The KMC Corporate Office opened in 2012 and is strikingly special in its focus on indoor climate. They are known for their innovative structures that are focused on being environmentally and ecologically conscious. This design of this building offers a modern take on Mayan and Aztec temple designs. Other famous works of Tom Wright include the award-winning Millenium Residence in Bangkok, and the Capital Gate in Abu Dhabi. There's nothing like a modern home exterior that boasts clean lines, expansive windows, and an undeniably sleekness. The ICA was finished in 2006 spans across 65.000 square feet. Great post! One of Chipperfield’s buildings that describes his style the best is The Hepworth Wakefield in West Yorkshire. Douglas Cardinal – The Canadian Museum of History, 75. The others are still to be completed. One of these buildings that describe Sejima’s style is the Rolex Learning Center in Switzerland. People needed practicality and functionality more than ever to rebuild—from scratch—the entire cities that were demolished at the time. Taller de Arquitectura was established by the architect Mauricio Rocha in 1991. Christian de Portzamparc – Château Cheval Blanc, 38. Elia Zenghelis – The Ashikita House of Youth, 64. However, all their works display some kind of elegance in their appearance, and they are designed keeping the impact on the environment in mind. In 2001 they were awarded the Pritzker Prize, which praised their innovativeness in their facades. These are great but its hard to sort other than using the map. They are mainly known for designing spaces for children. Gang’s work is characterized by having an innovative use of materials and an environmentally sensitive approach. The phrases contemporary architects and contemporary architecture have obvious meanings but like modern architects and modern architecture the terminology is open to interpretation – shades of meaning. He is known for his uncompromising and minimalist work. Required fields are marked *. One of their well-known projects is the Jameel Arts Centre Dubai, where their focus on space efficiency and elegance can be seen, as well as the relation between inside and outside, art and nature. Their architectural style is acclaimed for combining tradition and innovation in such a way that they both augment the other. Contemporary Architecture currently has less baggage (than Modern architecture), it is not affected by fall-out from the reign of a certain style. Your email address will not be published. Rafael Moneo – The National Museum of Roman Art, Interesting article: Marketing Tips for Architects [2020], 48. Wang Shu, born on November 4, 1963, is a Chinese architect known for his modern design accomplished by using classic materials and an older style. Mention worthy is that Yansong has been the first Chinese architect to win an overseas landmark-building project. Balkrishna Doshi – The Aranya Housing Project, 14. NASA describes this building as “a building so smart and intuitive it knows exactly how much energy is consumed – and adapts itself based on weather, seasons and work patterns.”. This gorgeous dome was created to be the pièce de résistance of the 100th anniversary of the 1986 World’s Fair in Vancouver. provide spaces sensitized to human needs and experiences. I agree to the Here is the definitive list of contemporary architects near your location as rated by your neighborhood community. Piano was one of the founding partners of the RPBW architecture company, which has offices in Italy, France and since recently also in New York. Yansong’s ideology comes from the concept that contemporary architecture has no spirit and he wants to make buildings that inspire people and are against this concept of today. Sergey Skuratov, born in 1955, is an award-winning Russian architect, winning the Architect Of The Year place at Urban Awards in 2012. He is known for his sustainable architectural design and for being one of the few who was studding this aspect before being a priority in Canada. Maki designs buildings according to their surroundings, and he aims to create so-called “unforgettable scenes“, which can be described best as places or spaces that allow for easy human interaction. Nouvel is known for his works that can be considered provocative. There - I said it. A. Eugene Kohn, William Pedersen, and Sheldon Fox are the founders of Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates, one of the biggest architecture firms in the world. She is known for being the first woman architect to open her own firm, Shilpa Architects Planners Designers, in 1979. Here are some of its best examples. The different styles and approaches have in common the use of very advanced … Their office tries to produce sustainable and economic solutions with their buildings, all adapted to the specific surroundings and environment. The Jewish Museum in Berlin was Libeskind’s first major international success. An example is the twin-tower residential skyscraper, The Imperial. His goal is to change the residents’ perceptions, to give them back hope. It is an 82-story residential skyscraper. Other works that display Maki’s style well are the Shenzhen Sea World Culture and Arts Center Data in China, and the Jewish Community of Japan located in Tokyo. This is also said to be a reaction to eclecticism and the lavishness to the Victorian era and later Art Nouveau’s detail-oriented styles. He is known for his deconstructivist style in his projects, which shows itself in a chaotic and fragmentic building style. Glenn Murcutt – The Riversdale Boyd Education Centre, 63. One of his famous projects that scream his style is the “Tower of Winds”. Renzo Piano was born in 1937 in Genua, Italy. A note to our community regarding COVID-19. With over 250 staff from 15 countries, David Chipperfield’s architectural practice has come a long way since his first steps to fame in Japan. Tom Wright got best known by being the designer of the Burj Al Arab in Dubai. His style brought him the world-renowned, Pritzker Prize in 2013. When our pals at Arch Daily sift through the world's best building designs in an effort to pinpoint the year's most impressive feats of architecture. 25 Contemporary Building Designs That Are Making A Splash In The Architecture World. Altuğ Çinici, born in 1935 is a Turkish architect known for her fast adaptability to modernization and her focus on the environment. Julia Morgan was the first woman to study architecture at the prestigious Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris, France, and the first woman to work as a professional architect in California. He looks at the combination of the people, place and time of a specific surroundings, before making a design. In 2011 he won the Pritzker Architecture Prize in 2011. It is located in Paris. What makes the design of this building so special is the fact that it is a very personal design. Stanley Tigerman – The Illinois Holocaust Museum, 59. The building is already complete but needs to be modified, Glenn earns this title not by building tall and imposing buildings, but by designing smaller settlements that let him focus on economical design, preserving energy and environment. One of his marvellous pieces of architecture is the Paula Rego Museum in Lisbon. He has solved many urban planning challenges with his works. His works are mainly contemporary, and he specializes in urbanism. As such, one will always be in contact with the outdoors when going from one section of the home to another. A list of top modern Architects with very creative concepts presented below. It is built in 2000 and is 379.000 square feet. Robert Stern –The 15 Central Park West, 49. Materials that were rarely or never before seen in housing construction served as a starting point for these architectural feats. Barton Myers, born on November 6, 1934, is an American architect and he is known for his focus on urban consolidation, the ability of a building to define the surroundings and the ability to combine the old and new architectural combinations. These were his main reasons for designing tall constructions. However, he has also gained great successes with his projects. A number of his buildings, including his private residence, have become world-renowned attractions. Jeanne Gang is an American architect and urban designer, born in 1964 in Illinois. The bridge is compared with a swan by the public and described by the architect as being “a bracket construction in sky-coloured steel [that] can appear thin as a needle, or wide as a harp”. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. With her work, she has grown into one of the leading members of IGBC, the Indian Green Building Council. Peter Eisenman was born in 1932 in New Jersey, United States. altered or improved. Predock merges his passion for riding motorbikes into his building style, by designing his buildings to convey an experience to the viewer, a road filled with experiences so to say. Architecture software tools help architects streamline, automate, and optimize their output. Other renowned works are Quinta Monroy in Iquique (Chile), and the Elemental Treehouse in Montricher (Switzerland). The Row House has a very unique way of incorporating nature in everyday living by having an outdoor patio be the only way to reach the house’s main two sections on the two floors. Sanjeev Panjabi and Sangeeta Merchant are two Indian architects and founders of SPASM Design Architects, one of the best firms in the country. The rooms tend to be more open within both domestic and commercial buildings. Contemporist has altered the way design industry professionals get their news. One of Ramus’ works that brought him fame is the Vakko Fashion Center in Istanbul, Turkey. Winy Maas, Jacob van Rijs and Nathalie de Vries founded MVRDV in 1993. Odile Decq, born in 1955 is an award-winning French architect and founder of Studio Odile Decq. Midcentury modern architects embraced experimentation, looked for ways to incorporate architecture into nature, wrote their own theories on the best approach to design, and collaborated on iconic spaces. Serie Architects are focusing on architecture, urban design and research. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. Álvaro Siza – The Imbere Camargo Museum, 32. While designing, De Portzamparc’s focus was not put only on the structure, but also on the contrast between the landscape and the design of the building. The building is a mixture of three types of residential housing and retail and office spaces. Sir Terry Farrell, born on May 12, 1938, is a British architect and urban designer. Regardless of size; this guide for digital marketing is made for both large, small, and independent architects. Santiago Calatrava is an architect born in 1951 in Valencia, Spain. The firm works with cultural institutions and universities including the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego, The Clark Art Institute, Neue Galerie New York, and Brown University. These buildings can best be described as hybrid, innovative, and unexpected constructions. MVRDV : Winy Maas, Jacob van Rijs, and Nathalie de Vries – The EXPO 2000 Pavilion, 83. But what is the definition of modern architecture and where does it come from? In 2010, he became the youngest recipient ever of the Pritzker Prize, together with Sejima. The observation of the Old Mercato, the largest open-air market in Africa, was an inspiration to redefine the program of the building, conceiving a multi-story contemporary market instead of a conventional shopping mall based on large shops. This design is absolute riveting. He himself mentions he likes to design big and complicated works, where others are needed to help solve the challenges. After all, isn’t that why you’re here?Here’s why you need a portfolio: You are an artist. Two other works are Ten Rittenhouse Square in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; and Arris in Washington DC. Sheila designed the first official entrance to Mahindra World City – the first Special Economic Zone in Tamil Nadu. One of her most contemporary and well-known works is the Baitur Rauf Jame Mosque, winning her the Aga Khan Award for Architecture in 2016. His major works include a contemporary building design of conservatism and modernism. Their projects touch a vast area of activity, from cultural spaces, commercial office buildings, transportation facilities to educational facilities, residential and hospitality developments. His style is not attributable to a specific architecture style, as he has developed his own approach to designing buildings. Annabelle Selldorf – The David Zwirner Gallery, 69. His style is aiming to preserve the cultural foundation of a scene and he is designing his creations as being part of the landscape. Christopher Lee from Serie Architects says that the collaboration with Art Jamal has resulted in “architecture that … acts as a background structure for the life of the center to unfold.”. Over time, the focus of Herzog & de Meuron has shifted towards the structure and depth of their constructions, with more aspects of the buildings being visible to the visitor. He states that he does not have his own style as many other architects, but he describes himself as being a problem solver. According to him, his childhood school had no ventilation and very poor lighting, both of which heavily affected his ability to learn. Famous architect Antoni Gaudi, (1852-1926), pronounced Gow DEE, was the most original architect of the Art Nouveau style.Art Nouveau, the new art, replaced straight lines with the free-form curves, wavy walls, and the textures and shapes of nature's plants and trees. Only one of the DC Towers is finished and is currently the tallest skyscraper in Austria. The 17-story geodesic dome was built from 766 aluminum triangles and has an expo line going straight through the Dunsmuir Tunnel. Dominique Perrault was born in 1953 in Clermont-Ferrand, in France. Opening in 1981 and finally completed in 2015, this 12.000m2 piece of art was a surprising opportunity for Lin. The entire vision is inspired by both the early Emirati Sha’abi houses and the Madinat style of city planning. David Magie Childs was born in 1941 in New Jersey, USA. Besides, he got known for his writings and teachings on architecture, and his goal to liberate architectural buildings (which led to multiple flawed buildings, was later discovered). A recent survey on World architecture was conducted by the American magazine Vanity Fair, to determine the most important works of contemporary architecture. The architect Le Corbusier was for many the principal influence with his modern architecture of white walls, fenetre longuer, pilotis and architectural promenade. Her approach is research-based, and is exploring the relationships between individuals, communities, and environments. Rem Koolhaas is an architect born in 1944 in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The Lideta Mercato was intended to be a shopping mall just like many others in the city of Addis Ababa. According to, it was “designed to respond to the ‘low, flat topography of Saskatchewan’s prairie landscape'”. The building is part of the Bullring Shopping Centre, it cost 60 million pounds and it is one of the most futuristic buildings in Birmingham. However, his passion for skyscrapers continues, as Moscow is currently designing its “tallest” skyscraper yet, reaching 404 meters, directed by his company, Sergey Skuratov Architects. Antoine Predock – The Canadian Museum for Human Rights, 34. It showcases how a smaller space (64,7m2) can become a private and personalized living space. Throughout the years, the architectural firm achieved multiple awards, and currently holds a large portfolio of interior design projects outside of their architectural and urban designs. Explore what ArchitectureQuote can offer you! He is considered to be part of the New York Five, a group of world-renowned architects of New York City. In 1997 she founded Studio Gang. De Portzamparc’s work is being described as having a bold design, artistic touch and focusing on the importance of the environment and landscape. Her work links human behaviour to the built environment, through urban planning. of ArchitectureQuote IVS, I would like to receive relevant marketing materials and These 65.000 square feet offer numerous entertainment possibilities, such as “galleries, a 330 seat multi-purpose theater, a restaurant, bookstore, education/workshop facilities”, just to name a few. Ken Yeang was born in 1949 in Penang, Malaysia. Rafael Viñoly is an architect born in 1944 in Montevideo, Uruguay. One of the many examples of buildings that enter this category is the Riversdale Boyd Education Centre. Solano Benitez is an architect born in 1963 in Asuncion, Paraguay. Shigeru Ban was born in 1957 in Tokyo, Japan. Alejandro Aravena – The Siamese Towers, Related article: 100 Best Architecture Firms in the World [2019], 26. Inspired by the traditional relationship between Guru and King, Rewal deigned the library to appear powerful without overshadowing the Parliament building. Maya Ying Lin, born on October 5, 1959, is an American designer and architect best known for sculptures and historical memories but also for her care for nature and the environment. According to its creator, Bruno Freschi, the dome was “built to be torn down, dreamed to last” as its sole purpose was to be a part of the 1986 Expo. Therefore they focus on many non-physical elements, of which light is the most important. His classic styles is clearly seen is examples such as the Fifth Avenue Maisonette and the New England House. Together with Hakim Khennouchi and Geku Kuruvilla he started the architecture company WKK in 2013. All designs are human scaled. Elia Zenghelis, born in 1937 is a Greek architect whose style is characterized by simplifying structures, materials and building taking into account the landscape and environment. One of his most known projects that reflect his style is the Parliament Library in New Delhi. In 2008, Nouvel received the Pritzker Prize for his work on over 200 projects, including Doha Office Tower in Qatar. One of his most known projects is the Kiasma Museum in Helsinki, which is on par with his abilities, being designed in such a way that it catches the low angle of the Scandinavian sun. David Chipperfield was born in 1953 in London, United Kingdom. Opened in 2018, Arts Centre spans across 10.000m² and is actually “the first non-governmental contemporary arts institution of its kind in the Golf”, according to ArchDaily. of the construction site, materials and labor. He is known for building the Primary School in Gando, which was his very first building, alongside many other school-related buildings. Yansong’s works can be seen as innovative, and breaking with tradition. This prize is given to architects who have significantly altered society and humanity in a positive manner. Rather, the new kitchen and gymnasium have replaced sleep and shower facilities as places for coworkers to bond. If you are an architect, you need an architecture portfolio. In 2004 he founded the firm MAD architects. In 1977 he founded the architecture firm Hamzah & Yeang together with Tengku Robert Hamzah. One of his famous projects that reflects his ideologies is the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, located in Winnipeg. He stated that “architects don’t invent anything, that they just transform reality”. In 1964 Safdie founded Safdie Architects, which currently has offices in Shanghai, Singapore, Israel and the USA. Oct 1, 2019 - Top USA award-winning contemporary architects, RNA among top architecture firms in the US. The design was made in concordance with Paula Rego’s wishes. However, the ICA is much more than simply a museum. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. He is a contemporary architect and urbanist. The SU house is modern villa designed by Alexander Brenner architects, situated at the edge of a forest in the south of Stuttgart, Germany. Here the indoor climate was vital and prioritized. When he was 17 years old, he moved to the US, and never left it. Some of his other works include the Amorepacific Headquarters in Seoul, and the Museum of Modern Literature in Marbach am Neckar. Frida Escobedo is an architect born in 1979 in Mexico City, Mexico. He states seeing “the buildings as living things.” His most well-known project, for now, is “House on Mosfilmovskaya”, a skyscraper which almost became demolished at the time by former Moscow mayor Yuri Luzhkov, because of its height (213 meters). Most of his works can be considered high-tech architecture. One of their innovative projects is 41 Cooper Square, a project that integrates sustainability with function and architecture. Modernism dominated architectural design throughout the 20th-century. The focus is on creating high quality, and making it look and feel very exclusive, and out of the box. No single style is dominant; contemporary architects are working in several different styles, from postmodernism and high-tech architecture to highly conceptual and expressive forms and designs, resembling sculpture on an enormous scale. Don’t hesitate to tell us who we’ve missed. Thomas Heatherwick, born on February 17, 1970, is an English designer, known as an “ideas engine”. Two other renowned works of BIG include the Hualien Residences in Taiwan, and the Superkilen park in Copenhagen, Denmark. Yeang himself states: ‘”I’m an ecologist first, an architect second“. Opened in 2016, this museum spans across a grand total f 420.000m2. One of his most famous projects is the MI6 Building, headquarters of the Secret Intelligence Service of the United Kingdom. Frida Escobedo – The Serpentine Galleries, 29. Balkrishna Doshi, was born in 1927 in Pune, India. The Primary School was finished in 2001 and is 301m2. In many ways, modern architecture is a transplanted European idea that was brought to the New World, then refined, reformed, and finally released out to the ‘wild’ as it were. Richard Meier, born in 1934, is an American abstract artist and architect, whose geometric designs are known for following timeless, classical design principles. Two other renowned works are the Ordos Art & City Museum, and the Harbin Opera House, both located in China. ELEMENTAL works in a participatory design manner, meaning that the community is being closely involved throughout the whole design process. Andrews designs according to the specific economic, constructional, and climatic conditions, as well as the user needs of the specific site. Minsuk Cho, born in 1966 is a South Korean architect, founder of Mass Studies and known for his urban research and for his buildings. The meta-modern architecture firm of top architects in the Philippines into unique & modern architecture designs for your special projects. His company REX is known for challenging typologies, and promoting architecture as an industry. In 2006 she started her own firm, named after herself. Architecture Portfolio: Examples and Templates, 20 Best Drawing Tablets for Architects [2020 Update], 140+ Software Tools for Architecture Firms [2020 Update], 100 Best Architecture Firms in the World [2020 Update], 20 Considerations Before Dating an Architect, Ultimate Guide: Architecture Marketing and Digital Marketing for Architects, Why the Gothic Arch is Everywhere and Here to Stay, What I Wish I Knew Prior to Hiring an Architect – Ask The Right Questions. In 2010 SANAA won the Pritzker Architecture Prize. Ieoh Ming Pei – The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, 9. Ieoh Ming Pei unfortunately died in 2019. Like other options from this list, these houses come with a huge range of customization options as well as eco-friendly features. The company offers a range of modern prefab house designs, one more gorgeous than the other. These 88 architects are impacting the skyline of today’s cities. Besides, they have developed multiple civic designs, and urban master plans. Some other distinctive buildings are the Christian Dior Building in Tokyo, and De Kunstlinie Theater and Cultural Center in Almere. He founded John Andrews Architects in 1962. The concept behind The Interlace was to find a way of creating high-density housing without adding another tower block to Singapore’s skyline. Zumthor places the individual’s experience and senses as priority in his designs. It is a large container of offices that permits entry of light and proper ventilation. projects, installations, temporary structures, and more. One of their most famous projects is the KMC Corporate Office, which illustrates Rahul Mehrotra’s style; the building is able to control the amount of light and air that circulates inside the construction. Elements such as shaded terraces, a noise-buffering stainless steel mesh covering, and lots and lots of natural lights further support the architects’ vision of creating a working place that allows for comfort for its inhabitants. Doshi is an Indian contemporary architect, and is also known as the Eco-friendly Architect of the Millennium. Might as well make it clear from the start. This list is on point! His buildings are clean, often designed with straight lines. Sheila Sri Prakash – Mahindra World City, 50. Contemporary Architect Photos photo : Jordi Belver, Architect Zaha Hadid, who used to run a feted architecture practice in London, England: portrait photograph : Steve Double, Comments / photos for the famous Contemporary Architect List – Current Major Architecture Offices in the World page welcome. One example of their exemplary work is the Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport Terminal 3, a project located in China that shows elegance and utility. The towers were the tallest building existent between 1998 and 2004 and they still are the tallest twin towers in the world. Christopher Lee, Serie Architects – The Jameel Arts Centre Dubai. The 16 Best Architecture Projects of the 21st Century (So Far) We asked leading practitioners to share their picks of the best projects of the past 16 years. Maki perceives himself as a modernist architect. Its hard to find inspiration from the best when you’re struggling to discover new architects. The building and the connection between its design and surrounding landscape represent America’s long African culture. Stanley Tigerman, born on September 20, 1930, is an American architect, theorist, and designer, characterized by his social and development-mindset. So get inspired by these fascinating large scale projects! Modern architecture is the school of design that prevailed since the turn of the 20th century until World War II. Artists, architects, and designers spend hours in front of computer screens in order to create that perfect design. Santiago Calatrava – City of Arts and Sciences, 7. She is known for focusing on local and cultural arts and by centering her architecture on sustainability.
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