreshing than a good mix of cucumber and lemon. Jun 12, 2019 - Vodka Pineapple Basil Smash Cocktail made for Earth Day 2019 in partnership with Pau Maui Vodka. Vodka Pineapple Basil Smash Cocktail. Vodka will work, and some gins will make a gorgeous cocktail, but you’ll need to test out the gins you have as the aromatics in gin differ so wildly and you’ll need one that plays well with both basil and champagne. With so much basil in the garden, I have been using basil nearly every day to keep it cut back. Crush ice in a towel and top the drink with plenty of ice cream. Crush strawberries and basil with a wooden spoon. A good cocktail should be both refreshing and relaxing. Wild Leap Vodka; 5 Blueberries.5 oz. This mixed drink is so invigorating and delectable, impeccable throughout the entire year. to make a gin basil smash use basil leaves, gin - dry (unsweetened) gin, lemon juice (freshly squeezed), sugar syrup (2:1) and garnish with 3 basil sprigs muddle Basil Cocktail Cocktail Desserts Fun Desserts Fun Drinks Alcoholic Drinks Beverages Pineapple Alcohol Drinks Cocktail Images Wedding In 2008, Gin Basil Smash became a phenomenon, Le Lion won the Best New Bar at the Spirited award, and it became the signature drink of the bar. Whiskey Smash. I have so much basil in the garden. You grab a handful of blueberries and a few large basil leaves. This basil fig vodka smash is a flavorful, fun and super easy summer cocktail. 2 oz. Lemons From Lemonade. Top with club soda and garnish with a lime wedge. Things are … I grow this beautiful, richly deep purple, opal basil in my garden. HOW TO SERVE. Add Watermelon cubes, Basil leaves to cocktail … Learn how to make a Belvedere Mango Smash, a delicious and refreshing vodka cocktail. Add lemon juice, Wild Leap Vodka and ice. Slightly press 10 basil leaves in a shaker; Pour 2oz of FAIR. This inspired vodka smash is made with freshly muddled strawberries and raspberries, fresh rosemary, blackberry jam, honey syrup, and lemon juice. This year’s Earth Day theme is “Protect Our Species” highlighting the protection of millions of plant and animal species from going extinct. https://www.diffordsguide.com/cocktails/recipe/3282/gin-basil-smash Make the simple syrup: Heat the sugar and water in a saucepan over medium heat. Three basil leaves. You do not want to rip the basil apart in the shaker. How to Make a Gin Basil Smash. Gone are the days when you quickly walk into a liquor store, pick out some vodka and pay for your booze. Shake aggressively and strain into glass over fresh ice. I pizzazz my meyer lemons and stop it just as stop the juice in ice solid shape plate at that point spare in cooler packs. Sonic & Red Wine. Hotel. Simple Syrup; DIRECTIONS. Signature cocktail Basil Smash . My new favorite summer drink is an orange basil smash cocktail. Today is Earth Day and I am partnering with Pau Maui Vodka for the second year in a row with another Earth friendly cocktail.. Simple. If you enjoy a Basil Gin Smash, but aren’t currently imbibing, give this Basil Smash mocktail a try. Sproll serves his first Basil Smash in May of 2008; Meyer publishes his recipe two months later. I realized I wasn’t using my basil as often as I would like, but love the smell and flavor it offers up. It's not too sweet, very refreshing and it goes down smoothly. Watermelon Basil Smash. The muddling in a Smash is the best way to extract the lively, evocative flavors of fresh produce in a cocktail, and the technique works even better when applied to several ingredients together. Fresh Lemon Juice 3/4 oz. Quick Facts about Gin Basil Smash. Lemon Juice; 2 Basil Leaves; 1 oz. Today is Earth Day and I am partnering with Pau Maui Vodka for the second year in a row with another Earth friendly cocktail.. Sonic Archeology. For cocktail: In a cocktail shaker add basil leaves, lemon juice and rhubarb syrup. Combine the basil, syrup, lemon juice in a cocktail shaker. 1.5 oz. It could easily be made with bourbon or white rum, rendering equally delicious results. Pour 1/4 of the contents of the cocktail shaker into each glass. I remember the first time I saw it, and I knew I needed to grow it. Fill with vodka, lemon juice and agave. Meyer calls his the Gin Basil Smash, while Sproll opts for the streamlined Basil Smash, “since basil is the decisive component”. Pour in the gin and ice cubes and place the lid on the shaker. This Cucumber Basil Martini is quite a deliciously refreshing cocktail. Jorg Meyer the owner of Le Lion crafted Gin Basil Smash inspired by Dale DeGroff’s Whiskey Smash in 2008. Strawberries; Fresh Basil Leaves; Prepared Lemonade; Lemon or Citrus flavored Vodka Ingredients for Strawberry Basil Lemonade Cocktail. Jun 28, 2015 - Photo of Seasons 52 - "Cucumber basil smash." Muddle the Fruits. Add your herbylicious simple syrup and you smash that good and right. Mandarin Basil Smash Ingredients. Let cool before use.) Sonic & Prosecco. Stir until sugar dissolves, about 3 to 5 minutes, then remove the pan … This cocktail might just make you think you’re spending a day at the spa. Its regal, shiny, deep purple leaves make this variety a total stunner. You can strain and enjoy this mocktail as is, or top with a few ounces of sparkling water for a bubbly refresher. This year’s Earth Day theme is “Protect Our Species” highlighting the protection of millions of plant and animal species from going extinct. https://www.thekitchn.com/recipe-pineapple-basil-cocktai-51570 Crush the basil until bruised. Shake mixer to combine. Get this Flavor. Signature cocktail Espresso Martini . 2 cl Agavehonunh . Vodka, 1oz of freshly pressed lime juice & 0.7oz of simple syrup ; Add 2oz of freshly pressed grapefruit juice and shake; Serve in a coupe; Espresso Martini Espresso Martini. Vodka Pineapple Basil Smash Cocktail. Add Vodka or strawberry lime mixer to a cocktail shaker with the rest of the smashed strawberries, lime and 1 C of ice. 5 cocktails most similar to Basil Smash - Gin with Peach Tea, Tropical Queen, Mr. Uyeda's Gimlet, Braveheart, Celery Sour Popular cocktails with vodka TOP 5 popular cocktails with vodka - Cosmopolitan , Vodka with Sprite , Chuck Norris , Vodka with Pomegranate Juice , Blue Lagoon Meyer uses his considerable skills with the Internet, Sproll takes his feedback from the curious Ulm locals. Shake until the outside of the shaker gets freezing cold. - Los Angeles, CA Sonic & Sauvignon. Top up the glass with cold Fresca soda and garnish with two basil leaves, lime zest and strawberries. Vodka Pineapple Basil Smash Cocktail #drinks #earthday August 08, 2019. BLUEBERRY BASIL SMASH. See what a nice picture I just painted for you in your mind? Cucumber Lemon Basil Smash. I recently planted a bunch of herbs and a handful of vegetables in our backyard, and it’s been fun to come up with different ways to use everything. With this delicious healthy drink from My Diary of Us, your happy hour can be both fun and good for you. Add simple syrup, blueberries and basil to a shaker in and muddle until broken up. Vodka, 1.2oz of FAIR. INGREDIENTS. It is citrus vodka with fresh squeezed oranges, smashed basil and some mandarin orange club soda. In the bottom of a shaker, gently muddle the basil, mandarin, and simple syrup together. Simple to defrost a couple and use for any formula. Add in ice and vodka… Just gently release the delicious basil flavor. Think about the cucumber water you get at the spa. Strawberry Basil Smash – Smashed by Noon. Lemon Peppercorn Vodka. A simple, refreshing, bright, tropical cocktail. Whole Leaf Gin 1 oz. Gently muddle to bruise basil. Old Fashioned. Basil Smash. Do not boil. To make this drink, I had to purchase some vodka.