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Top Multimedia Software in 2021

Eager to make exciting videos that you can share on Facebook or Instagram? Or maybe you are a beginning entrepreneur and want to grow your business online? This is where you simply can’t do without cool and engaging marketing videos. If you think that only professional videographers can do such cool things, you are mistaken. In fact, everyone can do them, and all that you need is your smartphone and the right video editing software! And in this post, we’ll review the best multimedia software that allows you to make stunning videos. Take a look at our selection and choose the best one for yourself.

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CyberLink Software

If you are currently searching for an easy-to-use video editing tool, you simply can’t do without CyberLink software. It’s award-winning multimedia software, which hit the market 20 years ago. For a long time, it was the leading tool that could meet the requirements of the most demanding users. It includes an unsurpassed variety of cool features that make it easy for all users to create stunning videos.

It includes several products. Precisely, CyberLink PowerDirector is used for making videos. The main goal of this tool is to bridge the gap between user-friendliness and professional editing. It is overloaded with options that allow you to pull together a fantastic digital movie with stunning effects, transitions, etc. Moreover, it’s very easy to use and doesn’t require special skills to use it.

Movavi Software

If you run your business online or have a blog on Instagram, Movavi software is the right thing for you. Movavi offers a multi-featured video editing tool that allows you to crop and cut your videos, add various effects, use the Chroma Key feature, and create engaging videos for social media.

We’re talking about Movavi Video Suite – it is an all-in-one solution that can fulfill the needs of the most demanding users. It allows you to take screenshots, create videos, convert files, record educational tutorials, and much more!

No matter where you are, you can easily turn your home into a video editing studio. All that you need is a laptop and the right multimedia program.


Clipchamp Video Editor

Clipchamp is an online video editor and is a great multimedia tool for a lot of video projects. Unlike other video editors that require download and installation, you can use this right in your Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge Chromium browsers.

This free-to-use in-browser video editor offers numerous advanced tools and features that can help creators and digital marketers in boosting their online presence. Clipchamp allows you to trim and cut your videos, add captions or subtitles in a variety of typeface and font colors, merge clips together, adjust playback speed, and add video overlays for a picture-in-picture effect. If you do decide to upgrade to a paid plan, you gain access to even more features, such as text-to-speech AI voiceovers, green screen effect, and stock audio and videos.

You can easily create videos for Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms from scratch or via any of its ready-to-use customizable templates. It is very easy to use and navigate, making it an ideal video editor for newbies and pros alike.

MAGIX Software

This video editing tool is mostly known for its performance and usability. Even if you are a newbie in this niche, you will easily understand how to use it. For a long time, MAGIX software has been a leading tool among all audiovisual media software. Experts say that MAGIX is the main competitor to CyberLink and Adobe. Moreover, it supports 360-degree and 4K content. Its latest version features social media templates, 8K editing, high-DPI monitor support, updated Start dialog, and NewBlue Filters 5 effects. Plus, it can also boast motion tracking options, stabilization, action-cam templates, etc.

This software is available at three levels: standard, plus, and premium. Of course, the Premium version is the most expensive one and includes all the features. However, if you are still hesitating whether you need this tool, you can begin with the Standard version; it also supports a myriad of cool features, ranging from 4K to 64-bit operation.

Following this link to Magix, you can find numerous tutorials.

Lightworks Software

It’s a user-friendly film-editing tool currently used for the improvement of video content. Today, it’s a must-have program for movie industry professionals and social media users. Lightworks software supports many formats. Moreover, its features include inbuilt presets, Multicam editing, various text effects, etc. It also supports real-time collaboration.

The key objective of this video editing tool is to help users create stunning multi-format 4K videos using such features as drag and drop, timeline editing, audio, and video FX, trimming, etc. On top of that, Lightworks has a customizable interface that allows you to set it up as you like.

Overall, it’s a remarkably powerful video editing suite, which is absolutely free for home users.

DaVinci Software

If you are currently looking for powerful video editing software that features HDR grading tools, the use of DaVinci software from Blackmagic design might be the right solution. Currently, it’s one of the best free video editors suitable for color correction and color grading. It features a myriad of toolsets that allows you to get the cinematic look of your video.

This tool is suitable for Mac, Linux, and Windows. It includes modules for color correction, video editing, visual effects, and audio mixing. You can use it as a standalone video editing app or an intermediary between DCP and NLE software.

If you have never used NLE before, it will be intimidating to open the software for the first time. However, there’s a wizard that will help you understand how to use it. Its free version doesn’t offer HDR support. Plus, you can’t use a single GPU. Besides, you should also check the hardware requirements to make sure this tool is compatible with your device.

All in all, it’s a powerful video editing suite with a strong community on YouTube. Even if you are a newbie in this niche, you can find a broad selection of informative videos on Youtube where experts in this area share their experience and show how to use this or that feature. If you find the software difficult to use, then you should try watching these videos. They might help.

Wrapping up what has been said, we must confess that the modern video market is overloaded with lots of video editing tools. You just need to find the one which is right for you. On top of that, you should also keep track of the latest video and photo trends in this niche and make sure if the chosen software meets your requirements. All tools mentioned in this review are easy to use, guarantee quick video editing and allow you to get only quality content!





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