To put it simply, any user can place a bid within a specific period of time. To earn a spot on this list, the publication must show a clear disregard for the objective truth. Should you give them your credit card number? The first thing you’ll do is type on the search bar the piece of gear you are looking for. After I wrote the ad, it asked me for my password, and when asked for the password to be reset, it also reset the entire page and through away my ad. The scammers are out there. Or is it a scam? Check if is classified as malware on Safe Browsing: This site is not currently listed as suspicious. Required fields are marked *. Try entering some keywords in the search bar at the top of this page or check out our most commonly viewed articles to start your journey: BUYER In any case, you will need documentation and photos of any issues you encounter. When You Sell. Once you’ve added a product in your electronic cart, you can proceed to checkout. I would look elsewhere to sell your items unless you want to deal with folks who could care less about their customer base, aka the people that pay their wages. It is such a highly traffic'd site that the well priced stuff often sells hours after it is listed. Having said this, one of the factors that currently favor eBay over Reverb is the buyer/seller’s rating. I've bought and sold on Reverb and the rarer occasions there was an issue sellers took care of the matter. As for return shipping costs, if the item was damaged or not as described, the seller will be responsible for shipping costs. You can't call or talk to a human being anywhere other than chat which is USELESS. Whether you are loyal or not- doesn't matter to this company. I'll never shop any cancel culture site. If you are a seller, beware. I truly appreciate the way in which Reverb handled this matter. Meanwhile you waste days waiting for them to pay. Backed by what it claims is "the world’s most popular music gear site", Reverb LP aims to be "the best place online to buy and sell records". Soundstagedirect has a consumer rating of 2.06 stars from 16 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. This way, you can be aware of what the process would look like if you were to request a refund/return. You will most likely need said documentation and photos to prove your issue. You can just tell it’s run by people who are musicians or who care about musicians’ experience.” This was said by none other than Death Cab For Cutie’s touring guitarist, Dave Deeper. Reverb has decided to let all of their customers be impacted equally now that they have changed their payment process to "Reverb Payments". Discogs was the greatest site for music collectors and sellers but now they have introduced the most confusing mandatory shipping policies ever devised, they have nastily turned against all the small time sellers that helped build the site and have ignored repeated requests for a revision of these awful and stupid shipping policies. Scamwatch is a website run by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), and provides information to consumers and small businesses … Learn how to stay safe during COVID-19 in our new guide: Avoid Reverb, Customer service is EXTREMLY POOR! Alexa is the most popular service used to rank websites based on their traffic and pageviews. Whether your gear is new, old, or vintage, you can list in on the website and name your price.Â. While this might be an issue for some buyers who may distrust a seller with little to no ratings, it is an issue that will solve itself as time passes and more transactions are made within the interface.
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