Remember Me. Ive used Breakfree for about the last 20 years for my firearms, but recently picked up a can of Ballistol after reading so much hype about it. Ballistol Multi-Purpose Travel Size Non-CFC Aerosol Can Lubricant Cleaner Protec. Current … Shop hardware lubricants and a variety of hardware products online at Ballistol can be used as an all-in-one gun care product (cleans, lubricates, protects). Previous. I added another few ccs to flush it more and the amount of crud that washed out shocked me. Latest Photos. $7.99. I shoot my 3 BP pistols at least once a week and do a "field clean" ie. Personally if I'm making a nice job of it it'll be Youngs 303 or Hoppes solvent followed by 5W-20. Compare Compare Now. Shame it smells like a perfumed urinal, but you can't have everything. Ballistol Oil-Lube Cleaner 4oz Non-Aerosol W/FREE Drip Bottle 120045. Huberd’s founded its first grease-based product for shoes in 1921. Ballistol is an outstanding penetrating oil, creeps into the finest cracks, and loosens nuts and bolts. I asked my Wilson Customer Rep is Ballistol was safe to use on my new $3500 Wilson 1911 and he said yes even on the wood grips. $8.86. Ballistol is a portmanteau name derived from 'ballistic' and 'oil' [in German] and originated from Germany before WW1, after the German military requested an 'all-around' oil and cleaner for their rifles and equipment. Gun Cleaning Kits. After running across the stuff back then and using it on all black powder arms,I have never seen any rust or corrosion at all even when stored over the winter months. Shop gun cleaning kits and and remover rubs from Dick's Sporting Goods. Ballistol was developed by a German scientist for the German army as an all-in-one solution to clean, lubricate, protect and preserve firearms, their gun stocks, and leather gear. 50\50 with water to clean and full … Find an essential oil for every occasion. I have some but no longer use on my firearms as I prefer synthetic lubes like Slip2000 and M-Pro 7 LPX. Ballistol Multi-Purpose Aerosol Can Lubricant Cleaner Protectant. Average rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars, based on 14 reviews 14 ratings. I like it, other than the smell, which takes getting use to. I have been using Ballistol on muzzle loaders for near ten years and five or so for cleaning and preserving my BPCR's. Ballistol can be used to lubricate, penetrate, clean, protect, and preserve tools, firearms, leather, knives, marine equipment, fishing gear, locks, wood, metal, rubber, and so much more. It is currently on sale (til 11/30) at Midway for $7.49 (vice 9.49). Ballistol Multi-Purpose 2 - 16 fl oz Non-Aerosols **Trigger sprayer out of stock** Ecommerce software by AmeriCommerce. Ballistol was developed in Germany for the German Army in 1905. $4.97. 9 Precision Bundled with 2-1/4 oz Refill: 8.6: Buy On Amazon: 6: Real Avid Smart Mat - 43x16” Large Padded Gun Mat, with Magnetic Parts Tray and 223 Rifle Graphics with Disassembly Instructions, Oil-Resistant Solvent-Resistant Protective Mat for Gun Cleaning: 8.6: Buy On Amazon: 7: Ballistol Multi-Purpose Oil … Ballistol’s historic success is largely due to their high-tech technologies at the time; this oil readily competes with the most modern of its … Birchwood Casey Gun Scrubber Firearm Cleaner - 15 oz. The CLP oil by Sage & Braker is fully non-toxic and biodegradable. The seldom used guns in my safe get a good coat of heavy oil, or a good dose of MP7 from a spray bottle. I use the original Ballistol oil and buy it in half litre containers direct from a chap in Germany. On the other hand, if I want her out of the house Hoppies semi-auto 9 does the trick every time, however there is a lot of complaining first! Jamsie Lots of people seem to like it and it's not expensive if you … This oil is good for improving the waterproof qualities of leather boots. $11.95. Gun & … As reviews will show, the Ballistol lubricant is ideal for different types of firearms and other metal equipment that needs protection from corrosion. At the same time, the faucet that took two hands to move was now operating with the tip of my fingers and light pressure. The Ballistol gun oil is biodegradable and eco-friendly. Post navigation. What types of oils, lubricants & additives does The Home Depot carry? These kits also offer a place to store all of these materials when not in … The chemist who developed the formula was asked to make something that was as close to a universal oil as possible and I think he succeeded. Cleans black powder residue and is not petro-chemical based, so it will not affect a "seasoned" muzzleloader or black powder cartridge gun. Seems to be pretty good stuff. Register. The chemical is a yellowish clear liquid with a consistency expected of a light oil. I use Ballistol when I want to clean a pistol inside and the wife is near as she does not have the same reaction as she does when I use Hoppies semi-auto 9. Sponsored Listings. I hear a lot of folks on here talk about Kroil lately. It can also be used as a cutting/boring oil. There are many varieties of neatsfoot oil. I would normally use KG1 carbon cleaner or C4 bore tec for barrel cleaning to get rid of the crud then follow it up with a ballistol patch. I use the 8 oz (non-spray) can. They all use it … The Ballistol was brownish grey coming out with the mineral crud in suspension. The lube does an excellent job of reducing the effect of skin oil and sweat on your firearm. You must be logged in to post a comment. $9.99. Hoppes … $14.97. It is actually a thick oil which comes from the bones of cattle. Usually from Brownells or Midway. Seems to work just fine. Gun cleaning kits provide everything needed for optimal gun care, from brushes and cleaning patches to cleaning rods and bottles for oils or solvents. The process of rust bluing is normally only for double barrels or very old firearms. Recent Posts. Rust Bluing. Hoppe's Oil Combo Pack - No. I (and others) have also noticed that it seems to "gel" if it sits on the cool steel of your gun, so it won't run off as easily as it looks it will. Oil Distributors focus on quality products that make the wheels of all kinds of industries go round. The German military used it from 1905 to 1945. Montana X-Treme Copper Killer 6 oz. Forgot Password. Find an essential oil for every need. Is this stuff that good or is it a gimmick. Its many uses have become legendary, almost mythical. Rem Oil Pop-Up Wipes 60 per Canister. Keep your rifles and guns in working order with gun cleaning kits and gun care supplies. That is why it is called neatsfoot oil, as neat is … Huberd’s Shoe Oil. Toll free: 1-800-253-2460 Email: Contact us | Terms and Conditions | Refund and Return Policy Sale! Product Title Ballistol Multi-Purpose Oil 6 oz Aerosol. That's one of its great strengths: You can use it on darn near anything (except suede) and it will lube and protect it. CCFR Integrity March – Exhaustive Details; An O’Toole win – what it means for Gun Owners ... Ballistol Cleaner & Lubricant Oil. The oil has alkaline properties. I started using Ballistol because I intend to go into black powder shooting with my New Vaquero. For me Ballistol is one of those things that seems too good to be true, with all the properties it has and what it can be … This is one of the older methods of bluing and provides the best rust and corrosion resistance. 3. #1 Ballistol Multi-Purpose Aerosol Can Lubricant Cleaner Protectant **[Editor’s Top Pick]** A friend of mine just gave me a can of ballistol to protect my carbon steel blades and also to clean oil my leather sheaths oh and to oil the wooden knife handles which I really don’t have any they are all micarta and G10 After he told me this I was kind of blown away. Based in Oregon, the company added this shoe oil to its line in 1929. Compare Compare Now. We refuse to compromise when it comes to providing you with premium quality lubricants and grease, with three carefully selected brands; (Morris Lubricants, Prista Oil and TEL Lubricants). Within this comprehensive guide, we’ve prepared reviews for some of the very best gun lube solutions on the market. It may be good enough for your situation however. Top 5 Best CLP’s – Gun Cleaner Reviews 1 CLP by Sage & Braker. I found Ballistol not near as good as a protectant compared to some of my others including Breakfree CLP. A member at the last shoot I attended tells me that Inox spray is far superior. Neatsfoot oil is a well renowned oil product for leather polish. Ballistol is a good all rounder if you don't need perfect, it's cheap and you can use it on damn near everything in the garden too. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. While it is a little on the expensive side, it does the job of cleaning, protecting, and lubricating a typical gun exceptionally well. The Home Depot carries Oil, Fuel Additive, Pre-Mixed Gasoline and more. Season the finish with gun oil once you have the level of bluing you expect. Pretty much. It has very little odor and, although the tin is small, it will last a long time. Ballistol’s especially made viscosity enables the oil to creep into those hard to reach nooks and crannies and loosen up the components, and create a exceptional protective layer. It's good stuff and a little goes a long way. >> Looking for a club near Cleveland, Ohio Posted May 22, 2012. Thompson Center Arms Breech Plug Cleaner. Alter the air to one of comfort, confidence and quiet order with cedar wood. Features. brushes and swabs to get the crud out, and then a Ballistol swab to coat the chambers and barrels plus a spray of olive oil as was recommended to me by an … Find hardware lubricants at Lowe's today. 3. Bring peace and harmony into your home with the tranquil atmosphere of lavender. As soon as you move it or warm it, the gel goes back to oil instantly. ... Ballistol is a good softening agent for BP shooters, I use it too. $14.99. The Ballistol Sportsman's Gun Oil is all-natural, non-toxic and does not lose its ability to lubricate even when mixed with water. $15.99. Ballistol >"white oil" mineral oil TheWorld Health Organizationclassifies mineral oils asgroup 1 carcinogensto humans. Just like you don’t use sub-par oil in a Ferarri, you don’t just use any old gun lube for your weapon! Firearm Blog. Compare Compare Now. 3 sold. >oleic acid Safe enough >more mineral oil See white oil >Potassium Oleate H315 (16.65%): Causes skin irritation [WarningSkin corrosion/irritation] H319 (99.83%): Causes serious eye irritation [WarningSerious … In the 18th century, it was also used medicinally as a topical application for dry scaly skin conditions. Login. Rust bluing was created among hot and cold bluing processes. Bar and Chain Oil with 1,193 reviews and the TruFuel TruFuel 50:1 Pre Mixed Fuel (6-Pack) with 1,014 reviews. Fill your spaces with the fresh scents of lemongrass to cleanse emotional auras. Some of the most reviewed oils, lubricants & additives are the ECHO 1 Gal. Ballistol 6 Oz Multi Purpose CLP Gun Protectant Oil Lubricant Aerosol Can 120069. Hi yall, Im pretty new to cap-n-ball shooting and I have been using Ballistol & water mix to clean up and loosen BP fouling in pistols, shotgun & rifle, followed by neat Ballistol before storing. Ballistol ("Ballistic" + "Oil") was invented by a German chemist at the turn of the 20th century for the German army to clean, lube, and protect mechanical/metal parts, woods, and leather. To help keep a firearm in working order, it's important to have the right gun cleaning supplies. Brownells has a combo deal with a can of Kroil plus a jar of J&B bore cleaner - a combination I have found to work well for barrel cleaning. Compare Compare Now. I have been using it for about a year but in truth have not yet made up my mind about it. 6. ... and cleaned so often that rust is not a problem.
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