The area of distribution is very wide, extending from the Ural mountains to the Pacific Ocean and from the Arctic Ocean to Northern Mongolia and China. Book a Mongolia taimen fishing package with Fishing with Larry travel experts who arrange fly fishing trips for Mongolia's Eg-Uur watershed for taimen … It may also be found in large rivers of the European part of Russia. In September taimen is not very discriminate in its diet and would take any bait, but during the summer different size and color baits has to be tried. Despite this huge range, the species was assessed as Vulnerableby IUCN in 2012 based on evidence of a long-term decline in abundance, primarily a result of overfishing and illegal fishing practices. Trophy fishing: taimen, pike, grayling, perch, whitefish, lenok, etc. Think it or not, you could have an chance like that, nevertheless it might mean flying into Russia and fly fishing for Siberian taimen along rivers which have been dubbed the “last frontier. I am very pleased to write a few words about taimen fishing in Europe for my friend Mikhail and an international, probably Russian-dominated readership. Wild fishing expeditions in Russia. Red: former range. If you are not afraid of challenges, then this is an expedition for you. Meals: three meals a day (hot breakfast and dinner, lunch, snacks, tea, coffee). A true river monster, the taimen (Hucho taimen)—also known as the Siberian taimen—can grow to proportions that seem incredible to your average trout fishermen.Whereas John Gierach once wrote about “trout as long as your leg,” taimen can grow as long as your whole body, over six feet, and the largest recorded specimen weighed in at 231 pounds! It’s no surprise, then, that around 30 million Russians are keen anglers. Tour includes:  - Flight from Krasnoyarsk to Turukhansk and back; - Duration - 8 days / 7 nights; - number of participants - from 4 to 24 people; - installation of the camp (wardroom, tents, shower, hearth); - accommodation in a stationary tent camp (baby cots, mattresses, pillows); - tent bath; - Filling and fishing with a hovercraft; - guide-guide services; - food (cook, all necessary household appliances); - generator for charging equipment; - implementation of general directions along the route; - Medical insurance; - Solemn presentation of gifts on the results of the catch at the end of the tour. Tugur river unlike many others is only accessible via helicopter so the whole system is free from locals that … This greatly simplifies the journey The tour can be booked when paid for 1 person minimum. They are the stuff of fly-fishing legends: murderous, malevolent beasts capable of growing to almost impossible size, and possessed of an almost demonic killing capacity that has spawned a million stories. River Kola and Kitsa got their reputation for big salmon. Local Siberian taimen in Khabarovsk are the only populations that feed on returning adult Pacific salmon. We had kinda plan and scenery prepared before we left. GRAND FISHING TOUR – IS A COMPLEX OF FISH HOLDINGS, FISHING BASEMENT AND FLEET, AND ALSO THE BEST GUIDES AND HUNTSMEN, WHO LIVE AND WORK IN SIBERIAN AREAS. Fishing in Russia – Your Next Great Adventure. Hi! Fly fish the Eg-Urr watershed for taimen up to 60-inches. The taimen is the world's largest salmonid. Our very well-appointed taimen camps located one day’s float apart. Armed with stout fly rods and foot-long, articulated streamers, fly fishers in Mongolia or Russia can spend days looking for a taimen willing to feed, but once a fish makes up its mind, it chases down its prey with remarkable speed and aggression. It is most high soon after spawning. I've received from the editor the final-final PDF of my 3rd book. Location : 73 50 Clip : no clip, just full cast targeting depth hole ( targetting around 6.5m area ) Fish worth 117 silver, quite low for 28kg fish, but they dun fight to long (around 10-15mins) . I am very pleased to write a few words about taimen fishing in Europe for my friend Mikhail and an international, probably Russian-dominated readership. Taimen fishing is difficult and requires traveling to some of the most remote places on earth. On that 2005 trip, we spent two weeks on various tributaries of the Lena and Olenyok as we rafted downstream, bouncing on tumbling water and gliding over a silver-dappled paradise, fishing each pool, soaking up the beauty of the river. PC: Wild Salmon Center. Kola is one of Russia’s fishing epicenters, despite its remote location and unpredictable weather. When I do not travel, I tie flies or go out fishing.. View my complete profile Tour does not include: - alcohol and delicacies (participants, if necessary, bring yourself); - fishing equipment (on request); Additional services: - delivery of all fishing equipment to Turukhansk with the help of transport companies in advance; - Professional photography - 100 000 rubles (per group); - Individual video shooting with quadrocopter - 150 000 rubles (per group), will be presented in two versions: one short (as in the video of the presentation, only with your participation), the second will have all the pictures for the entire period; - Delivery by helicopter - the approximate cost of one hour flight is 137 000 rubles. Program: 1-day. New Book in Russian. See more ideas about fly fishing, mongolia, fish. Taimen Fly Fishing Shop. Taimen fishing will start on the evening of the first day following 200 km trip and will continue for the duration of the journey during frequent stops at the mouths of tributaries feeding the Hymsara River, the favorite places for Taimen to feed. The diet includes: cereals, soups, fish dishes, meat products - stew. Taimen on the fly in Mongolia and Russia. This not only allows fishermen to fish from different pools during the trip, but also allows outfitters to choose different segments of taimen rivers, or different rivers, which exist in the hundreds. Routes to the Yenisei and its tributaries begin in the village Turukhansk. Welcome to Taimen - a store for fly fishermen.On our site you will find a wide range of fly fishing equipment, which you can take on every fishing trip. Giant fish. Mongolian taimen do not run out to the ocean or even lakes. Taimen fishing is difficult and requires traveling to some of the most remote places on earth. They can be caught using large lures, which makes them a great target for fly fishermen, many of whom use floating lures and poppers, to incite spectacular strikes on the surface. Fish.Travel – International booking service for fishing trips.Copyright © All rights reserved. But all went upside down… Current IGFA record of Siberian taimen, caught in 1993 in Keta river of Khabarovsk region of Russia is measured at 42 kg (92 lbs). Press the down arrow key to interact with the calendar and Taimen fishing in Mongolia. Fly fishing exploration in Russia for taimen. After getting to many livebait pearch trolling at Volhkov, i decide to go for livebait fishing at Belaya targeting taimen. A taimen caught in the nets on the Kotui River in the central Siberian province of Krasnoyarsk in 1943, was reckoned to have weighed 231 pounds and stretched the tape to 83 inches. One of the typical sea-run taimen rivers of the North-East of the Sakhalin Island . You can find Salmon in the Northern Atlantic, as well as in the western Arctic Ocean. Taimen fishing in Russia on the other hand is usually organized as rafting trips with helicopter drop-offs. BY THE WAY, WE LOVE OUR LAND AND OUR JOB! The largest rivers (Uda and Tugur) proceed on boggy valleys and have close to flat character. Ask about our Siberian Taimen fishing excursions too! The right waders or fly fishing jackets from Taimen, Simms or Loop will provide you with comfort in all conditions. Pristine waters in far Russia with trophy taimen, salmon and other siberian species. Siberian taimen, also called Common taimen is the most widely distributed and best-known taimen. It usually spawns in April. Premier Wilderness Fly Fishing Adventures in Kamchatka, Russia & Alaska, USA. Taimen fishing in Mongolia. The Sakhalin taimen (Parahucho perryi, syn. Taimen lives longer than other Salmonidae, up to 50 years and more, continuously growing during the entire life. In summer the best time to catch taimen is early in the morning and after 5-6 PM, up top the twilight. FACTFILE: Taimen are distributed right across Asia, from the Volga & Pechora basin in Western Russia to the Pacific seaboard and Sakhalin Island in the East. As the result, it has seen very little fishing pressure and offers outstanding fishing for many species of trout, including Siberian taimen. Sakhalin taimen is found in the Sea of Japan, from where it enters rivers of Hokkaido island, Sakhalin island and Primorsky Krai for spawning in spring and early summer. Khabarovsk, Russia I am professional fish biologist & enthusiastic fly-fisherman. It is also called “the younger brother of Baikal”. Then you get an idea what fishing for Sakhalin taimen, the silver of the Russian […] Young taimen usually stays in small groups of 3-7, adult – in pairs or as singles. Habarovsk region. The main object of fishing here is taimen. On the contrary, many of their inflows present mountain rivers. With over 80 rivers to explore, the peninsula is a dream-come-true destination for anglers of all levels. This list contains hunt description for each animal and destination, group sizes and a detailed cost breakdown, including accommodations, fees, permits and airfare. 9-day tour. Tuva is a mountainous republic located on the border of Russia and Mongolia. And tomorrow, the final day of our route. This is a private tour. There is no more prestigious trophy for a fly fisherman than taimen trout. Fishing for taimen on the Putorana Plateau. Mongolia is roughly the size of Alaska and is bordered by Russia to the north and China to the south. Uda river Khabarovsk territory. There are benefits to be found in a relatively convenient location of the rivers, near the airport. Location: Krasnoyarsk Territory, Turukhansk, r. Northern, r. Dry Tunguska, Fatyanikha and others. A now-famous fly fishing target, the Taimen is receiving more attention, especially where conservation is concerned, which probably helped produce the latest world record Taimen on the fly! Tour program: Day 1 - Meeting at the airport in Krasnoyarsk, transfer to a regular flight that flies to Turukhansk (flight time 2 hours 40 minutes), From Turukhansk airport, transfer to the pier by car (10 - 15 minutes), go to the SVP, and we go to the tent camp (approximately 3 to 5 hours); Day 2 - Fishing, the threshold of the Kosaya Severnaya River. Taimen fishing is the best! It was said that catching it on fly is extremely difficult, even impossible. grand fishing tour – is a complex of fish holdings, fishing basement and fleet, and also the best guides and huntsmen, who live and work in siberian areas. River is now well protected. Russia; Fishing for taimen on the Putorana Plateau; Show gallery 6 photos. After getting to many livebait pearch trolling at Volhkov, i decide to go for livebait fishing at Belaya targeting taimen. Khuvsgul nuur (Lake Khuvsgul) is located in the northwest of Mongolia near the Russian border , at the foot of the eastern Sayan Mountains . Taimen fishing. Taimen, lenok, grayling, Siberian pike. Called here the Tsar Fish - the legendary Taimen. Guests and guides drift between camps, fishing a fresh stretch of secluded river each day. Their range extends from the Ural Mountains in Europe to the Amur River in the Russian Far East, an area representing approximately one-tenth of the land area of the Earth. Krasnoyarsk region. Fishing Program for Taimen (Hucho Hucho) and rafting. In autumn biting is more uniform during the day. Once found over large areas of Russia, Mongolia, and China, the species is threatened by overfishing and habitat destruction. There is something incredibly special about these fish and the rivers where they live. Taimen fishing is difficult and requires travelling to some of the most remote places on earth. Believe it or not, you could have an opportunity like that, but it might mean flying into Russia and fly fishing for Siberian taimen along rivers that … Taimen can be caught with spinning, using yellow or silver spoon baits between 2 to 4 inches long, or fly rod, using “mouse”. There are four known species of taimen: Danube taimen (Hucho hucho), Korean taimen (Hucho ischikawai), Sakhalin taimen (Hucho perryi) and the most numerous, Common or Siberian taimen (Hucho taimen). Sergei Shushunov and Russian Hunting LLC offer Sakhalin taimen fishing on the mainland, in Khabarovsk region of Russia. And tomorrow, the … Location: Tuva republic, Russia Season dates: August 20 – September 30 Fishing method: Fly fishing, catch and release Accommodations: Tent camp Price per person: $4200 group of 5-6; $4700 group of 4; $5500 group of 3, Day 1: arrival to Moscow, overnight in Petropavlovsk. Taimen trout is a tenacious, merciless, swift, and strong predator, who prays not only on fish, but also on birds and small mammals – ducks, snipe, mouse, squirrels, and muskrats. ** The organizers reserve the right to change, supplement the cost in case of changes in prices for direct costs (fuel, tickets, etc.). During hot weather, when water becomes warm, which happens often in the slower flowing rivers of the South Siberian and Northern Mongolian planes, taimen become sluggish. Both the White and the Barents Sea have a good population of this delicious fish. Taimen are a pre-historic mega-fish, and the largest member of the salmonid family. It spawns in spring, right after rivers clear of ice. Taimen in Central Europe? Fishing for Taimen in Russia is becoming very popular. Think it or not, you may have an opportunity like that, nevertheless it could imply flying into Russia and fly fishing for Siberian taimen alongside rivers that have been dubbed the “last frontier. Fishing season: June - until the end of September. In addition, the number of this population is still unknown; there is almost no data on the behavior and movements of its constituent fish. 7 days fishing All incl Khabarovsk – Uda – Khabarovsk. Book a Mongolia taimen fishing package with Fishing with Larry travel experts who arrange fly fishing trips for Mongolia's Eg-Uur watershed for taimen … Siberian White Fish, Siberian Grayling, Lenok, Umber, Baikal, Omul and River Perch are among the other varieties you will catch among the spectacular scenery of Mongolia's exotic nature. Mature taimen is very territorial and is rarely found in proximity to another taimen. Spring East Siberian Brown bear hunt. Epic! Pashkino; Day 4 - Fishing, r. North, "three streams" Day 5 - Fishing, r. North, the Great Threshold; Day 6 - Fishing, r. Northern (islands); Day 7 - Fishing, r. Delingde; Day 8 - Transfer to the campground - Turukhansk airport Full support during the rest.
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