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Your Baby Is Teething

What a spectacular time to experience! Not only is your baby officially teething, but your baby now is starting to become more mobile and recognize what it loves/hates. By now, your baby is also transitioning with what he or she enjoys eating. This is a really fun time, because your baby is now officially learning what types of foods it likes. While your baby is getting to eat different foods, teething has officially began as well!

Terrible Teething

Every single parent has experienced terrible teething. Babies can become so agitated and irritable from teething. There are a few important tips to help your baby with terrible teething that will bring them relief, but will also help your sanity at the same time.

  • One way to help your baby during the difficult teething process is by rubbing your baby’s gums. What you need to do is wash your hands, then you want to give your baby a gum massage. The pressure from this type of massage will help your baby’s swollen gums, but also help teeth work their way through the gums.
  • One of the most popular ways to help a baby during the teething process is by refrigerating a pacifier. The pacifier will get cold enough to help the baby get relief, but possibly numb up the area.  Check out the teething pacifiers at Walmart or even on Amazon. There are many great deals available and the reviews are also 5 stars.
  • There are lots of different types of teething rings and even teething jewelry that has been specifically made for babies. What you need to do is go online or go to a department store to look at all of the different options. You will be able to see that not only are there rings, but there are teething necklaces for babies. Any of these options will work, but if you really want to do your research – always read the reviews from other parents. You might find a specific type of teething ring or necklace that is highly recommended.
  • Sometimes babies will refuse to eat while teething, just because their gums are irritated or the baby is simply cranky. A great way to help alleviate this is by freezing milk. You can use your own breast milk or you can use a formula to create milk popsicles. All you need to do is put a bib on your baby or you may want to use a towel and let your baby enjoy a milk popsicle.
  • If you are unsure – always ask your pediatrician. There are going to be several different teething products that pediatricians recommend. You may be able to get some type of specific teething device from your pediatrician or at least you will get a recommendation of the best way to deal with it.

The teething process can be grueling, but once it is over – your baby is going to be ready to transition into a new stage of eating solid foods and learning what types of food he or she likes.  

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