Victorio and his people rejoiced; they could now live in their sacred homeland and care for it. Coming out of the volunteer service in the Civil War as general officers, they attained colonelcies in the Regular Army because of distinguished wartime service. Samuel Hamilton Walker was born in Maryland in 1815 and came to Texas in 1836. The following story of the October, 1880 Quitman Canyon fight is from the National Park Service web site. Undeterred, he tried again a few days later. "As I had no thought of being escorted there, or anywhere else," Grierson later wrote, "I immediately sent two of these men back with peremptory orders that all available cavalry be at once sent to my support." He went home to Chihuahua City in triumph, an even greater hero for having achieved glory without any help from American soldiers. As Major Morrow had predicted, Victorio crossed back into New Mexico early in January 1880. Cochise refused, and instead Howard established the Chiricahua Reservation for him in southeastern Arizona. At 4 a.m. Lt. Leighton Finley and 15 cavalrymen reached Grierson. Unknown to Victorio, Morrow’s command had nearly destroyed itself. As Hatch prepared for the move late in March, he received intelligence that Victorio had been camped in the San Andres Mountains for more than a month. Descending the canyon on August 6, he discovered soldiers posted to command the springs. Quitman Mountains from Mapcarta, the free map. His people fatigued and short of provisions, Victorio headed southeast into the forbidding Chihauhuan Desert south of West Texas. By late October 1879, Victorio had decided to cross into Mexico to rest. Again the Apaches tried to break through to the north; again the cavalry cut them off and forced them back. Trip Maps | Blood Trail Maps Stone Phillips, Emmy-winning journalist; co-anchor of Dateline NBC. Fort Duncan on the Rio Grande lasted until 1922. The Carrizal Massacre led the veteran Mexican Indian fighter, Gen. Geronimo Treviño, to launch a formidable campaign to destroy Victorio. Believing himself distant from his foes, Victorio slowed and instructed scattered groups to unite at a lake near three low, rocky peaks called Tres Castillos. On September 4, 1879, Victorio and about forty warriors launched their war. Alarmed by their failure to return, Carrizal dispatched a search party of thirty-five men. But Grierson knew that his adversary would soon return, and he went to Eagle Springs to wait. About 320 Indians had been assembled, many of them women and children. The gunfire from both sides flashed vividly in the night, with increasing intensity. Both passed their entire postwar careers—more than a quarter of a century—commanding these regiments. Hatch’s civilian captain of scouts, Henry K. Parker, had led some seventy Apache scouts on Victorio’s trail, discovered his camp, and during the night succeeded in posting contingents on four sides. The Storming of Chapultepec (Quitmans’s Attack) When U.S. General Winfield Scott ordered the capture of the Mexican citadel of Chapultepec, he envisioned coordinated assaults by two divisions. Colonel Grierson was determined that West Texas would not serve as the pathway. Warriors stationed on hills at the entrance to the canyon heard the scouts’ horses and mules braying for want of water and opened fire. Before marching to rendezvous with Colonel Grierson at the agency, Hatch hoped he could converge his battalions on Hembrillo Canyon, the site of reliable springs, and destroy his enemy. After a skirmish lasting about an hour, Captain Viele with Troops C and G of the 10th Cavalry charged down the road from Eagle Springs and joined the battle. Would they remain at Ojo Caliente, or would the army one day appear and force them to go back to San Carlos? He is a producer and director, known for Alien Predator (1986), House M.D. 212 No sooner had he changed direction than Victorio’s people flowed down the south slope of the San Andres and then continued moving away from the mountains, hiding silently as the troops marched nearby. The Pueblo is one of three tribes located in Texas and the only Pueblo located in the state. They could easily replenish both stock and provisions by raiding ranches and mining communities, taking a toll of dead defenders as they went. The soldiers recovered only a few arms, but Hatch left behind a strong guard while he turned again to chasing Victorio.
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