The tranny is cable actuated so it would be one of the easier Honda motors to swap in. 2 Answers. 1997 to 2001 Honda Prelude motors were high hp motors. All the wiring was correct, the ... Honda Prelude Online 87K+ members. Honda made Preludes till 2001. 5 product ratings - 1990 2002 HONDA PRELUDE ACCORD ENGINE & 5-SPEED TRANSMISSION 2.2L OBD1 JDM H22A. Get the best deals on Alternator & Generator Parts for Honda Prelude when you shop the largest online selection at Basically, the H22 for the 4th Gen Prelude Si VTEC made right around 190 hp (187 hp to be exact) and then Honda offered the H22A4 in the 5th Gen Preludes that made right around 200 hp. Ultimate H22 Swap Guide – Over 14 Years of Refinement, Simply the BEST Instructional Step-By-Step How-To for the H22 Swap in a Civic, Accord, Prelude, or Integra “Discover the Ultimate Step-By-Step Manual That Takes All the Headaches Out of Doing an H22 Swap In Your Civic, Integra, Accord, or Prelude …even If You Have Just Basic Tools, NO Experience or Even a Garage! Manufacturer: 1FunRyd Performance Fits: 1988 - 1991 Honda Prelude Includes: driver side, transmission side & rear mounts – powder coated black; driver & transmission side brackets – powder coated black only 70UA bushings hardware Price: $522 … CAD/CAM Designed. Buy It Now. and will a B21A1 transmission bolt up to it? Selling as is.This is a 1990 Honda Accord with a 1993 Honda Prelude VTEC H22a JDM swap. I took as many photos as I could (or remembered to) as fiddling with a camera while wrist deep in grease wasn't too time efficient. I have a 1992 Si prelude and i would love to convert it to a VTEC engine but im not to sure if it will fit? i dont want to have to reset the homemade mounts 4 or 5 times trying to get it right. It is a checklist of the parts need to do the H22 basic swap. Dec 11, 2006 #18 craz_e_kid said: Lifetime warranty. 2 Answers. Innovative Conversion mounts for 1990-1993 Honda Accord 2 DOOR, 4 DOOR KITS AVAILABLE (Automatic Chassis Only). 1990 prelude Si. 05-29-2003, 10:46 AM #2. CAD/CAM Designed. i am familiar with the swap as far as parts etc i just need someone to do the swap. The F20b came in two versions for the 1997-2001 Accord in Japan. H22 Swap Kit. im going to do a H22A swap into my 90 lude, but i need engine mounts. Buy It Now. The two-door coupe was loosely derived from the Honda Accord and spanned five generations. These Preludes had a very powerful performance motor called " H22A" which was DOHC Vtec engine. Buy It Now. C $374.83. The following is a list of information you should know before performing this swap. friend did euro-r h22 swap in an prelude S, so yea its possible . The b20a5 is so much more better, and so much more torqueier. i need to find a shop that has done quite a few of these swaps before i dont dont mind spending a little extra. One can only put Type Sh Honda Prelude motor if they have SH. They were not too powerful and developed 130-160 HP. im going to do a H22A swap into my 90 lude, but i need engine mounts. FS: Parting out 1992 Honda Accord-Cheap! Developed through previous generations as a test-bed for Honda technology, this last iteration continues the trend, showcasing the ATTS superior handling system (Type-SH) driven by the spunky 200HP H22A motor. The ’96 Prelude. 92-95 Honda Prelude also had SOHC engine F22A which is similar to Honda Accord 1990-93 engine. Honda Prelude Reverse Lights Switch Replacement costs $117 on average. $2,599.99. The Honda Prelude is a sports car which was produced by Japanese car manufacturer Honda from 1978 until 2001. This is for the Si models only. 4 on 114.3 lugs. blew the engine and would like to put in a different engine. Unique no-tear vibration minimizing bushings. It is not as heavy as people make it out to be, especially compared to any v6 or iron block 4. 1988-91 had B20A & B21A DOHC which till today is sold for around $1200, provided they are available. After all that, you should be good to go. Selling as is.This is a 1990 Honda Accord with a 1993 Honda Prelude VTEC H22a JDM swap. MY h22a was OBD I so it just wired right up. Unique no-tear vibration minimizing bushings. (5) 5 product ratings - 92-95 HONDA PRELUDE 2.2L DOHC OBD1 VTEC ENGINE 5-SPD M/T TRANS ECU JDM H22A P2T4 $2,499.00 1997-2002 Honda Accord Sir Prelude Engine F20B 2.0L 4 … This makes the ’96 ECU a very desirable ECU for H22a swaps into OBD II Accords. Lifetime warranty. The mount kit you are using is intended for use with an H-Series (H22A, H23) Engine and transmission out of a Honda Prelude … Basicly im running a F22 (140hp SOHC) baseline 'S" model engine on a 1994 Honda Prelude with 62k miles. I was wondering if that will apply to me? In USA 97-01 motors were Type S & Type SH. Honda Prelude engines are very popular. Honda Prelude also had H23A DOHC non vtec engine in USA from 92-95. Designed to fit 92-96 H22 Prelude engines with Automatic Transmission A/T. 8,605 Posts #2 • Mar 18, 2004. bro, I had this same problem when I did my JDM h22 swap, and it was 100% due to the BS EGR code I kept getting. JDM replacement engine can be 2.2 or 2.0 ltr in place of 2.3 which are cheaper ! Free shipping. You cannot swap just any motor in a 88-91 Prelude. Honda H22A Japanese used engine for Prelude for sale. These Preludes had a very powerful performance motor called " H22A" which was DOHC Vtec engine. 31 sold. h22 accord swap i need to find a shop in the tri-state to do my swap h22 in a 95 accord ex. Buy It Now. Also information on this website that indicate model, make and year of manufacture of Engines & Transmissions is not guaranteed to be accurate & is mentioned for reference purpose only. Free shipping. 94 Honda prelude an engine swap from h23 no-vtec to H22a vtec ... Hello, me and a friend recently swapped a h22a engine in a 1992 honda prelude 4ws that originally came with a h23 engine. The H22 has potential to make 230whp naturally aspirated fairly easily. does anybody know where i can get some? Designed to fit 92-96 H22 Prelude engines with Automatic Transmission A/T. H22 swap accord 1988 I am having a h22 swap in my 3rd gen accord it has a factory b20a2 16v motor manual gear box, I need to no on how to cable convert the h22 gear box as they are hydrolic, is there any hydro to cable kits available, the swap is from a Jdm bb4 Honda prelude I have a complete car runing an driving ? This was the only 4th generation Prelude that had an OBDII engine computer. B21A1. Innovative Mounts Part # 29353 If the Accord engine fit in the Prelude, then why not put a more desirable Prelude engine into the Accord? ... 92-95 HONDA PRELUDE 2.2L OBD1 VTEC ENGINE M/T SWAP *FREE SHIPPING* JDM H22A P2T4. Honda Prelude engines are very popular. Yes the H22 will fit in a 1990 prelude. prelude engine swap - Honda Prelude Forum Honda Prelude 4 engines were different inline-4 engines F20A, F22A, F22B and H23A. H22 Swap Kit. Prelude-to-civic swap With a dead engine and mud on our faces we go back to square one with our H22 project, assessing where we went wrong and planning for a new, turbocharged future. Pre-Owned. I'm more of a dsm guy so I don't know the motor codes or anything. Cheep Integra, Civic, and Accord Parts!! Yeah is this easy to do because i love this car to death and want to know if the swap is pretty easy to do with motor mounts and stuff instead of custom shit for my 89 lxi. That is an insult. cool air, exhaust, ingnition, fuel regulator. I have a 91 prelude and i am attempting a h22 swap.