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5 Ways How Being Great at Writing Helps You Starting from School

We often underestimate writing skills and their potential. Some people take them for granted; others believe that their importance ends when school is over. However, being good at writing often has far-reaching implications for your life and career.

The specialists from many fields, from SMM pros to writers from essay writing service, would say that having strong skills predetermined their future. They have helped them choose an unconventional career path. Recognized book authors would add that their writing skills, together with creativity, allowed them to find thousands of loyal readers.

However, it is not only about professional writers. Writing skills are important for lawyers, office managers, salespeople, doctors, etc.

They help in communication with government, law enforcement, social services, and other organizations. In this article, we are going to discuss why writing is important and how good skills really help people starting from school.

Why Writing Is More Important Than Ever

The world is now more dependent on writing than ever. Instant messaging, emails, chats, business letters – all of these are attributes of modern communication. The inability to express your ideas in writing makes this key element ineffective.

Starting from school, you are tasked with various writing assignments. Essays, reports, research projects are all designed to evaluate your knowledge as well as to make you learn consistent writing.

Later, you write CVs, resumes, and cover letters that help you land the right position. At work, you deal with letters, statements, reports, memos, and other written communication that requires you to know how to write. Stylistic and grammatical errors are unforgivable.

Good writing is also about making a great lasting impression. With the business world getting more and more globalized, it is critically important to convey your ideas and thoughts in writing so that they would make you seem a valuable asset to a foreign partner.

Business, politics, and e-commerce, as well as dating, friendship, and teamwork today largely depend on your ability to write. How good you are at shaping your ideas while staying concise and precise often determines your success.

If you are still not persuaded, we recommend you read ahead to find out how exactly being good at writing helps you along the way.

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Writing Teaches You Consistency and Clarity

Written and verbal communication are closely intertwined. For example, being able to express your ideas verbally often positively reflects on your ability to write.

Writing teaches you to organize your thoughts and effectively express them following a specific structure. When you write, you have enough time to systemize the information you have. Shortly, you start applying this structure in your verbal communication as well.

As simple as it may sound, this approach is helpful when you want to clear your mind. At the same time, you get all the chances to get your point across. Eventually, you’ll find it easier to focus.

Writing Makes You a Better Speaker

Again, writing is considered to be a powerful communication tool. When you learn how to do it well, you seek new words and phrases to make each piece look better.

Later, you can use the same figures of speech in your verbal communication. Thus, by writing well, you also learn to speak well.

Needless to say, writing requires you to have an impeccable command of language. You learn grammar and style that help you write and speak more accurately. The rules of the language you use matter when it comes to clarity and correctness of the message conveyed.

Writing Helps You Excel

From school to college and workplace, good writing skills help you achieve more. You’ve probably met some people who are true geniuses but could not put their ideas on paper. Their skills often get underestimated due to this reason.

If you can write and you do it well, improved grades are guaranteed. So far, there is no evaluation system that would not use writing assignments. If you can write well, it is 50% of your success at school or college.

The modern education system requires computer science and math professionals to be good at writing as well. These demands become easier in the workplace, but the importance of written communication is still critical.

Writing Helps You Stand Out

Whatever application you may make, it will definitely require good writing skills. It all goes without saying. Your personal statement or admission essay will not help you secure a place in a program if you cannot write and transmit your thoughts properly.

Starting from college, whatever you want to win – be it a grant, an award, a nice job, etc. – writing is your main weapon. With nice sentences and words, you can get an interview or make your application get noticed.

A good resume or CV will make you stand out from the crowd. Sometimes, the way they are written matters more than the skills and competencies conveyed.

Writing Shows Your Professionalism and Trustworthiness

Have you ever thought why businesses invest in developing their employees’ business writing skills? Workers with great writing skills are usually observed as being a worm property. Subconsciously, people tend to trust those who can write well and communicate ideas clearly.

Vague and monotonous emails and messages do not get enough feedback from clients. However, if you manage to write well, your counterpart is likely to feel more certain about your professionalism and trustworthiness.

You can’t deny the importance of this message if you work for a large business or run one of your own. To a certain degree, writing helps you build the image.

Writing Boosts Your Confidence and Self-esteem

Excellent writing skills can help you take the initiative. You can negotiate with managers, investors, vendors, contractors, and other stakeholders with confidence.

This very confidence and self-esteem help you extend the client base by sharing the success of another finished project. You become inspired, influential, and even more self-confident.

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Final Takeaway

Writing skills are one of the essential ones that you should learn while in school or college. This is the best time to master them and prepare yourself for future challenges.

Your work, relationships, and communication often depend on the ability to convey your thoughts. Without proper style and clarity, your counterpart may not even finish reading, let alone take action that you expect.

The need for good writing skills does not end with school or college. You will have to write well to advance on your career ladder, enter a professional training program, or secure a place at the Board of Directors.

Whatever your goals are, writing is a necessary tool.

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