Vintera Series. Out of the box, it came with Fender 9050 Flatwound strings which complement the vintage sound and feel of the bass. The Fender Mustang is an intriguing instrument in terms of its design, visuals and playability. Fender Musicmaster Bass 1978 Vintage Short Scale Electric Bass, v0212. Die made in Mexiko Classic Series wurde abgelöst und durch Strat, Tele, Jaguar, Jazzmaster, Mustang, Modified, Thinline, J-Bass, P-Bass und mehr mit Spezifikationen der 50s, 60s & 70s ersetzt. (even on D'addario's website). C $242.67 shipping. They never have best selection of basses, but the newly arrived Fender JMJ Mustang in roadworn black caught my eye. huijuijui, da kommt doch mal wieder der alte offset-indie-boy in mir durch, was für ein schicker bass! Fender Japan Hybrid Mustang Bass Jd19011073. Fender Limited Edition Mustang PJ Electric Bass with Pau Ferro Fingerboard Capri Orange. There's a difference in price, but that's not the deciding factor. Would be an easy fix with a dab of glue. After a couple of months of owning the JMJ Mustang, I feel like I can objectively review the bass now. März 2020; 1; 2; 3; Nächste. Rechnung Lastschrift Vorkasse. Apparently they are custom spec'd Seymour Duncans. Hubidu New Member. Wie es sich gehört, ist der Mustang ein 30“ Shortscale. 5 Meinungen. Heute stellt Fender den neuen Justin Meldal-Johnsen Signature Mustang Bass vor. 1 - 2 Tage. Sounds like a P bass but bit more focused (exactly like how JMJ described it). Er spielt sich mit … Get it as soon as Wed, Nov 25. 1.100,50 € 1.100,50 € inkl. Nächste Letzte. Er ist das neueste Modell der Fender Artist Signature Series, die auf der Sommer NAMM 2017 ihre Premiere feierte. FREE Shipping by Amazon. Or, if you're into tapping like JMJ, this neck is great for that too. Fender JMJ Road Worn Mustang Bass, RW Faded Daphne Blue E-Bass. Der JMJ Road Worn Mustang Bass wird von einem speziellen Split-Coil-Tonabnehmer angetrieben und eignet sich perfekt für knackige und druckvolle Basslines. This is the bass that will cut through the mix with its resonant, clear, and thunderous lows, to the prominent mids and highs. As I said I'm not a bass expert, but the JMJ's sound is just what I'd expect from a Fender bass. 99. 1 von 3 Wechsle zu Seite. Als Vorbild für das Modell diente Justins Lieblings-Bass, der Daphne Blue Mustang von 1966. Fender JMJ Mustang Bass Problem mit der Intonation? Overall, I really like the JMJ's playability, looks, and vintage sound. I'm not sure if one has a better build quality than the other. Fender JMJ Road Worn Mustang Bass. For JMJ Mustang Bass owners who live beyond 50 miles from the nearest Fender Authorized Service Center, we will cover two-way transportation of the instrument at no expense to you. Justin alias JMJ war auf der Bühne und im Studio bereits für Bands wie Nine Inch Nails, Paramore, Jimmy Eat World oder Garbage tätig – meist mit seinem '66er Mustang Bass. Contact us at for more information. 4.4 out of 5 stars 16. Das Road Worn Styling entspricht dem abgerockten Zustand des Originals, die Old School Hardware mit Daumenstütze und ovalen Lollipop-Stimmwirbeln passt zum nostalgischen Fender Flair der 60er Jahre. Road Worn ist nicht jedermanns Sache, aber zumindest ist es authentisch, da künstlich gealtert, wo auch der namensgebende Künstler über die Jahre Abnutzungen und Schmodder „eingespielt“ hat. Vorkasse. Er wurde nach dem Vorbild des Lieblings-Viersaiters von Justin Meldal-Johnsen gebaut, dem Daphne Blue Mustang Bass von 1966. Versandkosten: ab 0,00 € Details. I got my dream bass, the Fender JMJ mustang in September and have been on a string hunt for a while now, searching for the perfect set of flats to make this bass really shine. Was: C $1,314.37. First of all, let's put it out of the way, I love it. In terms of setup, the action was perfect and there were no dead spots but the intonation was off. Plays well but has an E string "warble" as described by previous reviews. 1-3 Werk­ta­ge; Fender - Justin Meld­al-John­sen Road Worn Mustang Bass Black. C … When I pick it up, I want to play it for longer than my previous basses. Summer NAMM 2017: Fender reveals new Jimi Hendrix, George Harrison and Justin Meldal-Johnsen signature guitars and basses | MusicRadar Looks nice. Free shipping. Can't wait to gig with it. Fender Justin Meldal Johnsen Mustang Bass Road Worn Black RW, E-Bass, Artist Serie, Erle Korpus, Road Worn Nitro Lackierung, Ahorn Hals mit C Profil, Palisander Griffbrett (Dalbergia Latifolia), 19 … $29.95 $ 29. Ersteller Hubidu; Erstellt am 29. C $183.65 shipping . Passend dazu gealterte Hardware, Vintage Style Bridge, Thumbrest und Pickguard. 1.090,00 € 1.090,00 € inkl. JMJ Fender Mustang Bass I love the 30" scale. Fender stellt den JMJ Road Worn Mustang Bass vor. Fender makes two Mustangs: the JMJ and the PJ. It looks great, has a versatile vintage voice, and, despite our test bass’ balance issue, is a blast to play. I'm not a fan of the road worn look, but I'm going to ignore that as a factor. I will change strings and reset up the action to correct for my feel but I still wouldn't reduce a star in the ratings. First of all, let's put it out of the way, I love it. 1-3 Werk­ta­ge. The pickups/bass overall sounds awesome. or Best Offer. Fender / Player Mustang Bass PJ -Sienna Sunburst / Maple- Ship from Japan 0617. ⚡️ Fender Mustang Bass Battle! Versandkosten: ab 0,00 € Details. E-Bass Dieser schöne abgerockte Mustang ist dem 67er Black Bass des Multiinstrumentalisten und Produzenten Justin Meldal-Johnson nachempfunden. C $2,134.22. Any questions fire away! Easy to play, eye-catching to look at, and the sound and tones it produces are really out of this world. This is a great instrument for players looking for Fender tone and looks in a compact package. Der Fender JMJ Road Worn Mustang Bass ist das neueste Modell aus Fenders Signature-Serie. These seem like they would be the perfect option. JMJ himself swears by the medium scale chromes, however I can't find them anywhere online. The only nitpick I have is that one of the tuners rattles a bit because there's a washer that isn't being held tightly against the tuner body. hatte mal nen cij mustang, der mir damals vom handling her etwas zu fummelig war aber heutzutage spiele ich hauptsächlich mit pick und sollte mit dem gefühlt etwas engeren strinspacing besser zurechtkommen.
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