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Unusual Additions to Your Normal Snacking Habits

Snacks are a vital part of our daily schedules.  They break up our days into more manageable chunks and give us the chance to stop and breathe for a moment.  Unfortunately, a snack that under-delivers on flavour and excitement can leave us feeling less enthusiastic than we did before we took a break!  Instead of letting a snack break be a significant drain on your day, here are five fun and unusual snacks you can use to mix up your days!

Seaweed Sheets

Nori sheets have been in popular American culture for the last thirty years, enveloping sushi and adding a fun crispness to rice dishes.  There’s still a lot of utilization we can get from these sheets that many don’t think about!  Seaweed sheets are small square cut-outs of nori that are toasted, seasoned, and then packaged together like chips!  They create a fun and crispy snack, with flavours ranging from classic sea salt to delicious barbecue.  Since these are also low calorie, you don’t have to feel any guilt about enjoying your snack.

Pea Crisps

Peas aren’t what many people think of when trying to name off snacks.  Pea crisps are puffed and fried peas that are both crispy and salty.  They still retain many of their original nutrients while allowing you to pop them like chips or popcorn.  Although their vegetable flavour is pretty strong, if you don’t like it at first, you’ll find there are dozens of flavours and brands to choose from!

Mango Pepper Jelly

What’s the fun of a snack if you can’t dip it?  Mango pepper jelly is sublime because it swirls heat and sweet together perfectly, creating a flavour that will make you crave more.  As a dip, you can enjoy it with anything from pretzels to chips, or you could use it as a spread on toast or crackers!  This is a fun condiment that will energize snack time and give you the push you need to get through your day.

Wasabi Chickpeas

Chickpeas, also called garbanzo beans, have been having a big boost in popularity in the health food world for the last ten years.  Not only are these beans packed with protein and nutrients, but they’re also very flexible in flavour.  Wasabi chickpeas are roasted with enough flavour to make you want to go for a jog at two in the afternoon!  The spunky and robust wasabi flavour is both spicy and tangy- a lot like horseradish- and although you may be unsure on your first bite, by your tenth, you’ll be ready for more.

Beet Chips

Beetroot chips
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Another incredible veggie invention, beet chips, are out to replace potato chips forever.  Crisp, beautiful, and tangy- these chips can hold any dip or topping or be enjoyed independently.  When made with simple salt and pepper, they elevate the flavours and are more than their basic parts.  There’s something special about when the basics are made into something incredible, and you’ll question why you never tried beet chips before.

Any snack should excite you and have you ready to enjoy the rest of your day- all you have to do is dig in!

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