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What Flag to Purchase for Outdoor Use

In these times of the Covid-19 pandemic, there are feelings of uncertainty and anxiety everywhere across the country. If you are a true patriot, you should proudly display an American Flag outside your house to spread feelings of unity and strength. By displaying the American flag, you show your love for the country. No, it is not the 4th of July yet, but it is the beginning of a new year after a year full of gloom on account of Coronavirus. But what flag to purchase for outdoor use? If you are confused, read on as we tell you about a flag that is credited with being the precursor of the current flag of the nation, the world-renowned ‘Stars and Stripes’.

Revolutionary War Era Flag

It is the beginning of the New Year, a year that promises freedom from Coronavirus through the vaccine and the collective will and spirit of the people of the nation. If you want to spread optimism among the people, there is nothing better than to hoist a flag from the revolutionary war era, patriotic American flag aka Betsy Ross will serve the purpose well as it is displayed outside your house. You will be surprised to see the Betsy Ross flag as it looks very similar to the current American flag aka Stars and Stripes. But instead of 50 stars representing 50 states of the nation in a blue canton, this Revolutionary War Era flag contains only 13 stars, and that too in a circle. This flag, often dubbed Betsy Ross Flag, is considered one of the earliest avatars of the American Flag. The design continued for another 23 years until Kentucky and Vermont decided to join the Union of the United States.

Why Choose Betsy Ross Flag?

When you are buying a flag to display in front of your house, you surely want the flag to be steeped in history. You also want the flag to look pretty and unique. If yes, then why not choose Betsy Ross Flag, a true precursor of the current American flag. It was created by an upholsterer Elizabeth Ross, upon the request of a committee of Congress. The three members of this secret committee included George Washington who later on became the first President of the country.

According to a legend, George Washington showed Betsy a design that contained 13 six-pointed stars. But Betsy changed the design of the star by converting it into a five-pointed star. Interestingly, George Washington approved the design and the flag was later adopted by Congress as the National Flag. Interestingly, Betsy Ross Flag contains 13 stars in the blue canton and 13 stripes in red and white to represent the 13 original colonies fighting for independence from the colonial rule of Britain. While there is no conclusive proof that seamstress Betsy Ross sewed the first American flag, this flag has come to be known as the Betsy Ross flag after her grandson William Ross made this claim in 1870, exactly 100 years after her grandmother sewed the flag based on a design given to her by a member of the Congress.

Betsy Ross Flag

Features of Betsy Ross Flag

  • Made from nylon fabric
  • Design embroidered on both sides
  • Superior in quality and feel to printed flags
  • Strong metal rings in grommet holes
  • Easy to attach with any pole
  • Comes with one year guarantee against fading
  • Long-lasting flag
  • Waterproof and tear-resistant

What Flag Is Suitable for Use in the Outdoors

When you choose to display a flag outside your house, you want it to be seen by as many people as possible. In contrast to an indoor flag that is seen by people from close quarters, an outdoor flag is watched by people from a distance. It is therefore not necessary to choose a flag made of soft and rich fabric. Another factor that influences the choice of fabric for the manufacture of outdoor flags is exposure to the elements. As the flag braves not just winds but also the heat of the sun, the rain, and also snow in places with cold weather conditions, it is advisable to make use of a flag manufactured from nylon or polyester fabric.

Like polyester, nylon is not a natural fabric. But flags made of nylon are most popular because this fabric is lightweight and nylon flags flutter easily in the slightest of breeze conditions.  The following are some of the advantages of using a nylon flag in the outdoors.

  • It is heat and cold resistant
  • Nylon gets dyed easily
  • It is lightweight and flutters in the slightest of breezes
  • It is very long-lasting
  • Nylon flags can be easily washed
  • These flags dry pretty quickly
  • They don’t need heavy ironing like cotton flags
  • Nylon flags have a rich and lustrous look
  • These flags can resist tough weather conditions
  • It has vibrant colours that do not fade under the sun

You can also choose a polyester flag to display in front of your house. Polyester is also not a natural fibre like nylon but it is heavier and flutters gracefully in high wind conditions without getting torn. Stick with Nylon if you fear rainfall as the Nylon flag dries very quickly. A Betsy Ross flag made of nylon is an all-weather flag that can be proudly displayed in front of your house under all weather conditions.

The Betsy Ross flag is not the only flag associated with the Revolutionary War Era. But it certainly makes for a great choice as the flag to display proudly in this New Year in front of your house. Make sure to buy a Made in America flag to play your part in strengthening the economy of the nation. Let everyone know how much you love your country and spread the message of cheerfulness and optimism in these times of Coronavirus pandemic. The Betsy Ross flag in front of your house also shows your love for the historical facts associated with the national flag.

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