When Tiffany Masterson was a stay-at-home mom, she was always looking for ways to make a little extra money. In this podcast episode, Masterson takes us through her unexpected journey as an entrepreneur—from having her brother-in-law as her first investor to snagging a partnership with Sephora, to building an incredible company culture. Tiffany Masterson, founder of cult skincare label Drunk Elephant, coined the term ”clean beauty” in the 2010s. Listen to 314: From Stay-At-Home Mom To An $845M Acquisition: How Drunk Elephant’s Tiffany Masterson Made The Leap and 330 more episodes by Foundr Magazine Podcast With Nathan Chan, free! We talk to Tiffany all about her journey into the music industry and how Girls Make Beats has evolved today, especially throughout the pandemic. In the three years since Tiffany Masterson—a Houston, Texas-based mom of four—founded the brand, it’s grown to a team of 25 people, has … Unfinished Biz focuses on honest conversations around tough topics, liberating milestones and incre… Covering all aspects, from official games such as Star Trek Online to semi-official games such as Star Trek Excalibur, your hosts, Zach, Kinneas, Nova and our Vulcan-Like Newsgirl K'suan'indra present you all of the current events in this genre in an entertaining and leading format. Their products work not only because of what's in them, but also because of what's not. Tiffany Masterson, chief creative officer and founder of Drunk Elephant Photo via Business Wire. #305- Dr. Scott Cohen - Dr. Scott Cohen On Parenting, Childcare, Vaccines, & How To Combat Parental Anxiety & Depression #305: On today's episode we are joined by Dr. Scott Cohen MD, FAAP. Often the more interesting stories happen before companies have “made it." 330: The 4 Questions You Need To Be Asking To Make Better Decisions: Kickstarter Co … Started in 2005, Hailing Frequency is the ONLY podcast on the internet dedicated to Star Trek Gaming. She launched her label in 2012, emphasising the fact that her products did not include ”the suspicious six”— six ingredients Masterson claimed had harmful effects on skin, including parabens and mineral oils. Drunk Elephant is the fastest-growing skincare line in Sephora's history. On this episode of #SWIMMasters, Natalie and Stephanie sit down with Tiffany "Delilah" Miranda, President and Founder of Girls Make Beats, an organization that empowers young women to become music producers, DJs, and audio engineers. Except, maybe, for Tiffany Masterson, whose skin-care line focusing on clean ingredients, Drunk Elephant, … On this episode of The Glossy Beauty Podcast, Drunk Elephant founder and chief creative officer Tiffany Masterson sits down with beauty editor Priya Rao to discuss how she built a clean brand before the category existed, how the brand is fostering a community on social media despite challenges and what it would take for her to sell her company. Drunk Elephant Skin Care was born out of founder Tiffany Masterson’s passion for ingredients and the effects they have on skin health. 331: Mastering Your Mindset and Achieving Success with Andy Frisella of 1st Phorm. It was a good week for Houstonian Tiffany Masterson. In this episode, we chat with the founder of Drunk Elephant Skincare, Tiffany Masterson - it's the fastest-growing skincare line in Sephora's history, despite only hitting the shelves in July 2014 and just recently launched in to Canada and Australia.According to Women's Wear Daily, its sales in 2016 were between $25 and $30 million dollars and it's on track to double that revenue this year. No signup or install needed. ‎Unfinished Biz with Robin and Wayne highlights founder stories from some of the most exciting, emerging brands on the planet. Dr. Cohen is a board certified pediatrician and the author of the bestselling parenting guide Eat, Sleep, Poop: A Common Sense Guide to Your Baby’s First Year. She sold her skincare line, Drunk Elephant, for a reported $845 million to international makeup giant, Shiseido Company Ltd. November 02, 2017 by Breaking Beauty in podcast In this episode, Jill and Carlene chat with the founder of Drunk Elephant Skincare, Tiffany Masterson.
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