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Top Seven Website Design Tips You Cannot Ignore

After the visitors come to your website, it should not take them over five seconds to determine what your company does. At the same time, the website should be easy to navigate for them. They should not find it hard to move from one page to another. If yours is an eCommerce website, the pricing layout should be easy to comprehend. More so, the bounce rate should be as low as possible. If you work on these aspects while making a website, there is a good chance that you have done a great job at optimizing your website.

A website can undoubtedly excel when it has a design, which feeds on the functionality, user experience, and full of quality content. So often, it is easy for website developers to ignore these things believing that if your product or service is good, these things barely matter. However, a successful website should have top-quality content and offer an exceptional user experience.

Do you want to spend time building something, putting up great content on your service page and blog, only to have it go unnoticed because of the navigation issues, design flaws, missed conversion opportunities, and confusing layouts. Please understand that the umbrella of user experience involves a lot under it, and it can be pretty challenging to figure out if you are new to all this. So, what should you do to ensure that your website design is great? To address your questions, here are seven tips that can come in handy.

Your Website’s Load Time Should be your Number One Priority

This is indeed one of the least debated issues in the web design sphere because your site’s load time is hugely important. Research suggests that the load time directly impacts everything from user satisfaction to the bounce rate, revenue, and conversions.

‘If the load time for your website is slow, the users will not stick around. There are no two ways about it,’ comments Robin, an educator who offers assignment help Sydney services.

It is true because users need fast results. Moreover, the search engine also ranks your page depending on your site’s speed. Thus, it is quintessential to invest in ensuring that your site’s speed is as quick as possible.

Keep the Homepage Free of Clutter and Very Minimalist

Your website’s homepage must be enough to dictate the core message of your business. After all, the truth is nobody will read everything written on your website word by word.

‘People usually tend to do a quick scan and pick on only the key images, sentences, and words. With this general behavior in mind, website owners must try to appeal to the users’ emotions instead of being too-focussed on completing a set word count,’ comments Nathan, an educator who offers online do my homework services

See, the less it is available for your visitors to read, the better they can comprehend your text. Thus, when designing your website, try to do it for decreasing attention spans. In this manner, you are more likely to ensure that the users do precisely what they came to your website for sans any distraction.

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Could You Keep it Simple?

On your website, less is truly more. A study conducted by Google found that visual complexity does not appeal to visitors. The gist is the more complex the design is, the less beautiful it is perceived as by the visitors.

So, what does this mean for your website?

Rethink the Sidebar

Today, the websites are ditching the sidebar and switching to a single-column design. Such designs have minimal distractions and solely focus on the content.

Adhere to the Standard Layouts

Everyone loves familiarity, and visitors tend to get weird if they come across any non-standard design. Thus, it can be an excellent idea to stick precisely to the familiar layouts and tropes. However, you can always look for ways to stand out.

Think Mobile

‘In today’s time, if your website does not run on mobile, you are going to miss out on a lot of conversions,’ comments Harry, an educator who offers statistics homework help services.

Well, indeed, you cannot ignore the website’s responsiveness when designing the website. A mobile-ready, responsive website is quintessential in today’s time and age. Why? It is because approximately half of your whole web traffic comes from mobile devices. Thus, it is vital to ensure that every tiny element on your website is responsive and will automatically arrange all resolutions and screen sizes. Further, your website design should not just optimize the content but also the media.

Learn Some UX or UI Design

There are no two ways about it – a good user experience will 100 percent draw more visitors to your website, and this can make a gigantic difference to your web design. When the users get an impression that your website is easy to navigate and attractive to look at, you are 100% going to get a ton of views and clicks, which certainly means higher conversion and more significant revenue. So, do not compromise on the user experience.


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