Continued Business Justification A project must make good business sense. ServiceNow CIS-SAM: What Is Software Asset Management And Why You Should Care? The Process Flow Diagram is a key document for all project managers that want to run a project following the recommended steps and processes. How the Project Board controls the project (utilizing selections. : Beginning up the Project, Initiating a Project, creating the Project Initiation Paperwork, making a Project Plan and Closing the Project. The curly braces indicate which processes are performed by each level of the project management team. This first process in PRINCE2® is a pre-project process. Each of the activities has a name which is shown on the rectangle. PRINCE2® is a registered trade mark of AXELOS Limited, used under permission of AXELOS Limited. The diagram also shows 2 time-driven controls – Highlight Reports and Checkpoint Reports. : Beginning up the Project, Initiating a Project, creating the Project Initiation Paperwork, making a Project Plan and Closing the. The PRINCE2 methodology breaks projects into stages and each stage is managed separately. So if a venture has 4 phases after start-up, then the items in green are executed 4 times. Capture previous lesson… These diagrams form part of our training materials on our classroom PRINCE2 courses. Looking these up in the list of outputs from starting up a project tells us that the project brief and the initiation stage plan are used as inputs into the process which is triggered next – i.e. This indicates that the output is not one of the PRINCE2 management products. PRINCE2 - The Process Model Improve your project management skills & employment opportunities by getting your PRINCE2 certificate. The first diagram shows a more detailed representation because it includes the activities of each process. Inside each process rectangle are a list of outputs with letters after them. The Project Board manages and monitors via reports and controls through a number of decision points. The direction of the arrow shows which process is triggered. Each process is triggered by a decision or an event (e.g., the Project Mandate triggers the process starting up a project). the team manager. These diagrams form part of our training materials on our classroom PRINCE2 courses. All rights reserved. Who creates the management merchandise (that is largely the Mission Supervisor)? A trigger in PRINCE2 is an event or a decision which triggers one of the 7 processes. On the left, the 3 curly braces named “Directing”, “Managing” and “Delivering” represent the 3 levels of the PRINCE2 project management team namely, the project board, the project manager, and the team manager levels. Knowledge Train are experts in project management, PRINCE2, agile and change management training and certification. The Closing a Project process follows the Controlling a Stage process, so Managing a Stage Boundary is just not performed on the very finish of the ultimate stage of a project. It looks like that Close is a separate stage (mentioned correctly in … The diagram frames illustrates the chronological order in which the processes are carried out and shows which level of the project management team is responsible. The processes are integrated with the 7 PRINCE2 themes to form a methodology which can be used to manage any type of project. 2 Proceed Direction Corp.. Corporate or Programme Management Starting up a Project (SU) Initiate a Project Project Brief + Plan Auth. These smaller rectangles are the activities which form each process. methodology for the management of all forms of tasks. There are 7 processes that are compatible with the Core Principles and guide you through the project. Attached to some of the triggers are coloured swirl shapes. Download the PDF. The PRINCE2 Process Model diagram gives an overview of the seven processes. Red items might be carried out multiple times throughout a stage because the Project Manager can give work packages to quite a lot of Team Managers. process). The second diagram is less detailed but shows the time sequence of each process. The vertical thin black lines represent the start and end of a PRINCE2 management stage. PRINCE2 is a process-based method for project management providing. At the top of the diagram, you can see that part of the starting up a project process and all of the directing a project process is performed by the "Directing" level i.e. Each process provides a set of activities. The shapes contain numbers which indicate the outputs concerned and the colour of the shape indicates from which process it is an output. For example, take a look at the arrow which comes out of the yellow process (starting up a project). Choose from a full range of virtual classroom project management courses, a PRINCE2 course, or an agile project management course to boost your career.
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