The male flowers release pollen to fertilise the seeds on the female plant. Try using dried nettles mixed into herbal teas or grind them into a powder and add a tablespoon in soups or smoothies. When the harvest begins, I am going to dry a supply for tea and for adding to soups, and I’m going to freeze some for use as a spinach-substitute. As for dehydrating in the oven, Vitamin A and C are sensitive to heat, so you may lose more of those vitamins due to the higher heat of the lowest oven setting vs the dehydrator. Glad to hear you’re able to use your nettle as food, protection and for its medicinal purposes. Some of them are under threat as they are being stripped from their natural landscapes to fulfil international orders. The sting is a combination of tiny barbs and the release of chemicals. See those tiny prickly barbs on the stems of the plant in the photo above. Here’s a step by step to. How to use/consume Dried Nettle Seeds? I'd love to know what's cooking with you. As I am drying mine to use throughout the year, I figure that it doesn’t matter too much if they dry on the plant (brown), or in my dehydrator. However, clinical trials are limited. You’ll get recipes, practical tips and great food information like this. Getty, This looks like a perfect green to use for Martha Stewart’s Spinach and Feta Pie, which I make frequently but have been using other greens because fresh organic spinach is so expensive. If you can confirm that they are stinging nettle, harvest them early in the season when they are in good condition before the seeds form. Armed with a basket or paper bag, scissors, gloves, long pants, long sleeves and closed-toe shoes, you’re ready to head into the nettle patch. After all that work of harvesting nettle, you can wash, bundle, dry and store it for the coming months. All information in this article is gleaned from my interest and research in wild plants both on and offline. Glad you found relief. And got meds but the hives continued-about to drive me nuts with the itch-checked on internet and it mentioned a short blurb about nettles-picke a bunch sauted them at about 11:00am by about 5:00 pm was totally relieved-also cured my gout which I was on meds for. Here’s a video I made on the whole process. I mostly want to dry them and use as tea. When dry grind them to a powder in your blender or a coffee grinder. I’m glad you found this info useful Rebecca. I encourage you to continue reading up on stinging nettle and like spinach and other dark leafy greens if you have any kidney issues be aware that there may be some concerns IT isn’t very young leaves and I wonder if I should dry them the rest of the way. I’ve heard that I should use small leaves for cooking with, but what size is small? It forms great intruder deterrent and now provides food. I used a spray bottle of water for germination. The stem and underside of leaves are covered in small hairs that deliver a sting loaded with formic acid that can irritate skin for … Good luck with your experiments. Plant 1-3 seeds in a pot that is filled with a good quality potting soil. Don’t worry if you pick the flowers by mistake, they won’t hurt you, and they’re no doubt still nutritious. Stinging Nettles is one of the wild foods that come up every Spring in our garden. Next, we gathered the stems into sheaves and tied them with some nettle skins. Heat a large pan over medium high heat. Hi Dennis, It’s good karma to let them be. As our germination testing continues, "Packed for 2021" seeds will continue appearing. Getty. Read More. So - Seed ID: the seeds grow on the female plant. Immediately add a handful (2 cups) of nettle leaves to the hot pan. So, what do you think? Part of this comes from the fact that it is intensely nutritive, being dense with minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. The stimulating effects of nettle seed are said to be most prevalent in the fresh seed, and so if they are too stimulating for you in this way, dry them first. At the start of the new year, any remaining seeds available only as "Packed for 2020" stock will be taken offline until a satisfactory germination test is complete on that lot. I remember that when I first started to collect herbs and make my own remedies it would always annoy me when writers skimmed the surface of the topics they were discussing, making assumptions that their readers already knew how to make this or that. Sip and enjoy! Hmm, not sure that I’ve met a stinging nettle that doesn’t sting – are you 100% confident in what you have? By harvesting only the top third in spring, you’ll have more to harvest later in the season. What do you use yours for? Oguz S, Kanter M, Erboga M, Ibis C. Protective effect of Urtica dioica on liver damage induced by biliary obstruction in rats. Oh yes, let’s all frittata! This teeny little geometric looking seed cluster is a close up of stinging nettle seeds. Stinging nettle, or Urtica dioica, is a common plant that grows in the United States, Canada, and Europe.It primarily grows in damp, fertile soil. Here are a few fresh ideas for preparing your spring harvest: Celebrate spring with a beautiful, green, delicately fresh Nettle Soup (in Swedish, Nässelsoppa). How Much – It all depends on what you want to make. There are several ways you can store nettle. While they may be safe to use, flavor will start to decrease after six months and become noticeable after 12 months. Nettle may be propagated by seed in spring or by division during the growing season. Stinging nettle grows wild and is full of nutrition and health benefits. Enjoy and let me know what you think. They combat adrenal fatigue in a nourishing and tonifying way, regulating our energy, sleep and healing response. But I think I’m ready now. You could even turn the dried leaves into powder that could be added to just about anything. I have never tried using stinging nettle root, nor have I seen much about it. My girlfriend crochets constantly and im starting to relies how many things we could make 100% off our land if i just had a fiber crop of some sort. You can also hang leaves to dry in small bunches. However, you can dry them for up to a year or keep them for a short time in an airtight container in the freezer (up to 3 months). Frittatas are an excellent way to use up leftover bits in the fridge. So, say you’re struggling with anxiety and insomnia, they will calm you and help you sleep. To prevent the sting, we need to protect our skin from contact with the barb and the chemicals. Earlier this year, in the depths of the global pandemic lockdown, I began learning herbal medicine. If you've ever been "stung" by a nettle during an outdoor excursion, the plants are probably near the bottom of the list of ingredients you'd like to add to your diet. In the photo below, you can see the two leaf sets on either side of the cut, both of these will grow into new shoots. HOW TO STORE STINGING NETTLE. Here’s my tutorial on drying herbs. Mix the juice with the nettle powder until you have a paste. Cut them into very small pieces with pruners or scissors. They prefer sunlight, but will tolerate some shade. I am also going to scatter a little nettle seed around the transplanted nettle. Living in the city, I typically find stinging nettle along the river banks and along the edges of small urban forests. (Forager's guide: only take about 10% to 20%.) Amid all this research, I came across the term ‘adaptogen’ for the first time. Add enough water (2-4 Tbsp) to just cover the bottom of the pan. 27. Hi, my friend had given me a bunch of stinging nettles. However, one of the easiest ways to take nettle … The Bull Nettle has edible seeds and an edible taproot too. Thanks for sharing and opening conversation on the stinging nettle. Since my last post on harvesting nettle seeds I’ve had a couple of emails asking me for more specific details about how and when to harvest. You could try to plant them and see what happens next year. Before you search the hood, test it out and see just how much you like it and how much you see yourself using it. My new backyard is woodsy and natural, and I have plenty growing…so I will be drying, harvesting and freezing…for the first time. Dried Nettle ‘Super’ Powder. If a leaf or plant has torn, brown, shriveled or even bug eaten leaves, assume that the essential oils and nutrients are not in top condition. Nettle seeds. 2011;14(12):1554-1561.21861725. As for eating stinging nettle – cooking or drying stinging nettle will disable the sting. Before puttingt them in the garden, harden them off for a week. Nettle tea is made all around the world and is easy to do. Filed Under: All Recipes, Autumn Recipes, Herbal Remedies, Nettle Recipes, The Kitchen, Wild Food, Your email address will not be published. While it does appear to be edible, anyone considering eating it, should do more in-depth research on how to safely use it. These are the adaptogens I came across (in no particular order): Whilst the specific action of each of these herbs may differ, by being adaptogenic it means they will all help balance the body (and mind) in times of stress. Adjust seasoning as required. I am aware of great improvement from allergic rhinitis and undiagnosed hip joint pains over the last two years and this seems long term. Nettles are just amazing plants. However, personally, I think it’s still worth it, especially if the alternative is not having any dried nettle at all. Others suggest pressing them through a seive too. You can take nettle a few ways – herbal tea, tincture, or you could even eat the nettle leaves. Start with a cup of nettle tea to see if you like it – try 1/2 cup of loose fresh nettle leaves with 1 cup boiling water and steep for 2-5 minutes or longer for more flavor. They are also rich in chromium, manganese, iron, copper and chlorophyll. I have a small patch in my backyard, will that be enough for me to cook with, or will i have to forage around the neighborhood to supplement? Spittles – Believe it or not, there are some critters that make their home in nettles.
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