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Top Applications of ID Badge Reels

Companies having several employees need a valid identification for all. While senior-level personnel does not need to keep their ID on display all the time, workers below the executive and administration level must ensure that their identification card is visible all the time. If your corporate environment demands a display of ID cards prominently, then ID badge reels would be your ultimate choice.

A badge reel is nothing but a housing or case with a retractable cord linked with a badge holder. Most commonly, these badge reels are available in square or round shapes measuring 1.25 inches in diameter. However, you may customize the size and shape as per your organizational needs.

Here, you will have a look at some popular ID reel applications:

Tracking Departments

Big-size organizations have numerous departments with hundreds of employees in each of them. Identifying people in all the departments is challenging in a busy workplace. You may buy colour-coded badge reels in different colours for different departments. When your team members wear these badge reels, identifying them even from a distance becomes easy, thereby preventing confusion and saving time.

Delivery of Brand Message

Many businesses use their employees’ ID cards to deliver their brand message. You may customize badge reels to include your brand message so that it can be kept on display all the time while your people move around. The customized imprint on the case’s front ensures maximum visibility of your brand message. It is an ideal way to remind your employees continually about your business’s high values and objectives.

Keys in Easy Access

Several members of your team need to carry keys to access varied areas of the workplace. Good-quality badge reels are strong enough to keep a few keys in place without any risk of losing them due to cord snapping. At the same time, workers may attach their ID for instant identification. Since you may use the keys without detaching them from the reel, there is no chance of misplacing them.

ID badge reels are handy for members who have to move in and out of the workplace several times a day. Such employees may keep their ID visible to security while entering and leaving the premise, thus saving time.

Safety at Correctional Facilities

People working at a correctional facility should not wear a lanyard, as mischievous inmates may grab the officer’s lanyard and pose a choking risk. Although the lanyard may split apart, the tugging on the neck may be quite stressful and hazardous. Badge reels are a great accessory to avoid such a situation.

Protection at Manufacturing Facilities

People working in manufacturing facilities also need to wear identification badges. Wearing them with a lanyard is risky, as it may get dragged in a machine and put the worker at risk. You may use a badge reel to securely hold the badge while keeping it out of the way, thereby making the manufacturing facility work environment safe and secure. A badge reel cannot get caught in a machine, as it stays close to the person’s body without interfering in the work.

Easy Movement at Hospitals

Wearing Id Badge in Hospital
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Badge reels are an excellent choice for healthcare staff working at hospitals. They do not interfere while the staff members are performing their duties. They also serve as useful identification accessories, allowing the staff to remain visible and avoid confusion about the job roles.

All in all, ID badge reels are great ID accessories that provide maximum visibility to the workers without interfering with their work. They are also helpful in ensuring their safety while working around machines.

Some companies also choose to customize them to deliver their brand message and meet their business needs. Just make sure that the badge reels you are choosing are good in quality and are strong enough to hold keys and withstand jerks to a certain extent for maximum durability.

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