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Which Are the Toys for Toddlers That Follow You to Buy? 5 Options

Description: When it comes to your children’s playtime, there are many different toys for toddlers that you can purchase. Not all of them are great for your children that we will look at the types of toys that are worth purchasing.

How are you supposed to choose which toys are the best for your children? Here in this article, we look at some brilliant ideas for choosing toys that will challenge your child, nurture their thinking, as well as engage their social, emotional, and physical skills.

Toddlers are brilliant little explorers who love learning by doing things. Play provides one of the best opportunities for practicing and developing skills that follow a child’s interests. The different toys that your child has available can really shape their development in important ways.

While on the face of it, choosing toys appears to be an easy job, you can really get overwhelmed when heading into a shop and noticing how many things there are available. How are you going to choose the right things for your child? How can you tell about what will last and what will engage your child’s interest over time? We’ve come up with some brilliant categories that are worth looking into. They should help you overcome any problems that you might have. Let’s find out more!

1. Choosing Toys That Can Be Used In Many Different Ways

Toddlers are little taking apart animals, loving to their pull out put back together, and on and build up different things. You can choose open-ended types where your child can play various games with them. As an example, chunky plastic interlocking blocks or wooden blocks can be used to make anything from a road to a spaceship. Things like this will get your child’s imagination going and help them develop logical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Examples: interlocking blocks, wooden blocks, toys for water play, things to use in the sand, and nesting cups.

2. Toys That Your Child Will Grow Up Loving

We all have had experiences of buying toys that our children never touch after two days of playing. This can be quite demoralizing. Guard against this by seeking out items that are fun during different developmental stages. As an example, a small plastic animal will be fun for any young toddler who wants to make a house for them out of the shoebox. A slightly older toddler can use the same animal to act out the story they’ve made up.

Examples: action figures, plastic animals, dollhouses, dump trucks, car toys for toddlers, stuffed animals, trains, and baby doll toys for toddlers.

3. Choose Toys That Encourage Problem-Solving And Exploration

Play is a brilliant way of getting children to practice new skills over and over. Any toys for toddlers that give the child a chance to figure something out build up their thinking skills, their logical understanding, and help them solve problems in the future. These items can also help any child to develop spatial relations skills, understanding how things are supposed to fit together. They are also great for developing fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Examples: blocks, puzzles, shape sorters, and art materials such as paint, clay, Play-Doh or crayons and bath toys for toddlers.

4. Toys Which Can Spark A Child’s Imagination

There are many different educational toys for toddlers that you can buy. However, you’ll really want to purchase something that will spark your child’s creative skills. Imagine something that can get your little son or daughter to pretend they are the king or queen of the land or imagine that a block is actually something completely different such as a piece of the pie – these are some of the best educational toys for toddlers. Look out for any type which can help foster your child’s development and act out stories on their own. Smart toys for toddlers are ones that can pretend play, building up language, and literacy skills. As children engage in creative thinking, they will also hone in on problem-solving skills and the ability to put things in a logical order, which is vital for development.

Examples: dressing up clothing, plastic food, blocks, plastic plates, stuffed animals, action figures, trucks, trains, and real-life accessories such as firehose toys for toddlers boy.

We would even suggest getting an all-purpose cardboard box, which is large enough for toddlers to climb into and is free. Many appliance shops will happily have you come round and pick up one of their fridge boxes. Any box can become a pirate ship, a house, a barn for the animals – you name it. Your child will find a use for it!

5. Toys That Nurture Playing With People From Other Generations

While it may be easy to find outdoor play toys for toddlers and things like that, have you ever considered that it could be more fun for both you and your child to play together with a toy you both find interesting? As kids approaching the age of three and beyond, they can start participating in early learning board games. A lot of these will involve the child using their memory and will not require any reading. You can even have a family game night where you all play together. There are all sorts of board games that encourage matching, counting, listening, and self-control skills. Your children will also learn that they need to follow the rules with others, thereby nurturing the relationship building and language skills. Another very important thing to teach is for your children to be gracious winners.

Examples: early learning board games, memory games, and drawing games.


 We hope that by now, you know how to choose toys for toddlers, which will help foster their development. All over the world, unique toys for toddlers are available to do just this. Go and have a look at your local store or online, and you’ll find thousands of different options. Reviews also provide a brilliant place to get some ideas, so scoured the Internet and looked at the reviews of different products to your advantage. Get some brilliant small toys for toddlers, and they’ll be well upon their way to becoming bright young children ready for school and everything ahead of them.

In your opinion, what are the best toys for toddlers girl? Tell us in the comment section below.

Author’s bio: Richie loves his two twin daughters more than anything. He knows everything under the sun about what toys work best and for what reason. When he’s not writing or tending to his daughter’s desires, Richie  loves to play golf with her friends and hang out in the local pub.

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