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Why is a Keto Diet the Best Way to Lose Weight?

Description: Did you know that almost half of the American population – children included are suffering from being overweight, and the better majority have obesity? This should scare the guts out of you but, here’s why a keto diet is your best weapon in weight loss.

Diet! Diet! Diet!

The 21st-Century has got everyone raving about some form of dietary plan – it’s almost a global pandemic. With the increase of junk and fast food, the low levels of self-control on food among other things, and the rapid marketing campaigns of all the unhealthy foods coming up on a daily, it is easy to see why everyone is running for weight loss programs and dietary plans.

But is all hope lost?

Not at all! Today we present you a keto diet weight loss plan that’s been tried and tested even by athletes, models, and celebrities like Adele, LeBron James, and even some of the dashing Kardashians. Well, if it worked for them, cross your fingers and embrace the best keto diet weight loss plan we are about to give.

How Does a Ketogenic Dietary Plan Work?

Gone are the days when people used to live in caves and tree-tops where they would easily rely on nuts, tubers, fruits, berries, and seeds for survival. This kind of lifestyle is what has led to the recognized paleo diet – the caveman dietary plan.

These are the days of Walmart, MacDonald’s, KFC, and Dunkin’ Donuts – the days when Pizza Hut has made the best pizzas available within minutes at the comfort of your home. Not everyone is willing to throw away all these goodies for a caveman diet. Fewer people have the strength to engage in a hunger-strike or intermittent fasting. Here comes the keto diet foods weight loss plan. This has quickly become a desirable plan for many people with more than 1 in every 3 adults in the United States alone considered to be overweight.

A keto diet weight loss plan tries to switch your body’s primary fuel source from reliance on glycogen from starchy foods and carbs to ketones from fats. This is essentially why keto diet promotes a radical minimization of carbohydrates and starch. Keto diet for beginners is said to work best when the best keto supplement is used to complement the weight loss diet plan. This is simply how a keto diet meal plan for weight loss works.

Ketosis for Weight Loss

Entering ketosis pushes you to a daily carb intake of less than 35g – about the size of an apple. A keto diet quick start should help you establish exactly how to go about it.

How much weight you will lose on a keto diet absolutely depends on the means you use to get there. Rapid weight loss on the ketogenic diet is possible depending on how strenuous the keto diet is. Consider the following keto diet for beginners guide:

⮚      Modified Atkins: While the keto diet started being medically used in the ’20s to address epilepsy among other conditions, Dr. C Robert borrowed a thing or two and formulated the Atkins diet aimed at weight loss. This modified keto low-carb diet aims at reducing carbs up to 10% of daily intake and increasing fats to around 60-70%. It doesn’t focus excessively on reducing proteins.

⮚      Classic Keto: This serious non-indulgent plan aims at reaching a ratio of 4:1 on fats to proteins and carbs. This is the most rigorous level you can reach on a keto diet, and it should only be done when the body has adapted to using ketones. Note that the daily fat content will always be 90%

⮚      MCT: Medium Chain Triglycerides isn’t as exacting as a classic keto diet and allows for higher intakes of protein and carbohydrates.

⮚      Modified Keto: Unlike the classic keto, which requires you to keep a daily check on micronutrients and use a keto diet calculator, this option is less restrictive and can be embraced by both keto diet beginners and those who aim to switch from classic keto to a long-term indulgent option.

Benefits of a Ketogenic Dietary Plan

Just like any other product, it is impossible to market the keto diet to everyone. Keto diet ought to be more than a go-to plan which everyone else is talking about. You need to know the personal benefits that will apply to you once you get into this program. If you are already a member of the ketogenic community, here are a few benefits you’ve been enjoying and are likely to enjoy.

✔      Keto diet is now recognized to slacken tumor development, thus aid cancer patients. More research is underway, however.

✔      Brain injuries heal faster with all the positive fats introduced.

✔      Diabetic and acne patients are reporting better results while on a keto diet. This could be accredited to the lower insulin levels after carbs and sugar elimination.

✔      With lower cholesterol levels and fewer chances of high blood pressure, you are more likely to have a stronger heart with fewer attacks.

✔      Weight loss is an assured benefit since you’ll be less hungry on a keto diet while the extra glucose stored is fully burned up. Keep a track of your micronutrients and total calories taken in a day to grasp how much weight loss on the keto diet you have achieved. Using your keto diet calculator, you will notice your body loses significantly more during the first months of a keto diet than on proceeding periods.

This is just a few of the benefits. There are also benefits to epileptic patients, Alzheimer’s, insomnia, inflammation and even fertility in women!

How Much Weight Loss Will You Get From Following Keto Diet?

This is where things get quite murky. You may get carried away by the Kardashian’s petite figure and end up frustrated if fast results are not achieved. For starters, keto diet meal plans for weight loss are not a quick-get-slim means of weight loss. Secondly, what might have worked for the rest may not work that quick for you – differences in body composition and even genes have a role to play. You should know in advance that the plan itself is not sustainable in the long run, and you might end up getting bored with it soon as you lack breakfast ideas for keto diet.

Thus, total weight loss primarily depends on how much caloric deficit you are able to maintain  daily. The first two weeks will experience the highest weight loss due to losing body water. Your mission is to see your body relying on the extra stores of fat and glycogen for energy.

Why Am I Not Losing Fat On A Ketogenic Diet?

If you had previously entered ketosis, then it is possible to stagnate after a while and fail to see the results of the keto diet. The best way to break through plateaus and boost weight loss on the keto diet is through shifting or changing something small in your keto diet recipes from the best. Engaging in sports, gym activities and physical workouts is also a sure way to return that rapid weight loss. Accompany this with the best lunch ideas for keto diet from trusted sources.

Tracking Fat Loss on a Ketogenic Diet

Going ketogenic should not be a gateway to losing your muscle fat and mass. You only want to lose the excess fat, but want to gain your muscle mass if possible. This can be done if you are keen on light exercises, getting sufficient sleep and minimizing stress factors while keeping a healthy check on your caloric intake.

Keeping track of your daily macros and total calories, ranging your progress through the before and after photos, and having an accountability partner who can share in your ups and downs is a good way to keep a daily check on total weight lost. Don’t be perturbed by developing a daily scaling habit but weigh yourself once every 2-week. Ensure you stick to healthy ideas for the keto diet.


The power is in your hands, and the ball is in your court – you get to play it however you like. This implies that you get to twist your recipe to conform to your tastes and pockets. Your belief and positivity are also key in your journey towards weight loss. Give us your best keto diet meal plan for weight loss in the comment section below.

Author’s bio: Christina and the love for food led her to pursue nutrition and achieve her current Masters in Principles of Human Nutrition. She then started researching and writing publications in the Washington Post on all matters of nutrition. Now she assists anyone and everyone pursuing weight loss in her blog post.

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